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  • It is one of the largest cities and the state capital of Perak, where major population is of Chinese origin. It is very well known for its Ipoh white coffee and climate is same throughout the year. There are a bunch of family activities that will make your trip a memorable one. It is not easy to pick up the top destination because there is so much to see and enjoy. There are some famous Ipoh restaurants, which deserve your presence and appreciation.

    The food here is sumptuous with a variety of local and continental choices. Though the menu is limited, but the food quality and presentation is outstanding. The restaurant has open space with beautiful surroundings and impeccable service.

    The best dining restaurant in town, which is known for its exclusive French Cuisines. One can enjoy their food with great ambience, marvelous dishes, amazing wines, relaxing and calm atmosphere.

    Here are the  Best Ipoh Restaurants:

  • 01North Sea Genuinely Belgian

    The only Belgian restaurant of Perak, North Sea Genuinely Belgian offers you a wide selection of Belgian beers along with delicious Belgian menu. The place offers a cozy and comfortable dine in option with unique decoration that adds to the visual interest of the place. The food menu is a bit limited, but the food is simply outstanding. The best thing is the wide assortment of Belgian beer that the restaurant offers. The friendly staff and owner are very helpful. You can try Smoked Salmon with Mussels, Pasta of the Day, Pork Chop and Belgian Waffle with ice-cream. This place is excellent for entertaining your friends and share stories over a big mug of beer.

    Location: The North Sea Genuinely Belgian is located in Perak just 15 minutes stroll from Tong Lee. Best Known For: A wide assortment of imported Belgian beers.

    Average price for Two: RM 20 – RM 200
  • 02Tandoor Grill

    An exceptional place to savour the Indian cuisine, Tandoor Grill offers an elegant dine-in option with mouth watering delicacies and a range of beverages and wine. The contemporary bungalow style architecture of the restaurant welcomes the guests openly to its spacious dining hall, adorned with decors that give the place an Indian accent. The subtle tones allow for cozy and comfortable environment. The restaurant has an elegant and spacious dining hall and gracefully designed private dining rooms and is excellent to enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your family and friends. Indulge in the authentic north Indian cuisine from starters to desserts. There is a wide range of kebabs, curries, rice, grilled food, dessert and beverages including wine.

    Location: The Tandoor Grill restaurant is located in Greentown Ipoh, opposite Moven Peak Steamboat.

    Best Known For: Authentic Indian cuisine and a wide assortment of refreshing beverages.

    Average price for Two: RM 200

  • 03The Pomelo - The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

    The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is known for its gorgeous villas, unique dine in option amidst the picturesque surrounding and its wine cellar set within an ancient limestone cave. In harmony with its wellness philosophy, the Pomelo Restaurant in the retreat offers healthy yet flavourful delicacies. The ingredients are fresh and procured locally and cooked in a gentle way to maintain the healthy nutrients.Part of ten best restaurants in Ipoh, this open wall restaurant allows you to enjoy your meal with the beautiful view. Sit amidst the beautiful view of lush greenery and mountain slope while enjoy one of many refreshing juices from the menu or wine. spending time here is in the list of best things to do in Ipoh and it garners a huge chunk of visitors from all over the world.

    Location: It is located in the The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat just 15 minutes drive from Ipoh City.

    Best Known For: It is best known for offering healthy and wholesome meals. The chef is more than happy to customize the meal according to your needs.

    Average price for Two: RM 300
  • 04Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Seafood

    Pusing Public Seafood restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants of the Ipoh City, serving mouth watering banquet style Chinese food. More often than not, you will find the restaurant occupied with locals. The restaurant also organizes wedding parties. The environment inside the restaurant buzzes with excitement. As the restaurant is always busy, you may need to wait a while before getting the seats. However, the food here is worth the wait. Despite the fact that the restaurant is extremely busy, the service is exceptionally fast. The staff is friendly and polite and will help you with their recommendations.

    Location: The restaurant is located at Jalan Tranhell opposite Tune Hotel. It is 20 minutes drive away from Ipoh Railway station.

    Best Known For: The four season platter consisting of stuffed crab, Stir-fried Scallops Chinese ham & Stir Fried vegetables and salad chicken.

    Average price for Two: RM 200
  • 05Garvy's French Dining

    Garvy’s French Dining is a prominent eatery house at Ipoh known for its exquisite French Cuisines. The executive Chef of the restaurant, Romain Fabre origins from France and runs two more restaurants there. The bistro has a wonderful ambience meant for families as well as for couples who are in the lookout for some private moments to share. The Eatery has two sections – Fine dine and Cafeteria. Both have a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Highlights: Sumptuous and hearty French set of choices all the way from France. Try their three to nine courses Degustation Menu that will leave you with a spirit to come back for more. The five course meal is most asked for that includes a soup, a starter, two main courses, followed by dessert and wine.

     Location: Kampar Road

     Hours: Lunch 12pm – 2 pm (weekends until 3pm) and Dinner from 7 pm – 10 pm
  • 06The Bistro

    The Impiana Hotel has more to offer; lot more than their luxurious stay, impeccable services, and other prime Banquet services which it is known for. Yes, Impiana’s The Bistro is the ideal cafeteria to relish a modest bit of all three variants – recreation, music and of course, finger licking menu on the card. The menu hosts a variety of western contemporary dishes filled with right balance of aroma, taste and authenticity. Highlights: A snug and gracious ambience; balanced yet appetizing delicacies and snacks with right amount of illumination and heart warming performances by the local band – all this at a very cost effective price. The place can accommodate 50 people comfortably. Reservations for parties are also undertaken. Band: 5 Piece local band; music includes 70’s hits, Reggae and latest genre.

    Location: Impiana Hotel, Ipoh.

     Hours: 5 pm to 9 Pm (weekdays) and 5 pm to 2 am on Saturdays and Public holidays Eve (Sundays closed)

     Cuisine: Western contemporary fusion
  • 07Healy Mac's Irish Bar and Restaurant

    Ipoh itself is an album of amusement, adventure and entertainment. But if the album is sprinkled with a tide of delicious cuisines; nothing like it! Healy Mac's Irish Bar and Restaurant is what you need to make your tongue take a twirl with joy and bliss. It is quite apparent that Resto- bars shuts down in a fast and lively city like ipoh. But Healy Mac’s Resto-Bar has a flavour of Irish Legacy that keeps it going like a full –on party. Highlights: It is a quaint looking Irish culture place, lots of quirkiness strewn around in form of souvenirs and artefacts. The menu is short and simple but has the flavours that will trickle your nostrils and mind for days and a comfortable liquor bar with lots of varieties, especially Irish Liquors.

    Persiaran Greentown

    1 pm to 1:30 am and extended to 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays
  • 08Pakeeza Restaurant

    Nothing, as in not a thing can beat Indian dishes’ spices, the enhanced flavour and unimaginative tanginess that burst your taste buds. Pakeeza at Ipoh reflects the Indian Culture to the core. It hass been more than 4 decades since its incorporation and yet it is still brimming with customers every day. The name Pakeeza is a Pakistani word meaning purity so you would end up seeing a lot of Pakistani dishes on the menu too.

  • 09Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot)

    Ipoh citizens are not only fond of adventure, nurturing Malays culture and heritage and believe in hospitality but also are equally a lover of good and authentic cuisine. This fact reflects in their restaurants and cafés which are always overflowing with friendly food buffs. If you here at Ipoh, then Big Tree Foot is a must place to dine in. You cannot miss to locate the original big tree foot yong tau fu as it is hardly empty.

  • 10Sun Kok Kee dim sum

    This Retro style Sun Kok Kee Dim Sum restaurant serves deliciously hot platter of dim sum with a nice dine in ambience. The place is nearly always occupied with people. Therefore it is best to visit the restaurant in the morning. The restaurant is famous among locals and serves a great variety of dim sums. The serving staff here is friendly and very efficient in handling the crowd. Upon entering, you will be greeted with warm smiles and steaming hot dim sum tray. The restaurant serves big portion of dim sum which makes it a value for your money place. The biggest draw is the selection of dim sum.

    Location: The restaurant is located at the border of Ipoh city and is just 15 minutes drive from the town.

    Best Known For: Char Siew Pau, Woo Kok (Yam Puff) and stir-fried radish cake.

    Average Price for Two: RM 80



Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

A famous cave temple located in Gunung Rapa, Sam Poh Tong Cave is an inspiring work of art and is believed to be the largest cave temple of the country. Set amidst the scenic beauty, the temple consists of numerous Buddha statues and figures of other deities scattered all over the cave among the limestone formation.

 The front of the temple is adorned with a beautiful garden surrounding a pond. The garden itself is beautifully decorated with pagodas and stone lanterns.


Highlights: A pathway behind the main altar takes you to the turtle pond. The locals believe that releasing tortoises in the pond will harmonize their karma. There are five species of turtles in the pond.

Location: The temple is located in Gunung Rapat, five kilometres south of Ipoh. You can take a bus from Ipoh bus station to reach the temple.

Timing: 9:30 am - 04:00 pm

Price: N/A

Han Chin Pet Soo Museum

The country’s first Hakka Tin mining Museum, Han Chin Pet Soo Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ipoh. The entry to the museum is only allowed to the club members and their guests and the tour appointments can be made online. The museum exhibits the highlights of tin mining process of the early days. It also tells about the unethical activities of the club members in the past named as Four Evils that enticed the Hakka miners. The exhibits also tell in detail about the journey of Hakka people from China to Ipoh.


 Highlights: The backyard which is now the town square is a great place for clicking photographs. The exhibitions that explain the early history of immigrated Chinese people to the city.

 Location: The museum is located on the border of Ipoh's Old Town near Kinta River.

 Timings: 09:30 AM - 03:30 PM

  Price: N/A

Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh railway station is a great example of the beautiful colonial era building with Moorish and Victorian Style architecture. The massive white washed building exudes a regal aura. Before the twentieth century the building was used as a hospital. The building was constructed and designed as a railway station by Arthur Benison Hubback. In 1935 the station was officially open for use. The Ipoh Railway Station is lovingly called the Taj Mahal of Ipoh by the local residents of the town. The architecture of the building indeed has some of the features of Mughal architecture.

 Highlights: Hang out at the park surrounding the Rhythmic Water Fountain and enjoy the stunning colourful fountain at night. Within the complex, you can find the Majestic Station Hotel, which is a great   place to stay for travellers.

 Location: The Ipoh railway station is located on the south-west of Ipoh.

Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village

It is one of the finest and latest tourist attractions in ipoh. The words Qing Xin Ling means serene hills. At a very minimal cost, you will be transported to a different planet to discover. The Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village is set in a location captivated by stunning landscapes of mountains and jungles. There are lakes and fish ponds by the cottages and different fun activities for the tourists here. This location is a perfect family outing set up.

Highlights: Bycycle and trishaw rides around the cultural village, Ba zhi (Chinese fortune telling),

Fish feeding; Vintage stalls and museums, a chance to go through the ancient tradition of the malay heritage; open cooking counter stalls, nature walk in the jungle; heart-warming sit outs at the pandok (summerhouses); cave exploration and trekking up the hill.

Location: Ipoh

Price: Starts at 4.00 RM

Best Season:
Sep – Feb Hours: 9 – 6 pm

Art of Oldtown

Ipoh is a town of history and heritage. To celebrate this history and heritage, Oldtown White Coffee, a premiere white coffee manufacturer in Malaysia has collaborated with the celebrated Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic to paint eight art murals on the walls located in the vicinity of the centre of Ipoh, most lovingly known as the Old Town. You can cover the eight murals by taking a half hour walking tour around the streets. OldTown White Coffee also provides an official map, where you can find the details of all the murals.

 Highlights: Enjoy the quaint beauty of Old Town and learn more about the heritage and history of the place while taking a walking tour to discover all the murals.

 Location: The murals can be found on taking the Jalan Dato Maharajalela, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Jalan Panglima, Jalan Bijeh Timah and Jalan Bandar Timah roads.

 Timing: N/A

 Price: N/A

Lang Mountain

If you plan to spend some quiet moments with your family amidst the scenic beauty, then Lang Mountain in Ipoh is a great destination. With the backdrop of limestone hills blanketed with lush greenery and beautiful lake, there is a recreational park. A short boat ride through the beautiful lake can take you to the park. There are several fishes, lizards as well as snakes in the lake. The park has a number of fragrant and colourful plants like bougainvilleas and heliconia. The area with its uncharted limestone hills and lake emanates tranquillity.

 Highlights: The boat ride to reach the park can be a quite pleasant experience amidst the surrounding beauty. You can also enjoy feeding the fishes while you ride through the lake to the park.

 Location: The Park is located at Jalan Kuala Kangsar next to the North South Highway.

 Timing: 08:00 am - 06:30 pm

  Price: N/A

Ipoh World

If you are travelling to Ipoh and want to better understand the town its heritage and its social history, there is no better starting place other than the Ipoh World. A not for profit organization started in 2004, Ipoh World aims to promote the rich heritage of Perek, keeping the Ipoh and Kinta Valley at the centre.

Since its inception, the organization has produced and ran a number of exhibitions to promote awareness the rich legacy. Their first public exhibition was titled “The Story of Ipoh: From Feet to Flight”, in the year 2006.

Highlights: Book a special tour to Han Chin Pet Soo Museum, which tells in great details about the life of Hakka miners, who migrated from China to Ipoh. The exhibition provides useful information about the life of early Chinese people in Ipoh.

Location: The Ipoh World is located at Jalan Bijeh Timah.

KeK Lok Tong Cave Temple

An attractive tourist spot in Ipoh is the Kek Lok Cave Temple which sits elegantly on a picturesque site that stretches to 12 acres. It has almost a century’s history of worship. The temple resides in a vast cave with interesting limestone structures. At the heart of the temple is an altar with a number of Buddhist figures and figures of Chinese pantheon deities. The cave was a part of a mining site and you can still see iron within the limestone. The landscape also features a jogging path around two beautiful lakes.


Highlights: Inside the temple, go to the Zen Garden, a place of amazing view and tranquillity. Take a walk on the reflexology footpath, which is one of the longest in the city.

 Location: The temple is located 5 Km from south of Ipoh, within the area of Gunung Rapat.

 Timing: 07:00 am - 06:00 pm

 Price: N/A

Lost world of Tambun

If you are looking for a wholesome family adventure and thrill experience, a visit to the Lost World of Tambun is a must. Surrounded by picturesque landscape and full of enthralling rides and other attractions, this theme park provides complete travel package to the tourists. The park consists of a water park, tiger valley, amusement park, Lost World Petting Zoo and Lost World Hot Springs. Located close to the park is The Lost World Hotel, which offers you luxury accommodation.

Highlights: Enjoy at the River and Beach Garden at the water park featuring high rising twin waterfalls and Jungle Wave Bay. Another highlight is The Lost World Hot Spring & Spa where the pool draws water from the natural sources.

Location: The Park is located at the centre of Ipoh and is 20 minutes drive away from Ipoh Railway Station.

Timing: 11:00 am - 06:00 pm

Price: 42 MYR

Geological Museum

Established in 1957, the Geological Museum in Ipoh has exhibits which display more than six hundred mineral and 150 rock specimens and more than two hundred gemstones. The museum also has exhibits to display more than 200 fossils. Spread across an area of 343 square meters, the museum is neatly divided in 7 different zones, which covers the history as well as the geological heritages of the country.

 The first zone has displays related to the history of the museum and earth as well as murals depicting geological structures. Going ahead you can see amazing displays of dinosaur fossils, crystals and minerals. You will also find exhibits showcasing mining activities.


 Highlights: You can get a tour guide who can take you through each zones and inform you about each and every specimen and exhibits in detail.

 Location: Along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.

Timing: 08:30 am - 05:00 pm

 Price: N/A

Gua Tempurung

The Gua Tempurung cave is one of the attractions that let tourists dive into the deeper and darker mysteries of the past. Covering a total length of about 4.5 Km, the cave is one of the longest in Malaysian Peninsula. Here you can find three huge chambers as well as magnificent structures of stalagmites and stalactites.

  Other attractions include the underground stream and waterfalls. Made of five large and very ancient dooms, it is an astonishing exhibit of beautiful natural rock formations.


 Highlights: The four tours namely, Golden Flowstone, Top of The World, Top of The World & Short River Adventure and Grand Tour. Each of these tours has specific requirements, so make sure that   you  have prepared for them well in advance.

 Location: The cave is located in Gopeng and is 24 Km from Ipoh.

 Timing: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

  Price: Fees depends upon the type of tour.


Temples are aplenty in ipoh. Ipoh’s Cave Temples are one of the prime tourist spots. They convey the cultural background of Malaysia and depict their traditional customs. There are four major cave temples in the city namely Kek Lok Tong, Perak Tong, Sam Poh tong and Ling Sen Tong.

Highlights: The kek Lok Tong is the newest among all and is unique from the others because of its golden statues and tiny ponds strewn around the caves. One of the greatest temples is the Perak Tong, built by a Chinese Monk in 1926. There are 40 Buddha statues inside the temple, one of which is scaling up to 12.8 metre high. Try desserts, and white coffee which is a speciality of Malay at the temple stalls.

Location: Ipoh

Hours: Everyday between 9 amd to 6 pm

Price: starts at 1.5 RM

Perak Cave Temples

Perak Tong Cave Temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ipoh. Surrounded by the scenic landscape this cave fast first discovered in 1926. Since then the place has grown to be known amongst the best cave temples and famous tourist spots. Inside the temple sits the 40 feet tall Buddha statue. On the edges are four smaller statues of guardian deities. The cave walls are adorned with colourful frescos and Chinese calligraphy.

Highlights: Enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding area from one of the pavilions, situated outside the temple and can be reached through an opening in the alcove behind the main altar. You can easily see the surrounding limestone hills bordering the city.

 Location: The temple is located near Taman Loke Lim and Taman Permai on the northern edge of Ipoh on the foothill of Gunung Tasek.

 Timing: 9:30 am - 04:00 pm

 Price: N/A

Funtasy House Trick Art

Funtasy House is an amazing trick art gallery in Ipoh, featuring a number of 3D murals and drawings. The gallery was opened in November 2015 and consists of twenty 3D exhibits to create visual illusion for fun and fantasy. The gallery is still a work in progress but draws a lot of visitors. The gallery is designed by nine artists who collaborated together to bring to life these amazing trick arts. There are friendly guides who will take you through each exhibit and help you in clicking your photos.

Highlights: A great place to enjoy with your family and friends and to click a lot of photographs to post on your social networking sites.

Location: The Trick Art Gallery is located at the centre of Old Town at Jalan Pasar.

Timing: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Price: RM 19 for adults and RM 10 for children and senior citizens.

Lost World Tambun

If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination which has the right mix of fun, thrill and adventure, you should visit Lost World Tambun in Malaysia. This is a theme park which is packed with high-voltage action and drama, that will give you some of the greatest adrenalin-high moments in life.

Highlights – The resort cum theme park has six distinct areas of unlimited fun and adventure namely Water Park, Amusement Park, Petting Zoo, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Adventure Park.

Location – Sunway City Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

– Jungle Wave Pool, Kids Explora Bay, Tube Raiders, Cliff Racer, Adventure Express, Rabbit Wonderland, Ruby (nocturnal mammal) and friends, Tortoise Kingdom, Sepentarium, Rock Canopy, Rain Forest Trail, Marmoset Tree House, close-up views of tigers, Tin Mining Tours,13 High Rope Course, 6th Mile Tunnel, Zip Line, Kayaking, Zorbing etc.

– RM43.30 to RM49.25

– 11AM to 6PM on all days of the week. Closed on Tuesdays except on public holidays.

Movie Animation Park Studios

Movie Animation Park Studios is the First Animation Theme Park of Asia which was built at a Price of RM 520. It is sited as the most entertaining and exciting destination for people irrespective of the age group.

With 6 thematic zones and 40 attractions, Movie Animation Park Studios is an indoor park. It is fully air conditioned or under covered, thereby shielding the guests from the hot, humid and wet weather of Malaysia. The park features the Malaysia’s tallest drop tower along with a thrilling and a fun packed live car stunt show. There are also a number of beverage and food stalls and retail outlets spread across the 52 acre site. One significant highlight of the park is the appearance of Smurfs. Smurfs have been around for past 57 years and will be a part of the Movie Animation Park Studios in the merchandising, shows and Priceumes characters.

Location: Movie Animation Park Studios is located at 3, Jalan Meru Impian 4, Halaman Meru Impian, 30020 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Adult: RM 155.00
Child: RM 125.00

Weekdays: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
On weekends as well as public holidays: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
The park remains closed on Wednesday.

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