USA Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
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The United States of America is a blanket to various elements. For tourist places in the USA, there are plenty of options that you can add to your itinerary. From beaches to party places, from national parks to urban havens- it would take a lifetime to explore all that the USA has to offer to you. The wilderness is at it’s best and the party scene in New York and Vegas is always at a high. For people who wish to have a cozy vacation filled with serenity, even the offbeat attractions have a charm that will stay with you for a lifetime.

As a shopaholic, this place is second to none when it comes to retail therapy. If history intrigues you, then the museums are all ready to show you the amazing research, artifacts and information that you are looking for! The culture of USA is synonymous to free-spirited and lively because everybody find something or the other corresponding to their interests. A hike to the famous Grand Canyon or having an adventure at the Yellowstone National Park is just an added perk! Even for backpacking and road trips, the roads of USA welcome you with arms wide open. Once you have decided upon the state that you want to travel to and the kind of attractions you want to add in your itinerary- then USA opens up it’s huge pandora box with options spilling out for you to choose!

The USA is pretty much one of the most coveted vacation destinations of all times. As for tourist places in USA, the list is unending- MOMA is as intriguing as the NASA Space Center. The casinos of Las Vegas offer you as much excitement as the party scene of Miami does. You just need to pick your interest and accordingly start your tryst with this magnificent country!

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People Also Ask About USA

  1. When is the best time to visit the USA?

    Since the USA is huge area wise, it is difficult to gauge the exact weather in every region. The season, as well as your destination, would constitute the best time to visit the USA for you. Here is a monthly breakdown of all the seasons that make up the options for the best time to visit the USA. This guide also covers the best time to visit different tourist destinations so you can plan your trip accordingly:

    • If you are planning to visit states like California, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada; then the best time to visit is definitely during Mid September to Mid October when the heat is not as extreme as the other times of the year. The fog is also not as bad and the weather is if extremely enjoyable.
    • If your main aim is to visit the national parks such as Yellowstone National Park and witness bears and other animals in their natural habitat, then March through May is a duration you should consider. This is the time when bears do not go into migration. Even the autumn season is a great time to visit the USA if you want to enjoy the wide wildlife heritage of the USA.
    • If you want to witness the extremely lively vibe of the USA, then you should plan your trip around the Public Holidays. However if you plan your trip around the main holidays, which is- The Independence Day (4 July), the Memorial Day (last Monday in May), the Labor Day (first Monday in September) or during the day of Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November) and Christmas season, then you need to book well in advance.
    • The high peaks are best visited during summer. The Rocky Mountains in Colorado or the White Mountains should be visited during the early summer season which is around June. It is during this time that there is still some snow and it is quite comfortable for a hike. However, you should avoid visiting during July and August as the heat can really spoil the entire vibe of a hike.
    • A trip to the canyons is best planned during the winter as this is the time when you will witness the beauty of snow.
    • If witnessing the Northern Lights is your main aim, then visiting Alaska should be on your itinerary. You have to visit during the winters to experience this beautiful phenomenon. However, May is a great time to witness the beautiful season of wildflowers.
    • If you are an adventure seeker and want to visit the national parks, then each time of the year is a good time to visit but some of them close down during the later part of the year.
    • Hurricanes are a common phenomenon in the southern part of the USA. It is best to avoid this side of the country during June to November.

    In a nutshell, each time of the year is the best time to visit the USA. However, you need to keep in mind the destination and the main events of that place to plan your trip perfectly.

  2. How to reach USA?

    There are plenty of ways to reach the USA. If you are thinking of how to reach the USA, then there are three main ways to get inside the country.The immigration is quite strict in the USA, so get your visa properly sorted before entering the country. These are the three main ways to consider:

    • By Flight: the USA boasts of 400 airports and various international airports as well. Most of the airports are connected via main airports like JFK or Newark and you can take a connecting flight from all the major cities in the world. There are plenty of airports that are labeled as international airports but have flights operating only from Mexico and Canada.
    • By Road: You can drive to the USA, however, you need to get a lot of permissions granted to take your own car inside the country. You would also need a visa to enter the USA via road.
    • By sea: There are plenty of ports in the USA where you can take a cruise or sail by a ship. However, the shipping authorities are also quite strict and it is an extremely long way to reach the USA.
  3. Do I need a visa for USA? How does one get a USA visa?

    It is imperative to get a visa for the USA. There is an official website from where you can get all the information about the visa required for USA. You will have to apply to the US embassy located in your country to get a USA Visa. Since it is one of the biggest nations in the world, getting a visa is difficult and you need your documentation done properly if you wish to get a US visa.

    After you apply for the visa in the embassy, then you might or might not have to get a bio-metric test done in order to get your visa granted. However, various countries are exempt from requiring a visa for a stipulated duration. You can find all of this information of the official US Visa website.

  4. What is the currency of USA and where can I get my money exchanged?

    The currency used in USA is US Dollar. You can get the money exchanged from any of the big exchange organizations such as Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook, etc. Make sure that you go to a reliable entity in order to not get conned.

  5. Which are the major tourist attractions in the USA?

    The USA has plenty of attractions in every nook and corner. Right from biodiversity parks to happening gathering squares to various man-made wonders, USA has a variety to offer to everybody who wishes to explore it. Here is a list of some of the attractions that are major tourist attractions in the USA:

    • Walt Disney World
    • Central Park
    • Statue of Liberty
    • Golden Gate Bridge
    • Empire State Building
    • Arches National Park
    • Bryce Canyon National Park
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Yosemite National Park
    • Acadia National Park
    • Glacier National Park
    • Grand Teton National Park
    • Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park
    • The Magic Kingdom
    • Universal Studios Hollywood
    • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    • Florida Keys
    • Las Vegas Strip
    • Hawaiian Islands
    • Old Faithful
    • Epcot
    • Alcatraz Island
    • Universal Studios, Orlando
    • Fisherman’s Wharf
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Half Dome
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    • National Mall
    • Bellagio
    • Lake Michigan
    • White House
    • Navy Pier
    • Grand Central Terminal
    • San Diego Zoo
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • Grand Canyon National Park
    • Zion National Park
    • Disneyland
    • Niagara Falls
    • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
    • Mount Rainier National Park
    • Hoover Dam
    • Redwood National and State Parks
    • Joshua Tree National Park
    • Crater Lake National Park
    • Olympic National Park
    • Lake Tahoe
    • Sequoia National Park
    • Rockefeller Center 

    There is plenty to see in the USA. Every state has it’s unique attractions that you can explore. Once you decide the places and the category of attractions that you want to visit, then you can draw your itinerary accordingly.

  6. What are the things to do in the USA?

    The USA has various experiences to offer to all kinds of travelers. There is various kind of attractions that you can visit and various activities that you can undertake. Here are some of the options for things to do in the USA:

    • Enjoy the lovely local life by visiting various parks in the cities.
    • Go back into history by visiting the various museums.
    • Explore the wonders of technology by visiting the famous space centers.
    • Unwind on the amazing beaches.
    • Try your luck at the casinos.
    • Immerse yourself in the amazing nightlife of the vibrant cities.
    • Try the amazing global cuisine available here.
    • Visit the world-renowned man-made wonders.
    • Explore the wilderness in the National Parks.
    • Enjoy the magic of Northern Lights.
  7. What is the local food of USA? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Since the USA is a huge country, various places have different food items that are popular amongst the locals. Due to globalization, cuisines from across the world have found a place in the USA. But, here are some of the famous items that come under the category of local food of USA.

    • Hamburgers
    • Hot Dogs
    • French Fries
    • Cookies
    • Pizza
    • Soft Drinks
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Ice Cream
    • Donuts
    • Potato Chips

      Given below is a list of the famous cities with the famous restaurants and their famous dishes as well:
    • New York- Burger Joint, Burger and Barrel Winepub, The Spotted Pig, Corner Bistro, Diner, Minetta Tavern, Pop Burger, Five Napkin Burger, Mother’s Ruin, Avenida Cantina, Bobwhite Counter, Pommes Frites
    • California- Pink’s Hot Dogs, California Donuts, Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, Eggslut, Bay cities, In-n-out Burger, Tacos Villa, Harajuku Crepe, Sweetfin Poke
    • Miami- El Mago De Las Fritas, Yardbird Southern Tale and Bar, Joe’s Stone Crab, Robert is here, Josh’s Deli, Ms. Cheezious, Donut Gallery Diner, Jamaica Kitchen
    • Hawaii- Ullulani’s, Duke’s Waikiki, Romy’s, Cafe 100, Two Ladies Kitchen, Da Poke Shack, Helena’s, Roy’s, Sam Sato’s, Old Lahaina Luau
    • Las Vegas- Eat, Carson Kitchen, Capital Grille, Ferraro’s, Donut Hut, Other Mama, Andiron Steak and Sea


  8. What is the best public transport to commute around USA?

    The best options for public transport to commute around USA are available only in the big cities. In the smaller cities with a lesser population, public transport is hardly an option. Here are some ways of public transport that you can use to commute around USA:

    • By Taxi: This is the most common way for people to get around USA. There are taxis available almost everywhere and you can get to your destination.
    • By Train: There are subways everywhere and you can easily use the local metro transport to get around in the big cities.
    • Rent a car: Most cities have an option of renting out cars which you can use to get around on your trip.
    • By Bus: You can also use buses as a public transport to commute around USA.
  9. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to USA?

    You need to have various vaccinations before planning a trip to the USA. Here is a list of all the vaccinations that one needs to get put for immigration purposes:

    • Mumps
    • Measles
    • Rubella
    • Polio
    • Tetanus and diphtheria
    • Pertussis
    • Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib)
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Rotavirus
    • Meningococcal disease
    • Varicella
    • Pneumococcal disease
    • Seasonal influenza
  10. What is the local language in USA and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The most commonly spoken language in the USA is English and second most spoken language is Spanish. The common greetings are Hello, How are you, What is the price of? How much for this?

  11. Which are the best shopping places in USA and what are they famous for?

    The mall culture is highly imbibed in the USA. There are various departmental stores such as Target and Macy’s that you can visit. Apart from this, here is a list of ten popular malls across USA famous for food, clothing and various other brands:

    • Mall of America
    • King of Prussia Mall
    • Sawgrass Mills
    • The Shops at Columbus Circle
    • The Galleria
    • Via Bellagio
    • The Grove
    • Tyson’s Corner Centre
    • South Coast Plaza
    • The Mall at Short Hills
  12. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to the USA

    There are plenty of tips that Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to the USA. Here are the most important ones:

    • Everything is measured in inches and feet, miles, gallons, pounds and not in the metric units so keep your converter ready.
    • Each of the 50 states has a different set of regulations and laws that are followed concerning driving.
    • Like most other countries, there is plenty of vegetarian food available in the US.
    • Tipping is mandatory in most establishments and is a practice that is highly appreciated.
    • Smoking is banned in all elevators, public buildings, hospitals, buses, trains as well as airplanes in the US.
    • The minimum age for drinking is 21 years and you are prohibited from drinking if you are under-age.
    • Travel light because you are sure to indulge in shopping.
  13. Which are some romantic places in USA for honeymoon?

    The USA has something to offer to everybody. If you are on your honeymoon, then these are the destinations that you should consider in the USA:

    • Napa Valley
    • Kauai
    • Maui
    • Hawaii
    • Charleston
    • Monterey
    • St. Augustine
    • Sonoma
    • Savannah
    • Lana’i
    • Martha’s Vineyard
    • Honolulu
    • Big Sur
    • Santa Barbara
    • New York City
    • Aspen
    • Lake Tahoe
    • Cape Cod
    • Kennebunkport
    • Nantucket
    • Stowe
    • New Orleans
  14. Which are some best destinations for road trip in USA?

    Here are the best destinations for a road trip in the USA:

    • Columbia River Highway
    • Route 66 in Middle America
    • Mount Washington Auto Road
    • Route 100 in Vermont
    • U.S Route in Florida
    • Black River National Forest Scenic Byway in Michigan
    • Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California
    • Hana Highway
    • Arkansas Highway
    • San Juan Skyway
  15. Why is Grand Canyon so famous? How do you reach there?

    The beautiful Canyon is famous for its amazing hiking opportunities as well as the varied landscape. Canyon’s walls contain rock layers that take us through the earth’s history. To reach Grand Canyon, you have to take one of the following ways:

    • Fly to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and drive for 275 miles to reach the South Rim.
    • Fly to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport which is about 370 km from the South Rim.
    • You can also take the Arizona Route 64.
    • Take a tour bus from Vegas, LA or Phoenix.
  16. Where is Niagara falls in USA? How to reach there from Washington?

    Niagara Falls is situated in New York State. You can take a flight from Washington to Buffalo. Alternatively, you can drive up to the Niagara Falls.

  17. Where can I find best the casinos in USA?

    The best of casinos of USA are situated in Las Vegas. There are plenty of casinos here for you to enjoy a fun gambling time.

  18. Which are some famous national parks in USA?

    The USA is known for its amazing national parks. Here are the top fifteen most famous national parks in the USA:

    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Yosemite National Park
    • Grand Canyon National Park
    • Glacier National Park
    • Grand Teton National Park
    • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    • Zion National Park
    • Acadia National Park
    • Arches National Park
    • Olympic National Park
    • Sequoia National Park
    • Bryce Canyon National Park
    • Denali National Park and Preserve
    • Mount Rainier National Park
    • Rocky Mountain National Park
  19. Which are some famous beaches in USA?

    The USA is a haven for beach lovers. Here are some of the most famous beaches in the USA:

    • Manele Bay, Hawaii
    • Myrtle Beach, South California
    • Nantucket, Massachusetts
    • Kauna'oa Bay, Hawaii
    • Clearwater Beach, Florida
    • Coronado, California
    • Cape May, New Jersey
    • Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
    • East Hampton, New York
    • Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina
  20. Which are some famous museums in USA?

    There are plenty of famous museums in the USA. Here is a list of them:

    • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
    • Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
    • National Gallery of Art, Washington
    • Museum of Modern Art, New York
    • Smithsonian Institution, Washington
    • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    • Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York
    • Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles
    • Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
    • National Air and Space Museum, Washington
    • Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit
    • American Museum of Natural History, New York City
    • Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas
    • Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
    • De Young, San Francisco
    • The Broad, Los Angeles
    • Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis
Newly Added USA Experience
Booking our trip and planning the trip duration, accommodation, transportation, and ticket for the attractions within USA was easy...The team who took care of us across USA was extremely friendly, knowledgable and gave us detailed info about every site we visited...Even though the trip was well-organized and the attractions were well-selected but the most happier moments were the scenic helicopter trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas...We enjoyed or honeymoon trip, it was a joyous moment of our life to be always remembered...We absolutely recommend Thrillophilia to anyone planning an international trip and will use them again in the future
Dayaananda Varrier Best of Usa Tour in 14 Days
We highly recommend working with Thrillophilia, We took the longest tour this time and we were so surprises that the tour went as planned by the expert. We really enjoyed our time at this place. Moving from one place to the other without hassle at all. The place is truly beautiful with its amazing attractions. The highlights of our tour were the visit to Miami and Niagara Falls. By the way, Arrangements of hotels were super superb, picked-up and dropped-off were on time. Great service from the team by 24/7. It was a marvelous trip to be remembered forever.
Every aspect of our itinerary either met or exceeded our expectations. Right from the beginning, we contacted them they always responded to our queries and answered all our questions. The way they organized the trip was true with perfection. We had a great sightseeing in New Your City, Washington Dc, Niagara Falls, NASA, and many more attractions we visited even we had lots of amazing thrilling, and fun activities at this place really it was such a huge experience for me and my family in the USA. Talking about the accommodations, picked-up and dropped and the service was all EXCELLENT.
Thank you so much for this memorable trip, It was such an excellent experience and an awesome journey we had for completely 7-days...We travel from one place to the other and each place we visited we were wow by it and had a great time at each attraction. The operator and the team who is looking for our trip were prompt, responsive, and helpful and every little thing was taken care of which we had a better vacation trip...Right from the start, the day tours were well-arranged like the places we visited. On this trip, we get to learn and witness their culture, tribal dance performance, and on the day tour to Joshua Tree National Forest we explore along with an informative guide who shared with us all details about the place, we even had an exciting city sightseeing tour in a Hop-on-hop-off which we covered all the major sightseeing of the place...Overall the hotel we stay-in was good and the service we get too, picked-up and dropped-off was on-time and the transport was comfortable and spacious though...All-over lots of fun and memory we had on this tour which was hard to explain and described each...But Only Can Experience it.
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The beaches and the coastlines of USA are amazing, with everything being covered we could definitely say that we did explored it all with the best staff and the time management of driver was amazing which gave us our time as well as a lot time to spend at places.
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I booked this as a family trip, as it had places as per the taste of every member. Additionally it was easily managed and and was comfortable enough for one to travel through! It was lovely being there also the team was really cooperative.
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