10 Places To Visit In Central Europe For A Perfect Trip In- 2024
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Attractions To See In Central Europe

Explore the best places to visit in Central Europe with Thrillophilia. From the romantic canals of Venice to the majestic Eiffel Tower in Paris, Europe is established with iconic landmarks. You can explore historic cities like Rome, London, and Barcelona, each offering a unique cultural experience. Central Europe boasts picturesque villages, lush forests, and snow-capped mountains. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking in the Swiss Alps, skiing in the Austrian Tyrol, or relaxing by the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

Prague, the "City of a Hundred Spires," is one of the most beautiful places to visit in central Europe. You can stroll through the charming Old Town, visit Prague Castle, and enjoy a traditional Czech meal. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is famous for its classical music heritage and grand palaces. Visitors can attend a concert at the Vienna State Opera, explore Schönbrunn Palace, and indulge in delicious Viennese pastries. Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube," offers a mix of historic charm and modern flair. You can relax in the thermal baths, admire the Parliament Building, and cruise along the Danube River.

Central Europe also provides a culinary delight with hearty German sausages, Hungarian goulash, and Austrian schnitzel. Savour local dishes, sample fine wines and experience the diverse flavours of the region. So, what are you waiting for? Book Thrillophillia's exclusive Europe Trip packages and explore some of the best places to visit in central Europe.
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Zagreb is the northwestern capital of Croatia and is known for its historic architecture and cultural attractions. You will find the picturesque Tkalciceva Street lined with cafes where you can enjoy brunches. Visit the iconic St. Mark's Church and the Museum of Broken Relationships for a unique experience.

You can explore the Upper Town through its medieval streets showcasing the Austro-Hungarian architecture. The Lower Town offers modern amenities for relaxation and the lively Ban Jelacic Square. A visit to the Dolac Market is a must for exploring the local produce and taking a relaxing stroll through the peaceful Maksimir Park.

Location: Croatia

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Hvar Island

Hvar Island one of the top places to visit in central Europe offers stunning landscapes, historical sites, and charming villages. You can visit the Hvar Town for its lively nightlife and enjoy the street performances. You can enjoy exciting water activities like swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking on Dubovica Beach.

Explore hidden beaches and calm bays on Pakleni Island and stop by Stari Grad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the oldest settlement on the island.

Location: Hvar Island, Adriatic Sea, Croatia.

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Heidelberg is a picturesque city in southwest Germany with a romantic atmosphere and vibrant cultural scene. Situated along the banks of the Neckar River, Heidelberg is home to one of Europe's oldest and most beautiful educational institutions the Heidelberg University.

You can explore the city's most iconic landmarks including the Heidelberg Castle, the Karl Theodor Bridge and the Church of the Holy Spirt. A must-visit is the Heidelberg Castle, which houses the world's largest wine barrel, the "Heidelberg Tun," which holds 220,000 litres.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany.

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Located in east-central Poland, Warsaw spans around the Vistula River and is known for its rich cultural heritage. Warsaw's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features cobblestone streets, baroque palaces and the Warsaw Barbican.

Explore the Royal Castle of Warsaw one of the top places to visit in central Europe. You can also visit popular attractions like the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Lazienki Park, the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, and the Palace of Culture and Science. 

Location: Warsaw, Poland

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Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is one of the best places in Central Europe to visit along the Danube River. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife, with a variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Given the small area and its friendly English-speaking locals, you can easily explore Bratislava on foot.

You can explore several historic landmarks including Bratislava Castle, St. Martin's Cathedral,  Old Town and Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum. If you like classical music then you can attend a performance at the Slovak Philharmonic. You can also visit the Bratislava Castle and Michael's Gate, which showcase medieval architecture.

Timings: Bratislava Castle is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Bratislava, Slovakia.

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Lucerne is a picturesque city in the heart of Switzerland which is known for its beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps. The city's Old Town is a charming and historic area with cobblestone streets, colourful buildings, and a rich cultural heritage. 
The Chapel Bridge, a wooden bridge decorated with paintings, is a symbol of the city and a popular attraction for visitors. Another must-visit site is the Lion Monument, a massive sculpture of a dying lion carved into a rock.

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Salzburg, Austria, is famous for being Mozart's birthplace and the location of the film The Sound of Music. The city's top attractions include the Salzburg Fortress, Mirabell Palace, and Hohensalzburg Fortress.  You can also admire the stunning architecture and intricate details of the Salzburg Cathedral.

Location: Salzburg, Austria.

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Krakow, one of Poland's largest and oldest cities, is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway and one of the most beautiful places to visit in central Europe. Known for its historic Old Town, you can explore iconic sites like St. Mary's Basilica and the Cloth Hall. The Wawel Castle is a must-visit destination known for its symbol of Polish heritage. You can seek cultural experience in Krakow's vibrant arts scene and charming streets. 

Location: Krakow, Poland.

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Füssen is one of the top places to visit in central Europe and is located in the southern part of Bavaria, Germany. It is known for its stunning natural surroundings, picturesque streets, historic buildings, vibrant cultural scene and the Alps. You can visit its famous attractions like Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle.

Füssen is also a great destination for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and skiing, in the nearby mountains.  The town's convenient location makes it an ideal place for day trips to nearby cities and attractions, such as Munich, Salzburg, and the Romantic Road.

Location: Fussen, Bavaria, Germany

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Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau Region, nestled in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland, is a picturesque area renowned for its dramatic mountain scenery. It is dominated by the mighty Jungfrau massif, comprising the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks, known as the "Top of Europe". It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.

You can explore charming towns like Wengen, Mürren, and Grindelwald in the stunning Swiss Alps landscape. The Lauterbrunnen Valley and Lütschental Valley showcase cascading waterfalls and picturesque villages that are worth visiting. With breathtaking views, the Jungfrau Region is one of the must-visit places to visit in central Europe.

Location: The Jungfrau Region, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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Nestled between the Biokovo Mountain Range and the Adriatic Sea, Makarska has a stunning shoreline and a rich history dating back to ancient times. You can explore the Old Town, which is lined with charming cafes and shops. You can also relax near the town's beautiful beaches like Baška Voda and Tucepi.

Makarska's central location makes it an ideal place for exploring the Makarska Riviera and nearby attractions. With its warm waters, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant atmosphere, Makarska is one of the must-visit top places to visit in central Europe.

Location: Makarska, Dalmatia, Croatia.

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Lausanne is the capital of the district Lausanne and the capital of the Canton of Vaud. The city is home to the International Olympic Committee and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Central Europe. It offers diverse activities and excursions, visits to natural landscapes and traditional mountain areas.

The city's rich heritage is evident in its medieval town centre, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Lausanne is also known for its free, high-quality transportation, making it easy to explore the city and the surrounding area. 

Location: Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Tourist places in Vienna are plenty in number, along with a shower of shopping centers, nightlife, and monumental history. The city is the capital of the Republic of Austria and part of Europe’s list of “Most Visited Sites”. The banks of the river Danube is where the city is located, and its location is one of the major reasons as to why the city is graced with beautiful History, and charming environment. The Habsburg Empire had its heart in the city of Vienna, and it served as a portal between the west and east parts of Europe. Vienna is very important to the culture and commerce of the Republic of Austria.

There are many visitors and tourist coming in from all over the world to witness the greatness of the city.The cosmopolitan feel Vienna gives off has refrained from letting its charm and first world vibes going away with time. The streets and roads are adorned by the cafés, and architecture dating centuries back, the fiakers or horse-drawn cabs, are a major attraction, besides the chocolates, and delicacies that come along with the city.The pastries, the concerts of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss, the great artist of Classical music, the waltz presented to us by the Viennese, everything adds up to all that Vienna has given to Planet Earth, and all that it will keep giving to it.

The historical beauty of the city’s monuments, the personalities it has given to us, has offered Austria a great share in the life others. The culture the walls, and streets have carried down through generations, and centuries, the refinement of all that is pretty, the activities, all the things to do here has come together to make sure that no one visiting the city faces a lack of happiness and looking forward to the next day here.

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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is located in the centre of the North German Plain. It is a popular tourist destination having exciting activities for people of all ages to indulge in. The city is widely known for its historic Berlin Wall built in 1961 dividing the city into East Berlin and West Berlin. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the city strongly built itself up as one unified region and has since flourished in every aspect from innovations to culture preservation.

The city of Berlin is filled with beautiful sites, buildings, historic monuments, and natural beauty. It offers a unique blend of classic and modern art which is one of the top reasons for drawing millions of visitors every year. Whether you love science, art, history, culture, food, nightlife, or natural beauty, there’s nothing that Berlin can’t offer.

The German capital is a mecca for art and history lovers with a myriad of historical landmarks to explore and art museums to admire. Not only is it blessed with a rich history, but the city is also famous for its modern-day infrastructures and tons of exciting activities such as adventure sports, water sports, and theme parks.

There are so many activities for locals and tourists to partake in, in Berlin. The city is well-connected with transportation systems such as subways, public buses, taxis, and car rentals which makes it easily accessible. You can shop, dine, attend live shows, gallivant around the streets, explore museums, and more on your holiday trip to Berlin with your loved ones.

The weather in Berlin varies from season to season. During the summer, Berlin’s average temperature ranges between 24 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius and is the much preferred season for tourism. Winter in Berlin could get harsh for those who are not used to snowfall as the temperature ranges between 9 degrees Celsius to -1 degree Celsius.

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Over the years, Prague has earned a sobriquet of "city of a thousand spires." As you pass though the 1100 year old skyline, you’ll be rewarded with the mesmerizing views of the umpteen splendid views of the soaring old towers and the lovely domed churches which together make Prague one of the most fascinating architectural gem of Europe. No matter where you look, you’ll come across phenomenal examples of Baroque, Gothic, Art Nouveau and Renaissance styles of architecture that dot the city. Together these offer a dramatic contrast to the sturdy ancient Prague Castle. Acquiring one of the best preserved historical centers of Europe, the narrow laneways of Prague open up into spectacular squares, each of which are home to historical buildings and fine old homes just waiting to be explored. Being one of the largest city in Europe, Prague still continues to be a pivotal cultural, political and commercial center. It has played a role a pivotal role as the erstwhile capital of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. Today, Rome is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as a major draw for the tourists from far and wide. The city majorly lures the visitors who come here mainly for lively entertainment as well as rich music and theatre scenes.


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This charming alpine village lies at the foot of one of the most mystical and majestic mountains of Switzerland- The Matterhorn. Zermatt.One of the most impressive places to visit in Switzerland, Zermatt is famous for its rugged untouched beauty that’s so peaceful and calm that it will take you away from all your worldly problems. This is mostly because Zermatt is a car-free village and its beauty can be savoured leisurely on foot, horse-driven carriages, electric cars, and gondolas. 

In the old village area, there are as many as 30 ancient buildings including granaries that depict the traditional way of living of mountain communities. This area also has a beautiful ancient church, Mountaineer’s cemetery, and a museum dedicated to mountaineering. The village streets are dotted with cafes with flower-lined walls in typical Swiss style. It is an amazing experience as you tuck into delicate pastries, cheese, and coffee while looking onto the Matterhorn, looming just miles away. 

Travellers from all over the world visit Gornergrat, the sun-drenched observation deck that offers one of the finest views of over 38 thirteen-thousanders and 14 glaciers including Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, and the Gorner Glacier. The ride to this deck, in a glass cable car, is as exciting as the destination itself. This is where Europe’s highest hotel, the Kulmhotel Gornergrat, is located. No visit to Zermatt is complete without venturing into the breathtaking mountainside. Zermatt is one of the few places in Switzerland where you can get up close with wild Ibex and visit a village consisting entirely of igloos. This is the place where you can get direct access to miles of pristine skiing pistes and paragliding points. Zermatt is also one of the places that offer unforgettable dining experiences.

Whether it is authentic Swiss mountainside cuisine in rustic cafes, or award-winning restaurants serving hearty meals with the most exquisite of ingredients, or having a meal in a sky-high gondola ride while enjoying the sunrise or the moonlight, the choices here are endless. Zermatt, due to its location, enjoys extremely pleasant weather throughout the year. In summers, the days are cloudy and the temperatures average at around 22°C. The winters are long and harsh, with snowfall almost daily. 

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Munich is located in the south-east of Germany, about an hour's drive from the Austrian border. It is the capital and largest city of the state of Bavaria, with a population of over 1.5 million people and is known for its beautiful architecture, rich culture, and world-class museums and galleries. Munich is also home to several major corporations and is an important centre for technology, finance, and innovation.

The city is known for its beautiful architecture, with many historic buildings and landmarks that showcase a range of styles, from Gothic and Renaissance to Baroque and Neoclassical. Munich is also home to many beautiful parks and gardens, such as the English Garden, which is one of the largest urban parks in Europe.

There are many attractions and things to see in Munich. Some of the most popular attractions in the city include the Marienplatz, a central square surrounded by beautiful buildings such as the Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall and the Residenz, a stunning palace that was the former home of the Bavarian monarchs.

Some popular activities in the city include visiting the Nymphenburg Palace, a beautiful Baroque-style palace located on the outskirts of the city. While in Munich, you can also relish in some mouth watering restaurants and explore the beer gardens, where you can enjoy traditional Bavarian food and drink. The city is also a hub for sports, with many professional teams and facilities, including the famous Allianz Arena, home to Bayern Munich football club.

Munich has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters. The city experiences an average of over 200 days of precipitation per year, with the wettest months being July and August. Snowfall is common in the winter months, but it is usually not heavy. The city is known for its warm, friendly people and its lively atmosphere.

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Zurich is a place that conjures up images of breathtaking & unspoiled beauty of the stunning Swiss meadows, alpine forests, mighty Alps, and pristine mountain lakes. The city is forked into two by River Zurich into the Old and New Town areas. The Old Town is dotted with centuries-old churches, cobbled streets, and residences belonging to the Renaissance era. Due to its proximity to France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein, you will see beautiful imprints of these cultures on the architecture here.

You will find the world’s largest clock tower here and a shopping street that’s amongst the world’s most exclusive and expensive shopping destinations.Zurich has beautifully balanced its rich cultural heritage with modernity and houses over 50 museums, art galleries, theatres, and a library that is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. It has some of the most stunning gardens, riverside promenades, hilly vantage points, perfect for a dream Swiss vacation. 

What is a Swiss vacation if you don’t try the famous chocolates! Zurich is known as the chocolate capital of Switzerland and certainly knows how to craft the best chocolates on the planet. Where else will you find a truffle that takes a whole year to make! Zurich also has many Michelin star restaurants that serve hearty and exotic dishes for an amazing fine dining experience.  For those who love to let their hair down, Zurich matches your verve with its spirit to party. It is dotted with amazing places great for ending a day with the best of drinks and snacks.

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Budapest is one of the most famous holiday destination as there are numerous tourist places in Budapest. Hungary is a country which is very rich in its culture and heritage, and the same can be said about Budapest. Budapest is said to be the ‘Paris of the East’ because of its romantic aura and natural beauty. It is a treat to visit Budapest. Historically, Budapest has been a very literary and artistic city.

The people here love art and this can be witnessed in the many museums which Budapest has. The Hungarian National Museum, located in Budapest, is the largest museum in Hungary. It was built in 1802 and is a museum of art, history, and archaeology. House of Terror is a very renowned museum and it contains things related to the communist and fascist regimes. One place which one should definitely go to in Budapest is the Buda Castle. The Buda Castle has been the historical castle of all the kings who have reigned here. The castle is majestic and one cannot stop marveling the architecture of the monument.

One thing that is unique about Hungary is their bath. Baths are very famous in Hungary and Budapest has some of the best baths in the country. The Gellert Bath is magnanimous. There are different types of pool in this place and also has a world-class spa. Budapest is the best place to visit if one love art and history as the place boasts best the museums in the world. With numerous attractions to admire as well as shopping places to explore Budapest offers you one of the perfect locations to visit for your vacations.

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People Also Ask About Germany

  1. What is the best time to visit Central Europe?

    You can book your Europe tour package throughout the year. However, the prime time to explore the best places to visit in Central Europe is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October). During these seasons, the weather is mild and crowds are smaller. The temperature ranges from 10°C to 20° in spring and 10°C to 25°C in autumn which is suitable for sightseeing without the peak summer crowds.
  2. How many days are enough for a Europe Trip?

    A 10 to 14-day trip is ideal to cover major destinations across Europe. However, for a more thorough exploration of specific countries or cities, a longer duration would be ideal. For instance, a 10-day itinerary in Italy can provide a rich and immersive experience. This allows you to explore the places to visit in Central Europe.
  3. How To Reach Europe?

    You can reach Europe from India by taking direct flights from cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, or Chennai to popular places such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, or Rome. There are also connecting flights from India to countries like Sweden and Denmark in Europe. Some of the airlines that operate flights on this route are Air France, Emirates, and Lufthansa. It will take you around 8 to 12 hours to travel between these destinations.
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