99 Wonderland Park, Selangor

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99 Wonderland Park highlights

  • Visit this urban wildlife park and get up close with over 99 animal species, from amusing meerkats to gentle deer.

  • Observe some amazing creatures, including sun bears, peacocks, deer, and rare species like endangered tapirs and Monster Fish.

  • Explore over 34 exciting attractions including train rides, paddle boats, carousels, and many more.

  • Stroll through the 12 Zodiac Walkway featuring sculptures of all 12 zodiac animals, representing the Chinese zodiac cycle.

  • Experience a magical atmosphere at night with colourful LED lights in the Musical Dance section and a chance to see nocturnal animals.


99 Wonderland Park
Jalan 13a, Pusat Bandar Utara Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

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99 Wonderland Park overview

About 99 Wonderland Park, Selangor:

99 Wonderland Park in Selangor, Malaysia is an urban wildlife park that boasts over 99 fascinating animal species, offering close interactions and even feeding opportunities. Apart from the animals, explore over 34 attractions like train rides and paddle boats. The park is spread across 25 acres of land and includes a musical fountain and dazzling LED light displays.

About the activity:

  • Embark on an explorative and fun tour with a visit to 99 Wonderland Park, Selangor.
  • Spot towering T-Rex replicas with a height of 3.5 metres for a thrilling Jurassic Park vibe.
  • Be mesmerised by the park's musical dancing fountain - a dazzling display for photos and relaxation.
  • Observe animals in open-concept enclosures - get up close and learn about their fascinating world.
  • Witness the largest species of the gar family, Giant Alligator Gar Fish - 4ft long and weighing 50kg, in the 99 Monster Fish attraction.
  • Play with the swans and ducks at the zoo with a visit to the 99 Wild Island.
  • Feel the peaceful ambiance of the Deer Yard and watch deer in their natural habitat.
  • Visit other attractions like Duck Lagoon, Ostrich Farm, 12 Zodiac Walkway, Golden Waterfall, and more.