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About Budapest

Budapest is one of the most famous holiday destination as there are numerous tourist places in Budapest. Hungary is a country which is very rich in its culture and heritage, and the same can be said about Budapest. Budapest is said to be the ‘Paris of the East’ because of its romantic aura and natural beauty. It is a treat to visit Budapest. Historically, Budapest has been a very literary and artistic city.

The people here love art and this can be witnessed in the many museums which Budapest has. The Hungarian National Museum, located in Budapest, is the largest museum in Hungary. It was built in 1802 and is a museum of art, history, and archaeology. House of Terror is a very renowned museum and it contains things related to the communist and fascist regimes. One place which one should definitely go to in Budapest is the Buda Castle. The Buda Castle has been the historical castle of all the kings who have reigned here. The castle is majestic and one cannot stop marveling the architecture of the monument.

One thing that is unique about Hungary is their bath. Baths are very famous in Hungary and Budapest has some of the best baths in the country. The Gellert Bath is magnanimous. There are different types of pool in this place and also has a world-class spa. Budapest is the best place to visit if one love art and history as the place boasts best the museums in the world. With numerous attractions to admire as well as shopping places to explore Budapest offers you one of the perfect locations to visit for your vacations.

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Buda Castle
Comprising many of the important medieval monuments and museums, the Buda Castle is built to protect and safeguard Tartar and Mongol attacks. Although most of the castle had been restored now, it witnessed severe damage during the historical World War II.The 18th-century castle is a massive 200 room palace that has now been renovated to house Hungarian National Gallery in the main wing and the Budapest History Museum in the south wing, occupying four floors.It is primarily illuminated at night, and the courtyards remain open all day long. Emerging as the best tourist places in Budapest, the castle is ideal for individuals interested in art, architecture, and history.Location: Budapest, Szent Gyorgy ter 2, 1014 HungaryBest time: March to May and September to OctoberHighlights: Exceptional sculptures, architecture, prints, and paintings
Parliament Building
Explore the magnificence of the Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary. This iconic landmark, overlooking the Danube River, is a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture and a symbol of the city's rich history and political significance. Admire the grandeur of its intricate details and majestic domes as you learn about Hungary's governance and cultural heritage. A must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and travelers seeking to experience the timeless charm of Budapest's parliamentary legacy.
Shoes On The Danube Bank
Shoes on the Danube Promenade stand tall on the banks of the Danube and in front of the Hungarian Parliament. It hosts 60 pairs of iron shoes that are pointed towards the river.The tragic story lies behind the memorial to individuals who had lost their lives due to the atrocities committed during the Second World War.Location: Budapest, Id, Antall Jozsef rkp., 1054 HungaryBest time: March to May and September to OctoberHighlights: 60 pairs of shoes, historical past
St. Stephens Basilica
This is the most popular attraction that houses impressive architecture, exquisite interior, and breathtaking views of the dome. Dedicated to St.Stephen, Hungary’s holy king, the statue is massive and is one of the best Budapest places to visit.

Offering a monumental and magnificent facade, it makes for a beautiful sight for all. With a spacious interior and exquisite-looking marbles column, you can explore some of the most breathtaking statues, paintings, and mosaics. It is the most important church in the country and offers choir performances and concerts for visitors.

Location: Budapest, Szent Istvan ter 1, 1051

Best Time: March to May and September to October

Highlights: Panoramic views of the dome, lavish interior, breathtaking architecture
Szechenyi Thermal Bath
Budapest is largely known for its beautiful thermal springs, which offer an opportunity for both the locals and tourists to rejoice. One of them is Szechenyi thermal bath, which is the biggest thermal spring in Europe. Established in 1913, the bath can hold a few thousand bathers at a single point in time. Offering three outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools, the thermal bath offers a treat to its visitors. Additionally, guests too can enjoy the steam rooms and saunas, along with exploring their spa massages.Location: Budapest, Allatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146Best Time: March to May and September to OctoberHighlights: Three outdoor pools, one adventure pool, and 15 indoor pools

Budapest FAQ's

What are the best things to do in Budapest?

1. Visit the Hospital in the Rock: Visiting a hospital turned into the memorial which is opened to treat the injured people during the Second World War, is one of the best things to do in Budapest. It is built in the rock cave which has wax replicas of operating people and the equipment of those days. Visitors can also buy the antiques including stretchers, operational masks, uniforms and more.
Location: Budapest, Lovas út 4/c, 1012 Hungary

2. Admire the Art at Hungarian National Gallery: Admire the beautiful art at the Hungarian National Gallery which is the largest gallery in Budapest, Hungary. The art museum holds a collection of documents which represents the rise in the artwork in the city. You will see the world’s finest art work from almost every century which are made by world famous artists.
Location: Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 Hungary

3. Pay your respects at the Cave Church: As the name says, explore the church in the caves of Budapest which is also known as “Saint Ivan's Cave”. Visitors will witness the Black Madonna which is the collection of paintings and pay their respect to the statue of the Virgin Mary. These paintings and statues are the black replica of Black Madonna of Cz?stochowa, Poland, replicated in the cave church.
Location: Budapest, 1118 Hungary

4. Party at the Ruin Pubs of Budapest: Explore the nightlife of Budapest as you drink, eat and party the whole night in the Ruin Pubs. As the name suggests, they are in the abandoned building by Jewish peoples. These Ruin Pubs are the major attractions in Budapest, as many tourists come here for an after party.
Location: Budapest, Kazinczy u., 1075 Hungary

What are the best places to visit in Budapest?

1. Fisherman’s Bastion: Decorated from top to bottom in an architectural marvel, this place to see is supposed to offer you some amazing sights of the area surrounding the structure. This structure offers such amazing views of the surrounding areas that it is recommended that in order to truly take in the beauty of this place, you should visit it at varying times, just before twilight and after the dark. You can reach the top through stairs or through the funicular railway.

2. St. Stephen’s Basilica: 
An amazing sacred structure, this building offers spectacular sightseeing opportunities to its visitors. There is no fee for entering the cathedral. The interiors of the structure are preserved in their pristine condition that depicts the architectural work of the olden days. Moreover, there are several art depictions within the hall that catch your attention and take you back to the pre-historic times when this cathedral was built. You may sit in peace and admire the beautiful effigies within the halls. The lively ambience, the lights and the incredible hues are so attractive that you would certainly want to spend a good number of hours here. Click Here to Book: St Stephens Basilica Tickets With Guide, Budapest

3. Castle Hill: 
Another architectural beauty in the city, the castle hill is the perfect way to spend an evening in Budapest. Start your visit by walking towards the Chain bridge and take the stairs. There are different levels in the building which can be accessed via an elevator. The Castle Hill is all yours to explore, as much as you like. What you get at the top are amazing sights of the neighbouring areas and the city from afar, something that is unique to this structure.

4. Danube: 
Want to explore some of the waters of Budapest? Here is your chance. Although, owing to the popularity of the place, you might find it a bit crowded, you will be excited to explore the buildings and bridges that surround the Danube. You will get ample opportunities to click photographs here.

5. Hungarian State opera house: 
Looking to fill your tour to Budapest with some authentic art? This is the place where you will find the time to go along with guided tours and let some really amazing voices ring in your ears from the opera podium. Opera singing in this house is quite famous, which is visited by tourists often.

6. Buda Castle:
The Buda Castle is a lively example of lovely architecture and amazing views of the surrounding areas. The location the castle itself is quite stunning. Perched on top of a hill, the castle leaves no scope to get more bewildered at the sheer beauty of this structure and its many statues. You will also get the chance to visit a museum over here. This structure goes back to many years but its preservation in its pristine state is no less than a wonder. People can be seen taking a stroll across the lawns with friends and family. 

How to reach Budapest?

Hungary is a developed country and Budapest is its capital. Budapest is very well connected with the rest of the country and there are several ways in which one can reach the city. Some of the ways are:

  • By Air- The most convenient way to reach Budapest is by air. Since it is the capital of Hungary, Budapest has its own airport, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The heart of the city is 16 km away from the airport. One can take a flight to Budapest from anywhere in the world and, after landing at the airport, they will reach their destination by hiring a cab.
  • By Rail- The Railway system of Hungary is very well developed. Both, domestic and international trains travel to Budapest. One can take a train to Budapest from anywhere in the country. In fact, one can take a train to Budapest from anywhere in Europe as it is one of the main stops for international trains. Budapest has three railway stations, Western, Eastern and Southern Railway Station.
  • By Road- Budapest, being the capital is an important stop of Hungary. Almost all the major highways of the country pass through Budapest. Therefore, traveling to Budapest by road is quite convenient. One can easily get a bus, hire a cab or drive themselves to the city.

What is the best public transport to commute around Budapest?

Thousands of people come to Budapest every year for vacation. Travelling within the city, for any tourist, depends a lot upon the public transport of the place. Budapest has a very well developed transport system. The city has an exceptional metro system. This is the best mode of transport for anyone as one will never get caught up in a traffic jam. Budapest has a bus service system also where local buses frequently within the city. The advantage of boarding a bus is that one can explore the city while traveling to their destinations. One can also hire a cab if they want.

What is the local language in Budapest and which are the most commonly used greetings?

The people of Hungary are very warm and make everyone feel homely. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and it is the most widely spoken language in Budapest. Some of the common greetings which people say in Hungarian are Hi- Szia, Thank you- Koszonom, Good morning- Jo reggelt, Good night- Jo ejszakat

Which are the best shopping places in Budapest and what are they famous for?

Budapest is the shopping hub of Hungary and people from all over the country come to the city to shop. Some of the most famous shopping places here are:

  • WestEnd City Center- WestEnd City Center is said to be the largest shopping in the whole of Europe. One can find all the high-end brands here and the collection of clothes, in this mall, are to die for.
  • Central Market Hall- The Central market hall is the biggest marketplace in Hungary and is also one of the main tourist attraction in Budapest. Almost everything is available in this market and one can buy anything at really low prices.
  • Ecseri Flea Market- This market is located on the outskirts of the city. It is one of those street markets which is a must if one wants to get a taste of the local culture. One can buy products at really low prices here, provided one knows how to bargain.

Which are the best places to enjoy the famous Budapest bath?

Baths are something which very famous in Hungary and Budapest has some of the best baths in the country. Few baths where one can go in Budapest are:

  •    Gellert Bath
  •    Szechenyi Baths
  •    Rudas Baths
  •    Kiraly Baths

Which are the famous museums and historical sights to visit in Budapest?

Budapest is very rich in history and art. The people of Budapest adore art and it can be seen in the many museums in the city. Some of the most famous museums and historical sites in Budapest are:

  •    Heroes’ Square
  •    House of Terror
  •    Hungarian State Opera House
  •    Memento Park
  •    Hungarian National Museum
  •    Aquincum Museum

Which are the best trails to hike in Budapest?

Budapest is a fun city to visit. Not only is the city filled with monuments and museums, it also has some of the best walking trails for hiking in Hungary. The best trails to hike in Budapest are:

  •    Anna Meadow
  •    Ordogorom
  •    Sas-Hegy Nature’s Reserve
  •    Harmashatar Hill

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