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Imagine cobbled stone streets dotted with vibrant, cutesy houses and a magnificent backdrop of the mountains. Yes, with the best tourist places to visit in Sweden, this is exactly what the place is all about. In fact, if you’re planning a trip to this offbeat European destination, be prepared to encounter primordial chateaus, conspicuous architecture as well as lush woodlands – all enveloped in a blanket of fresh winters. In some ways, you may even feel as though you’ve stepped into a glossy-paged, luxury magazine when you visit the Kingdom of Sweden. A remarkable melting pot of natural beauty, cultural abundance and magnanimous living makes Sweden the ideal choice if you’re in for escaping the mad crowd that rest of the Europe sees throughout the year.

To truly experience the splendor of this country, you may have to dismiss the thoughts of living within the city. After all, a major part of visiting Sweden comprises of long, leisurely hikes amongst the wilderness that leads you untouched destinations. Sweden is capable of painting your social media feeds with numerous landscapes and nature trails along with the swish city culture of Stockholm. Hire a bike, forage for berries, go out camping or simply wade around in a boat – there’s plenty of action in store for outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you’re on a tight schedule, don’t miss out on the traditional, nomadic lifestyle during your Sweden trip.

But don’t lay off Sweden as just another European picture-perfect destination. The humble Scandinavian nation promises an experience unlike any other amidst its thousand coastal islands, ethereal foliage and glaciated mountains. With the best tourist places to visit in Sweden, a trip to this charming realm ensures an unforgettable trip that will have you reminiscing over fond memories with a smile once you’re back home. Here are a few questions answered about the third largest country in Western Europe, and why it makes up for the ideal holiday destination for you and your family:

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Sweden FAQ's

Do I need a visa for Sweden? How does one get a Sweden visa?

Yes, you will require a Schengen visa for visiting Sweden. A Schengen visa typically covers 26 countries including Sweden.

You can download a form on their official website, but in case you’re travelling to only one Schengen country (in this case, Sweden), you will have to apply at the appropriate embassy/consulate within your respective country. It is recommended you apply at least six weeks prior to your departure.

What is the currency of Sweden and where can I get my money exchanged?

The official currency for Sweden is the Swedish Krona (SEK). While it seems like exchanging money at the airport or hotel seems like the ideal thing to do, it is best to avoid until the time of dire need since these institutions tend to charge a higher exchange rate.

Opt for an ATM if possible, but in case you need to exchange in hand, there are several currency bureaus scattered across major cities that can help you out.

What is the local food of Sweden? Which are the best places to taste this food?

If you think Swedish food is all about chewy meatballs and peculiar fish shaped candies, think again! The food in Sweden is centered on cultured dairy products, often crisped, sugared or softened.

1. Kanelbulle
: Don’t forget to try their iconic Kanelbulle – a cinnamon bun – made of light, sweetened bread dough flavored with cinnamon. This can be found in almost any bakery across Sweden.

2.. Toast
Skagen: Another popular dish in Sweden is Toast Skagen – made of peeled prawns, mayonnaise, dill and lemon topped with fish roe and served on bread – available at some top restaurants across the country.

3. Herring
: Being a coastal country, Sweden is blessed with bountiful shoals of Herring. Which is why, you may find the Swedes cooking, pickling and smoking these small, yet flavorful fishes.

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What is the local language in Sweden and which are the most commonly used greetings?

The local language in Sweden is Swedish. Although some Swedes can converse in English, it is not their first language. When approaching a local, be sure to speak in a soft voice and friendly tone if you’re not too comfortable with speaking Swedish. Here are a few phrases to keep handy:

- Hallå – Hello
- Tack/ Tack så mycket – Thanks/ Thank you very much
- God morgon/ natt – Good morning/ night
- Vad är priset på detta? – What is the price for this?
- Hur långt är det här stället? – How far is this place?

Which are the best shopping places in Sweden and what are they famous for?

From standalone designer boutiques to posh, convenient malls, shopaholics can indulge in a treat while shopping at Stockholm. Sweden has a great reputation for style and the capital city is much known for being a shopper’s heaven.

- Östermalm:
Known best for its high-end luxury shops, beautiful architecture and opulent restaurants, Östermalm is one of the most prominent places to shop at in Stockholm.
- Södermalm: Incidentally voted as the ‘coolest place’ in Europe by Vogue magazine, the island of Södermalm is equipped with quirky cafes and edgy fashion boutiques.
- Gamla Stan: Gamla Stan is recognized best for its old-world charm. Pick up on some intricate artifacts and tasteful Swedish souvenirs from here.

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What are some famous lakes in Sweden?

Sweden is known for as many as 96,000 lakes – both big and small. While you can set off exploring the smaller ones by yourself, the bigger lakes are often bustling with activity during the evenings and weekends.

1. Lake Vanern
: The largest lake in Sweden, Vanern offers you a breathtaking view, culture as well as good food around its premises. Enjoy activities such as canoeing, fishing and biking on a day out.

2. Lake Vattern
: This popular lake often witnesses a flock of tourists from several countries swarming about to get a glimpse of the massive water body. With amazing sceneries, thriving wildlife and unmatched tranquility, Vattern makes a perfect picnic spot in Sweden.

3. Lake Malaren
: The third largest lake in Sweden provides as a popular boating destination in the summer and an ice skating spot in the winter. The old buildings around this lake give it a rather picturesque appeal.

Where can I enjoy Canal cruising in Sweden? And how much would it cost?

Canal cruising is common along the beautiful waterways of the Gota Canal in Sweden. The tranquil cruise sails past serene landscapes narrating historical tales along the way.

The experience can cost approximately about 47,836 SEK per couple.

Which are the most adventurous hiking trails in Sweden?

Best known for its nature trails, Sweden has an extensive network of long-distance hiking trails crisscrossing across the country. During summer, Sweden experiences a flock of tourists hiking along these beloved nature trails:
- The Padjelanta trail
- Kungsleden trail
- Hoga Kusten trail
- Skaneleden trail
- Upplandsleden trail.

Which are some famous islands to visit in Sweden?

You may never be able to explore the 220,000 islands that Sweden is comprised of, but you can choose to spend tranquil moments by the sea at some of these islands:

- Gotland – A rural island surrounded by sandy beaches, seascapes and farm scenery
- Mastrand – A sleepy seaside island with idiosyncratic houses, fishing boats and seagulls
- Oland – Stretches of untouched beaches and a castle to top it up
- The Weather Island – Spot seals, take a swim and relish oodles of shellfish
- Holmon – Uncover the mysterious bogs of Sweden while spotting rare migratory birds.

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Where is Archipelago located in Sweden? And what is it famous for?

Archipelago Stockholm is the largest group of islands in Sweden. It extends about 60 kilometers from Stockholm and there are almost 24,000 islands and islets within it. Go island hopping to experience what every island is best known for. Here are a few activities you can experience in Archipelago:
- Boating
- Hiking
- Sea kayaking
- Swimming
- Foraging for berries or mushroom
- Ice yacht.

Which are the famous places to truly visit Sweden?

To experience the natural beauty and unbridled adventures, visit these famous Swedish destinations and hidden gems that make your stay worthwhile:
- Swedish Lapland – to witness winter like never before
- Gotland – To experience a medieval setting along with the culture
- Stockholm – For its nightlife and vivacious activities throughout the year
- Kebnekaise – For those thrill-seeker who wish to conquer the peaks of Sweden
- Birka – For those fascinated by Vikings and their lives.

Which are the best places for water sports activities like kayaking, canoeing and timber rafting etc?

Built on 14 islands and 57 bridges, Stockholm is the perfect place for thrill-seekers wishing for an adrenaline rush.

Sports such as kayaking, canoeing and timber rafting are pretty popular both inside the city and around the archipelago. You will find several opportunities as you move your base from island to island.

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