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About Nature Adventure Camp

Planning to escape from Bangalore for a weekend filled with exciting fun-filled activities or looking for a place where your employees can bond over adventure activities? Look no further than Nature Adventure Camp. Located around 60 kilometres from Bangalore, the camp is one of the best places to enjoy an exciting retreat.

The location of the camp, near the pristine Hosadoddi Lake and Bananthimari Forest area, is the perfect place for adventure and nature lovers. The campsite has hundreds of activities in well-designed itineraries that are customized to meet your requirements and budget. It has outdoor and outbound training facilities that not only let you enjoy challenge yourself but also learn new survival skills. These include familiarising you with adventure gear techniques, first-aid, and CPR training.

Have fun as you spend time in activities like trekking, cave exploration, rope & climbing activities, mud games, high rope traverses, boating, etc. These are not all; there is a vast range of indoor games as well to keep you engaged. After spending hours having fun, you can enjoy a campfire and dinner bonding with your mates.

Nature Adventure Camp’s team will personalize your package extending it up to three days. All these packages include food and other necessary facilities. People especially love staying in the rustic outdoor tents as they camp under the starry skies. You can also bunk up with your friends in the dormitories here at the camp.

How to Reach Nature Adventure Camp

Nature Adventure Camp Kanakpura is located around 60 kilometers from Bangalore and around 95 kilometers from Kempegowda International Airport. You can go via NICE Bangalore Mysore Expressway from Mysore Road, Alur Venkata Rao Road, and Mysore Road. From here. proceed via Kanakpura Road to reach the camp. Cabs are easily available on this route, or you can choose to self-drive.

Best Time to Visit Nature Adventure Camp

It is best to visit the camp during the monsoon or during the colder months of July to March. This is beacuse most of the activities at Nature Adventure Camp are held outside and require a considerable amount of physical exertion. These months let you enjoy the activities without getting too fatigued.

Other Essential Information About Nature Adventure Camp

New Adventure Camp, Tholasidoddi, Kanakpura, around 60 kilometres from Bangalore.

There are two options of stay that you can choose from. Choose from staying in outdoor tents (on a sharing basis) or stay in the dormitory here, which offers bunk beds.

Meal: The meals offered to vary as per the package.
- A day out the package: 1 Breakfast (vegetarian), 1 Lunch (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and Hi-tea.
- Stay package: 1 Breakfast (vegetarian), 1 Lunch (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), Hi-tea, and 1 Dinner (vegetarian and non-vegetarian).

Packages Available at the Nature Adventure Camp

Option 1- Day out the package
This package allows you to spend a full day at Nature Adventure Camp with your friends and family.

- Timings:
Check-in time is 9:00 am and check out time is 6:00 pm.

- Food inclusions:
1 Breakfast (vegetarian), 1 Lunch (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and Hi-tea.

- Activities:
You will enjoy these activities in the Day out package:
- Trekking
- Rain dance
- Cricket
- Beach volleyball
- Tug of war
- Badminton
- Low rope activities
- Football
- Foosball
- Table tennis
- Dart games
- Chess
- Carom
- Archery
- Access to the camp’s swimming pool

- Itinerary:
The itinerary during your day-long stay will be:
9:00 am: Check in to the camp
9:15 am: Enjoy a vegetarian breakfast
10:00 am: Start the activities
1:30 pm: Enjoy lunch, with the option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
2:30 pm: Resume the activities
5:00 pm: Hi-tea
6:00 pm: Check out from the camp

Option 2: Stay package:
The stay package allows you to stay at the camp overnight as you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and indulge in extended activities during your stay.

- Timings: The check-in time is between 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (Day 1) and checkout time is 11:00 am (Day 2).

- Food inclusions: 1 Breakfast (vegetarian), 1 Lunch (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), Hi-tea, and 1 Dinner (vegetarian and non-vegetarian).

- Activities:
You will enjoy these activities in the stay package:
- Trekking
- Rain dance
- Cricket
- Beach volleyball
- Badminton
- Tug of war
- Archery
- Foosball
- Table tennis
- Dart games
- Chess
- Football
- Low rope activities
- Access to the camp’s swimming pool
- Campfire

- Itinerary:
The itinerary during your two-day stay at the camp will be:

- Day1:
- 11:00 am to 12:00 pm: Check in to the camp and relax
- 1:30 pm: Enjoy lunch with an option of choosing from vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
- 2:30 pm: Start the various activities and rest
- 5:00 pm: Hi-tea
- 5:30 pm: Resume the activities and rest
- 8:00 pm: Enjoy a campfire (common for all)
- 9:30 pm: Enjoy dinner, with the option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
- 11:00 pm: Campfire ends

- Day 2:
- 6:30 am: Tea/ Coffee
- 7:00 am: Trekking
- 9:00 am: Enjoy a vegetarian breakfast
- 9:30 am: Enjoy indoor activities in the camp and rest
- 11:00 am: Checkout

Activities to do at Nature Adventure Camp

Nature Adventure Camp promises to keep your enthralled with a huge range of interesting activities that are sure to make your adrenaline rush. These activities range from climbing activities, water activities, infrastructure and scenery, trekking & cave exploration, high rope traverse, mud activities, and indoor games.

1. Climbing activities:
- These activities are designed to challenge your climbing skills as you defy gravity while performing them.
- These include rappelling/ abseiling, wall climbing, spider web climbing, and jummering.

2. Water activities:
- Nature Adventure Camp is edged along the Hosadoddi Lake, which is the perfect location for a number of exciting watersports.
- Water activities here include splash landing, zip-lining, kayaking, old-school coracle rides, swimming in the lake.

3. Trekking and Cave exploration:
- Nature Adventure Camp is surrounded by the Bananthimari Forest area, which houses wildlife and rock formations. This offers amazing nature trails and trekking opportunities.
- Enjoy the 5-kilometer long hike to the top of Devara Gudda hilltop in the forest range area.
- Take long nature walks amidst the lush green bamboo forests.
- Explore the hidden caves in the area.
- Rejuvenate and relax alongside the natural springs here.

4. 360-degree high rope traverse:
- Hone your precision skills as you enjoy the high rope course here at Nature Adventure Camp.
- The camp offers eight different levels of high rope traversing techniques.

5. Mud activities:
- This activity is sure to take you back to your childhood when you challenged your friends and had fun in the slush.
- Enjoy fun activities like mud kabaddi, mud volleyball, and the mud obstacle course run.

6. Indoor activities:
- Enjoy indoor activities like table tennis, dart games, chess, carom, puzzle games, foosball, etc.

7. Other activities:
- There are plenty of other interesting activities to choose from like rain dance, campfire, paintball, cricket, beach volleyball, badminton, tug of war, football, etc.

Things to Carry at Nature Adventure Camp Kanakpura

- Waterproof tracksuits
- Raincoat
- Light sweater
- Windcheater
- Extra pair of clothes
- Sunglasses
- Water bottles
- Sunscreen
- Mosquito repellent
- Mobile phone charger
- Powerbank for charging
- Personal toiletries, most important being sunscreen
- Personal medicines
- Waterproof shoes
- Sport shoes
- A pair of open sandals or slippers
- Liquid cash as there are no ATMs nearby
- Cotton T-shirts and loose trousers
- Bluetooth speaker
- Waterproof backpack

Facilities Provided at Nature Adventure Camp Kanakpura

The facilities provided at nature Adventure Camp include:

- 24 hours of uninterrupted water supply
- Western-style washrooms with hot water for men and women 
- Open-air and spacious dining area
- Gazebo
- Lounging space facing the lake
- All the meals are served as a buffet
- Campfire circle
- Indoor games like carrom, chess, puzzles, table tennis, darts, etc.
- Huge ground for outdoor activities
- Amphi theatre with step-style seating and viewing gallery
- Dormitory-style stay with bunker beds
- Tented accommodation for an outdoor camping experience

Things to Remember while Visiting Nature Adventure Camp Kanakpura

Make sure to follow all the instructions during your stay at the camp, especially during the activities: 

Maintain a cordial environment with other people staying at the camp.

Don’t litter and only dispose of in bins

The activities might change as per the weather conditions.

Be kind towards nature.

In case of any damage to the property at the camp, the user will be held liable and requested to bear the cost.

Don’t consume alcohol during activities.

No outside food and beverages are allowed.

You will be required to sign an indemnity bond at the time of registration.

Carry your personal toiletries and medicines with you.

While there is ample lighting at the camp, you can carry emergency lamp or torch with you.
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People Also Ask About Nature Adventure Camp

  1. What is the expected check-in and check-out time?

    For the Day Out package, the check-in time is 9:00 am and check out time is 6:00 pm. For the stay package (overnight), the check-in time is 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (Day 1) and checkout time is 11:00 am (Day 2).
  2. Am I allowed to carry outside food and beverages?

    No, carrying outside food is not allowed at Nature Adventure Camp. You will be provided with breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, and dinner (only during stay package) at the camp.
  3. Do I need to carry a swimsuit?

    Yes, you need to carry a swimsuit with you. At the camp, you will be engaged in activities like splash landing ziplining, kayaking, coracle boating, and swimming in the river.
  4. What kind of stay is provided?

    You can choose between two options of stay available. One is a dormitory-style stay option with bunker beds. Or you can opt to stay in outdoor camps to get a night camping experience.