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  • The city of Ipoh in Malaysia, located in the middle of the Kinta Valley, on the bank of the Kinta River and the confluence of smaller rivers, Sungai Pinji and Sungai Pari. Elegant limestone caves are the dominant tourist destination in the city.

    Know about the 10 best things to do in Ipoh from here. Gopeng white water rafting is a treasure of Malaysia which houses a gushing waterfall; it promises a proper river rafting. A quintessential cave exploration can be done in Gua Tempurung caves along with a trek to the Kledang hills.

    In Ipoh, there are umpteen chances to mingle with the locals as well with a heritage walk, cultural village visit, temple visits, river front walk etc. Also, the golf center manifests the city’s elite nature as well.

    Here are some Best Things to do in Ipoh:

  • 01Gopeng Rainforest White Water Rafting

    One of the best places to river raft in Ipoh, Malaysia is Gopeng Rainforest. The whole of Malaysia is a treasure box but if you are here for a holiday then White Water Rafting is one of the pearls of the treasure box. Gopeng Rainforest rafting is through the blubbery cascade of the River Kampur. The scenic landscape that overlooks the Kumpang road and the quaint rainforest, including a gushing waterfall completes the experience of the river rafting perfectly.

    Highlights: Gopeng town is a perfect picnic spot where you can get down for lunch and snacks. A certified guide will accompany you to aid you at safety measures and instruct you with rafting techniques.

    Difficulty level: Medium Time taken: 3 - 4 hours long expedition, including Lunch Pick up point: Gopend Museum or Gua Tempurung Parking

    Sessions: 9 am and 2 pm (lunch included in the 9 am session)

    Price: starts from 39.00 USD
  • 02Caving

    Image Credit :  muwen
    At Ipoh, caving in Gua Tempurung cave is one of the best experiences you can take back with you from Malaysia. It’s a 3 km long cave, one of the longest in the peninsula. Made from natural Limestone, this river cave is also a place for tourists as it is partly built with electric lights and walkways. The cave is directly below the two Limestone hills Gunung Tempurung and Gunung Gajah. The cave’s origin dates back to the 8,000 BC, precisely 10,000 years back.


    Image Credits : muwen

    Highlights: Tunnel runs from east to west and is 1.9 km long. 5 large coconut shell domes; each dome has individual temperature and water level and comprises of various marbles and calcium formations.

    Difficulty level: Easy

    Location: Gopeng

    Additional Info: Food stalls available; Torch and helmets available for rent; certified guide provided for assistance.

    Tour hours: from 9 am to 4 pm (batch wise)

    Price: Starts at RM 6. 00 (4 tour options available)
  • 03Trek Up Kledang Hill

    Something gorgeous, something off-beaten and something audacious; all these are compiled in to one glorious location, Kledang hill, ipoh. Perched on top of Menglembu Township, Bukit Kledang is quite popular trekking trail for the locals and tourists. The trek mainly forms a jungle route through meandering pathways. The highest altitude that is reached in this trek is 2640 ft (800 m). The best possible time to start this trek is early in the morning before sunrise.

    Highlights: There are four different trails for hiking namely, 4-2 (one hour), 4- 3 (1 ½ hour), 4 -9 (2 hours) and RTM (4 hours). The RTM peak is actually a broadcasting tower and is the highest point. Along the way you will get to see green lizards, millipedes, snakes (green) and gibbons monkeys (Siamang species).

    Best time: November to February

    Difficulty Level: Medium to Hard depending upon the trail

    Location: Foot hill of Bukit Kledang, Ipoh Start

    Point: Jungle route (same for all trails)
  • 04Heritage Walk

    Ipoh is one of the oldest cities of Malaysia and therefore it still preserves the culture and heritage which most of the modern cities have lost. In the past, its business was sourced from tin mining. If you are here, then you should definitely try the Ipoh Heritage Walk as it is the best possible way to explore the Malay ethnicity. Ipoh heritage walk takes you through this quaint city’s hidden alleys that can surpass any architectural wonder.

    Highlights: Get to see the bygone era’s colonial buildings; the old town railway station which looks nothing lesser than a museum. The railway station is an Asian - Anglo architecture. The exploration trip also includes the famous Ipoh tree, Pokok ipoh; City hall, Birch Memorial clock tower, mural works on the street, ipoh mosque, football ground and lot more.

    Location: Ipoh,

    Time taken: approx, 2 hours – 4 miles long

    Starting point: Railway station (around 23 sites to visit)
  • 05Visit Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village

    Image Credit :  Jeff Lim Koon Eng
    It is one of the finest and latest tourist attractions in ipoh. The words Qing Xin Ling means serene hills. At a very minimal cost, you will be transported to a different planet to discover. The Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village is set in a location captivated by stunning landscapes of mountains and jungles. There are lakes and fish ponds by the cottages and different fun activities for the tourists here. This location is a perfect family outing set up.

    Image Credits : JianWoei

    Highlights: Bycycle and trishaw rides around the cultural village, Ba zhi (Chinese fortune telling),

    Fish feeding; Vintage stalls and museums, a chance to go through the ancient tradition of the malay heritage; open cooking counter stalls, nature walk in the jungle; heart-warming sit outs at the pandok (summerhouses); cave exploration and trekking up the hill.

    Location: Ipoh

    Price: Starts at 4.00 RM

    Best Season:
    Sep – Feb Hours: 9 – 6 pm
  • 06Golf Courses

    Image Credit :  AK 47
    Golf is considered one of the luxury sports/ game in the world. It is played by top corporate during their business meets etc. Ipoh, Malaysia has few premiere golf clubs. They are in association with clubs and resorts. The top three golf clubs and resorts in Ipoh are Clearwater Sanctuary, Damai Laut and Meru Valley.

    Highlights: Clearwater Sanctuary is amidst lakes and woodland and is perfect for family picnics. Damai Laut is set in a natural seaside resort and undulating terrain, and is a hatchery for green turtles. Meru Valley golf club is set among hilly terrain and additionally includes few residential properties.

    Holes: 18 (first two) and 27 (Merry Valley)

    Location: South West of Ipoh; Northwest of Ipoh (Merru Valley)

    Price: Starts at 90 RM (Merru), RM 157 (Dalai Laut) and RM 140 (clear water)

    Opens at: On weekdays visitors are allowed; Weekends restricted to members alone
  • 07The Kinta Riverfront Walk.

    There’s nothing more alluring than walking by a river front site, enfolded in lustrous greenery. The Kinta Front Walk is meant for night, when the sun has set. The trees are lighted with 1000s of colourful Neon lights casting a luminous kaleidoscopic glow around the place. It is a must visit for romantic partners. One side of the river casts a shade of meteors as the canopies are lighted with white and sapphire bulbs and the other bank is lighted with colourful showers. The river can be crossed by the Black bridge.

    Highlights: Pallong Tin mining gallery museum that depicts the artefacts and pictures of tin mining custom, the original business of the city; varieties of food stalls, cafés, rental cycle shops, portrait centres etc.

    Location: Jalang Lim Bo Sen,

    Ipoh Price: N/A

    Opens at: Everyday

    Best Season: Except for rainy season, any season is perfect
  • 08Visit Temples

    Image Credit : Funkcions
    Temples are aplenty in ipoh. Ipoh’s Cave Temples are one of the prime tourist spots. They convey the cultural background of Malaysia and depict their traditional customs. There are four major cave temples in the city namely Kek Lok Tong, Perak Tong, Sam Poh tong and Ling Sen Tong.

    Image Credits : nextreal

    Highlights: The kek Lok Tong is the newest among all and is unique from the others because of its golden statues and tiny ponds strewn around the caves. One of the greatest temples is the Perak Tong, built by a Chinese Monk in 1926. There are 40 Buddha statues inside the temple, one of which is scaling up to 12.8 metre high. Try desserts, and white coffee which is a speciality of Malay at the temple stalls.

    Location: Ipoh

    Hours: Everyday between 9 amd to 6 pm

    Price: starts at 1.5 RM
  • 09Lost world of Tambun

    If you are looking for a wholesome family adventure and thrill experience, a visit to the Lost World of Tambun is a must. Surrounded by picturesque landscape and full of enthralling rides and other attractions, this theme park provides complete travel package to the tourists. The park consists of a water park, tiger valley, amusement park, Lost World Petting Zoo and Lost World Hot Springs. Located close to the park is The Lost World Hotel, which offers you luxury accommodation.

    Highlights: Enjoy at the River and Beach Garden at the water park featuring high rising twin waterfalls and Jungle Wave Bay. Another highlight is The Lost World Hot Spring & Spa where the pool draws water from the natural sources.

    Location: The Park is located at the centre of Ipoh and is 20 minutes drive away from Ipoh Railway Station.

    Timing: 11:00 am - 06:00 pm

    Price: 42 MYR
    Visit to Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh in Malaysia

    Visit to Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh in Malaysia


    h14 HourslIpoh

    Starting from


  • 10Visit Kellie’s Castle

    Sitting atop a hill which was a rubber estate earlier, the Kellie’s Castle was built by William Kellie Smith, who wanted his home in Malaysia to be just like his home in Scotland. Set amidst the lush greenery, the ruins of this huge castle exudes an aura of mystery and believed to be haunted. The castle also believed to have several hidden rooms, passages and underground tunnels. Today the castle is a popular tourist attraction in Ipoh. The construction was halted because of Kellie’s death. It also houses a statue of William Kellie Smith in white suit and hat.

    Highlights: Revisit the history at Kellie’s Castle with its plaster ceilings from seventeenth century, high quality royal furniture, Victorian gardens with beautiful roses, Hew Lorimer sculpture exhibit, mural by Phoebe Anna Traquair and woodland walks.

    Location: The Castle is located near Batu Gajah.

    Timing: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm

     Price: N/A