Birding Tours in Uttarakhand

This northeastern state of India is a place where fables and myths live to this day, wrapped in everyday life and customs. Uttarakhand is the land of mountains and little towns teeming with lush greenery and modern life, lakes, forests, and holy peaks that have long been a part of Hinduism. Uttarakhand sees tourists from all over the world because of its connection to spirituality and nature. One of the best nature-related activities you can do here is watch birds. With the best birding tours in Uttarakhand it is home to some rare and exotic species of birds that live and thrive in the state’s forests. Most of the bird watching tours last over a few hours everyday, and all you need to do is escape to this beautiful land over a period of two to three days. A weekend is all you need to see some amazing birds in Uttarakhand.


One of the most famous birding tours in Uttarakhand can be undertaken at the Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve, where you can stay in the Quail Birding Lodge, situated near the hamlet of Pangot. As the name suggests, this is a place people specifically visit to bird watch. You can hop on a jeep and go deep into the jungles where you can watch some of the exotic species of birds that reside here. You can also take forest walks here, among the deodar forests and rhododendron. Some of the other tours you can take in Uttarakhand to explore the place are by staying at the Timbered Walterre Resort in Dehradun, jungle safari and night stay at the Rajaji National Park, paragliding at Spring Birds in Nainital, staying at the Corbett Riverside Resort in Nainital, visiting Camp Kyari at Syat in Nainital, go for a wildlife experience at Tiger Resort at Jim Corbett, stay at Shinura Nature Retreat in Dehradun etc.

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