Birding Tours in Karnataka

Karnataka is home to many wildlife spread out in the Western Ghats and their jungles, amidst the lush green flora. This is an ideal place for Birding tours in Karnataka, Nature and wildlife enthusiast and is a photographer’s delight. Nowhere else can you find myriad colorful birds flocking about in their natural Habitat. Take a bird watching tour with your family or in a group with friends, with interested and novice kid photographers who will have a great informative and educative tour with able professional photographers and parents to guide them in this journey.


One of the best places to see these birds are at the Bannerghatta National Park. There are birds of all kinds and you can spend all day clicking for that perfect picture. Take a Wildlife Safari at Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve and try and witness some of the 300 species of rare and unique birds making this trip worthwhile for all bird lovers. Enjoy a night stay at K Gudi Wilderness camp near Mysore to witness some wildlife during the morning or night Jeep safari or go on a nature bird watching trail. You can also stay at the Blackbuck resort in Bidar near Honnikeri Reserve Forest and watch some amazing nature at play.


Besides Bird watching in Karnataka and photography, you can enjoy some nature trails and heritage monuments in the vicinity too. You can also stay in Bison River Resort in Dandeli and besides taking part in the water activities in the Kali River, keep an eye out for all the river side species of birds and wildlife. Keep your camera handy, there are plenty of activities and fun lined up for parents and children too, that makes it worth your while.

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