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Tourist places in Vienna are plenty in number, along with a shower of shopping centers, nightlife, and monumental history. The city is the capital of the Republic of Austria and part of Europe’s list of “Most Visited Sites”. The banks of the river Danube is where the city is located, and its location is one of the major reasons as to why the city is graced with beautiful History, and charming environment. The Habsburg Empire had its heart in the city of Vienna, and it served as a portal between the west and east parts of Europe. Vienna is very important to the culture and commerce of the Republic of Austria. There are many visitors and tourist coming in from all over the world to witness the greatness of the city.


The cosmopolitan feel Vienna gives off has refrained from letting its charm and first world vibes going away with time. The streets and roads are adorned by the cafés, and architecture dating centuries back, the fiakers or horse-drawn cabs, are a major attraction, besides the chocolates, and delicacies that come along with the city.The pastries, the concerts of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss, the great artist of Classical music, the waltz presented to us by the Viennese, everything adds up to all that Vienna has given to Planet Earth, and all that it will keep giving to it. The historical beauty of the city’s monuments, the personalities it has given to us, has offered Austria a great share in the life others. The culture the walls, and streets have carried down through generations, and centuries, the refinement of all that is pretty, the activities, all the things to do here has come together to make sure that no one visiting the city faces a lack of happiness and looking forward to the next day here.

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Vienna Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Vienna

People Also Ask About Vienna

  1. Travel Advice

    ·         If you are visiting a holy temple or any other religious place that does not approve of the short dresses, it is better to avoid the same.

    ·         Be wary of the touts.

    ·         Do not get involved in any type of fights with the locals.

    ·         Make sure you learn some words from the local language. This will help you interact with the locals. It also gives the locals a feeling that you have taken some measure to learn about their       culture and tradition.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables or cash in the public places.

    ·         If you rent a vehicle, make sure you adhere to the requisite traffic rules.

    ·         Always carry at least one identity proof with you.

    ·         Make sure you have kept your passport safely all round the trip. To be on the safer side, you can also make photocopies of the same. 

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you. It is a good idea to learn about the destination you are traveling to before actually going there.

    ·         Always book pre paid taxis. In case you aren’t able to get prepaid taxis make sure you negotiate the fare before booking the vehicle.

               Do not photograph in the area where it is prohibited.

  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Vienna is 16 years. 

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Schonbrunn Palace

    Schonbrunn Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces you will ever see, it is filled with Rococo ceremonial rooms and looks lavish, both from outside as well as inside. It is an 18th century summer palace which every tour guide will recommend you when you visit Vienna. Outside the palace there are two gardens with a maze which is a joy to be playing at. You can spend a lot of time here and still feel like spending more, the atmosphere of the place is so amazing. It is also good for jogging if you believe in exercising and staying fit, even while on your holidays.

    Hofburg Palace

    Hofburg Palace is another beautiful palace in the city of Vienna. It is a complex of many palace buildings and also includes a silver museum which tourists usually frequent. The palace is a huge part of Vienna's history and there are various gardens here that decorate the palace and make it look even better. It was the residence of Habsburg rulers before a past few centuries. A section of the palace is used by the Austrian government whereas the other section is open for tourists to visit and check out the stunning palace.

    St. Stephen's Cathedral

    The St. Stephen's Cathedral is a Medieval Roman Catholic where people come to pray and worship. Besides, it has also become a huge tourist attraction owing to its marvelous architecture. Inside the Cathedral there is an ornate, many catacombs and also a treasury museum which tourists love to visit. The authorities have maintained it very well and it looks very clean even from the outside despite so many people always being there. Although the entrance to the church is free, if you want to climb the tower you need to pay a small amount which is totally worth the view you get from the top.


    Prater is a park in the middle of the city which is open for all the 24 hours and is frequented by tourists as well as locals. There are some old amusement rides in the park but the major attraction is the huge giant wheel for which the park is famous for. It exists since the year 1897 but feels as new as built in this century. A lovely park where you can choose to spend your time if you are planning to have some leisurely time in this city.

    Belvedere Palace

    The Belvedere Palace is a complex of many 18th century baroque palaces where you can find artworks right from the middle ages to the present day. There is a Klimt collection inside the palace as well and it is world famous, this collection makes the Palace one of the most interesting places to visit in Vienna. There are two large gardens and a lake in the back which makes the palace look perfect from the outside. The artworks here are amazing but you aren't allowed to use the camera or there may be a penalty imposed on you so beware.

    Kunsthistorisches Museum

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum is a 19th century museum which has lavish interiors as well as home to Habsburgs art collections. You will also find a lot of antiquities here which tells a lot about the history of Vienna. People who love to watch paintings will have a great time here as it houses some of the most iconic paintings made by world class painters. Even the antique collection is loved by tourists and visitors because they look so unique. Everything is properly organized inside the museum so that it facilitates the visitors to properly view everything the museum is famous for. 

  4. What you will like there?

    Visit a flea market

    If you are from a developed country and live in a modern city, you must have never seen a flea market and how shopping happens there. Vienna has many flea markets in the city and you will have a great time visiting there. Even if you don’t plan to buy something specific, just enter the market and see the vibe and the culture it has. If you intend to buy anything from the flea markets, keep in mind to bargain heavily as the first price said by the vendors are usually very inflated. There are many popular flea markets famous for their own particular speciality.

    Walk through a musical park

    Musical parks are those parks where music concerts and other events usually take place in Vienna. If you are looking to just walk around, the musical parks would be a great place since the ambience and the surroundings are awesome. In the process, you will also get to know more about the people here as you can interact with them while on your walk. For a tourist, a walk in a foreign city is the most amazing leisurely activity one can do.

    Indulge in local cuisine

    Most of the population of Vienna includes bureaucrats and students, who mostly eat in restaurants. Thus, there are several amazing places throughout the city where one can expect a sumptuous meal of local cuisine here. It also has a culture of street food but most of them are hygienic and well maintained so you can even have your lunch or breakfast at such a place. The canteen of the Akademietheater is another lovely place to try out local cuisine, the variety of food available here is amazing.


    Vienna promotes cycling for the various benefits it provides, there is a public rental scheme run by the government. With just a small fee, you can rent a cycle or you can also head to one of the 61 docking stations in the city to get a cycle and pay there itself. For tourists, there is a special kind of card available at a discounted rate which is known as the Citybike tourist card. One of the most amazing policy they have here is that if you return the cycle to another docking station just within an hour, there is no rental charge and it is completely free. 

  5. Recommended reads for destination

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  6. When is the best time to visit Vienna?

    The best time to visit Vienna would be the seasons of fall and winter. But preference varies, so here is a month to month itinerary of Vienna’s weather:

    Mid-March to Mid-June: this is when the spring season sets in and is one of the best times to visit Vienna. The weather is amazing for sightseeing.

    Mid-August to Mid-November: this is when fall occurs, and leaves start browning, and the weather is awesome for sightseeing after the long months of Summer again.

    Mid-November to Mid-March: this is when winter occurs, and the cold is pretty bitter, but with a few covers, sightseeing and activities are possible.

    Mid-June to Mid-August: this is when it rains, and the temperatures are highest, and the roads are bustling with tourists coming in from all over the world. The rates are high during this time.

  7. How to reach Vienna?

    There are a number of ways of getting into Vienna. The best ways to reach Vienna, however, are listed below:

    By Plane: Vienna International Airport is the most important airport of Vienna. It caters to both International and Domestic flights. Bratislava Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport

    Is another airport which is important and located at a distance of about 54 km away from the Vienna International Airport.

    By Train: Trains are also international and domestic. The trains connect Venice to many places such as Budapest, Zurich, Munich etc. these stations are very accessible and should be posing any problems to anyone.

    By Car: about one-third of the movement around the city takes place via cars. Therefore car services are easy to obtain, especially if you have friends or family in the city, as ownership of cars is pretty common too.

    By Bus: Stations such as Vienna International Busterminal, Waldmanngründen, Praterstern cater to the needs of both locals and international tourists.

    By Boat: Going anywhere on boats can be easy, what with Boat services connecting Vienna with places like Linz and Budapest.

  8. What are the things to do in Vienna?

    The city of Vienna is adorned with monumental greatness, and all things beautiful. The things to do here are:

    • Take a trip the Melk Abbey and Danube Valley
    • Tour the Budapest
    • See the Evening concert at Schonbrunn Palace
    • Trip to Salzburg
    • See the  Strauss and Mozart Concert
    • Check out the Wachau Valley
    • Go wine tasting
    • Trip to Bratislava
    • Take a tour of the Historical Vienna
    • Panoramic Alpine Hallstatt trip
    • Bend a Knee at St. Mary’s Cathedral
    • Check out the Mauthausen Concentration Camp
    •    Go to the Vienna Opera House for a Concert
    • Prague trip during the day from Vienna
    • Cruise on the Danube River
    • Trip through the Vienna Woods and Mayerling
    • Watch the concert at St. Peter’s Church
    • Watch the Four Seasons at St. Charles Church
    • Vienna Bike Tour
  9. What is the local food of Vienna? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The local food of Vienna is as tasty as it gets, with the pastries, the curries, and everything that comes before, after and between them. The best places to eat this local food are:

    • Wiener Schnitzel
    • Wiener Würstel
    • Kaiserschmarrn
    • Apfelstrudel
    • Goulash
    • Sachertorte
    • Tafelspitz

    The best places to enjoy the local cuisine are:

    • Bier And Bierli
    • Tunnel
    • Kräuterdrogerie
    • Erich
    • Alt Wien
    • Eis-Greißler
    • Naschmarkt
    • Ulrich
    • Wiener Deewan
  10. What is the best public transport to commute around Vienna?

    The winding, one way of Vienna is beautiful but might be slightly confusing for visitors traveling for the first time and alone. Therefore, public transport is the best option. The best mode of public transport to commute around Vienna are:

    By Rail: S-Bahn, RegionalBahn, and RegionalExpress are all expresses that connect The entirety of Vienna.

    By U-Bahn: these are the underground railways of Vienna, corresponding to metros and subways, and are a very convenient method of commuting around Vienna.

    By Tram: these are the slower methods of transportation, more for sightseeing, observing, and absorbing, and less for getting somewhere in a hurry.

    By Bus: This is the cheaper mode of transportation, the bus fares start from 1 euro.

    Night services: the NightLiners is this network of buses which run every night of the year, with regular passes and tickets applying. The daytime service starts at 5 in the morning.

    By taxi: Meter Services are available, pedicabs, and horse-drawn carts to provide you with a sense of the Victorian era, are available, prices are negotiable, and should be negotiated while traveling to the airport.

    By Car: the transit of Vienna mostly does not require the personal Car services, so walking on foot should be enough to move you from one place to another.

    By Bicycles: cycling is extremely convenient, and a suggested way to transport yourself in Vienna. The place has separate bicycle lanes, running along parks and rivers, and these have a way to make you reach your destination in half-an-hour, almost everywhere you go.

    By Foot: this is the best way of travel around Vienna. It is free, and pedestrians are given biased, partial treatment, where cars have to stop at crosses and wait for them to cross.

  11. What is the local language in Vienna and which are the most commonly used

    The people of Vienna are very sweet and nice, but there are certain formalities and etiquette that one has to follow while in the city. On not following them, one can be heavily reprimanded, so here is the basic structure of Viennese language:

    • Grüß Gott: Hello
    • Danke schön: Thank You Very Much
    • Guten Appetit: Happy Meal
    • Tschüß: Goodbye
  12. Which are the best shopping places in Vienna and what are they famous for?

    The city is dotted with the best of the best of shops, and souvenirs bought from these shops would be cherished by friends and family for all their life. The best shopping places in Vienna are:

    • Ringstraßen-Galerien: art and music
    • Donauzentrum: largest shopping center, great food
    • Wien Mitte The Mall: eateries
    • Manner Shop: chocolates, biscuits, foodies
    • Xocolat: chocolates of all types
    • Steffl Department Store: brands and tax refunding is made easy
    • Österreichische Werkstätten: beautiful design and taste
    • Julius Meinl at the Graben: Haggis, Whisky, Beer, Exotic Fruit
    •    Dorotheum: artwork and jewelry
    • Leschanz - Viennese chocolate king: chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate
    • Brunnenmarkt: wide array of options
    • Flea Market at Naschmarkt: local products and trinkets
    • Zum Schwarzen Kameel: open sandwiches, innovations of the classic dishes of Vienna
    • Naschmarkt: food and vintage shops, plus restaurants
  13. How is the nightlife of Vienna?

    Over the years, the nightlife of Vienna has blossomed and flourished. The nightlife in Vienna is perfect for ages ranging from young adults to borderline senior citizens. This, does not, however, refrain senior citizens from going out to have some fun.

    • Funpalast
    • Village Bar
    • Roo Bar Australian Pub
    • Café Europa
    • New York Bar and Music
    • Amerlingbeisil
    • Al Fayrooz
    • Bukowski
    • Café Francais
    • Wunder-Bar
    • Caffe Delia’s
    • Le Cru
    • Franz von Hahn
    • Salzburg
    • Das Käuzchen
    • Living Room
  14. Which are the best places for a wine tour in Vienna?

    The wines in Vienna are famous for their richness, and their age. The best places of go wine tasting in Vienna are:

    • Wachau Valley Wine Tasting
    • Budapest Wine Tasting
    • Melk Abbey Wine Tasting
    • Bitzinger’s Augustinerkeller Wine Tasting
    • Schlumberger Cellars Wine Tasting
    • Nussdorf and Grinzing Wine Tasting

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