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Paragliding in Himachal

1. Bir Billing
2. Solang Valley
3. Khajjiar
4. Dalhousie
5. Manali
6. Kullu 

If you are looking for some adventure and exhilaration during your vacation, then go paragliding in Himachal Pradesh and experience the thrill of flying freely. Even though several other adventurous activities are there in Himachal Pradesh, no other activity will make your heart race like paragliding does. Describing the feeling in words is not possible because you will be rendered speechless the moment you take that jump from the cliff’s end. From Shimla to Solang Valley, innumerable options are there where you can embark on this thrilling sport.

Apart from the normal leisure vacation tours, you can choose to go paragliding in Himachal Pradesh and experience the much-required thrill. You can also choose Bir Billing for paragliding as it offers a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar ranges and the foothills of the mountains. If you are looking for a more peaceful and offbeat paragliding location, you can choose the Khajjiar location. So, choose your favorite location and get ready to fly high in the sky like a bird.
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24 December 2019
Thanks to Thrillophilia for providing such an amazing and thrilling package in Manali. It was really an awesome experience. The camps and amenities were fantastic. My friends and I enjoyed trekking with our guide Chetan bhaiya. He is very caring and nice guy. Our evening was well spent around a mesmerising bonfire and DJ music. It was like a treat for everyone. Food served was good. The splendour view of mountains covered with snow and enchanting waterfall rejuvenates yourselves like anything. Infact, river rafting was a chilling experience in the cold!! I would recommend others to try such wonderful camping and spend their time in the lap of nature away from busy and chaotic routine life. It is really worth enjoying!
"We loved each and every moment of the stay inside the camp. Raj Bhai the trekking guide is so friendly and warm person. the adventures and activities are all hastle free and memorable. anything and everything can be arranged on demand as per the request. the food and hospitality is impeccable. I would surely recommend everyone visiting Manali to try this package without a second thought. "
12 April 2019
Camp host, Raju and Pavan are both very good people. Camp was peaceful with simple yet delicious food and good activities as planned.
Thank you Thrillophilia for giving me to experience the thrill of MANALI. Thank you for wonderful hospitality & stay in Riverside camp . Raju Sir is awesome host, who fulfilled our all demands. Our trek guide is also wonderful person, polite in behavior, sorry can't recall his name at the moment. One regrets our paragliding is canceled due to bad weather condition's (or may be the reason for next time visit to MANALI???? ). If I Express my experience in one words it's just"Awesomeeee"
24 October 2020
Paragliding arranged by the team was done very professionally. All doubts about age and weight were clarified soonest. The paragliders were very good as well. Made our small kids feel very comfortable. Full marks to the thrillophilia team...
09 March 2021
Dreams Come True Paragliding - Time to Fly High and Capture all natural views through your eye. Remember it for your entire life. River Rafting - Enjoying the Beas River water flow with cool and chillness loaded fun activety. I booked both activity through thirllophilia. they took me at reaching point. Adventure begins. enjoyed very well. i suggest every to book activity through thirllophilia. Trust and safty. every thing went veryyy well as they mentioned. Thanks Thrillophilia By saravanan From chennai
The owner of the camp was most humble he helped me and made sure I didn’t face any issues he went out of the way to manage things it was the best experience I ever had
28 January 2021
Thanks to Thrillophilia for providing such an amazing and thrilling package in Manali. It was really an awesome experience. The camps and amenities were fantastic. My friends and I enjoyed. Dishu the man at the Camp and Manoj the manager both were very caring and nice guys. Our evening was well spent around a mesmerising bonfire and DJ music. It was like a treat for everyone. Food served was good. First time experienced the adventures of Paragliding and it will one of the best memories. Infact, river rafting was a chilling experience in the Ice - cold water !! I already recommend 2 of my friend groups to try such wonderful camping and trustworthy and caring nature of the staff. It is really worth staying , enjoying and a lifetime experience.!
21 December 2020
Good things never come easy, it was true in my case. To jump off the mountain you need to climb up to the spot first. So from the meeting point, you are taken to the jump zone. I was too excited and at the same time a bit nervous. But it happened quite good & I felt really good It was a lifetime experience and a tick on my bucket list. Would love to try it yet again! So was river rafting.. for a 9km stretch.. it was fun with all the water splashes.
"It was a great experience. We did everything we had been told. Staff was very supportive. It was a good pick. Go for it"

People Also Ask About Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Which are the best places for paragliding in Himachal?

    1. Bir Billing: Bir Billing is one of the best sites for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. Here, the take-off point from where you will start the rush is located at the height of 8200 ft above sea level. At such a height, jumping off the cliff and then opening the parachute for floating in the air is a lifetime experience. You can clearly see the panoramic beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges covered with snow, the wide and lush green covered fields towards the foothills of the mountains, and the several streams and rivers flowing through the canyons.

    Bir Colony, Bir, Himachal Pradesh
    Price: INR 2000 per head (approx.)
    Timing: 9:30 AM to 4 PM

    2. Solang Valley: 
    Another amazing spot for paragliding in the Himachal is Solang Valley. In recent times, this valley has become a hotspot for paragliding where you will definitely have a lifetime experience. Here, you can take off from two points situated at two different heights. If you want to take-off from the higher spot, you will need a gondola to reach there. Regardless of where you are taking off for paragliding, you will be able to marvel at the entire Solang Valley along with the river flowing nearby.

    Location: 14 kms from Manali, Himachal Pradesh
    Timing: 9AM to 4PM
    Price: INR 1600 per person (approx.)

    3. Khajjiar: Since Khajjiar is an offbeat location, it should be there on your list if you want to experience the majestic views of the snow-capped mountains. Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh is itself quite breathtaking. And when it comes to Khajjiar, the sensations become more intense.
    With a backdrop of the Kailash ranges and the lower Himalayan terraced green fields, the view is simply majestic. Also, since Khajjar is located at quite a height, you can feel the rush of the chilly air even during the summer season.

    Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
    Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM
    Price: INR 3000 (approx.)

    4. Dalhousie: 
    Dalhousie is one of the amazing places where you can opt for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie is a small town, sitting hidden amidst the huge mountain ranges. Even though it doesn’t offer numerous sight scenes, you can have a lifetime experience by flying from a height of 5000 feet in the air.
    You can catch glimpses of both the Dhauladhar Ranges and the Kailash Mountain. Besides, you will be able to glide through the narrow mountain passes, trailing above the small rivulets flowing underneath through the canyons. Paragliding is done only under the supervision of experts, and hence, there is nothing to worry about.

    Manali, Himachal Pradesh
    Price: INR 2500 (approx.)
    Timing: 10AM to 4 PM

    5. Manali: The next best spot for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh is Manali. Even though it's quite a populous town with a large Tibetan market and several temples, you wouldn’t get tired of the adventure level this town has. And, one of the most nerve-wrecking, thrilling activities you can do is paragliding.
    Dhobi is the main take-off point, and it’s located at 8000 feet above sea level. While you will be in the air, you will have the chance to marvel at five colossal mountain peaks in the Middle Himalayan Range. Besides, you can also enjoy the green-clad Kullu valley and watch the Beas River as it winds around the foothills.

    Dhobi Fly Point, Himachal Pradesh
    Cost: INR 3000 (approx.)
    Timing: 9 AM to 4 PM

    6. Kullu: 
    Gliding in the air at the height of 6300 feet above sea level is an unforgettable experience that Kullu has to offer. With your heart racing a million times per minute and adrenaline pumping through your veins, you are going to enjoy paragliding in Himachal Pradesh from Kullu valley the most. While you will be in the air, you can catch some of the exquisite views of the Pir Panjal range, the Pong Dam, the lush Green Kullu Valley, the Friendship Himalayan Ranges, and the Dhauladhar Range.
    Apart from these places, you can also catch a glimpse of the wide Solang valley and the town of Manali. Ten minutes will be allocated for you to remain in the air, after which you will have to land on the ground in Solang Valley.

    Location: Gulaba, Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh
    Timing: 11 AM to 6 PM
    Price: INR 3000 (approx.)
  2. What is the best time to visit Himachal for paragliding?

    If you want to enjoy paragliding in Himachal Pradesh to the fullest without any restriction or cancellation issues, the best time will be the summer season. March to June seems to be the perfect time for an exclusive Himachal paragliding tour. On the other hand, if you want to discover the winter beauty of the state, September to December is the perfect time for paragliding.
  3. What is the approx cost for paragliding in Bir?

    Usually, paragliding in Himachal costs between INR 1500 to INR 4000. It depends on the location, the terrain's difficulty, and the area to be covered in the air. Since Bir is one of the most popular sites, the usual cost is around INR 1800 per person. However, these charges are subjected to change over time. 
  4. What to wear while going paragliding?

    Your overall attire will play a very important role in paragliding in Himachal Pradesh as heavy layers will add more weight. So, put on light layered clothes with a wind protector in front. Ensure your dress is such that no hindrance is caused during the loading or unloading of gear from your torso.
  5. Is there any weight limitation for paragliding?

    Yes, indeed, there is a weight limit when it comes to paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. Usually, the weight limit ranges from 80 kilograms to 95 kilograms per gear used at the activity club. Stronger gears can even handle a weight of up to 105 kilograms. So when you calculate the weight, it will include your body mass and the weight of the apparel you are wearing.
  6. Is there any age limit for paragliding in Himachal?

    Age limit is applicable in almost all the spots for paragliding in Himachal. For example, for Manali, any person above 14 years can try the activity, while in Bir Billing, the age limit is kept between 16 to 45 years. Also, remember that sometimes, paragliding in the Himachal cost will depend on the age group.
  7. What are the important things to remember while going paragliding?

    Always heed the instructions given by the professional.
    Do not open the parachute while still being on the ground.
    Use the airflow to glide across.
    Be prepared to feel the immediate hit of the air after you jump.
    Wear light but warm clothes with less complicated designs.
    Sneakers or boots should be worn to avoid slipping.

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