Lion Monument Overview

Witness the Lion Monument, a powerful symbol located in the peaceful park in Lucerne. The popular tourist spot was inaugurated in 1821 and has a deep-rooted history. The sculpture depicts a dying lion carved from the cliff’s rock, honouring Swiss guardsmen who died in 1792 during the French Revolution. More than a mere monument, it is a striking work of art that takes you back in time.

Visit Lucerne's Lion Monument to experience a piece of European history and art on your Switzerland tour. This famous sculpture, also known as Lowendenkmal, was created by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and German mason Lukas Ahorn. Delve deep into its history and learn that it was built as a tribute to Swiss Guards. These brave soldiers had died defending the French royal family during the French Revolution in 1792.

You will find the 20-foot-high and 33-foot-long sculpture nestled into a sandstone rock face, depicting a dying lion resting on shields and spears. The lion's paws are on top of Fleur-de-Lis symbols, and there is a broken weapon on its back. Above the lion, you will see an inscription that says "To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss.


• Visit the Lion Monument and be captivated by the breathtaking craftsmanship of a dying lion cut out in a rock.
• Experience the peaceful atmosphere by the clear lake's edge, where you can also spot mandarin ducks and wild ducks.
• Enjoy free concerts near the monument and soak in the lively atmosphere around it during summer.
• Learn about the rich history behind the monument that goes back to the French Revolution.
• Walk through the surrounding shops and outlets and pick up souvenirs depicting the monument for keepsakes.

How To Reach

  • By Bus: To reach the monument from the town centre, catch northbound buses #1, #19, #23, or #24. Get off at either the Lowenplatz or the Wesemlinrain stop, and then walk a short distance around the small lake to reach the monument.
  • By Foot: The Lion Monument in Lucerne is easily accessible from Old Town, just a short 15-minute walk away. Along the way, you will find helpful signs that guide visitors directly to the monument.
  • By Taxi: This is the fastest way to reach the Monument. You can easily get a taxi from Lucerne Station and it takes about 5 minutes to reach the monument.

Best Time To Visit

The Lion Monument is open all year round and can be visited in any season. 

  • Best day: The best day of the week to visit the Lion Monument in Lucerne is usually during weekdays. These days usually see fewer crowds compared to weekends, allowing you to enjoy the monument and its surroundings in a more peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, visiting on a weekday may offer shorter wait times and easier access to nearby attractions.
  • Best time: For a special experience, visit during sunset when the light casts a beautiful golden glow on the monument.

Other Essential Information

1. Bring your camera to capture the picturesque waterfront setting around the monument.

2. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and well-fitted walking shoes for a pleasant tour.

3. Respect all rules and regulations when visiting the monument. 

4. You can get refreshed at the complimentary restroom available for use at the site.

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