Jalan Alor Overview

Jalan Alor is a unique food destination located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The streets of this place are full of old era construction, so you will not find any modern shopping mall here. It was initially known as a red-light district, and fragments of those activities still exist, but after various facelifts, the street is now called the heaven of food. 

Jalan Alor is the food mecca of Kuala Lumpur that is lined with seafood restaurants and hawker stalls. It is the favorite spot of food lovers, cultural enthusiasts and shutterbugs. This is also touted as one of the busiest food streets in the entire world where you can sample out a vast range of delicacies at the best price.

The history of the street is interesting in its own ways. What was once declared as a red-light area has now transformed into the most sought-after culinary destination for those who want to experience indigenous food at a cheap cost. The traditional verve that this place offers stands in direct contrast to the well-maintained and modernised tourist spots of Kuala Lumpur.

The street hawkers spread on both sides of the 500m expanse of this street, bringing a unique charm to the evenings. It also houses massage parlors and bars that further lure the visitors to come to this place.

All those who visit this place are in for a surreal euphoric experience, with the raucous vendors and the chatty and cheerful crowd. The shouts of the street vendors, flavours bustling from each corner and the action of the grills offer this place a unique vibe which you won't get in any other part of Malaysia.

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• Jalan Alor is the best food destination in Malaysia. You can thus experience the best culinary delight.
• The place is equipped with old-fashioned buildings to offer a glimpse of the retro culture.
• Various stalls are located on both sides of the store selling Malaysian food— offering you a plethora of unique taste dishes offered by local vendors here.
• If you want to taste the culture of Malaysian cuisine, this is the only place for you.
• Since most of the menu is in the Chinese language, you can also opt for English translation. It is done to keep tourists engaged. So, do not hesitate to ask for an English menu if you encounter a Chinese one.
• If you stay somewhere near the city center, you don’t have to worry about food as this street is nearby.
• Exploring the night market of Jalan Alor is a breath-taking experience as, at this time, you can get the best food on the street.

How To Reach

The street, in general, is highly accessible. One can take any of the following routes to visit Jalan Alor from the City Centr:

1. By Car: The distance from the City Centre to Jalan Alor is a mere 3KM, which comes up to about 15 minutes of driving at the maximum. One can safely and quickly reach the street by going north from the city Centre via Jalan Ampang for 350m and then continuing on Jalan Ampang to Kuala Lumpur for another 2KM to reach Jalan Alor.

2. By Train: Raja Chulan Station, Bukit Bintang Station and Imbi Station are the closest to Jalan Alor. You can find the Bukit Bintang station located only at a five minutes walking distance from Jalan Alor.

3. By Bus: You can opt for purple line and green line of Kuala Lumpur City Buses to reach Jalan Alor directly by bus.

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Best Time To Visit

Most of the shops at Jalan Alor are open in the evening, so you can visit this place in the evening and stay there till midnight. There are many shops available for 24 hours also; however, to experience the best food, pay a visit in the evening hours only.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Eat in Jalan Alor

The 500m street is lined with some of the fashion-sensitive establishments as well as simple eating joints that you must visit:

  1. Wong Ah Wah (WAW): It is the favorite joint of the locals, and you would find this place bustling with the crowd at all times to sample their best dishes. Some of the most popular dishes served over here are grilled chicken wings, satay and various noodles based dishes. They also have a number of risqué dishes for those who are looking for out of the box binging opportunities. The prime recommendations in this segment are the fresh frog and the crabs.
  2. Meng Kee Grill Fish: This is another favourite joint of the visitors as well as the locals alike. There is a sizeable proportion of the menu devoted to unconventional dishes, from the crab to the famed grilled stingray. In addition, they also serve amazing conventional fast food, from spring rolls to chilli prawns.
  3. Sister Drunken Chicken Noodles: This is another interesting joint, which is renowned for serving a wide range of noodle based dishes that are made using wine. This joint is also known for serving the best ‘wine chicken’ delicacy. The prices of the dishes are quite affordable, yet they offer great taste.
  4. Barbecued Chicken Wings:They are the best on the street. These are perfectly chargrilled wings and are one of the best foods you can taste on the road. They are cooked over a Smokey charcoal grill and cost you around $1.20 per wing. You will experience an explosion of flavors with each bite, and the smokiness from the grill will be perfectly infused inside the chicken skin.
  5. Char Kway Teow – This solid meal is a complete greasy plate of Char Kway Teow. You can buy a full plate for $3.10. The taste will be excellent and will satisfy your taste buds. It will be greasy and charred and will fully satisfy your stomach. The dish is healthier and cleaner.
  6. Oyster Omelet – You can enjoy a crispier version of fried oyster & egg. This dish has a subtle wok hei flavor and is dry, making it much tastier.
  7. Satay – Enjoy juicy chunks of meat on sticks. If you are in the night market of Jalan Alor, you should grab it. It will cost you $4.10 for ten sticks of satay. You can get a mix of meat like chicken, Beef, and Lamb. Every meat will taste different and will surely satisfy your taste buds. The meat will be chewy and juicy, and the fats will melt in your mouth as soon as you put a piece in your mouth.
  8. Coconut Ice Cream – In the warm and humid night environment of Kuala Lumpur, what can be more delightful than an icy sweet treat. You can get a vast range of ice cream flavors like Asam Boi, Gula Melaka, and Kaya, but the best one is Coconut Ice Cream. You can enjoy it in a cone with a single scoop, two scoops, a waffle bowl with three scoops, and a jumbo cone with three scoops.
  9. Fresh fruits – Grab favorite fresh fruits like rambutans, mangosteens, and other southeast Asian fruits. Most proprietors will offer you unusual fruit samples.
  10.  Healthy Hawker Carts – You can grab purplish Japanese sweet potatoes, which are steamed with skin, and grilled corn is sold. It is the best health food option.
  11. Dim Sum – Get the colorful handmade steamed dim sum in batches. They are sold individually.
  12. Sugar cane juice – You can enjoy the excellent stuff pressed inside the machine to take out the juice of the cane.
  13. Rojak – It is the fruit salad that is smothered in crushed peanuts and sweet and warm sauce. In this way, you can enjoy fruit salads in local flavors.
  14. Air Mata Kuching – Locals like to cool down with a sugary drink made from melon, longan, and sweet monk fruit.

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Places to Stay Near Jalan Alor

There are a number of luxurious hotels near Jalan Alor where you can have a lavish stay.

1. Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur: It is a luxury hotel that offers Deluxe Room as well as suites for a comfortable stay. This hotel offers all the basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, king size bed, geyser and television, which will make your stay even more convenient. - Distance from Jalan Alor: 1.2KM

2. Shangri-La Hotel - Kuala Lumpur: It is a great option for a luxurious and grand stay as it is known for its prolific services and top-notch amenities like a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and fitness centre. The sleek infrastructure, the poolside bars and the convenient amenities like 24-hour help desks, complimentary newspapers and telephones make your stay in this hotely truly memorable.

- Distance from Jalan Alor: 1.1KM

3. Hilton Garden Inn Kuala Lumpur: This is the best family-friendly hotel that is known for its luxurious offerings and spacious rooms. It has a café, a bar, a swimming pool and a deli for a grand stay experience. It also offers the best hospitality, which will make your stay wonderful.

- Distance from Jalan Alor: 600m

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Travellers' Tip before visiting Jalan Alor

1. Any prospective traveller should keep in mind the following tips before visiting Jalan Alor:

2. The street is at its busiest during the evenings. Therefore it is advisable to visit this spot during that time only, to experience the place in all its grandeur.

3. It is advisable to not begin with any risqué food on the street.

5. Always check the hygiene of the stalls before ordering food from them.

6. A lot of restaurants don’t have signs or even menus in the English language. However, one can very easily get through that difficulty by simply going to places where there are more crowds, and simply asking for recommendations from the servers or other customers.

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Point of Interest for Jalan Alor
Jalan Alor Street Art 1

Jalan Alor Street Art 1

Explore the colorful street life of Kuala Lumpur by visiting Jalan Alor Street Art 1 that is filled with colourful buildings that showcase the artwork of notable artists. Here one would find a lane called ‘waterfall’ that would momentarily make you believe you’re walking on the uneven bed of a shallow stream. It is one of the best places to spend a relaxing and amusing afternoon with friends.

- Distance from Jalan Alor: 160m

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Menara Kuala Lumpur

Menara Kuala Lumpur

Menara is the most popular landmark of Kuala Lumpur. It the tallest telecommunications tower in the entire world and offers a spectacular view of the city. The spindle-like apex of the gleaming tower is visible from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

- Distance from Jalan Alor: 2.4KM

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Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

It is the iconic Merdeka square where the union flag was lowered, and the Malaysian flag was first hoisted at midnight in 1957. There are a number of important historical structures located over here like the Royal Selangor Club, that was earlier meant to be a meeting place for colonial bureaucrats. It also houses the former National History Museum which for long housed a number of important historical artefacts. Tourists often visit the square to experience the tangible sentiment of historical importance and cultural strength of this country, that looms over it at all times.

- Distance from Jalan Alor: 1.9KM

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Tourism Board Alliances

Jalan Alor FAQs

What time does Jalan Alor open?

Most joints at Jalan Alor are open from 5 in the evening, until midnight. However, there are also a number of joints that are open 24 hours.

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What is the speciality food of Jalan Alor?

There is a lot of culturally indigenous food available for the food lovers to try at Jalan Alor. You can try the risqué food also over here like crab and octopus. The Chinese fast food cuisine is also quite popular over here. There are also a number of local coconut ice-cream joints that one must visit.

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Where is Jalan Alor located?

Jalan Alor is bustling street food lane located near Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

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