Camp5 Climbing Gym Overview

There are a number of climbing gyms in Malaysia, but Camp5 Climbing Gym has quickly risen to prominence. All the three locations in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur has all features, open floor plans, high ceilings, and a wide variety of climbing and bouldering walls. This ensures that customers of all ages and fitness levels can find a challenging and exciting workout here. Indulge in a rewarding workout with loved ones here as the numerous climbing routes will keep you occupied for hours. 

Since its opening in 2005, Camp5 Climbing Gym has rapidly gained a reputation as one of Malaysia's premier climbing facilities. Camp5 Climbing Gym has three convenient locations in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, each with convenient locations to climb, ample floor space, high ceilings, and a wide variety of bouldering and climbing walls to satisfy climbers of all ages and abilities. Get ready for an enjoyable workout with your loved ones; you can spend hours here testing your boundaries on the many climbing routes.

If you are in search of a new recreational activity and curious about bouldering and climbing, Camp5's helpful crew is ready and waiting to assist you at any time. Get your feet wet on the beginner wall course, and then work your way up to the more advanced routes as your skills improve. The social aspect of climbing is enhanced by the opportunity to mingle with other enthusiasts.

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• At the Camp5 Climbing Gym kick off the climbing activity with a one-hour guided experience.
• Learn the fundamentals of bouldering, including footholds, footwork, safe falls, as well as how to spot for your partner.
• Get started with a starter package that includes 5 day passes and trails through gears like chalk bag, belayset, shoes, and harness.
• Participate in The Lead Wall Course (LWC), to learn about lead climbing on artificial climbing walls, leading gear, fall factors, clipping, lead climbing, belaying, and falling procedures.
• Take a Lead Rock Course to learn the techniques and safety considerations necessary for leading climbs on bolted sport routes outdoors.
• Learn the fundamentals of anchoring, gear recovery, and single-pitch self-rescue, as well as how to use quickdraws, slings, and webbing.
• For the kids there is a Cicak club that makes children learn climbing that in turn develops balanced muscle development, motor skills and coordination.
• Know the basics of multi pitch climbing, including how to set up a belay station, how to abseil and ascend safely, how to tie advanced knots, and how to switch and block leads.
• Take a yoga and functional fitness class taught by a team of dedicated climbers, coaches, fitness, mobility, and yoga professionals who have created lessons specifically for the needs of climbers.

How To Reach

One Utama Branch

It will take 20 mins to reach the location by a car from the main city of Kuala Lumpur which is 15.7 km away.

Utropolis Branch

It will take 27 mins to reach the location by a car from the main city of Kuala Lumpur which is 22.4 km away.

 KL Eco City Branch

It will take 11 mins to reach the location by a car from the main city of Kuala Lumpur which is 5.4 km away.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to go to the Camp5 Climbing Gym is during the day time when the gym crowd is comparatively lesser on weekdays. That means 2 PM to 3 PM is the best time to come here to try your hand at bouldering and climbing. However, if you prefer weekends the best time to visit would be at 10 AM to avoid the afternoon and evening crowd.

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Other Essential Information

  • To register for this session, anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present.
  • All children under the age of six must have constant adult or older sibling supervision.
  • In order to participate, guests must sign a liability disclaimer form acknowledging that they understand the potential dangers involved.

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Restrictions and warnings: 

  • Due to the risk of injury, this exercise is not suggested for anyone who is impaired; Pregnant women, those with medical disorders (such as high blood pressure or epilepsy), and the elderly should not participate.
  • There is a strict policy against bringing in outside food and beverages.

Package for Business teams/corporates 

Climbing to great heights while clinging to flimsy grips is enough to bring even the most reserved person out of their shell! To this, you may add a variety of activities and friendly rivalry, and you have the makings of a fantastic team-building exercise and entertaining day.

Choose from one of their most popular plans, or let them create a custom itinerary just for you. They provide regular packages that include climbing for 1–4 hours and a catered supper and drinks from the Eat Well Cafe.


Friends, family, and kids of all ages are welcome at ABC Climbing, as it is designed for those new to the sport. Come to Camp5 dressed for activity, register with our staff, and get your 10-minute orientation and safety briefing. Climbing with friends and family of varied fitness and experience levels is now possible thanks to their specifically constructed Novice wall. Upon finishing the ABC's 10-minute orientation, climbers are given a free keycard that can be used to gain access, rent equipment, and begin climbing on subsequent visits with just a flash of the card.

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Hotels near Camp5 Climbing Gym 

One World Hotel

Amazing guest rooms and suites, as well as upscale Chinese cuisine, a spa, and an outdoor pool can all be found at this cosmopolitan hotel.

Royale Chulan Damansara

This Upscale 5 star hotel has everything you might want, including ice skating, an outdoor pool, and various restaurants.

Avante Hotel

The Avante Hotel is located near Camp5 gym, and it features an outdoor infinity pool and a rooftop deck in addition to its three restaurants and two bars.

Royale Chulan The Curve 

This is a high-end hotel which is located quite close to Camp5 Climb gym with perks including free buffet breakfast, 3 restaurants and a plush swimming pool. 

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Tips to visit 

  • Do not forget to bring your own set of toiletries and change of clothes. That is because if you stay in your sweaty workout clothes there can be bacterial infections.
  • Bring a locker padlock to secure your locker and the items inside them.
  • Carry your own towel to the Camp5 gym to avoid using someone else’s. 
  • Report to the gym wearing closed toe shoes for safety and comfort
  • Come dressed in your comfy gym attire.
  • Wear a comfy pair of socks that goes well with your climbing shoes. 
  • Make bookings in advance as the seats and spaces are limited.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Point of Interest for Camp5 Climbing Gym
Basic Wall Course

Basic Wall Course

The Basic Wall Course (BWC) is designed to introduce climbers of all skill levels to the sport. The BWC curriculum is designed for climbers who are either just starting out or who want to brush up on their skills, and it provides them with all they need to know to climb alone in Camp5.

You'll find out what gear is necessary for top-rope sport climbing, how to use it properly, how to take care of it, and how to keep it in good working order, as well as fundamental climbing safety procedures like knot tying, belaying, and using commands and buddy checks.

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Kicak Club for kids

Kicak Club for kids

Kids of all backgrounds and interests can find a supportive community at Cicak Club. Children have the option of attending any of the two weekly programmes. Climbing games are an integral part of each 90-minute practise. Each Cicak Club member is provided with their very own logbook in which to document their achievements.

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Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops

Camp5 provides year-round courses in addition to its regularly scheduled programmes and private coaching service. Climbing workshops are structured as a series of lessons that build on one another to help students improve their performance and technique on a certain climbing problem. They also provide workshops on a variety of related topics, such as abseiling, sports nutrition, work-at-heights rope safety, injury prevention, and recuperation, and route setting clinics for anyone interested in learning the art. You should sign up for any workshop that piques your interest as soon as possible because they are often one-time events led by our elite team of trainers, guest professional climbers, and industry professionals.

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Yoga and Functional Fitness Classes

Yoga and Functional Fitness Classes

The very act of climbing involves motion. Increase your climbing prowess and flexibility with the Camp 5 gym's functional fitness training, muscle strengthening, mobility, and yoga programmes. Climbing-specific fitness, mobility, and yoga workshops have been developed by a team of dedicated climbers, coaches, fitness professionals, and yoga instructors. However, climbing experience is not required to become a member and get the rewards. Newcomers and drop-ins are always welcome in these courses.

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Program for youth development

Program for youth development

Few activities offer the breadth of development that is intrinsic and integral to climbing, from motor skill development, problem solving, and self-confidence. The Youth Development Program targets these and other positive outcomes for young people. Beginning at age 6, when children can join the Cicak Club, we offer a structured path of ongoing training for kids of varying skill levels that lasts until adulthood. Climbing ability, strength, and endurance are constantly emphasised by our instructors, alongside goal-setting, injury prevention, and other sports-specific abilities.

New members are welcome to join the Cicak Club at any time during the year. Winter is from September to December, while summer is from January to June for Base Camp, Squad, and Youth Teams. A Try Out day is organised at the beginning of each season to get to know the potential new members. In order to participate in one of these teams, interested individuals must sign up on the designated Try Out day before the season begins.

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Camp5 Climbing Gym Reviews

Gautami Khan
Reviewed: 13 Aug 2022
I visited Kuala Lumpur with a couple of my friends and we decided to go indoor climbing at Camp5. None of us had any experience in climbing but it didn't seem to matter as the activity was entirely guided. We had an instructor to help us along, and we tried scaling a couple of walls of different hei... Read More
Jagatjyoti Pattnaik
Reviewed: 19 Aug 2022
With a few of my pals, I traveled to Kuala Lumpur, and we chose to go indoor rock climbing at Camp5. Since the exercise was totally directed, it didn't seem to matter that none of us had any prior climbing expertise.
Rita Butt
Reviewed: 03 Aug 2022
We thought our children would enjoy a lot at camp5 but we ended up enjoying a lot! We booked these tickets from thrillophilia and got amazing offers and discounts on booking. It really made our day.
Shivank Jain
Reviewed: 19 May 2022
Me and my brother had never heard of a climbing gym before, but this place is surely one of a kind. Thanks to Thrillophilia, both of us had a lot of fun doing the indoor adventure activities at Camp5. We even tried wall climbing and bouldering here.

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