Las Vegas Tourism, USA: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022
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Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities across the globe as there are many tourist places in Las Vegas. The United States of America is a developed country and it hosts millions of tourists every year. The same can be said about Las Vegas, people come to visit the city in large numbers. Las Vegas is considered to be the most happening city on the planet. If one is planning to go on a trip with its friends, then Las Vegas is the ideal place to go. One can do several activities here and also enjoy an amazing nightlife. Las Vegas comes alive at night. The city is lit with lights and one can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city and gape at its beauty from several spots in the city. The casinos in Las Vegas are the pride of the city. People come to Las Vegas just to visit the casinos here.

They constitute the most in the economy of the city. One can also do several activities in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the only place where one can do both, indoor skydiving and outdoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving is an activity which is not available in many places, thereby making it the most sought-after activity in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not only about nightlife and activities, it has some stunning structures and monuments as well. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest tower in the United States of America and is a major tourist attraction. Las Vegas a replica of the Eiffel Tower in the city. The city also has a Venetian sector where one can enjoy things like a gondola ride. Las Vegas features in the itinerary of every person and everyone wants to visit the city at least once in their lifetime.

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People Also Ask About Las Vegas

  1. Travel Advice

    ·         Be wary of the touts.

    ·         Do not get involved in any form of drugs.

    ·         In case you come across anyone who seems suspicious, maybe a drug peddler, it is best to keep away from such an individual. Often, the trend says that the drug pedlars tend to get away from such a situation and it is the tourists who face the trouble.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         If you are eating street food, make sure you check for the quality before placing an order.

    ·         Whenever you buy a water bottle make sure you check that the seal is intact.

    ·         Do not buy a water bottle from the brand that is not known to you.

    ·         Always carry with you at least one identity card.

    ·         Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in a public place.

    ·         Do not leave any of your important documents in the hotel room.

    ·         Make sure you book a hotel in an area that is located near the attractions of the city.

    ·         Make a booking in a hotel that has a room safe.

    ·         Do not get overfriendly with the strangers.

    ·         If you hire a guide, make sure it is from a registered or a known agency only.


  2. Drinking Law

    There are no rigid laws related to drinking in the city. You can carry alcohol and drink in public without any legalities. 

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    The Strip

    The Strip has a lot of interesting things to see and experience. The place is known for its entertainment facilities, one can see various types of street performances and the most surprising thing is many of the performers here are homeless. Visitors can enjoy the experience of this beautiful city by walking down the lane of The Strip. There are a lot of luxury hotels, casinos, resorts, high rises buildings in the vicinity. The city just looks mesmerizing at night and this destination is among the finest place to visit during night time.


    Bellagio is one of the finest and luxury hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. The resort feels like a paradise for its visitors and is considered as a major attraction here. With ravishing architecture inside the hotel, it has a variety of attractive things to enjoy including an art gallery, a botanical garden, spa and casinos, all of which Las Vegas is quite famous for. The most famous attraction of this place is the fountain show which a lot of tourists enjoy. In between the building and The strip, there is a beautiful lake in which the fountain show takes place. Visitors will be thrilled to see the water fountain dancing perfectly synchronized to the music.

    Paris Las Vegas

    Paris hotel in Las Vegas will give you a feel as if you are actually in Paris. Although it is a hotel for people to stay, the place has become a tourist attraction. Right in front of the hotel there is an Eiffel tower which is an exact replica of the historic monument. There are other recreation facilities available in the place such as the Paris opera house. One can just enjoy the panoramic view from the top of Eiffel Tower’’s replica. There are many restaurants at the top of the tower with a stunning view of the city. Add it to your must visit places list in Las Vegas.

    Shark reef at Mandalay Bay

    Mandalay Bay is famous for its shark reef aquarium. With an 1.3 million gallon tank, it has a variety of dangerous and unusual aquatic animals. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences to see different types of fishes, sharks, rays, reptiles or horseshoe crabs all together. There are around more than 2000 marine animals displayed at shark reef aquarium. Usually the place stays crowded as a lot of tourists visit here so make sure to go here at a time when there is less queue as well as people so you can have a good experience.

    High roller Ferris wheel on linq

    The huge high roller ferris wheel is about 550 meter high and is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Visitors can enjoy a 30 minutes ride with a stunning view of the whole place. Each cabin in the wheel holds around 40 people at once. Views are breathtaking in night when the city lights up in full glow providing an admirable view. If you are in Las Vegas and want to have an aerial view of the city, you must not miss out on this high roller ferris wheel, it is a major tourist attraction in the city.

    The Mob Museum

    If you want to hear the interesting stories of the Mob's rise and the law enforcement's response, this is a great place to be at. There are various interactive exhibits that depict various historic courthouse stories which you can listen to if you are interested in such kind of things. They give you a wrist band while entering the museum and you can come here later on the same day if you have it on your hand. A lot of information is displayed here and it is sometimes difficult to take all in. 

  4. What you will like there?


    You can't come to Vegas and leave without gambling once at one of the highrise casinos here. This is what Las Vegas is popular for and you must indulge in a round of gambling atleast once just for fun with a small wager. There are world famous casinos here and people win and lose millions just in a single night. Throughout the city you will also find books and guides on how to make money in gambling while in Vegas, you can also seek some help through them. However, do it just for fun and not to make money as it can be a deadly addiction even while you are on your holiday.

    Bar hopping

    Las Vegas is one of the cities with an active nightlife culture. There are various clubs and bars that are open throughout the night and serve their guests. If you want to spend an amazing night here, go checkout the different bars and the variety of drinks they have to offer. Most of the bars here are very famous not only in Las Vegas but in the whole USA. The Level 107 lounge in the 107th floor of the Stratosphere provides some amazing cocktails and signature drinks which you will love to try out.

    Fly a plane

    This might be the coolest sounding adventure activity that you can indulge here in Las Vegas. Get to the Sky Combat Ace where you can get your own two passenger plane to fly. Although almost no tourist ever knows how to fly a plane but in case you do, this will be one of its kind experience here in Las Vegas. If this sounds too risky and adventurous to you, there are other options of flying around in a plane as well which offers a great experience to tourists.

    Visit a show

    Las Vegas is such a happening city that a popular show might be taking place there every now and then. Check out if any of your favourite bands or artists are having a show in Las Vegas while you are on your holiday there. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to attend a show in a city which is famous and well known for such events. There are so many luxurious hotels and resorts here that they keep organising events to keep the guests entertaining. 

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    Website: Official Website

  6. When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is one of the most toured cities in the whole world. It is open for visitation throughout the year, therefore there is no particular time which is the best time to visit Las Vegas. The month wise break for visiting Las Vegas is:

    March to May- During these months, the spring season is on in Las Vegas. Spring is a pleasant time to be in Vegas as the temperature is quite moderate. The number of tourists visiting the city is also pretty low during this time, thus one can enjoy the city properly without getting lost in the crowd.

    June to September- Summers in Las Vegas are hot. The temperature rises up to approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The city also receives rainfall during these months, but they are short-lived. Visiting Las Vegas during this time is advisable only to those people who can endure the heat.

    October to February- Las Vegas hosts the maximum number of tourists during these months. As winter is on during this time, the weather is pleasant for people. Many events take place during this time and because of the presence of festivals like Christmas and New Year, the city is flocked with people during these months. It is the best time to visit Las Vegas if one wants to enjoy the festivals here and does not mind the crowd.

  7. How to reach Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is amongst the most popular city in the world and millions of people visit the city throughout the year. There is more than one way in which one can reach Las Vegas. Some of those ways are:

    • By Air- Airway is the most convenient way of reaching Las Vegas. Las Vegas has its own airport, in fact, the has city airports near it, McCarran International Airport, Henderson Executive Airport, and North Las Vegas Airport. These airports are amongst the busiest airport in the world. After landing at any of the airports, one will have to take a cab to their destinations.
    • By Rail- There is no railway station near Las Vegas. The closest station is over 100 km away. After getting down at the station, one will have to change their transport to reach the city.
    • By Road- This is the most widely used way of going to Las Vegas. Majority of the people who come to Vegas take a road trip. This enables them to enjoy their journey to Las Vegas as well. The road connectivity of the city is very nice and there are several highways in the country which connect to Las Vegas.
  8. Which are the major tourist attractions in Las Vegas?

    It is said that Las Vegas is one of the most happening places on the planet. People are sure to have a gala time here. The city is filled with places which attract hundreds of tourists every day. Some of the major tourist attractions here are:

    • The Strip- Everybody comes to Vegas and visit the casinos here. The Strip is a stretch of Las Vegas which contains most of the casinos in the city.
    • Bellagio- This is one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas. The casino also has a dancing fountain outside its building which is a spectacle to watch.
    • Stratosphere Tower- The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest tower in the United States of America. It is a major tourist attraction for people in Las Vegas.
    • Caesars Palace- The Caesars Palace is the epitome of grandeur. It offers the best casinos in the whole world and is the biggest casino place in the city.
  9. What are the things to do in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is a city where can never get bored as there are so many things one can do here. Some of the best things one can do in Las Vegas are:

    • Sightseeing- Many people come to Vegas every year to enjoy themselves but not all of them actually explore the city. They just enjoy the city life here while there are many other places where one can go. The Hoover Dam is one of the places where one can go. One can also visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservational Area. These places are not always in the itinerary of tourists but one should pay these places a visit.
    • Casinos- Visiting Las Vegas will be called incomplete if one does not go to any of the casinos here. Las Vegas is renowned across the globe for its casinos. The city has some amazing casinos to offers to its visitors. One will surely be blown away by the grandeur of the casinos here.
    • Thrill Rides- The rides one can enjoy in Las Vegas are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. There are several rides which one can try here. Some of those rides are exotic racing, jumping off the Stratosphere Tower, Roller coasters, indoor skydiving, etc.
  10. What is the local food of Las Vegas? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Las Vegas is known for the drinks one can get here but what many people do not know is that this place also offers some of the food in the United States of America. The local food of Las Vegas are amazing and some of the mouth-watering foods available here are donuts, chicken, and waffles, soup dumplings, etc. and the places where one can enjoy these lip-smacking dishes are:

    • Eat
    •    Rollin Smoke Barbeque
    •    Distill
    •    Palazzo
  11. What is the best public transport to commute around Las Vegas?

    Transportation is always the top concern for tourists and since they generally do not have any private mode of transport, public transportation system of a place becomes very important for them. Las Vegas is connected very well within the city. There local buses here which run very frequently in the city. These buses are air-conditioned, thereby helping the tourists to the battle the heat in summers. The taxi service of the city is also very nice. One can get a taxi from almost anywhere in the city.

  12. What is the local language in Las Vegas and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The national language of the United States of America of is English and it is the most widely spoken language in the country. Even in Las Vegas, the most common language is English, but after English the most widely spoken language in Las Vegas is Spanish. Some of the common greetings in Spanish are:

    Hi- Hola

    Thank you- Gracias

    Good morning- Buenos dias

    Good night- Buenos noches

  13. Which are the best shopping places in Las Vegas and what are they famous for?

    Las Vegas is one of the top tourist hubs of the country. Since millions of people visit the city every year, several shopping places have been brought up here. There are some outstanding places in Las Vegas where one can go for shopping and some of them are:

    • Caesars Palace- This place is probably the one place in Las Vegas where a person can do almost everything. It is very beautifully built place and one is sure to be intimidated by its grandeur.
    • The Grand Canal Shops- Every city has a local market which offers clothes at really cheap prices, the Grand Canal Shops are that for Las Vegas. One can get amazing products here at reasonable prices.
    • Fashion Show Mall- Fashion Show Mall is amongst the best shopping places in Las Vegas and houses the best brands in the world. Apart from the amazing shops in the mall, the architecture of the mall is also beautiful.
  14. How is the nightlife in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is considered to be the most happening place on the planet. The people who visit Las Vegas have the sole motive of enjoying their time in the city to the fullest. The nightlife in Las Vegas is simply outstanding. One cannot experience a better nightlife than in Las Vegas. The city is filled with bars and casinos which are open throughout the night. If one does not get out of their rooms and enjoy the nightlife of Vegas, then they will be missing out on something very special. The best places in Las Vegas where one can have an amazing nightlife are:

    • XS Las Vegas
    •    Peppermill Fireside Lounge
    •    Surrender Night Club
    •    Chateau
    •    House of Blues
  15. How is Las Vegas for Honeymoon Couples?

    Las Vegas is an amazing city to be in. It is not the ideal place a couple might want to spend their honeymoon, but it is not a bad city to do so. The city has lots of romantic things which a couple on a honeymoon can do. They can book a special honeymoon suite in the hotel they are staying. They can go sightseeing together and take the gondola ride in Venetian Las Vegas.

  16. Where can I enjoy adventure activities in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is the ideal place if a group of friends plans to go on a trip. They can do numerous things here. One of the things they can do is try out any of the adventure activities available in the city. The adventure activities available in Las Vegas is not like what people do elsewhere, it is very unique. Many adventure activities are available here like skydiving, kayaking, zip lining, skiing, snowboarding, indoor skydiving, etc. The places where one can enjoy these activities are:

    •    Stratosphere Tower
    •    Valley of Fire
    •    Colorado River
    •    Bootleg Canyon
  17. Which are the famous places to enjoy Wildlife in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is famous primarily because of the umpteen number of casinos it has and the amazing nightlife one can have here. But what many people do not know is that Las Vegas also has some of the best wildlife in and around the city. Thousands of photography enthusiasts visit the city to capture a moment of these animals in their camera. Some of the places where one can enjoy wildlife in Las Vegas are:

    •    Wildlife Habitat
    •    Desert National Wildlife Range
    •    Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary
    •    Springs Preserve
  18. Which are the famous amusement parks in Las Vegas?

    Amusement parks are something which everyone loves. There might hardly be any person who does not like them. They have awesome rides and offer people some extremely thrilling activities and rides. Las Vegas has quite a few amusement parks and the rides present in them are out of the world. Some of the famous amusement parks of Las Vegas are:

    •    Adventure Theme Park
    •    Magical Forest
    •    Circus Circus Adventuredome
    •    Fantasy Faire
  19. Where can one enjoy a helicopter ride in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is the perfect place for a person to spend their vacation if they want to do some thrilling activities. There are lots of adrenaline rushing activities available here which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A helicopter ride is something which can be done everywhere on the planet, but the helicopter ride in Las Vegas is different. One does not get a ride over the city, they get a helicopter ride over the canyons around Las Vegas. While experiencing the fun of a helicopter ride, one also gets to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. The place where one can get a helicopter ride is S Jones Blvd.

  20. What are the best destinations to enjoy hiking in Las Vegas?

    Hiking is one of the most exciting activities one can do in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is surrounded by some canyons and hills which makes hiking a very famous activity here. Hiking is the best way to appreciate the beauty and explore nature in its true sense. Some of the best destinations where can hiking are:

    •    Calico Tanks Trail
    •    Calico Basin Trail
    • Ice Box Canyon
    •    White Domes
    •    Lake Mead Railway Trail
  21. Where can one enjoy wine tour in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas renowned, all over the world, for its nightlife and drinks. The people of Las Vegas love their drinks. It is considered to be the best place, in the United States of America, for one to go on wine tours. One will be offered to taste some of the best wines in the country here. If someone is really passionate about wine tasting, then Las Vegas is surely a place they should visit. Some of the places where one can do wine tasting in Las Vegas are:

    •    Rock n Roll Wine LLC
    •    Marche Bacchus
    •    Wine Cellar and Tasting Room
    • La Cave Wine Bar
  22. Where can one enjoy kayaking in Las Vegas?

    Kayaking is a fun activity. There are not many places in the United States of America where one can do Kayaking. Las Vegas offers one of the best Kayaking experience one can have in the United States of America. In kayaking, a person is made to sit on a kayak and is given an oar. The person has to row itself, through the currents of the river, and one will also have to cross the several rapids they come across. Although it is an exciting activity, kayaking is not advisable to people who do not know how to swim or have water phobia. The place where one can enjoy kayaking in Las Vegas is the Colorado River.

  23. What are the famous historical monuments to visit in Las Vegas?

    The United States of America has had a really rich history and over the years, some great sculptures and monuments have been built in the country. The same can be said about Las Vegas. The city has been blessed some exceptional monuments. One cannot stop but gape at the architectural marvel of the monuments present in the city. Few of the casinos in the city are also considered as historic monuments of Las Vegas as they made decades ago. Some of the historical monuments to visit in Las Vegas are:

    • The Mob Museum
    • Old Vegas Mormon Fort Historic Park
    •    Neon Museum
    •    Golden Gate Casino
  24. Which are the famous art galleries in Las Vegas?

    Americans can be said to be artistic people who love art in all forms. The people of Las Vegas share the same beliefs, they also love art and this can be witnessed by visiting any of the numerous art galleries present in the city. People from all over the country come to Las Vegas to watch the art displayed in the art galleries of the city. Some of the most famous art galleries in Las Vegas are:

    •    Brett Wesley Art Gallery
    • The Arts Factory
    •    City of the World Art Gallery Las Vegas
    •    Martin Lawrence Art Gallery
    •    City Center Fine Art Collection
    •    Graffiti Art Gallery Alley
  25. Which are some famous casinos to visit in Las Vegas?

    Casinos are the heart of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is filled with casinos. One of the most important reasons why Las Vegas is famous all over the world is because of the presence of so many casinos here. The casinos in Las Vegas are not like the other casinos one gets to see in the rest of the world. The excitement and the fun one gets in the casinos here are unparalleled. Las Vegas has always been the paver in the casino world. The city has many world-famous casinos and a handful of them are:

    • MGM Grand
    •    Caesars Palace
    •    Bellagio
    • The Venetian
    • The Cosmopolitan Casino
    •    Aria Resort
  26. Where can one enjoy a vintage car ride in Las Vegas?

    Automobile lovers have something for vintage cars. The newly launched cars with latest technologies do not excite them as much as the vintage cars. Las Vegas has been, historically, a very rich country and therefore people here have always had the privilege of cars. Vintage cars are a sensation in Las Vegas. People from all over the country come to Las Vegas just to get a glimpse of these cars and ride them. Las Vegas is one of the few places where people can ride vintage cars. Places where one can enjoy the rides of vintage cars in Las Vegas are:

    •    Vegas Luxury Rides
    •    Diplomat Exotic Rentals
    •    Classic & Collectible Cars
  27. What are the some best places to enjoy the famous Las Vegas night View?

    Getting the panoramic view of a city is always beautiful, more so if a person gets to view it at night. Las Vegas’ charm increases manifoldly at nights when the city is lighted up. Some of the best places in Las Vegas to enjoy the beautiful view of the city are:

    • Top of the World at Stratosphere Tower.
    •    Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental
    •    Hyde Bellagio
    • The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay
Newly Added Las Vegas Experience

Las Vegas Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Las Vegas
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