Adventure Sports in Dharamshala

Strategically located Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh which was a peaceful and sleepy village for several years after independence grabbed international headlines when it became the refuge of Dalai Lama, after he escaped from Tibet. The bustling town today has become a place of tourist interest for Buddhists and knowledge seekers of its ancient scriptures as there are several temples and museums here with artefacts and manuscripts that were brought here from Tibet. Famous for adventure sports in Dharamshala as much as it is for Buddhism, every year after the summer season, enthusiasts converge in the hills to explore paragliding, hiking and cycling tours. Paragliding may be exciting for some and scary for some but no one can deny the beautiful aerial view it gives of the surrounding valleys around Dharamshala. The gliders take the jump from strategic location at 2500 feet and fly across azure sky and clouds to land on a green valley.

To get a real time experience of Dharamshala’s beautiful landscape and atmosphere it is best to travel across its villages and towns. A trek to Dharamkot that houses Gaddi tribes-people will give insight into the lives of people in this part of the world and continues on to Bhagsunag temple. The Jalsu Pass trek takes tourists through an explorative trip across Dhauladhar region to enjoy its natural beauty and fascinating landscape. The trek starts from Talai and extends for four days as hikers move across Palampur, Kothrud, Paprola, Jalsu, Parai, Kharli, Surai, Nayagaon and ends at Lakha Mata Temple. The beautiful Kareri Lake trek is across green hills and colourful birds unique to the region. The trek starts from Ghera village and moves across unexplored parts of the hills to Kareri Lake that is located 40 km north of Dharamshala. Visit this abode and embark on the best adventures in Dharamshala to enjoy the time of your life, especially by considering Himachal Pradesh holiday packages that offer a comprehensive experience of this stunning region.

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