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  • Penang, a fascinating fusion of east and west, offers you modernity while retaining its tradition. Penang reflects the colourful heritage of its many races. Penang offers you best designed temples, lush tropical gardens and unique heritage buildings. Go for these things to do in Penang and cherish the time of your vacation.

    A few hours spent in Escape Park and you will escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. Jump from tree to tree like a monkey, feel like an ape on the rope walks and feel like a cave explorer. It’s a great place where you are not too old or too young to have some fun.

    Beat the heat of tropical Georgetown at Penang hill which is 830m above sea level. There is as much beauty in the journey towards Penang hill as there are incredible views from the top. Choose hiking and embrace the nature at every footstep you take toward the Penang hill.

    Here are some of the best things to do in Penang:

  • 01Penang Hill Train

    Image Credit :  Marufish
     The Penang Hill Train or Penang Hill Funicular Railway is a rail service that helps people travel to the top of the Penang Hill that holds a marvelous scenic beauty. The Funicular Railway was remodeled and re-opened in 2011.

    Image Credits : Marufish

    Highlights: Rapid Penang bus 204 is the only bus service that takes people to the Penang Railway Station. This bus service starts from Penang Jetty and crosses Esplanade to reach KOMTAR bus station and at last Penang Hill. During this route the tourists can also view the big temple at Kek Lok Si.

    Location: Penang Hill Train is situated in Air Itam, Penang Island. There is a walking route of 5 Km which starts from Botanical Gardens and reaches the top of the Penang Hill.

    Best Time: First train at 6:30am, while the last train at 11:00 pm on all days.

    Price: Adult- 3RM, Children- 3RM and different prices for students and senior citizens.
  • 02Escape adventure play Theme park

    Escape Adventure play is one of the finest theme parks in Malaysia. This wonderful amusement park was opened for the public on 7th November, 2012. Its Escape Water play has been recently launched and consists of superb water rides. The whole area is filled with interesting adventurous activities that would suit the preference of adults as well as kids.

    Highlights: Monkey Business, Flying Lemur, Kite Flyer and Tubby Racer are some of the popular activities in this Adventure Park. Monkey School and Tot’s Trail are the preferred locations for kids. There are numerous eating joints and recreational centres in the area that makes it a fun experience.

    Location: Escape Adventureplay Theme Park is situated in Teluk Bahana an area in Penang, Malaysia. People can access the bus service Penang 101 & 102 for reaching this location.

    Best Time: 9am- 6pm on Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Monday.

    Price: The ticket prices vary for families, school groups and corporates.
  • 03Penang National Park Hike

    Need to explore the nature in its pristine form? One surely has to visit Penang National Park which is spread across 2,563 hectares. This national park was officialised in April 2003 and consists of lowland forests, sandy beach habitats and some open coastal seas. The hike trail in this area is counted as the best activity. It mostly starts from Teluk Bahang and covers the hilly terrain that can reach up to a height of 75 metres.

    Image Credits : Santo Chino

    Highlights: During the hiking session one can visit the fishing village, Pantai Kerachut and even Muka Head which are the prime locations that possess natural marvels.

    Location: This National Park is situated near North-western Penang Island. The park entrance is located at Teluk Bahang which is approx. 30 minutes from Georgetown.

    Best Time: 7:30 am- 6:00 pm on all days.

    Price: One needs to register at the park office where they can access various services like camping, bird watching etc at different prices.
  • 04Adventure Zone Theme Park

    The Adventure Zone is an excellent family entertainment arena for children and adults. This Theme Park is built in a 10,300 sq ft indoor facility that includes family-style activities for teens and adults to interact in a safe environment. The area is air-conditioned and consists of three categories of exciting drop slides. Moreover, there are multiple sections of modular play equipment. The guests can easily access other facilities like a reception area, toddler zone, retail and snack counter and kids club.

    Image Credits : phalinn

    Highlights: There are a number of daily activities which are especially planned for the entertainment of the guests. The people are advised to wear socks when they are on any play equipment. Long sleeves shirts are advisable when using any of the slides.

    Location: Adventure Zone Theme Park is situated in Golden Sands Resort, Penang, Malaysia.

    Best Time: 10am-7pm.

    Price: Children- MYR 48 nett for half-day package (Resort guests). Adult entry is free.
  • 05Georgetown Heritage walk

    Image Credit :  phalinn
    Georgetown is the capital of the Malaysian island Penang. This region was an important trading hub and till date it consists of a number of Chinese shop houses. Georgetown has developed into a modern city which is still wrapped in its culture. The Georgetown Heritage Walk is a wonderful way to explore the various attractions of the city. A self-guided tour would help the tourists experiencing the beauty of this area in the best of forms.

    Image Credits : phalinn

    Highlights: During the Georgetown Heritage Walk one can visit the famous marvels like Leong San Tong Khoo Mansion, Kapitan Kelling Mosque, Pinang Peranakan Mansion and even the Town Hall. This area is a blend of culture and tradition that would surely impress the tourists.

    Location: Georgetown is located on the north-eastern corner of the island Penang.

    Best Time: Georgetown Heritage Walk can be availed anytime but the day hours would be the best to view the landmarks clearly.
    Price: No fee
  • 06Penang Food Tour

    Image Credit : phalinn
    The island of Penang is famous for its street food destinations. Penang Food Tour is an amazing way to help the tourists explore a number of native cuisines. It takes almost a day to savor the regional delicacies that are famous in Penang. This is basically a group tour that is best suited for families and friends. The tour would help you relish Penang Lobak, the Appoms and Kuihs which are the top dishes of this region.

    Image Credits : phalinn

    Highlights: The tour package includes all food and drinks. Shopping expenses and alcoholic beverages are excluded from the package. The visitors would be introduced to the best local street food in Georgetown and surrounding areas. One can also experience the back lanes and off the beaten tracks of this area.

    Location: Meeting point is CIMB Bank at Prangin Mall.

    Best Time: Dinner Tour- 5pm to 9m. Brunch Tour- 9:30 am- 1:30 pm.

    Price: RM160 per pax.
  • 07ferry ride to Butterworth

    Image Credit : YGX
    The ferry ride from Penang to Butterworth and vice versa is one of the best services in the area. The ferry terminal at Georgetown is the main junction from which you can board the boat to Penang. Older styled silver coins are accepted for accessing this ferry ride. The tourists can use the kiosk for acquiring the right amount of change.

    Highlights: This ferry ride to Butterworth is a wonderful experience as one can view the lovely beaches and other interesting locations. This sea transport is fun if you are travelling with your friends and family.

    Location: If you are on Penang Island, then the walkway from the ferry port would guide you to the Rapid Penang Jetty Bus Terminal.

    Best Time: The first ferry from Penang to Butterworth leaves at 05:40 am and the last one at 01:00 am (night).

    Price: Adults - 1.20 MYR and Children (5- 12) 0.60 MYR.
  • 08jet-skiing

    Image Credit :  Nikita Kashner
    Penang Island is considered as a perfect holiday destination for beaches and other outdoor activities. Water sports are quite popular in this region and have attracted tourists from all across the globe. The coastal path close to the Penang Bridge is the main region where people can access jet skiing services. Riding a jet ski is a fun experience which is filled with adventure. The tourists are offered proper training before they initiate their ride.

    Image Credits : hannaneh710

    Highlights: The Batu Ferringi beach is the main location where one can easily find jet-skiing service. There are other activities such as horse riding, volley ball, beach scooter etc which makes this area an excellent entertainment spot.

    Location: Tanjung Bungah, Batu Ferringhi, Penang Island.

    Best Time: The tourists must visit this area during the day time for riding a jet-ski. At night, there are chances of high tide which might spoil the fun.

    Price: The jet-skiing cost is $60 ringets for 15 minutes.
  • 09parasailing

    Image Credit : Ashley The Hoff
    Parasailing is one of the famous water sports available in Penang Island. If you are a brave soul, then this adventure sport is for you! The beach area is the main hub where the tourists can find various points where this service is offered. The experience of riding in the air drawn by a motor boat is unreal. One is offered proper training before he/she is asked to sail in the open sky.

    Image Credits : Em and Ernie

    Highlights: The best part about parasailing is that, one can preserve this memory with the help of a mounted waterproof camera. This option is readily provided by the various parasailing services present on the coastal front.

    Location: Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang Island is the perfect place for this adventure sport.

    Best Time
    : The evening time is the perfect moment for accessing this service. Avoid windy days for parasailing.

     Price: RM70 - RM100 depending on the size of the parachute.
  • 10deep-sea fishing

    Image Credit : drbertdelgado
    The water bodies near Penang Island are utilized for a number of sports and other outdoor activities. Most tourists who travel to this region search for a convenient fishing spot due to the availability of fresh water. Deep sea fishing trips in Penang can be accessed if you have the perfect contacts. There are trip boats available for tourists who are fond of fishing.

    Highlights: Penang Angler's Paradise is one such service that offers interesting fishing boat trips for the tourists. One can enjoy the lovely scenic beauty of Malaysia during these deep-sea fishing quests.

    Location: This service can be accessed near the Tanjung Bungah Batu Ferringhi stretch.

    Best Time: Apart from the monsoon season, deep-sea fishing can be practiced easily anytime of the year.

    Price: Deep sea fishing costs RM539 (min 8 adults) for 2 days with 1 night on board the fishing boat. There are other packages also depending on the number of members and tour duration.
  • 11cycling

    Image Credit : dioz_wk
    The island of Penang is a wonderful area for cyclists who wish to explore interesting areas ranging from hills to beaches. The tourists can rent bicycles from the local dealers. This is indeed a useful service to visit the famous landmarks easily. The Round-Island Route is tagged as the best stretch for cyclists.

    Image Credits : nocibomber

    Location: Most of these cycling services are available in the capital city of Georgetown.

    Highlights: Off-road cycling is popular in this region. Around 80% of the bicycles sold in Penang are mountain bikes. These machines are the best to visit the coastal foothills of Gertak Sanggul and the Waterfall Gardens. Moreover, the 25 km ride till Teluk Bahang is famous for its seaside presence.

    Best Time: Early morning rides are counted as the best time for cycling.

    Price: One can rent a bicycle in Penang which is available for the whole day. The prices vary for each agency.
  • 12Kek Lok Si Temple

    The Malaysian island of Penang is famous for some interesting marvels. KekLok Si Temple is situated in Air Itam and has a sea facing location. This Buddhist temple is considered to be the largest religious structure in Malaysia. There are around 10,000 statues of Buddha present in this temple. This landmark is one of the top visited places of Penang.

    Image Credits : ydcheow87

    Location: KekLok Si Temple is situated 3 km away from the Penang Hill Station.

    Highlights: Since this temple is built at the foot of Air Itam Mountain, it offers a lovely scenic view. There are number of shops available in the vicinity that offers a variety of souvenirs. The best part about KekLok Si Temple is its architecture that is quite amusing. There are flower gardens and fish ponds in the temple complex that makes this area serene.

    Best Time: The best time to visit the temple is during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

    Price: 2 MYR.
    Penang Tour in Malaysia

    Penang Tour in Malaysia


    h16 HourslPenang

    Starting from


  • 13Penang Interactive Museum

    Image Credit : phalinn
    Penang Interactive Museum is one interesting place which should be visited by every tourist. This particular landmark is special as it has everything related to Penang. One can gather information related to the famous personalities along with the Malaysian culture and cuisines. This museum is rich in offering a large variety of paintings and interactive art pieces which would surely stun the audience.

    Image Credits : phalinn

    Location: The exact location of Penang Interactive Museum is in George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

    Highlights: Penang Interactive Museum is a unique destination that has a 20-foot long handmade jetty waterfront. Moreover, the visitors can even check out interactive kiosks which are very impressive.
    Best Time: The museum is open throughout the year for the public. The best time to visit Penang Interactive Museum is during the day time.

    : The visitors need to make a reservation in order to experience the beauty of this place.
  • 14Batu Ferringhi Beach

    Image Credit : radiantjustice
    Batu Ferringhi is a popular town in Penang. The reason for its popularity is due to its seaside location. This region is popular for its classic hotels and tourist resorts. Golden Sands Resort and Shangri-La’s Sayang Resort & Spa have supreme facilities for the visitors. The sandy beaches are the main attraction of Batu Ferringhi. The tourists can access a number of beach sports and water sports in this region.

    Image Credits : Slilin...

    Location: Batu Ferringhi Beach is situated in North-east Penang Island.

    Highlights: The Batu Ferringhi Beach is well known for jet-skiing, parasailing, deep sea fishing and water skiing. The fish spa service in this area is very relaxing. Batu Ferringhi Beach has a wonderful climate that would surely people the visitor's mind & soul.

    Best Time: The perfect time to visit this area is in the evening when all activities are available for the visitors.

    Price: There is no visiting charge to enter this beach.
    Sightseeing from Taman Negara to Penang Island

    Sightseeing from Taman Negara to Penang Island


    d4 Daysn3 NightslPenang

    Starting from


  • 15Butterfly Farm

    Image Credit : Slilin...
    Malaysia is known for its superb natural habitats and one such location is the Butterfly Farm. The Penang Butterfly Farm is one of the popular tourist attractions spread in an area of eight-hectares. This sanctuary houses a large collection of butterfly species along with a variety of insects. There are around 4,000 butterflies that belong to more than 120 groups. The tourists can also check out a number of reptile species in this area.

    Location: The farm is situated at the foot of the Teluk Bahang hills.

    Highlights: The Butterfly Farm has a superb environment which is surrounded by beautiful plants and trees. There are a number of eating outlets in the sanctuary for the convenience of the visitors. This region is purely dedicated to the preservation of butterflies. Tropical Fruit Farm is also situated within this sanctuary.

    Best Time: 09:00 – 17:30 Monday – Friday; 09:00 – 18:00 Saturday & Sunday.

    Price: RM 27.00 per adult (13 years & above), RM 15.00 per child (4 years & above).
  • 16Penang Cruise Excursion in Malaysia

    Penang Cruise Excursion in Malaysia
    • h5 Hours
    • lPenang
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 6731249
    About the activity: 
    • Get a chance to discover Penange through a cruise expedition heritage sites, streets arts, traditional trades and Penang famous hawker foods by two-wheels.
    • This tour package is specially designed to cater for those visitors who wish to visit some George Town Heritage sites, streets arts, traditional trades and experience Penang famous hawker food by bicycle.
    • The tour would covers 5-6 heritage sites, 1-2 traditional trade visit,pass-by streets arts and stopover for 2 famous hawker food stalls.
    • The entire bicycle tour takes about 3.5 hours. It is a well recommended tour, especially, for those visitors who want to maximize their explorations in George Town in short period of time.
    • Understand the Straits of the Chinese Clans Jetties and their living lifestyles and visit the venue where dragon boat races were held.
  • 17Penang Cruise Excursion-heritage Cycling Tour

    Penang Cruise Excursion-heritage Cycling Tour
    • h4 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • lGeorge Town
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 6731249
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in this amazing cycling tour in Penang.
    • Reach the start point at around 8 AM and complete the Immigration formalities.
    • At around 8.30 AM start your cycling tour and visit the Chew Jetty, Cheah Kongsi and its street arts.
    • Enjoy a lip-smacking Indian breakfast at around 10 AM, continue your journey and visit Sri Maha Maramman temple, Hock Teik Cheng Sin temple, Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh, Hong Kong Shoes Store and the Rice Hawker stalls.
    • At around 12 PM, visit the Fort Cornwallis and head back to Swetteham Pier Port, concluding your tour at around 12.30 PM
  • 18Amazing World Studios Penang Day Trip

    Amazing World Studios Penang Day Trip
    • h8 Hours
    • lGeorge Town
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 4022549
  • 19Danai Spa Facial Therapy in Penang at Malaysia

    Danai Spa Facial Therapy in Penang at Malaysia
    • h1 Hour
    • lPenang
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 5616
    About the Activity:
    • Rejuvenate your self in a luxuriously decadent spa experience at Danai Spa in Penang featuring mediation labyrinth, Malaysian bath and garden jacuzzi.
    • Seek the soothing pleasure with Danai Spa and go on a experience that will transport you to a peaceful place! 
    • Experience the 60 minute detoxing facial therapy with various techniques and distinct in nature.
    • Refresh your self  in the various facial therapy like glow basic facial and luminous advance integral facial.
  • 20Experience Danai Spa at Penang in Malaysia

    Experience Danai Spa at Penang in Malaysia
    • h2 Hoursh15 Minutes
    • lPenang
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 5616

    About the Activity:

    • Rejuvenate yourself in a luxuriously decadent spa experience at Danai Spa in Penang featuring mediation labyrinth, Malaysian bath and garden jacuzzi.
    • Seek the soothing pleasure with Danai Spa and go on a experience that will transport you to a peaceful place like never before. 
    • Experience the blissful healing massage with exclusive facial treatment that brings out your most radiant qualities of your skin.
    • Refresh yourself with the various spa packages  like Favorite Treats and  Simple Radiance.