Bukit Tabur Hiking Overview

Bukit Tabur is a 7.9 KM loop trail near Ampang, Selangor. It is a challenging trail that takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the top. If you love walking and hiking this area is for you. The place is famous for birding, and you can visit it anytime throughout the year.

If exploring the unchartered territories have always been your hobby, hiking in the Bukit Tabur in Kuala Lumpur is a perfect fit for you. You may call it a hidden gem of Malaysia and it is the favorite destination for hikers here. There are three main trails for hiking on the Bukit Tabur range - West, East and Far East. Out of these three trails, Western and Far Eastern parts are quite normal and is a perfect for the beginners to intermediate level hikers.

On the other hand, the Eastern trail is shorter, as compared to the other two, but is the most difficult one. It has more of the rocky terrain, which makes it difficult for the hikers, especially beginners and intermediate level hikers to walk on. So, it is recommended that if you really want to explore the eastern side of the mountain, you must be an experienced hiker and accompany a guide with you for your safety.

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• The 200-million-year-old landmark is known as the world's highest and longest formation of its kind.
• You can see the world’s only long and pure quartz ridge surrounded by lush green forest.
• The quartz ridge of Bukit Tabur is a unique geological site to visit.
• Tabur ridge here is a long and narrow series of karst hills where you can witness the high content of Quartz crystals.
• Since it is the only place in the world with such high-quality quartz, you can see quartz here varies from semi-opaque to whitish, with a shimmering effect.
• It is known as the hidden gem of Malaysia and is the favorite place for many hikers.
• The trek can be explored via three trails, i.e., East, west, and far east, each giving a wonderful experience to the hikers.
• You can see the beautiful Kuala Lumpur valley once you reach the top.
• You can easily capture a 360 degrees view of the surrounding countryside from the peak of the trek.
• You should go on this trek to get a mesmerizing view of the Klang Gates dam.

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