Munich Tourism, Germany 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, is known for its traditional cum luxurious lifestyle of localities. The Theatron Festival counted among as the best tourist places in Munich, which takes place in August, lights up the city and makes it even more enjoyable. It is one of the most populated cities with approx 1.5 million people. This beautiful city is situated on the banks of Isar River. It is the center of attraction for many things like art, advanced technologies, educational institutions etc. People here are very well involved in the tourism business, finance, and publishing. They maintain a sustainable and high standard of living. Globalisation and World rankings Research Institute named this city as the Alpha 0 - world city in 2015. During Christmas, the most populated city becomes the most crowded as well.


The city succeeds in maintaining its modern architecture adorned with historic culture. The name of the city refers to old monks. The city suffered a lot during World War II when all its buildings were destroyed. This led to a revolution in the construction of new buildings. The Munich city has maintained its beauty till then. Society’s Centre for Sustainable Destinations which is spread all over the world ranked this capital city at the 30th position among top 100 historic destinations. Offering many tourist places in Munich. It includes Bavarian dukes which led to the introduction of the place in front of the world in 1958. Visitors can have a glance of the city in the museums available in the city. Oktoberfest is the most awaited celebration done in the city which makes the city worldwide famous. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is also the center of attraction.

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Explore All (30)
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  1. Travel Advice

    • Be wary of the touts.
    • Do not get involved in any form of drugs.
    • n case you come across anyone who seems suspicious, maybe a drug peddler, it is best to keep away from such an individual. Often, the trend says that the drug pedlars tend to get away from such a situation and it is the tourists who face the trouble.
    • Do not entertain the beggars. 
    • If you are eating street food, make sure you check for the quality before placing an order.
    • Whenever you buy a water bottle make sure you check that the seal is intact.
    • Do not buy a water bottle from the brand that is not known to you.
    • Always carry with you at least one identity card.
    • Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in a public place.
    • Do not leave any of your important documents in the hotel room.
    • Make sure you book a hotel in an area that is located near the attractions of the city.
    • Make a booking in a hotel that has a room safe.
    • Do not get overfriendly with the strangers.
    • If you hire a guide, make sure it is from a registered or a known agency only. 
  2. Drinking Law

    Legal age for drinking in Munich is 16 years. 

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Munich's Magnificent Residenz

    For past many many centuries, the Munich Residenz has been the seat of the Kings of Bavaria, Electors and Dukes. It is undoubtedly one of the most important places to see in Europe. Laid out around seven vast courts, the vast Residenz complex has three key sections:

    Alte Residenz which faces the Residenzstrasse

    Königsbau that is fronting onto Max-Joseph-Platz

    Festsaalbau that is the Banqueting Hall

    Königsbau which is the first section of this huge complex was built with magnificent Antiquarium. Built in the year 1579, it is today a part of incredible tourist attraction   

    Residenz Museum. Second section is the Alte Residenz which is a masterpiece of the late Renaissance. Designed in the neo classical style of architecture, the Festsaalbau, Königsbau and the Court Church were all completed in the year 1848. At present, this Residenz is a home to a variety of museums and monuments including the Treasury, Residenz Museum, and the Court Church of All Saints.

    Frauenkirche: The Cathedral Church of Our Lady

    Another interesting sightseeing attraction of Munich is the huge Frauenkirche - the Cathedral Church of Our Lady. It has long been the metropolitan church of the South Bavarian ecclesiastical provinces ever since the establishment of the Freising and the archbishopric of Munich in the year 1821. The church is 109 meters long and 40 meters wide, giving you substantial space to see and explore. With its twin 100-meter-tall towers and the characteristic Renaissance domes, the place is admired by people who understand fine architecture.


    Marienplatz has been the central square of the city ever since the foundation. Until the year 1807, regular markets were held in this area. Besides the New Town Hall and the majestic Old Town Hall along with its reconstructed tower, you can also find several other notable landmarks here which include the Virgin's Column and Fish Fountain. Always swamped with tourists it is a great place for some free entertainment.

    The New Town Hall

    The New Town was completed in the year 1892. Dominating the Marienplatz, contending with the twin towers of the Frauenkirche - the Cathedral of our Lady for the position of the most significant landmark of the city, The New Town Hall, is indeed an important place to see. The principal façade that overlooks the Marienplatz is embellished with the profusion of ornaments and figures including well-known local characters, Bavarian dukes, kings, saints and electors. 

  4. What you will like there?

    Englischer Garten

    Englischer Garten is a strong contender for the position of being the world’s great urban green space. The primary natural lung of the city is bigger than the Central Park in New York. The name comes from its British designer, Sir Benjamin Thompson. This urban park more or less feels like a place where the royals might have been wandering around on the horse back hunting the deer. Cycling, walking and riding trails are few important activities to be enjoyed here. What’s the fun part here? Nude sunbathing is permitted in few parts of the park!


    Europe has a number of Christmas markets however the Christkindlmarkt of Munich is one of the most atmospheric and biggest market of Munich. The stalls in the market usually sprawl from Marienplatz to a variety of surrounding streets from the end of the November and go on till the Christmas Eve. It is more about the people in costume, live music, cutely dressed mangers, wandering Santas as much it is about shopping. You ought to throw in a giant Christmas tree lit up by 2500 candles and enjoy an evening wandering the street.  

    Oompah band rafting

    One of the best water sports is log rafting. It is something that just about anyone of you can take part in. The rafts here make their way down steam from the Wolfratshausen that lies near the source of Isar. They ramble down towards Munich with a traditional Bavarian oompah band on board and a group of beer-swilling tourists. And yes, it’s all class.  

    River surfing

    Another great thing to do in the Englischer Garten is river surfing. It is a fast flowing channel which branches from the River Isar and creates a series of rapids along with one constant wave. During the winters too you can spot the wet suit clad surfers here combating the Eisbach wave. They even campaign to have river surfing made an Olympic sport. Do ensure that you get your own board if you want a go. Take note this sport is mainly for the adventure enthusiasts so do ensure that you really are prepared for this before getting in the water.      

    Hitler walking tours

    This may seem really spooky however the Munich Walking tour is an important activity to do in the city. This walking tour is insightful and presents a great chance to understand the sites and the events that led to the rise of the Nazi party in Munich. The tours feature the obvious - One the route of the failed Beer Hall Putsch and the Nazi headquarters. The studio here features life instances of Hitler. It is rich in context and explains how one of the darkest period of the German history came to be. You must opt for the 5 hour tour if possible. It will be gripping all throughout and includes a number of small details which depict why it happened in Munich than anywhere else.

    Alois Dallmayr

    Alois Dallmayr is a daddy of all the eateries. With loyal customers from around the continent it ranks up with the London’s Fortnum & Mason. If your one of those casual eaters, you can try the exquisite salads, venison goulashes as well as the daintily presented cakes. There are some of the finest restaurants in the city serving delicious food, so do try as many local dishes as possible.


    Interested in the culture scene of the city? Oktoberfest is your answer! You know, what is the first thing that tends to spring to mind when someone mentions Munich – it is people sitting in tents, chilling and drinking beer which is basically the Oktoberfest. The fest is usually held from late September to early October on annual basis. Theoretically, this event commemorates the marriage of Prince Ludwig in the year 1810. This fest really is a grand way to sit at the wooden table and pour down glasses filled with chilled bear and drink while chit chatting with friends. Held at the Theresienwiese fairgrounds, attending this fest is a great thing to do.

    Beer halls

    Though the volume of beer that is consumed during the Oktoberfest is phenomenal it in no way means that Munich stays dry all round the year. The beer halls of the city are slightly different from each other however the common norm here in all of them is the communal benches, pig and hearty focussed cuisines. Of all the beer halls, the most famous and touristy is the Hofbrauhaus. It looks spectacular and has a live bands performing. On the other hands, the local favourites like the Paulaner Brauhaus feel more authentic and laid back.
  5. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Official Website

  6. What is the best time to visit Munich?

    The capital city of Bavaria is very expensive during the months of September and October. It is suggested to plan a trip to the place during the summer season. During Christmas, this populated city becomes the most crowded as well.


    Summer – Season between March to May is apt to visit Munich. The weather, this time, is very pleasant and soothing. All the outdoors of the city which includes bars, parks etc have an amusing ambiance.


    Winter – Winter season makes the city, the ultimate wonderland. People from all over the world come and enjoy the festive season here. This is what makes the city very expensive one.

  7. How to reach Munich?

    Transportation facility is very satisfactory. Tourists and visitors need not worry in this regard.


    •    By flight- Flughafen Franz-Josef Strauss, also known as Munich international airport is the airport through which visitors enter the city. Air Canada, Air France etc are some of the flights to be boarded. This distance between Delhi Airport to Munich Airport is 5900 kms and it takes about 8 hours to reach.
  8. What things can I do in Munich?

    The capital city of Bavaria is very expensive during the months of September and October. It is suggested to plan a trip to the place during the summer season. During Christmas, this populated city becomes the most crowded as well.


    Summer – Season between March to May is apt to visit Munich. The weather, this time, is very pleasant and soothing. All the outdoors of the city which includes bars, parks etc have an amusing ambiance.


    Winter – Winter season makes the city, the ultimate wonderland. People from all over the world come and enjoy the festive season here. This is what makes the city very expensive one.

  9. Which are some best resorts to stay in Munich?

    Munich succeeds in arranging relaxing resorts to relax and end the day. It has offers like Luxurious or traditional depending upon the choice of the person.


    •    Bayerischer Hof Munich- This resort has almost 220 rooms. It has offerings like spa, bars nightclubs etc. It is one of the legendary hotels in Munich. It has resorts also.


    •    Hotel Maison- It is the contemporary resort Munich city. It is known worldwide for its excellent business center. It has many markets nearby which provide typical local things to visitors. It has facilities for conferences and gets together.


    •    Brauereigasthof Hotels Aying- This resort is known to be 600 years old. It has fully furnished rooms adorned with elegance and tradition. Visitors can experience skiing here. Spa and delicious food should not be missed.
  10. Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Munich?

    Being a traveler and foodie is awesome but this habit makes a person happier if he succeeds in getting it. Following are the places a person can choose.


    •    Majestic cakes- This cafeteria is very popular for its absolute traditional architecture. It has the variety of cakes for cake lovers like Strudel cake, Cheesecakes, Chocolate tortes etc. Romantic dinner brings the couples very close.


    •    Mark’s- This restaurant is very beautiful. Visitors can taste the best seafood of the city here. It includes delicious dishes like Brittany turbot etc. During summers, when the weather is so warm, the restaurant is ready with outdoor terrace lunch.
  11. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Munich?

    The conveyance facility of the city is appreciable. Public transportation is very brilliant, sincere and efficient.


    •    Munich City has subway stations and suburban trains which connects the city center and the central station of the city.


    •    Underground and suburban trains are called (U-Bahn) and (S-Bahn). Trains can be taken to reach many popular tourists places like Marienplatz and Karlsplatz.


    •    Tickets can be arranged via websites also. They are valid and applicable from all over the world. The fare is also very reasonable. The underground facility is efficient and full of speed.
  12. Which are the best places for shopping in Munich?

    Titled as the shopping city, Munich offers a wide range of things. The must go places, every shopaholic person should go are as follows:-


    •    Karstadt- The one who want to have stellar experience should definitely go to this place. This market has a variety of groceries and food. The things are differentiated on the basis of brands and not on the basis of quantity.


    •    Dallmayr- This market was established by Alois Dallmayr. This is the best-known coffee store in the Europe. Cheese, Bread, Pasta, Coffee can be purchased from here.
  13. Which are best breweries in Munich?

    Weisses Brauhaus- This brewery is worldwide famous for its beers. Since 1540, different varieties of beers are brewed at this place. It has a soothing ambiance and surrounding is full of a hangover.


    •    Crew Republic- Mario Hanel and Timm Schnigula are the founders of the place. One of the branches has been set in March 2015. Their motto is “Craft Beer is not a crime”.
    •    Brauerei in Eiswerk- It is a must go beer in the whole city. The brewery is run by Paulaner Beer Company. Variety of beers can be tasted here.
  14. How is nightlife in Munich? What all things can be done in the night in Munich?

    The capital city of Bavarian capital is full of traditional atmosphere. It also gives numerous experiences to visitors at night. Night out should be done here.


    •    Turkish Baths- It is the most beautiful public pool in the entire Europe. It has provisions for lavishing massages and steam baths.


    •    Climbing and Bouldering- This place is adventurous for rock climbers. Having a personal trainer is a must before visiting this place.

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