Breakout Overview

Breakout Malaysia is a unique experience of stimulating your brain in different spine-chilling game rooms based on real-life scenarios. At this place, you and your friends will make a perfect escape plan together by solving riddles and bringing out the instincts of a detective that lies within you. The experience in Breakout Malaysia improves teamwork and advances problem-solving skills.

Breakout Malaysia is the first real characters based escape room game operator in the world. This place includes role-playing strategies and characters to create fun and adventure for the visitors. The attraction started its operation at the two places in Malaysia, Avenue K, and NU Sentral Shopping Malls. But, it later expanded to different parts of the world, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Myanmar, and South Korea.  

Each room in Breakout Malaysia is created to have its own storyline, tasks, puzzles, and strategies that are required to be completed within 45 to 60 minutes. In each of the storylines, the players will initiate the quest by either being caged, trapped, or handcuffed. The players will then have to use their knowledge, skill, and teamwork to solve the riddles and escape the room with the clues given. These quests are introduced with characters to evoke analytical, decision-making, strategizing, and time management skills among the players.

The Avenue K Breakout Rooms offer five different games, like Post Mortem, Cerebrum, Chamber of Hocus, Project Fallout, and Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show. On the contrary, the NU Sentral Breakout Rooms provide access to seven quests, including Perpetual, Terraform, Dreadnought, The Secret of Hocus, The Testament of Tesla, and much more. Even the Melaka Breakout Rooms are worth experiencing.

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• Take part in the first-ever escape room experiences of the world with unique themed stories and challenges.
• Grab on the challenge to solve some mind-blowing puzzles in the various themed rooms of Breakout Malaysia.
• Bring out the inner detective in you with your friends and escape out of the room before time runs out.
• Enjoy the exciting team-building experience with your own group of friends for maximum adventure while you solve different mysteries.
• Choose from the different rooms, like Avenue K Breakout Rooms, NU Sentral Breakout Rooms, and Melaka Breakout Rooms, to experience the thrill offered by each room.
• Crack the mystery of murders before another attack at Post Mortem in Avenue K Breakout Rooms.
• Watch the identity of the man behind Mr. Oswald being revealed in Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show.
• Make your way out of the captivity and find your lost memory in the Project Fallout room.
• Go on a time travel to save the world in the Capsule.

How To Reach

The address of Breakout Malaysia is L2-16, Level 2, Avenue K Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50450. To reach your ideal destination, you need to either take the KLCC route or the way through Ampang Park. It takes you only a minute walk from KLCC to reach the Breakout Malaysia while the Ampang route will take about nine minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Breakout Malaysia remains throughout the year, but weekdays receive less crowd than the weekends. So, you can plan your visit to Breakout Malaysia accordingly as it remains open from 10 am to 10 pm.Moreover, it is advisable to visit the destination early in the mornings as you might experience a rush between 3 to 4 pm.

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Other Essential Information

Things to do in Breakout

1. Avenue K Breakout Rooms: 

- Post Mortem: In the latest game of Post Mortem, the city of Kansas was swayed by multiple cases of violent homicides that takes place inside the post office of the city. The mysterious murders have created confusion among the Special Crimes Unit and the investigators. Hence, you are one of the officers of the unit and you were tasked to crack the mystery before another attack.

- Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show: Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show involves a popular marionette named Mr. Oswald that is being performed by a mysterious puppeteer who does not reveal his identity in public. The puppeteer has promised to disclose his identity to a few lucky audiences. In this show, you will get a chance to watch the person behind Mr. Oswald.

- Cerebrum: If you are an adventure enthusiast, Cerebrum is a family-friendly quest in which you have to make your way out of the room after being kidnapped. You only have a few clues as you have forgotten everything besides some flashes of memories. It requires players to separate into two different groups and help their fellow person to come out of the room.

- Project Fallout: Project Fallout is the name of the weapon that is well-known for mass destruction. You woke one day and found that you lost all your memories, but some authorities are interrogating you about the weapon that you no longer have memories of. You eavesdrop on the authorities saying that you wiped off your own memory before their arrival. Now, you have to come out of their captivity and find your lost memory.

- Chamber of Hocus: Chamber of Hocus is the famous game in the Avenue K Breakout Rooms. In this game, a notorious criminal named Mr. Hocus uses magic for crime and leaves a message that says, “Hocus Pocus, can you find Hocus?” Now, you and your teammates have stumbled into the Chamber of Hocus to catch him once and for all.

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2. NU Sentral Breakout Rooms:

- Perpetual: The Perpetual is a quest for pro players in the NU Sentral Breakout Rooms. In this quest, you are required to help the world’s finest auctioneer to steal the priceless artifacts from its owner. After making a deal, you and your teammates have broken into the room successfully to learn the truth that lies behind the pretty story.

- The Testament of Tesla: In The Testament of Tesla, Nikola Tesla revealed his illustration of creating free energy for the world. But, he had to stop the operation due to the dominating influence of the oil and gas industrialist. The resources start to deplete, and the world plunged into darkness as Nikola secretly performed his operations. Now, you have got a will from your caretaker that contains information to bring light to humanity.

- Terraform: In this quest, your fundamental objective as a group of astronauts is to inspect and create a chemical equation that helps humans to breathe on Mars. While inspecting, your time went off for deep sleep for 3 months and then is woken by a sudden impact on your station. The unparalleled scenario has forced your team to evacuate while leaving the years of Mars research behind.

- Materia Medica: A hypnotic physician appeared in the village and was quickly famous for its medicines and healing abilities. As you are the previous top physician in the village, you want to know the secret behind his medicines. The Materia Medica is a quest to find out the information with your assistants to recreate the medicine created by the mysterious physician. 

- The Secret of Hocus: The Secret of Hocus is a scary game that is not suitable for weak-hearted people. In this game, you have got the Wand of Atropos while keeping a track of the slippery tracks of the criminal magician, Mr. Hocus. There are other two wands that possess immense power, and you have discovered that he has kept all his magical possessions in a secret theatre. That is why you and your teammates go to the secret theatre in hopes of ending his crime.

- Dreadnought: Dreadnought is the most popular quest in the NU Sentral Breakout Rooms. In this quest, the nation has started living on the Dreadnought due to the aftermath created by the catastrophic ice age that covered lands with water and diminished the human population. Every year, 20 people will be picked from there and transported to this land to spend their remaining lives. You and other people are now allowed to board the vessel to reach the safe land.

- The War for Rembrandt: If you are looking for a beginner-level game in the NU Sentral Breakout Rooms, The War for Rembrandt is the possible thing. This game gives you a mission to go to the secret station and invade thousands of artifacts of art and literacy and take them out with the help of the Nuevo Union. Although it is for beginners, it requires minor climbing from here and there.

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3. Melaka Breakout Rooms:

- Missing Case of Melaka: Missing Case of Melaka is one of the mysterious and scary rooms at Melaka Breakout. If you love to experience something horrifying, this place is a thrilling place to spend time trying to escape out of the room with your friends. The adventure in this room starts when you and your friends decide to have a fancy lunch at a renowned restaurant and ends after you escape the room.

- Section 13: Section 13 is a room of adventurous riddle that the guests need to solve before things get worst. The story of this room sets during the time of World War 2 when a secret society of the Russian military was performing mystical tests to make the soldiers powerful. This experiment went wrong and created havoc. Now, it is time for you to solve the problem.

- Capsule: The Capsule is an interesting room where you are tasked to break the hideout of the terrorist and retrieve the USB. After doing so, you can time travel with the time machine to stop the threat of overthrowing the government that is being performed by a group of terrorists. This room sounds very fascinating, but you need to wait until the construction is over.

- Wonderland: Wonderland is another upcoming attraction in the Melaka Breakout Rooms. The time in Wonderland has stopped flowing as you plucked the magical flower on your expedition to the tunnel. Now, it tasks you to save Wonderland by placing the magical flower on the magic stand. Hence, it is a family-friendly attraction that needs a little bit of crawling to solve this quest to fix time.

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Tips to Visit Breakout

- Take a special guide for the Escape Game Babies in Breakout Malaysia.

- Children below 13 years of age are required to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

- Reach the destination on time to avoid cancellation of your booking as late arrivals will affect the other sessions of the game.

- Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you may encounter slight physical obstructions on the way.

- Keep your personal belongings and shopping bags inside the locker that is provided in each of the rooms at Breakout Malaysia.

- Do not go inside some of the games if you are weak-heartened, pregnant, or have any disability.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Point of Interest for Breakout
Avenue K Breakout Rooms

Avenue K Breakout Rooms

Avenue K Breakout Rooms features only five rooms with 100 percent original storylines. These storylines vary in terms of difficulty, uniqueness, and unrepeated puzzles. For the escape room professional, it has post-mortem, which is family-friendly. It also constitutes a game called “Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show,” which is not for weak-hearted people. It is because it requires a bit of climbing and is very scary. There is another room for adventure enthusiasts named Cerebrum that is played between two groups having two to six players each.

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NU Sentral Breakout Rooms

NU Sentral Breakout Rooms

NU Sentral is the seven-themed escape room where you need to climb up to the mezzanine floor. It has Perpetual, the Testament of Tesla, and Terraform, a room for the pro players. It also has a room for adventure enthusiasts named Materia Medica and the Secret Of Hocus, which is not for you if you are weak at heart. Dreadnought is the best-selling breakout room of NU Sentral. It requires minor climbing and is also family-friendly. Each of these rooms provides you the original and unique storytelling, which differs based on the difficulty, uniqueness, and unrepeated puzzles. 

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Melaka Breakout Rooms

Melaka Breakout Rooms

Melaka Breakout Room is a four-themed Breakout Room in Melaka that provides you the opportunity to play some unique and new games. If you love a bit of horror, you can experience Missing Case Of Melaka. The room has an amazing storyline and requires your intelligence to escape from there. It also comprises Section 13 for the advanced players. This room is based on the events of World War II. To solve the mystery of this room, you need to be physically active. Another two rooms, Capsule and Wonderland, are not launched yet.

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Breakout Reviews

Biswajit Panda
Reviewed: 11 Apr 2022
My visit to the Breakout Escape Room with my cousins has to be the best experience in Kuala Lumpur ever. We went to the NU Sentral branch, which had more games and experiences. Everything here was top notch, and my favourite show would be The Secret of Hocus.
Bhudev Reddy
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2022
We booked the tickets for this place from Thrillophilia at a great discount and we had so much fun, The Breakout Escape is a fun escape room experience, so if you're traveling with friends or a big group, it would be worthwhile to give it a shot. The scenarios are somewhat complex and well-planned,
Kiran Sewparsad
Reviewed: 11 May 2022
Me and my friends were looking for some fun thing for the weekend so while searching online we came to know about this great place and we booked our tickets from Thrillophilia and recieved an instant confirmation and The Breakout Escape is a typical escape room adventure, so if you’re visiting with ... Read More
Fatema Rexinewala
Reviewed: 28 Mar 2022
Visiting the breakout escape room was the most mysterious thing we did in Kuala Lumpur. We were so indulged in solving the puzzle that we didn't even realize when this 75 min got finished. We booked breakout escape room tickets from Thrillophilia and got amazing price discounts.

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