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What You Should Know More About Denmark

  • Q. Travel Advice

    •      Danes are well mannered people. However, do not expect a thank you from them as they consider being polite to each other a form of courtesy.
    •      Only at bars, when you known a Dane really well, can you greet with a "how are you?" meaning you genuinely care about how they are. This is not a standard greeting in Denmark.
    •      Always follow the traffic and hand signals.
    •      This is a cashless country that accepts credit cards everywhere.
    •      Pack warm and layered clothes when travelling to this country.
    •      Enjoy their local cuisine, pastries, desserts, and drinks.
    •      When in Copenhagen, get the Copenhagen card that lets you visit more than 70 museums and attractions without an entry fee.
    •      There is no Decaf in Denmark, so don't ask for it in a coffee shop.
    •      Danish people are straight forward and do not sugar coat anything.
    •      Do not talk about religion or any controversial topics.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    There is no age limit for drinking alcohol. To be able to buy alcohol you must be 18 years and above.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Cities and destinations to be visited

    Copenhagen  is a capital city where you can get a cultural experience. Visit this city for sightseeing, shopping, getting a view of Danish traditions, and more. Aarhus is a city in Jutland and has an open air museum, a cathedral, and is popular for its modern art.

    Aalborg is a historic and a picturesque city that has a vibrant nightlife. Elsinore is popular for its castles and is the home of Hamlet castle. Esbjerg is popular for fishing and ferry rides. This is a beautiful island. Ribe is an old town in Denmark popular for its night sky, sea park, and other attractions. Herning is a place in Jutland with excellent beaches. Kalundborg is an ancient town with medieval castles and churches. It has an interesting Viking history.

    Nykøbing Falste is a picturesque place with good beaches and cliffs. Odense is an island city in Denmark and the birthplace of H.C Andersen. There are many renaissance castles in nearby places. Randers is a city that has artificial rainforest. Roskilde was an old capital of Denmark and has a cathedral and a Viking museum. Rønne is an island with cozy looking villages and mystic churches nearby. Silkeborg is a beautiful lake district that has forests and lakes. The historical museum at this place is 2500 years old.

    Skagen is a holiday town with yellow houses and is a home of many famous artists. Sønderborg has old castles and gardens. Anholt has secluded islands with seals. Ertholmene is a group of small islands and a birds reserve. Fanø is a natural environment with sand, meadows, and pine wood. Femø is popular for its feminist culture. Hirsholm is a group of small islands and excellent beaches.

    Læsø is a weekend getaway and has many islands and sand dunes. Kongernes Nordsjælland National Park used to be an ancient ground for hunting of ancient kings. Samsø is a green island where music festivals are organised. Stevns Cliff is an old cliff that has a long stretch and a church.

    Heritage sites

    Viking heritage is something that attracts tourists to this place. There are attractions in Roskilde, burial mounds, and more museums that depict Vikings history. Lejre Experimental Centre Sagnlandet is a historical museum that is recreated to depict liking village. You can also visit the Trelleborg Viking ring castle. The National Museum has artifacts of the Vikings in Copenhagen.

    The Jelling runestone is a world heritage site that is dated back to 900's. Roskilde Cathedral is the first Gothic church here and is a heritage site. Kronborg castle is the home of the prince of Denmark mentioned in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

    Beaches and outdoor activities

    Søndervig Beach has a seaside resort. This is a popular beach almost since a century. Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen has an island and a lagoon. This is popular with its sandy beach and many outdoor activities. Tisvildeleje Beach is popular for fishing and has a picturesque view, popular for walking trails.  Hestehoved Beach is on the island and has clean waters. It has bathing jetties and has a recreational area nearby.

    Fishing is one of the popular activities in Denmark. Hunting is only possible by owners on their own premises. There are many hiking trails present all over Denmark.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Roskilde is an ancient city and has museums that showcase Vikings history. The churches and cathedrals here are a must visit. Aarhus must be visited for Legoland, amusement parks, restaurants, and local festivals. Dyrehaven is known for its Deer Park. This is a popular location for horseback riding, trekking, and cycling.

    Randers is a small town and is popular for its alleys hiking and cycling trails. Skagen Museum is a collection of paintings of artists from the 18th century.Borreby Castle is a renaissance castle that is shown in most of the fairytale movies.

    Tivoli Garden has roller coaster rides, ferry rides, theatre, concert hall, and is a good picnic spot. North Zeeland has beautiful landscapes, castles, and is a great city for sightseeing.

    The Hans Christian Andersen Parade features 30 characters from his stories. Den Japanske Have is a Japanese garden that has a tea house, cafe, and small gardens nearby. Svendborg is on the island and has an interesting history.

    Music festivals in Roskilde are a must visit.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Official Website

    Forum: Official Forum

    Books: Rick Steves Snapshot Copenhagen & the Best of Denmark by Rick Steves