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Over the years, Prague has earned a sobriquet of "city of a thousand spires." As you pass though the 1100 year old skyline, you’ll be rewarded with the mesmerizing views of the umpteen splendid views of the soaring old towers and the lovely domed churches which together make Prague one of the most fascinating architectural gem of Europe. No matter where you look, you’ll come across phenomenal examples of Baroque, Gothic, Art Nouveau and Renaissance styles of architecture that dot the city. Together these offer a dramatic contrast to the sturdy ancient Prague Castle. Acquiring one of the best preserved historical centers of Europe, the narrow laneways of Prague open up into spectacular squares, each of which are home to historical buildings and fine old homes just waiting to be explored. Being one of the largest city in Europe, Prague still continues to be a pivotal cultural, political and commercial center. It has played a role a pivotal role as the erstwhile capital of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. Today, Rome is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as a major draw for the tourists from far and wide. The city majorly lures the visitors who come here mainly for lively entertainment as well as rich music and theatre scenes.


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Powder Tower

This structure is one of the fascinating tourist resorts which have been wonderfully managed in Prague. The Powder Tower is part of the original gates leading to the Old Town. This marvelous structure was first built during the 11th century; however, in the 15th century it underwent reconstruction. In the 17th century, this tower was utilized for storing gunpowder and that is the origin for its current name. Tourists can also observe the covered bridge which is connected to the tower. The surrounding area is quite appealing in terms of medieval architecture which is a prominent essence of the Old Town.

Dancing House

In the whole of Czech Republic you won’t find any better place than Prague which possesses numerous architectural styles. The Dancing House is an exquisite building which has been designed by the famous Czech architect Valdo Milunic along with his Canadian partner Frank Gehry. You will be shocked after grabbing the first look of this structure which consists of both static and dynamic elements. One can locate this swinging building on the bank of Vltava River which is officially a privately-owned property that also houses a restaurant named Celeste on its 7th floor. The Dancing House is indeed a sightseeing marvel in Prague that shouldn’t be missed by travelers.

Tyn Church

This landmark is counted among the best places to see in Prague. The Church of Our Lady before Tyn is a renowned attraction which glorifies the region of Old Town Square. Tourists admire the architecture of this church which consists of gorgeous Gothic towers that are 80 meters high. The present church was constructed during the 14th century; however, the roof, gables and towers were added later on. Once you enter the church, you would feel enlightened after observing several artistic creations in Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles. The atmosphere is very positive which attracts numerous international travelers to this classic spiritual spot in Prague.

Prague Astronomical

Prague Astronomical is an exclusive attraction of the Old Town Square. It is basically an astronomical clock or an ancient “orloj” which showcases Babylonian time, German time, Old Bohemian time and sidereal time. Apart from this, you can also access information related to sunrise and sunset along with the sun’s exact spot in the zodiac. Phases of the moon can also be read from this complicated clock. This interesting device was crafted in the year 1410 and till date it is functional. One can notice the figures of the Apostles which are present on the two upper windows. Every hour the bell rings and at noon or midnight, a lovely display is also served for the viewers. This is a special sightseeing landmark for tourists that should be viewed by taking out time.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle towers over the city and offers a charming view which is liked by travelers. The whole complex is very attractive which is decorated in a wonderful architectural form. You will be pleased to check the castle buildings which also house a royal palace. Visitors can access informative tours in the complex for examining a cathedral along with its three churches, a monastery, a basilica, royal stables and defensive towers. In the past, this castle was built as a wooden fortress. The royal palace was included in the 11th century, which was followed by the inclusion of St. Vitus Cathedral in the 14th century. Tourists can easily spot excellent traces of Gothic architecture which dominates the castle’s design.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a lavish structure which connects Lesser Town and Old Town resting over the River Vltava. It is a 600 year-old bridge which is also tagged as Prague’s most iconic tourist landmark. The structure was sanctioned by King Charles IV in 1357. There are thirty Baroque statues that are lined on the sides of the bridge where you can spot musicians and streets artists who are very much liked by the visitors. You will always see people near the bridge; moreover, the evening time is jam packed as people flock to check out the serene view of Charles Bridge. Your things-to-do list must surely include a visit to this splendid medieval marvel.


Old Town Square

Prague’s Old Town Square is situated between the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. This location is usually crowded with tourists and locals majorly during the summer time. Czech Republic’s blooming history is very well preserved in the Old Town Square in the form of architectural buildings which possess Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles. For the comfort of the visitors there are several outdoor cafes which can be accessed for savoring some interesting delicacies. You need to stay in this heritage hub for understanding the true gracefulness of Prague. 

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The nightlife in Prague is quite appealing which will keep you charged up throughout your explorations. Some of the popular nightclubs are situated in the Old Town, all of which are managed in an artistic setup. You can visit Duplex, known to be a popular nightclub that possesses huge dancing halls which are majorly filled with teenagers and party enthusiasts. The outside view from this nightclub covers the classic lights of Wenceslas Square. Some other peppy party destinations in Prague include RadostFX, Mecca, Roxy and La Fabrique.

Czech Beer Tasting

Tourists from different parts of the world travel to Prague for a number of activities and one of them is beer tasting. You will be pleased to access some of the popular Czech beer brands such as Budvar and Pilsner Urquell which are available at different restaurants & cafes. If you are in search for a special variety, then visit Kolkovna situated close to the Old Town Square. You will be blessed with a fresh unpasteurized version of Pilsner Urquell which tastes amazing. The local-oriented pubs are also an option for savoring great beer that is rooted to this land.

Prague Food Tours

The traditional food in Prague is very relishing and full of flavors. Tourists who visit this land for the first time must surely access food tours in order to explore wonderful dishes. The Beef Steak Tartare along with Kulajda (a creamy potato soup with poached egg, vinegar and mushrooms) are quite popular in the city. Wiener sausages as well as roast duck are also very much loved by natives as it is cooked in an exclusive manner using a variety of spices. The main sweet dish from the Czech cuisine is called as the fruit dumpling. It is basically a normal dumpling filled with fruit and offered in a deeper dish merged with sugar, melted butter and different sweet condiments. Most of the restaurants and cafes in the city do offer these renowned dishes. 

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