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Being one of the glitziest places in the whole world, LA will give you the experience of the wall over the rodeo drive, the nonstop nightlife of the Sunset Strip, and the star quality of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The tourist places in Los Angeles provide a lifetime experience to its visitors.

Los Angeles is a southern city of California. It is the largest urban area in the state and the second most popular city in the United States of America. LA is located between the San Gabriel Mountains on the east and the west coast at the Pacific Ocean. The name Los Angeles is a Spanish word that means "The Angels". The name is an abbreviation of the original name "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula which means town of our lady the Queen of Angels of the River Porciúncula. Under the rule of the Governor of California, Felipe de Neve, El Pueblo de La Reina de Los Angeles was formed and founded on September 1781.

With renounced and world class art museums, architectural wonders and Disney concert halls this place is ideal for a perfect getaway. It is the main centre for the nation’s film and television industry. It is the home to the world famous Hollywood sign. Quite close to it you will find all the big giants of the film industry namely Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. All along the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame many luminaries and vendors sell maps to Hollywood stars homes. Being the home to wonderful top dining destination, ordinary taco stands and celebrity themed eateries win the same accolade. Planning your trip to Los Angeles, it's time to grab your sunglasses and head to the beach or to Disneyland and make memories that last for a lifetime. We are sure that the tourist places in Los Angeles will give you an experience to be remembered forever.

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Los Angeles FAQ's

What are the best places to visit in Los Angeles?

Hollywood Sign
This landmark is one of the most celebrated sightseeing spots in Los Angeles. The Hollywood sign was erected basically for advertising the real estate setup in the Hollywood Hills. At present, the Hollywood sign is known to highlight the glamour and excitement of the American film industry. A large number of tourists who visit this city do not miss a chance to capture the iconic Hollywood sign. But the main issue is that, one cannot get up-close to reach the symbol.

The 45-foot (14-meter) high letters stuck at
Mount Lee are surrounded by barriers and even guarded with a protected security system. Visitors can reach Tinsel town, which is the best place to park and take snaps with the sign flashing in the background.

La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum
There are several places to see in Los Angeles which would surely stun your senses. La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum is a must visit destination which is located in the middle of a green city park.  It is basically a pool of black tar which provides an exclusive view of the archeological finds preserved in the nearby George C. Page Museum.

You will get to observe interesting excavations from the prehistoric era which forms the largest collection of Ice Age fossils managed in the world. You will get to examine around 100 tons of bones lifted out of the pits dating back to 38,000 years. There are complete skeletons of animals such as dire wolves, saber-toothed cats and mastodons which are put to display in the museum.

Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive is managed in a 16-square-bloock region known as the Golden Triangle. The best part about this area is its closeness to the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive is popular as the most famous shopping street in Los Angeles. You can check out several high-priced designer outlets which sell attractive clothing and accessories.

Tourists cherish the window
shopping experience on this avenue and there is always a chance of spotting a famous celebrity at any one of the amazing stores. Do not miss a chance to visit the mini-mall situated at Two Rodeo Drive which is surrounded by a section of impressive European architecture. The cobblestone streets are indeed one of the spectacular sights in Rodeo Drive.

Santa Monica Pier
You will admire the view from the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. It is actually the merger of two piers into a single section. There is a bait shop as well as a pier end restaurant which are quite popular among the locals and tourists. The extended section was built in 1909 and is similar to most Southern California piers. On the other hand, the shorter adjacent pier was constructed in 1916 which is equally marvelous.

You can easily access the elevated plaza which links the two piers. It is the prime location for the old-fashioned amusement park that houses a roller coaster. Moreover, tourists love visiting this place due to the presence of a solar-powered Ferris Wheel, known to be L.A.’s most recognizable landmarks. There is also a small aquarium in this region which is also liked by travelers. Make sure that you mark
Santa Monica Pier in your list of top places to see in LA.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame is an excellent way to memorialize celebrities by embedding star-shaped stones into sidewalks which was initiated in the 1950s. This trend is still followed and is a wonderful way to keep the charm of Hollywood alive. At present, there are more than 2,500 stars which have been added since the first stone was installed at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street in the year 1960.

These operations are managed by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which is also responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks. It is one of LA’s most amusing
resorts which pull around ten million tourists every year who are in search for their favorite actor, director musician, singer or television personality. Visitors can also check out the famous Chinese Theatre located close to the Hollywood Walk of Fame which has experienced some of Hollywood’s most vibrant premieres.

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the oldest operational film studios which owns a sprawling complex situated in the San Fernando Valley. Apart from being a bright sightseeing destination, it is best known for its theme park. Tourists are astounded after accessing the park’s rides and attractions which are based on the blockbuster movies from Hollywood.

One can even examine the behind-the-scenes studio sections which are quite informative. This complex also manages Universal City Walk, which is an outdoor
shopping center that is an apt place to grab live performances or even watch celebrities if it is your lucky day.

Disneyland is a dream destination for kids and adults who share a strong bond with cartoon characters. You can reach this landmark after covering an hour’s drive from Downtown Los Angeles. Disneyland in LA was the first among the chain of theme parks managed by Walt Disney. It has been the crowning attraction among the top tourist places in the City of Anaheim since 1955.

You will be impressed by the new
California Adventure, as this section features attractions and rides which are based on the Golden State. These superbly maintained amusement parks possess costumed performers as well as interesting activities which are aimed at offering full-power entertainment to the visitors. Make sure that you purchase the tickets in advance as the crowd gathering is quite huge.

What are the different things to do in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, there are a lot of things and activities that you can do. From Hollywood life, theatre, museums and sanctuaries, this place is loaded with so much to do.

Disneyland: An iconic family amusement park with different themes rides and shows.

Hollywood sign: The symbolic landmark situated in 1923 on Mount Lee is the major attraction of Los Angele.

Griffith observatory: This symbolic art-deco landmark has a high tech planetarium, public telescopes and amazing city views which is a must visit for all tourists visiting LA.

Hollywood walk of fame: This major site of witnessing and experiencing Hollywood is the Walk of Fame that has names of stars which is a major tourist attraction.

Santa Monica Pier: A seaside destination that has shops, parks, amusement parks and aquarium in a storied building.

Farmers market: A historic market that is sprawled over a large area with amazing shops, restaurants and gourmet grocery stores making it a must visit.

Which are the best spots for adventure activities in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has a lot to offer other than the beaches, amusement parks and theatre. You can get your adrenaline pumped by undertaking many activities

Hidden stairway of Silver Lake: A 2.2 mile walk in the silver lake neighbourhood where you will find a lot of painted stairs leading to a beautiful end.

LA river Kayak Safari: You can get your adrenaline pumped by undertaking Kayak safari rides in the LA lake. The sessions will be organized by tours providers present at the scene.

Paddle Surf Malibu: Malibu offers exciting and thrilling paddle Surf activities which are a must try for everyone visiting LA. If you are a first timer you will have trainers helping you with the sport.

What are the best public transport modes to commute around Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is easily commutable and offers world class service to its residents and tourists to go around the beautiful city.

Bus: The whole city is accessible by connectable bus service. Be it public or private operators, they provide for stops at iconic locations making it easy on your trip to go around.

Car/car rentals: Any day you can go on a road trip to LA. Going in and around the city to visit the tourist places you can rent a car at cheap prices for a whole day and go around the city.

Which are the best places for shopping in Los Angeles?

Be it any trip, it will be incomplete without a shopping experience. Every city has its own shopping destinations that are famous for various things. A few famous shopping destination of LA include:

Rodeo Drive: Rodeo Drive is certainly the most famous shopping street in the world, thanks to Hollywood. Here you will find a lot of exclusive luxury stores where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Shops: Once a sleepy little boulevard it boasted only nice restaurants and a few art galleries. Now this is one of the best and busiest shopping areas of LA where you can get almost everything.

The Grove: Be it Day or night, summer or winter, this place is always loaded with shoppers. It is a very popular place that young teens like to hang out having a lot of diverse shops.

What is the best local cuisine in Los Angeles? Where can I get to try it out?

The dining scene in Los Angeles is always evolving with flashy new restaurants and old standbys being busy all around the year. The cuisine here is a fusion of dishes from all over the world. A few places where you can taste authentic food are:

Langer’s: This Jewish deli is Westland serves the best pastrami sandwiches in the whole of LA which is a local favourite.

Grand Central Market: Want a picturesque scene of the Los Angeles food scene?? The. You should head to this market to have Tacos, Sandwiches to almost everything.

Besita: It is one of LA’s best dining hotels in the Art Downtown of the city. This is sophisticated dining experience and you need a prior reservation to get a table.

Which are the most famous amusement parks in Los Angeles?

You are never really going to get bored or run out of places to see or visit in Los Angeles. Housing many world famous amusement parks, some come to LA to just visit them. A few such parks are:

Disneyland: This longstanding theme park is everyone’s favourite be it young or old. This is the happiest place on earth with something for everyone like roller coasters, stage shows, fireworks, family-friendly rides and familiar properties ranging from princesses to Star Wars.

Universal Studios: Hollywood’s famous hillside theme park has silver screen memories like Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Despicable Me and many more to thrill and excite all its visitors.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: This theme park has many thrilling and adrenaline pumping rides and games which is preferred and loved by all.

Which are the most famous museums in Los Angeles?

Never leave Los Angeles without visiting the truly amazing museums. We have narrowed down the list of must visit museums in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art: The largest encyclopaedia museum that has an exclusive collection of history of arts from over a period of years from every corner of the world.

California Science Centre: This centre makes for a perfect place to learn all scientific things. This is a perfect place for you to have fun with your family and kids.

Natural History Museum of LA County: This museum has exhibits of massive dinosaurs, animated birds, gems and minerals, bugs and a Discovery Centre where kids can get their hands on all kinds of furs and fossils.

Where can one experience Hollywood here?

If you want to tour and experience the whole of Hollywood in your trip, then it's time to charge your cameras, put on your walking shoes and gas up your car. A few places that are a must see in Hollywood are:

Hollywood Sign: Hollywood Sign is visible from many places, but a quick drive on the Mulholland Drive or above the Hollywood Reservoir will give you a glimpse of the Hollywood Hills and the big sign.

Hollywood Boulevard: This is place where you have the Hollywood Walk of Fame And Grumman’s Chinese Theatre Which has the foot and hand prints of many stars. This is a must visit and not to be missed place in Los Angeles.

Universal studios: If you want to witness a studio operation and expert ice thrilling rides then you must make it a must to take a real studio tour to experience the Hollywood sensations.

Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Los Angeles?

Other than nightclubs and beaches, wildlife sanctuaries are also quite popular in the city of Angels. A few name worthy sanctuaries include

The shambala preserve: Located on the canyon road, this sanctuary is home to 50 different big cats. You can enjoy a safari, overnight tent stay and this Sanctuary is open only to public above 18 years of age.

Pacific Marine Mammal Centre: This is a safe home for sea life in need. This is a non profit organization that works to rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine mammal. You can avail field trips at the centre which is open on all days.

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary: Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature preserve in Modjeska Canyon which is a rural nature centres in the region that provides a huge variety of habitat type that supports and enhances diverse wildlife.

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