2 Days in New York City | Places to Visit, Activities & More!

2 Days Itinerary of New York City

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Wall Street, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, World Trade Center Station, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, American Museum of Natural History, Time Square, Top of the Rock, Guggenheim Museum, Central Park, Museum of the City of New York, Grand Central Terminal, New York Public Library,  Empire State Building and many more.

This city, which is dotted with captivating landscapes and ancient heritages, achieves the ideal fusion of traditional charm and modern fascination. New York, better known as "the city that never sleeps," provides a diverse range of activities for visitors of all interests. 2 days in New York City are enough to visit some of the famous attractions.  For instance, if you enjoy visiting prominent landmarks, you can go to the Statue of Liberty, stop by and admire the iconic & historic Wall Street or visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. However, if you wish to experience the beauty of nature, stroll at Brooklyn bridge or choose to have a picnic alongside the West Street highway to see the mesmerizing sunset.

The Highline is another place to add to your 2 days itinerary of New York City where you may soak in the beauty of the city & is one of the most thrilling things to do in New York with family. Visit the American Museum of Natural History if you have a love of history and learning about other cultures & don’t miss out on checking Central Park or the enigmatic Times Square. You can choose food tours if you enjoy trying out new delicacies.

Here is the list of best things to do in New York in  in 2 Days:

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Essential Information to Visit 2 Days in New York City


What to Pack to Visit in New York?

Image Credit : flicker.com/new-york-city
  • Let's take a look at everything you'll need for 2 days in New York City, excluding your clothing and toiletries.
  • A good pair of walking shoes is essential and one must choose a pair of trainers over all the gorgeous sandals since they are quite comfortable and offer both style and comfort.
  • A backpack is perfect for keeping cash and valuables strapped close to you. A backpack will keep your possessions safe. 
  • A refillable water bottle that fits inside a backpack or can be attached to your backpack is ideal.
  • Miscellaneous travel items like a camera, phone, 2 days itinerary of New York City & a map, printed tour/attraction tickets, etc.

Tips to Visit New York

Image Credit : flicker.com/new-york-city
  • The majority of first-time visitors to New York City choose to stay close to Times Square. It's difficult to hold it against them with the abundance of hotels and discounts available! But Times Square has the drawback of being a complete tourist trap. So, try finding a hotel outside Times Square.
  • One of the most important travel tips for New York City is to completely avoid chain restaurants because the city is a foodie's delight. You will be in the land of spaghetti, pizza, and bagels. Use the fantastic local joints for all of your meals while in NYC.
  • Taking a sightseeing bus tour is a fantastic way to see all the highlights of New York City in 2 days. While touring all the major attractions, you'll discover facts about New York City. You can also get on and off at any time.

Day 1 in New York City

75 Ratings
Superb 75 Ratings
75 Ratings Ratings
  • 3H
  • 3H
75 Ratings
Superb 75 Ratings
75 Ratings Ratings
$ 23 $ 22 per Adult

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Activity Timings: 

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Last Admission: 30 Minutes before closing time.

Activity Duration: 3 Hours (Approx.)

About Brooklyn Botanic Garden Tickets:

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and explore the picturesque setting of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Built across an area of 52 acres, the garden is home to more than 14000 species of plants and is truly a tropical wonderland. The garden is divided into several sub-gardens, having their unique theme. Admire the picturesque setting of this place and spend a fun-filled day with your loved ones.

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93 Ratings
Superb 93 Ratings
93 Ratings Ratings
  • 2H
  • 2H
93 Ratings
Superb 93 Ratings
93 Ratings Ratings
€ 63 € 62 per Adult

Activity Location: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States

Activity Starting Time: 11:00 AM

  • Closed: Wednesday

Activity Duration: 3 Hours

About Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York:

Step into a world where priceless art pieces are on display at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Admire 5,000 years of human creativity through captivating art collections from around the globe. Marvel at European masterpieces, ancient Egyptian treasures, and Asian art and know about the history related to them through a knowledgeable guide. Book your tickets for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you will also get to see Oceanian, Byzantine, and Islamic pieces of art on exhibit.

Read more
31 Ratings
Superb 31 Ratings
31 Ratings Ratings
  • 2H
  • 2H
31 Ratings
Superb 31 Ratings
31 Ratings Ratings
$ 23 $ 16 per Adult

Activity Location: 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

Activity Timing: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Wednesday - Sunday, Mmonday-Tuesday Closed)

Activity Duration: 2 Hours (Approx)

About the Brooklyn Museum:

Spend a great time at the Brooklyn Museum, the oldest and largest art museum that offers a world-class collection of African and Egyptian 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th-century artworks. Visit various sections of the museum and see the gorgeous paintings by famous artists including Dennis Hopper and Norman Rockwell. Do not miss some of the amazing statues & paintings like Cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpere, Nardo di Cione, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Zenobius, and Yobura.

Read more

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Image Credit : flicker.com/statue-of-liberty
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are the first stops of your 2 days itinerary of New York City. Visiting the Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular things that you must not miss when in New York. 
  • Ellis Island situated next to the Statue of Liberty, which is situated on Liberty Island was home to Over 12 million immigrants who entered the country via these doors between 1892 and 1954, making it the busiest immigration check facility in the country.
  • Visiting these two places together is the ideal way to begin your time spent sightseeing in New York.


World Trade Center Station

Image Credit : flicker.com/world-trade-center-station
  • Within the World Trade Center complex in Manhattan's Financial District, New York City, World Trade Center Station is a PATH terminal station.  The station is situated in the center of a turning loop and has five tracks and four platforms.
  • The loop is used by trains from New Jersey to turn around and return there. Four floors below ground level are the platforms & the station's fare booth is located on the floor right above the platforms.
  • The WTC Cortlandt station of the New York City Subway is close by and located above the mezzanine.
Location: New York, NY 10007, United States

American Museum of Natural History

Image Credit : flicker.com/american-museum-of-natural-history
  • If you enjoy history, you should visit the American Museum of Natural History while you are in New York. Even if you do not have a strong interest in historical subjects, you will be impressed by the museum's displays and treasures.
  • Unquestionably, it is among the most fascinating places to visit in 2 Days in New York City. The enormous museum is separated into areas that focus on different topics, such as marine life, dinosaurs, taxidermy mammals, etc.
Location: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States

Timing: 10 am – 5:30 pmPricing: $23 per adult

Top of The Rock

Image Credit : unsplash.com/top-of-the-rock
  • Take a thrilling elevator ride to the 70th level to see Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty, among other famous landmarks.
  • Get a bird's-eye perspective of New York City's stunning skylines from 850 feet in the air for a memorable experience.
  • Discover the city's stunning elegance by visiting the historic observatory, Rockefeller Center, which was constructed in 1939 and has 9,500 sq ft of outdoor viewing space.

Location: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, United States

Timing: 9 am to 12 am

Pricing: $40 per adult

Wall Street

Image Credit : flicker.com/wall-street
  • The most well-known financial center in the world, Wall Street is home to the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.
  • Some of the most dramatic financial dramas of our time have taken place in this location where fortunes are created and lost.
  • It is a famous destination for tourists in New York, and the street's name has served as inspiration for several films. It must be on your 2 days in New York City list.

9/11 Memorial & Museum

Image Credit : flicker.com/9/11-memorial-museum
  • It is impossible to express the emotional effect of visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum as the museum's architecture is just exceptional and honors the tragic 9/11 tragedy, which changed the course of American history.
  • It is regarded as one of the most prestigious family activities to do in New York. The museum, which has an amazing architectural design, provides visitors with the option of renting audio tours.
  • You are obliged to feel the loss because the narrator shares his or her experience with you.

Location: 180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States

Timing: 10 am – 5 pm

Brooklyn Bridge

Image Credit : unsplash.com/brooklyn-bridge
  • The Brooklyn Bridge, which was built in 1883, was formerly the biggest suspension bridge in the world which connects Brooklyn Heights to Lower Manhattan & is 1595 feet long.
  • One of the most cherished things to do in 2 days in New York City is to walk the bridge. The best time to go is in the morning; it will take you about 20 minutes to complete the entire route.
  • When there is less traffic, you can take in the majestic beauty of the surroundings. In addition, watching the sunset while gazing at the skyline is captivating.
Location: 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Timing: 6 am to 11 pm

Chrysler Building

Image Credit : flicker.com/chrysler-building
  • Before the Empire State Building surpassed it in 1931, the Chrysler Building had the title of the world's tallest structure for a brief period at the end of the 1920s.
  • It's really cool to see its stunning Art Deco spire surrounded by skyscrapers with more traditional shapes.
  • There is no need to enter the Chrysler Building because you can only be in the lobby because it is packed with offices. But enjoying it from the street is fun.

Times Square

Image Credit : flicker.com/time-square
  • Over 50 million people visit Times Square annually, making it one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world & a must in your 2 days in New York City plan. It is actually many blocks long and is where 
  • Broadway and Seventh Avenue intersect. In spite of the name, it's also not a square.
  • Times Square has been the site of New Year's celebrations in New York since 1907, with the world-famous ball drop taking place here at exactly midnight on New Year's Eve.
  • Around a million people attended the event in person, while countless millions more watched it online from all over the world.

Location: Manhattan, NY 10036, USA

Day 2 in New York city

265 Ratings
Superb 265 Ratings
265 Ratings Ratings
  • 3H
  • 3H
265 Ratings
Superb 265 Ratings
265 Ratings Ratings
€ 30 € 28 per Adult

Activity Location: New York Aquarium, Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Activity Timings: 10 AM to 4:30 PM (last entry at 3:30 PM)

Activity Duration: 3 Hours (approx)

About the New York Aquarium:

Visit the New York Aquarium, which is the country's oldest aquarium. New York Aquarium is home to more than 260 species of marine creatures. Sharks, jellyfish, sturgeons, penguins, and harbor seals are just a few of the amazing animals that you can meet at the aquarium. Take a tour of the New York Aquarium and have a great time with your loved ones as you learn about the creatures that make oceans their home.

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57 Ratings
Superb 57 Ratings
57 Ratings Ratings
  • 3H
  • 3H
57 Ratings
Superb 57 Ratings
57 Ratings Ratings
€ 28 € 17 per Senior

Corning Museum Of Glass Location: 1 Museum Way, Corning, NY 14830, United States

Activity Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Activity Timing: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Activity Days: Monday - Sunday

About the Corning Museum Of Glass Tickets:

Take a glimpse of over 3500 years at Corning Museum of Glass in New York City and learn exciting information in an interesting way. Join some of the thrilling activities and discover the wonders behind the glassmaking. Do not miss the Gift Shop and Cafe at the museum with your pals.

Read more

Guggenheim Museum

Image Credit : flicker.com/gugggenheimg-museum
  • The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, usually referred to as The Guggenheim, is a museum of art for aspiring artists and enthusiasts who can notice these locations in New York to visit in order to find more encouragement.
  • Along with other seasonal displays, the museum has a permanent collection of works by Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, early Modernists, and contemporary artists.
  • The museum's original name, adopted in 1939, was the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. But three years later, upon the passing of its creator, Solomon R. Guggenheim, it underwent a name change.
Location: 1071 5th Ave, New York 10128, United States

Pricing: Adults: $25, Visitors with Disabilities: $18

Central Park

Image Credit : flicker.com/central-park
  • The first public park in the United States of America, Central Park is without a doubt the most popular park in the entire globe.
  • The park, which was constructed right in the middle of Manhattan, offers a welcoming space for walkers, runners, musicians, and even bird watchers to observe migratory birds above. 

Location: 14 EAST 60TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10022

Timings: 6am-1am

Empire State Building

Image Credit : flicker.com/empire-state-building
  • The Empire State Building is arguably the most prominent structure in New York City & must make it to your itinerary of New York City in 2 days. It was constructed in 1930 and is another exceptional Art Deco structure. 
  • After defeating the Chrysler Building to claim the title of the tallest structure in the world, it gained even more recognition when King Kong scaled the tower in the movie "King Kong," which was released in 1915.
  • From the observation deck, you can get a great view of the city, and the museum exhibition will teach you more about the building's past.

Location: 20 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001, United States

Timings: 9 am-12 am

Price: Adult- $44

Museum of The City of New York

Image Credit : https://www.mcny.org/sites
  • The Museum of the City of New York promotes awareness of the unique characteristics of urban life in the most prominent city in the world.
  • The past, present, and future of the city are celebrated, documented, and interpreted to draw in visitors.

Location: 1220 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029, United States

Daily 10 am to 5 pm & Thursday 10 am to 9 pm

Pricing: Adults $20

Grand Central Terminal

Image Credit : flicker.com/grand-central-terminal
  • Include the Grand Central terminal when exploring New York City in 2 days. The largest train station in the world, Grand Central Terminal, is a sight to behold. 
  • In addition to a variety of restaurants, it has an astounding 44 platforms and 67 tracks from which Metro-North Railroad trains depart.
  • The Main Concourse is what draws the majority of visitors, and it is magnificent. However, the four-faced clock atop the information booth is arguably Grand Central's most recognizable landmark. 
  • The great clock, which has opal faces on each, is worth between $10 million and $20 million.

89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, United States

Timings: 5:15 AM – 2:00 AM

New York Public Library

Image Credit : flicker.com/new-york-public-library
  • The largest municipal public library in the United States is the New York Public Library (NYPL).
  • It includes vast collections of pictures, maps, books for the blind, movies, microfilms, and more than 10 million books and manuscripts. Do consider squeezing this into your 2 days itinerary of New York City.
Location: 476 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018, United States

Timing: Mon, Thu, Sat 10 am to 6 pm
              Tue & Wed 10 am to 8 pm
              Sun 1 pm to 5 pm

People Also Ask About New York City

  1. Which are the best museums to visit in New York City?

    1. Metropolitan Museum of Art: When planning a 2 days itinerary of New York City, do not miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art, world's largest art museum which is a must-see when in New York. The vast collection of paintings, sculptures, and antiques held within its walls totals over two million pieces of art, which is quite unbelievable. It is a breathtaking experience to wander through its endless halls as valuable paintings and artworks smile down upon you from every angle.

    2. Frick Collection: The Frick Collection is a fascinating museum to see, and it is housed in a lovely structure on the Upper East Side. It is a top-notch research facility that also houses several works of art. It is a pleasure to browse through the galleries, which are filled with amazing sculptures, paintings, and decorative items.

    3. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum has some incredible tools and engines for you to explore while providing an intriguing look at American military and marine history. The enormous USS Intrepid aircraft carrier is an amazing place to explore, and there are several fighter jets for you to see as well. You can also descend into the interior of a cruise missile submarine.

  2. How to reach New York city?

    1. By Air: John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport are the three airports that connect New York to places all over the world. The busiest airport of these is John F. Kennedy International Airport which has good connections.

    2. By Rail:
    There are various train services that connect New York out of which Amtark connects it to American cities like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, etc. as well as Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto.

    3. By Subway:
    The extensive subway system in New York City is one of the most affordable ways to travel around. This is one of the biggest subway networks in the world, with over 450 stations.
  3. Why is New York City so famous to visit?

    New York City is famous for its artistic power and magnificent skyline. The city is renowned as the city that never sleeps, making it a youthful destination for all young talents to showcase their skills. With vibrant nightlife, the place also offers some peaceful landmarks and historic buildings, which can be covered in your 2 days itinerary of New York City.
  4. Which are the best theme parks to visit in New York city?

    1. Adventure Land: Named one of Long Island's top attractions since 1962, it offers more than 30 different rides that deliver excitement right to your doorstep. It is home to some of the top roller coasters, bumper cars, Ferris wheels, and water slides in all of New York. If you want to really enjoy your trip to New York City in 2 days, this is one of the most entertaining places to be.

    2. Luna Park in Coney Island: Aside from the original Nathan's, the iconic Luna Park is arguably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Coney Island. Every summer, more than 1,200 people are employed by the Brooklyn institution and largest amusement park in NYC. It is home to a variety of rides, some of which are over a century old, including the Cyclone, the Grand Prix, the Thunderbolt roller coaster, Clockworks, the B&B Carousell, and more.
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