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Nestled between Virginia and Marryland on the Potomac River, The District of Columbia was set aside as the capital of the United States of America, so that the absolute federal government was not centralized in one state.  

George Washington commissioned Pierre-Charles L'Enfant to formulate the planning of the city. Even till date, you can clearly see the L'Enfant's layout of a street grid which is finely converged by the broad avenues of the city. The most vital of these avenues is the Pennsylvania Avenue that connects the two landmark buildings of the USA - impressive domed Capitol Building and the White House.  

Maintaining Charles vision of having a spacious and open city stretches the wide and huge National Mall with its monuments and museums. The vision is further enhanced by the height limitation on the buildings so as to ensure that there is skyline bereft of the sky scrappers. 

National symbols of Washington DC are clearly the most interesting places to see. They are very well accessible to visitors along with the abundant of other tourist attractions including the world class monuments and museums that can be found in the city. Definitely one of the best planned and clearly one of the most beautiful, Washington DC is one city that you really must visit. 

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Washington D.C. Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Washington D.C.

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People Also Ask About Washington D.C.

  1. What are the best places to visit in Washington D.C.?

    United States Capitol and Capitol Hill 
    Since Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America, you will find a lot of administrative buildings in the city. The US Capitol is where the House of Representatives and the Senate are present. The architecture of the building is slightly replicated from the St. Peter's in Rome, especially the huge tomb.

    However, this feature of the building stands out most among all the other American buildings here. 

    The White House
    The White House is one of the most popular landmarks and is well known throughout the world. It is where the President of USA resides. There are special tours for visiting the interiors of the White House where you can explore the various rooms, the Ballroom and also the State Dining Room.

    However, to do all this, you need to reserve your tour many days in advance. If not, you can just watch the iconic building from outside just like many tourists do. You can also visit the White House Visitor Center which is free of costs and you can visit various exhibits.  

    The Lincoln Memorial 
    Abraham Lincoln was one of the most loved president of United States and had its influence throughout the world. The Lincoln Memorial is by far one of the most popular memorials not only in the US but throughout the world.

    The Memorial is a huge 19 feet statue of the President and there are around 36 columns which represents the number of states that were present when he was the President. This memorial is also famous because Martin Luther King Jr. made his iconic speech 'I have a Dream' from the steps of the memorial. 

    National Air and Space museum
    We all are interested in air and space travel and USA is one of the leading countries in this sector. The National Air and Space museum is one of the most visited as well as popular museum in the entire world. You will find a huge collection of historically significant air as well as space crafts here in the museum.

    Every revolutionary piece of vehicle that made it to the air has a home in the museum. The first aircraft in the world made by the Wright Brothers in 1903 is also on display in the museum. Even the Apollo 11 which made it to the moon is kept here for visitors. 

    The Washington Monument
    The Washington Monument is the most recognizable iconic landmark in the city. It is a huge structure which pans at around 555 foot and you need to gaze at the sky to have a proper look at it. The monument looks beautiful, especially when seen through the Reflecting Pool right below its foot.

    It was built in three different stages at a gap of many years and it is clearly visible through the color of its facing stones. There are 50 American Flags that surround the base of The Washington Monument.