Dolac Market Overview

Dolac Market is an open-air farmer market in the Gornji Grad - Medveščak city district of Zagreb, Croatia. Opened in 1930, it is not only the oldest market but also one of Zagreb’s renowned places. You can identify the market under the umbrellas decorated in the style of the Šestine folk costume.

The market has two sections: an open-air market square and a street-level indoor market. The open-air market is for fresh fruits, eggs and vegetables, whereas the street-level indoor market is for flowers, meat, dairy products and fish.

While strolling around the market, taste and buy different kinds of flavoursome cuisines. Some must-try dairy products include sir i vrhnje (cream cheese), which is typically served with a pinch of spices or salt. You can also try some Croatian meals like grah (bean stew), grilled fish with a side serving of blitva (garlic-spiked sautéed Swiss chard and potatoes), and purica s mlincima (roasted turkey with baked noodles). Additionally, homemade cornbread from the dairy section is a must-try.


• Witness the beauty of the Dolac Market under the Šestinski Kišobran, an umbrella decorated in the Šestine folk costume style.
• Stroll in the open air while exploring the bustling Dolac Market life and diverse flavoursome cuisines.
• Embark on a food crawl and taste many fresh fruits, vegetables, and cuisines like cream cheese and bean stew.
• Get a chance to talk to the locals and learn about the rich history of one of the most identified markets in Zagreb.
• Capture priceless moments of you and your loved one while buying and tasting different cuisines in the Dolac Market.

How To Reach

By Road: Dolac Market is approximately 1.3 km from the city centre of Zagreb, Croatia, via Ribnjak and Kaptol. It will take approximately 4 minutes to reach via hiring a taxi. Moreover, you can take public transport like the bus and Line 6 tram. 

By Foot: Dolac Market is approximately 650 m from the city centre of Zagreb, Croatia, via Vlaška ul. You can cover the distance in around 10 minutes by walking.

Best Time To Visit

Dolac Market is a year-round place, so plan your visit as per your seasonal preferences and availability. 

Best season: The best season to visit Dolac Market is from May to June or September to October due to pleasant weather conditions. 

Best day in the week: The best day in the week to visit Dolac Market is the weekdays as the weekends are very crowded and busiest. 

Best time of the day: The best time of the day to visit Dolac Market is in the early mornings and between the opening hours from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Moreover, on Sundays, the market is closed by 1:00 PM.

Other Essential Information

1. Keep the surroundings clean by throwing the garbage in the dustbin. 

2. Make sure you are carrying cash with you if you wish to buy things in the Dolac Market.

3. Visit in the early mornings to explore the place in less crowds and eat the freshly made cuisines.

4. Take care of the belongings you are carrying with you, as the Dolac Market is very crowded.  

5. Consider bargaining on the non-food items and at the stalls where prices are listed. 

6. Carry a camera with you to capture your priceless moments while discovering and tasting cuisines in the Dolac Market.

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