Lost World Of Tambun Overview

The Lost World of Tambun is an exhilarating, family-friendly multi-themed adventure park set amidst a lush tropical jungle, hot springs, and a 400-million-year-old stunning limestone hill. It includes seven fantastic adventure parks, making it a one-stop location for fun, adventure, and relaxation for tourists of all ages. Experience entertaining water park attractions, restorative hot springs, thrilling animal encounters, and more in the park, boasting something for everyone, day or night!

Lost World of Tambun is a breathtaking adventure destination set in the magnetizing scenery on the outskirts of Ipoh. This premium Malaysian theme park was restored from a tin-mining wasteland, and today it holds the most prominent mark in the world map as a popular tourist attraction.

It is cocooned by 400 years old limestone features, hot springs, and lush tropical jungle. It consists of seven adrenaline rushing adventure parks that offer a splendid eco-adventure excursion opportunity to the visitors. This theme park offers world-class roller coaster rides and land-based thrilling amusement rides that will give you a punch of heart-racing adventure and fun.

It is the only theme park in Southeast Asia having natural hot springs along with a wide array of rides and attractions. The water in these hot springs have healing properties and therefore, a huge number of visitors regularly visit these sacred healing sites.

The temperature of the water in these pools exceeds beyond forty-degree Centigrade in the afternoon, but it cools down a bit in the evening. You can, therefore, appreciate the beauty of these hot springs only in the evening. Attached to these hot springs are some of the most rejuvenating massage facilities where you can indulge in a relaxing spa experience.

There are endless spills and thrills for each one of you in this theme park. It is an ideal spot where you can indulge into a fun filled adventure with your family and friends. From the biggest wave pools to the kids Explorabay, cliff raiser and tube raider this theme park offers multiple surfs and slides to keep you entertained while you visit this theme park.

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How To Reach

If you’re planning an adventurous trip to Lost World of Tambun, then here are some of the most preferred ways to reach here from the city center.

By bus: The express buses will take you to the Ipoh city center from Kuala Lumpur. From here, Lost World of Tambun is only twenty minutes taxi ride to the park.

By Train: First, you’ll have to reach Ipoh city center by opting for Electric train service from Kuala Lumpur. Once you reach the city center, you can hire a cab or taxi that will drop you at the theme park in just twenty minutes.

By Car: Once you reach the Ipoh city center, you need to drive for twenty minutes via Jalan Tambun road to reach Lost World of Tambun.

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Best Time To Visit

Visit in the early afternoon to experience the day parks' varied attractions and activities before heading to the night park after 6 pm to indulge in some relaxing spa or hot spring therapies. After 8, you can enjoy the illuminated Luminous Park. In this manner, you can spend the day having fun, adventuring, and relaxing. Plan your vacation for the weekdays to avoid crowds and maximize your time.

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Other Essential Information

Best Rides at Lost World Of Tambun

1. Malayana Rainfortress: Asia's first two-and-a-half-story water-based dark ride, Malayana Rainfortress, is the perfect venue to experience an adrenaline rush with your loved ones. This large, multi-level pool has twelve magnificent water slides that provide additional opportunities for water-related activities. Aside from its slides and pool, it features Dragon's Lair, a dramatic 4D water tunnel that connects to Malaysia's longest lazy river, providing ultimate thrills as well as a soothing sail.

2. Cliff Racer: For those who love adventure and looking for some adrenaline-raising experiences, this Lost World Water Park ride can surely satisfy their cravings for adrenaline. You will be propelled at top speed straight down the coaster before being propelled upward as though you were going to fly through the rainforest canopy! Join your child in a tube and spend some quality family time.

3. Adventure River: A family ride onboard a large rubber tube down Malaysia's longest artificial Adventure River will give you a different viewpoint of the park. 

While cruising through the park and taking in the spectacular vistas of the old limestone hills, you will get the opportunity to experience everything that the Lost World of Tambun has to offer. Furthermore, a massive tipping bucket from above will soak you with water.

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4. Lupe’s Adventure: The first roller coaster in Perak is located in Lupe's Adventure of the Lost World Amusement Park, which provides some unusual sensations. This ride elevates its riders' exhilaration to a new level with some sharp curves and rapid drops. It is a great family ride because it is appropriate for both children and adults.

5. Dragon Flights: Dragon Flight is one such ride in the Lost World Amusement Park that will allow you to have a fun time while swinging with your friends or family. Just take your seat, get secured by fastening your seatbelt, and get ready to be swung around in the air! Feel the rush of excitement and some incredible sensations while swinging around at a speed. 

6. Giddy Galleon: Enjoy a ride with family or friends in double-seated ship-like pods on the Giddy Galleon coaster and experience the sensation of whirling. It will have you laughing out loud as it spins around and over in the air. Visitors of all ages will enjoy this exhilarating coaster, which is one of the many attractions available at Lost World Amusement Park.

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Best Activities at Lost World Of Tambun

1. Tin Trail: The objective of Lost World Tin Valley is to educate the next generation about Ipoh's rich tin mining heritage. You will learn about the tin mining process in this section of Tin Valley through numerous artifacts displaying the transformation of raw tin to the completed product. The majority of the items on show at this Galeria were displayed by the Tenby Schools in Ipoh and loaned by Ipod World Sdn. Bhd.

2. Tiger And Friends: You may get a close-up view of these biggest of all wild cats at the daily Tiger And Friends feeding sessions at the Lost World Tiger Valley, which are held at 3 and 4 pm. You will be astounded to witness the agility, stamina, power, swimming, and climbing prowess of these magnificent cats during the sessions, as well as the talents of the park rangers who will feed these wild animals with their preferred food.

3. Rain Forest Trail: Stroll through the Petting Zoo's Rainforest Trail to hear and see the sounds and activity of numerous wild creatures such as foxes, squirrels, monkeys, deer, and more. Your children will be delighted to see many creatures as they walk along this trail, as well as in a specific location surrounded by various wild animals. Visit the Rainforest Trail to see some beautiful wildlife and savor some natural splendor.

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4. Awesome Feeding: As the Siberian tigers at the Lost World Tiger Valley are fed, marvel at the rangers' expert handling of the beasts. You can also attend other feeding sessions involving raccoons at Ruby and Friends and tapirs and porcupines at the Petting Zoo. See Hyena, Crocodile, or Hippo being fed at the Hippo Kingdom, or Caiman and Binturong at Rainforest Trail. You will also have the opportunity to feed some animals while being closely monitored by park officials.

5. The Geyser Of Tambun: After exhausting hours of fun-filled activities at the Lost World theme parks, you may rest, unwind, and rejuvenate at the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa. The Tambun Geyser, which shoots thermal hot springs water 40 feet into the air, will leave you astounded. This amazing scene comes to life every hour, bringing a welcome surprise. For those who visit at night, it excludes a magnificent experience and provides a fantastic photo opportunity to remember this natural phenomenon forever.

6. Lights of Aiyanna: The Malayana tribe's enigmatic and mystical home, Luminous Forest, displays their values and way of life. You can find unique flowers called Lights of Aiyanna here, deep in Mother Sophea's forest. According to indigenous beliefs, they are created by Mother Sophea and have the power to wash away any negative emotions and thoughts from the minds of individuals who are seated beneath them.

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Places to Visit near Lost World of Tambun

Here is a list of some of the most popular sites near Lost World of Tambun that you must visit for a beautiful experience down your memory lane.

1. Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple: This is one of the highly revered temples near Lost World of Tambun that consists of beautiful Buddha statues and splendid figures of other deities. It also has a beautiful garden that is decorated with stone lanterns and pagodas.

2. Dr. Seenivasagam Park: Named after the politician and social worker Dr. Seenivasagam, this park offers a tranquil environment for the visitors as it is interspersed with greenery and recreational facilities. This park consists mainly of Japanese Zen garden; children play area, bike park, and a nursery.

3. Geological Museum: This museum has exhibits that display one fifty rock specimens and two hundred gemstones. It is divided into seven different zones that cover the geological heritage of Ipoh. You can also find exhibits that showcase mining activities over here.

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Places to eat in and near Lost World of Tambun

Get ready to have a scrumptious binge by relishing the flavorful treats at some of the best places to eat in and near Lost World of Tambun.

1. Skybar: This is a cozy and alluring upper deck bar that offers a breathtaking view of the geothermal lakes located in its vicinity. It offers an exquisite range of whiskey and beer that you’ll relish till the last sip. The refreshing signature cocktails and light bites over here are also a must-try.

2. Jeff’s Cellar: Located inside a huge limestone cave, Jeff’s Cellar is one of the most uniquely built restaurants in Ipoh. It offers an alluring dining experience by offering the most scrumptious cuisines. There is a huge garden surrounding the restaurant where the herbs are picked to cook food.

3. Foods Project: This is an extremely renowned café near Lost World Ipoh embellished with breathtaking interiors and warm hues. It offers a mix of Malaysian and other western dishes that taste sinfully delicious and mouth-watering. You can also enjoy the signature cocktails served over here that are packed with fresh flavors and refreshing taste.

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Places to Stay near Lost World of Tambun

Have a regal stay at these luxurious hotels near Lost World of Tambun.

1. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat: This is a luxurious resort located ten minutes stroll from Lost World of Tambun. Surrounded by tropical forests, this resort offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers all the modern facilities like an air conditioner, Wi-Fi, microwave, electric kettle, etc.

2. Travelland Hotel: This is a 3-star hotel that offers 24-hour room and front desk service to offer the guests maximum satisfaction during their stay. It has 14 air-conditioned rooms that are replete with all the modern facilities like a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom. 

3. Lost World Hotel Sunway: Surrounded by lush greenery from all sides, this hotel is a heavenly retreat for the visitors who are in the lookout for tranquility and peace. It has laid back and modern rooms featuring tile or wooden flooring and some of the most splendid amenities like coffee making machines, TV, Wi-Fi, and geyser.

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Tips to Visit Lost World of Tambun

Here are some of the most important tips that you must keep in mind while visiting the Lost World of Tambun.

- You get a wristband at the ticket counter that is meant for a single entry. You must wear it all the time while you remain in this park. 

- You must not carry outside food or beverages in the park.

- You must comply with the safety rules that are displayed at each ride.

- You should not leave your belongings unattended as the management won’t take responsibility for your misplaced items.

- Weapons, glass objects, and pets are prohibited in the park.

- Children below 12 years of age can only get entry into the theme park if their parents or a competent person accompanies them.

- Carry an identity proof along with you while visiting this park.

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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Lost World Of Tambun
Relax in the hot springs

Relax in the hot springs

The hot springs are the most unique feature of Lost World of Tambun. You can relax and unwind in the pools during the evening. The water of the hot springs is said to have numerous health benefits also. So get rid of all your skin problems by diving into its natural healing water.

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Enjoy the fun rides at Waterpark

Enjoy the fun rides at Waterpark

The waterpark of Lost World of Tambun offers some of the most exhilarating tubes rides like Tube Raiders and Cliff Racer. It also has a section for kids named Explorabay, where your little ones can enjoy smaller rides. 

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Kayaking and zipline at Adventure Park

Kayaking and zipline at Adventure Park

The Adventure Park of Lost World of Tambun is an ideal destination for all the adventure junkies who wish to try some of the adrenaline rushing sports activities like zip lining and kayaking. This adventure park has a one twenty meters long cable over Bonga Lake, where high rope courses and climbing activities are practiced.

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Lost World Amusement Park

Lost World Amusement Park

Offering a selection of roller coasters and rides, the Lost World Amusement Park promises incredible thrills. This park offers a terrific mix of thrills and enjoyment, from family-friendly rotating swing rides like Dragon Flights and Giddy Galleon to the exhilarating Lupe's Adventure, Perak's first-ever roller coaster, and Stormrider, a 180-degree swinging pirate ship. While the ride for little guests to have fun is Perak Parade. If you're up for some eerie adventures, there's even a haunted home, Haunted Chambers. Don't forget to take a trip on Adventure Express, which provides a quick tour of all the wonders of Lost World of Tambun!

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Lost World Water Park

Lost World Water Park

The Lost World Water Park offers various water-based thrilling and enjoyable activities that will help you beat the heat. While Explorabay is a kids-only area with kid-sized slides, Sandy Bay is a place where you may sunbathe and spend time with your family. Experience some thrill while going down water slides like Cliff Racer and Tube Raider. You could even go to the Adventure River, Malaysia's longest artificial adventure river, and float away while relaxing in a rubber tube! Catch some waves at Jungle Wave Bay and visit Malayana Rain Fortress, an island with exhilarating twelve water slides, to indulge in additional activities for water-based fun.

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Lost World Tin Valley

Lost World Tin Valley

The park has set aside an area to show visitors the skill of the past as a tribute to the significant tin mining history of Ipoh, The City that Tin Built. Learn about the art of tin mining and fascinating tin facts at the Tin History Walk, how tin was mined at the Tin Trail, and how tin was extracted at Dulang Washing. See how tin was transported by visiting the Tin Bearers, which features life-sized stone elephants. After you've had your fill of tin knowledge, head to Dulang Tea House for some local delicacies that former tin workers used to enjoy.

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Lost World Tiger Valley

Lost World Tiger Valley

The tiger, the national animal of Malaysia, is one of the biggest wild cats and a representation of valor, allure, and regalism. Visit the Tiger Valley in the Lost World of Tambun to have the chance to see these magnificent animals from up close. You can stop by this magnificent zone during the daily feeding sessions that take place at 3 pm and 4 pm to see how professional rangers at the park feed these giant and dangerous Siberian tigers. Observe in astonishment as these magnificent cats demonstrate their amazing power, agility, swimming, and climbing prowess.

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Lost World Petting Zoo

Lost World Petting Zoo

From exotic wild animals like pythons and hyenas and friendly giraffes and tortoises to naughty marmosets and rabbits, Lost World Petting Zoo offers a natural habitat to over 55 species of diverse animals. Offering various animal encounters, such as meeting the cheeky raccoon named Ruby, feeding carrots to cute rabbits, or being surrounded by feathered friends at Bird Paradise, the Petting zoo is a paradise for animals and birds lovers. You can meet Giraffe and his friends, camel, and zebra in their section, or explore Tarantula Alley to see a group of large arachnids. Don't forget to attend feeding sessions at the zoo or explore interactive stations in the Rock Canopies for some unique experiences.

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Lost World Adventure Park

Lost World Adventure Park

For groups looking for enjoyable team-building activities, this adrenaline-filled adventure park of the Lost World of Tambun is the best bet. Featuring various pay-per-ride activities, this zone offers fun and exhilaration, encouraging teamwork and leadership skills. while fostering collaboration and leadership abilities. The activities, which include ropes courses, abseiling, ziplining, kayak challenges, cave tunnel exploration, as well as glamping, can put your strength, stamina, and abilities to the test. Swan Lake even provides paddle boat rides for individuals who simply want to relax on a boat ride while surrounded by beautiful landscapes. While Lost World Adventure Park offers a stay in its Malaysia Floating Villas for those looking for some spectacular experiences.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Lost World Of Tambun FAQs

What is Tambun?

Tambun is the major town in Perak, Malaysia, known all over the world for its rich pomelo produce. This fruit was brought mainly from Southern China, and it adapted well to the ferrous soil condition over here.

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What is Lost World Of Tambun Theme Park famous for?

The Lost World of Tambun, known as a veritable wonderland, is a must-see for an enchanted adventure. It is more than just a theme park; it brings together incredible encounters and pleasant activities. With everything from a variety of activities and rides to an incredible spa experience and tiger spotting, Lost World of Tambun is well worth a visit for a family day out in beautiful surroundings. The dry zones here are an excellent spot to start your day before heading to the water park to beat the heat. Finally, with its numerous fantastic joys, the hot springs and spa may make your evening refreshing, rejuvenating, and memorable.

Can I get swimwear inside the Lost World of Tambun?

Yes, if you don’t bring swimwear along with you to enjoy the water rides, then you can buy swimwear inside the Lost World of Tambun.

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How many pools does Lost World of Tambun have?

Lost World of Tambun has many natural mineral hot springs as well as 12 hot spring pools dispersed throughout the park, each with its own temperature and offering a calm and refreshing spa therapy. The water in these pools contains minerals that are helpful to the skin.

Are there any rules for the Lost World of Tambun?

Yes, there are some of the rules that you must comply with while you’re at Lost World of Tambun. You need to comply with the dress code that has been set by the management for each ride. Children below 12 years of age can’t enter the park without their guardians. You get a wristband at the entrance as proof of your ticket. You need to wear this wristband till the time you’re inside the park.

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Are locker facilities available at Lost World Of Tambun?

Yes, lockers are available at Lost World of Tambun. They are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They are limited in number and on a first come first serve basis.

What should I wear in the Lost World Of Tambun Water Park?

When using the water slides and other attractions in the wet park zones, visitors must strictly follow their swimwear dress code. Wear swim attire made of nylon or lycra as these are the non-absorbent material suitable for swimming. Before using the water slides, you must take off your footwear and keep them in a designated location.

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Are stay facilities available in Lost World Of Tambun Water Park?

Yes, the Lost World Hotel is located just a few steps away from the Lost World of Tambun theme park. Offering spacious and cozy rooms and suites, a stay at this hotel comes with a complimentary breakfast buffet and two tickets to Lost World Hot Springs & Night Park.

Is outside food and drinks allowed in Lost World Of Tambun?

No, outside food or beverages are not allowed in the park, except for newborns or people with particular medical needs. A range of delectable culinary options are available on-site, including a cafe, tea house, restaurant, and lounge, where visitors can satiate their hunger pangs with tasty dishes. 

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Lost World Of Tambun Reviews

Ganesh Moorthy
Reviewed: 28 Nov 2019
Really good experience, actually park is not that much big compare to Sunway Lagoon. But we enjoyed a lot, especially My Kid and My Wife.
Gauranga Patel
Reviewed: 21 Jan 2020
It was Full of excitement and many activities to enjoy and superb facilities and rides. To those have kids definitely should experience this. Highly recommended!
Acharyasuta Khanna
Reviewed: 08 Jul 2019
This is my 2nd time to Lost World of Tambun and it is just a wonderful experience! My kids love the water activities so much and we have a great time together

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