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What You Should Know More About Frankfurt

  • Travel Advice

    ·         There are certain local rules and traditions applicable in every country, make sure you adhere to it.

    ·         Do not indulge in any fight or brawl with any individual.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables in a public space.

    ·         Make sure you are always alert and active.

    ·         Gather enough information about every destination you are traveling to.

    ·         Avoid undertaking a hike to an unknown destination.

    ·         Do not leave your valuables or cash in the hotel room.

    ·         Keep away from the touts.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any forms.

    ·         If you come across any foreigner in torn clothes or anyone who seems suspicious to you, make sure you avoid eye contact and try and get away from that situation.

    ·         In case ever need any help, be gentle and seek help from the locals.

    ·         To better interact with the locals, it is important for you to learn few words from the local language. 

    ·         Always take a room in the hotel that is known and famous.

    ·         Make sure your hotel is not located in any shady area.

    ·         Do not click pictures in an area that forbids you from taking pictures.

              Do not film or shoot any area without legal permissions from the authority. 

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Frankfurt is 16 years. 

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    The Romerberg

    The Romberberg is also known as Frankfurt's Old Town Center. The square has the Justice Fountain right at its centre and it looks just beautiful. It is a visual treat for the tourists of the city and more than that, Romerberg is the most crowded as well as the busiest pedestrian zone in the city. There are various popular tourist attractions around the square which attracts a lot of tourists. Tourists just love the picturesque locations which consists of some beautiful architectural monuments as well as various churches as well.  

    Goethe House and Museum

    Frankfurt is also widely known throughout the world because it is the birthplace of one of the finest German writers, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. You can visit the house where he was born and lived a large part of his life, it was also his family home. Right next to the home, there is a museum dedicated to Goethe known as the Goethe Museum which showcases various artworks from the famous writer's life. It is a treat to watch, especially for someone who admires Goethe's work and his contribution in literature.  

    Senckenberg Natural History Museum

    Senckenberg Natural History Museum is one of the must visit places in Frankfurt as it is among the most modern museum for natural history in the whole of Europe. It is also the second largest natural history museum in Germany and has a huge variety of collection to interest the visitors. Most of the collection depicts the evolution of the humans and the biodiversity around it. The museum is also home to Europe's largest dinosaur exhibition, so if you are on a holiday to Frankfurt, definitely visit the museum. 

    Art City: The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art

    People who crave and admire modern art will have a great time at the Art City: The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art. Various experts regard it as one of the most important galleries in the wide field of contemporary art throughout the Europe. There are more than 5000 pieces of exemplary modern art works at display which is made possible by around 450 different artists. It is a spectacular museum and is loved by all those who visit it. People are awestruck by the capabilities of these talented artists to create such a beautiful piece of art. 

    The Old Opera House

    The Old Opera House is one of the most prominent landmarks located at the Opera square in the Frankfurt city. The city has been nicely planned and people can roam around to explore the city according to their interests. The Old Opera House was built in the year 1880 and has become a popular tourist attraction since then. It is also Frankfurt's one of the most significant concert venues where various kinds of events take place. Since this is the old Opera House, the city's new venue of Opera has also been opened just a few minutes away from this place which is also a popular must visit place in Frankfurt.

  • What you will like there?

    Unique Atmosphere 

    The city of Frankfurt is said to be the gateway of Europe. It boasts of its cultural expressiveness and vast diversity. You have a number of places to see ranging from the sites with the historic buildings to the modern architecture, fabulous shops, live performances and definitely people watching. What really makes Frankfurt all that unique in Germany is that it is not really all that touristy. Here you can enjoy the German people and culture without much of congestion and hullabaloo of Germany as well as its other prominent attractions.  

    Landmark Buildings 

    You can enjoy the panoramic view of the cityscape of the magnificent Frankfurt by climbing atop the Main Tower. Soaring at a height of 200 meters in the city’s skyline, it is one of the best places to click pictures, get a better sense of the local vibe by looking at the charming city from above and marvel at the picturesque sunset. Another attraction that you must not miss here is the home of the renowned late writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who is one of the most renowned former inhabitants. You can see the desk where he used to write and even take a trail down the halls of the recreated version of where he wrote and lived.  

    Sachsenhausen Cider Taverns 

    Frankfurt is immensely popular for its Ebbelwoi or Apfelwein, by which it is largely known as. This is a crisp and delicious alcoholic apple cider which is produced with enthusiasm and love in the enveloping regions of the city. You can explore some of the most incredible old apple cider bars on the magnificent cobblestone streets of the Sachsenhausen district. This area is said to be located on the Southern end of the Old Town and is a delicious and a delightful place for you to spend a relaxing afternoon.  

    Museumsufer and Flea Market 

    Planning to go to a museum in Frankfurt? You need to make your way down to Museumsufer. At this place, you can find a number of museums for you to explore. You just need to take a quick stroll down the main river here and then walk straight through the centre of Frankfurt. Here you can find some exceptional display of culture and art. If you happen to take a stroll down the Museumsufer on Saturday, you can be assured of finding some incredible bargains at the largest Flea Market of Frankfurt. It is not uncommon for people to get their hands on the most uncommon treasures here such as beautiful clothing and vintage jewelry. Shopping for these items is a great thing to do.  

    Shopping on Zeil Street 
    If you want to shop some more you can head to the rather more energetic pedestrian zone known as Zeil. At Zeil Street, you can find some of the best shopping that the city has on offer. It is fondly known as the The Fifth Avenue of Germany and has a number of luxury boutiques along with a huge 10 story shopping mall known as the Zeil Galerie. If you are ardent lover of name brand and high spirited shopping, this street has a lot on offer for you.  

    Museum of Modern Art 

    Another famous sightseeing attraction here is the Museum of Modern Art. The place is incredibly popular for its phenomenal collection of works from some of the best modern artists as it is known for the phenomenal architectural achievement which houses them. The museum was designed by Hans Hollering and is constructed in a beautiful triangular shape. Locals regard to this as the ‘cake.’ Inside the area you’ll find pieces from some of the biggest icons such as Gerhardt Richter, Joseph Beuys and Andy Worhol.   

    Palmengarten botanical garden 

    Frankfurt has a lot of greenery for you to explore. If you wish to see the best of the Frankfurt’s greens, you ought to take a stroll through the Frankfurt's botanic garden. It is more or less like taking yourself on the horticultural adventure which sprawls all round the globe. You can experience everything by starting with the rainforest and then the indigenous plants of the African savanna. You can even get a great experience of checking out the fragrant experience of flower gardens in Europe.

    Sip a jug of Liquid Gold

    For past 250 years, Apple wine is one of the most popular drink here. One of the best ways to do it is jumping on board the ‘Ebbelwei Express’. ‘Ebbelwei Express’ is a multi colored tram which takes you on an hour tour of the city accompanied with a glass or two of apple wine, pretzels and traditional music.  

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