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    Trekking in Maribetta

    Maribetta is a perfect weekend getaway around Bangalore. It offers a rejuvenating break from the cacophony of the urban life. The landscape is marked with numerous rocky hills, and atop one of the smaller hills is the Durga temple, hence the name Maribetta. In the local language Mari means Durga and Betta is hill.

    To visit the temple situated at a height of 1200 feet, one needs to trek through the rocky terrain, slopes, thick vegetation, and almost barren land. You pass through majestic monolithic rocks. The view from the top of the valley is grand, you feel surrounded by gigantic monolithic peaks. You move on a straight path to reach the valley where the Temple stands.

    The other arduous Trekking Trail leads you through the narrow valley, rocky slopes and thorny bushes. The climb on this route is quite steep. However, reaching the summit, you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the valley down and the surrounding areas.


    State: Karnataka

    Exact Location: Maribetta is located close to Kanakpura on Bangalore-Kanakpura highway.

    Nearest Town: Bangalore

    Distance from Bangalore: 55 Km

    How to Reach: You can drive your own four-wheeler or ride your two-wheeler to reach the destination. You can also hire a taxi from Bangalore to reach the base of Maribetta.

    Other Info

    Other Attractions in the Vicinity

    Ramadevarabetta: Its a massive rock cliff located at the outskirts of Kyatsandra, which is situated at a distance of 70 km on the Bangalore-Tumkur road. Standing tall at 3,900 ft, the terrain of the hill is formed of the densely wooded slopes. Atop the hill is a small cave temple dedicated to Lord Ram, and thus the name of the hill. From the summit, the view is spectacular.

    Kanakpura: Famous for its silk and granite, Kanakapura is located in the Ramanagara district. Its situated near Bangalore. The major attraction of Kanakapura Taluk is the confluence of the Arkavathy and Kaveri Rivers. 


    Best Time to Visit: All year except during monsoon season.


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