25 Things to Do in Penang 2021 (Starting from ₹302 Only)
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Penang is an amazing city to visit and the best things to do in Penang includes various activities including sightseeing, adventure activities and various others. Malaysia is a country which hosts millions of tourists throughout the year. Penang is a major city of Malaysia and hosts the majority of those tourists. It is a major tourist hub of Malaysia as there are hundreds of things which one can do in Penang. The city has had a very rich history due to which, over the course of time, some outstanding monuments and places have been built in the city. The Fort Cornwallis is one of the top historic monuments of Penang. It has long served in the protection of the city and one gets to learn a lot about the Malaysian history by visiting the Fort Cornwallis. Since Penang is a coastal city, it has several beaches in the city. Beaches of Penang are the main attraction for the people visiting Malaysia. One gets to witness few of the best beaches on the planet in Penang. One can just lay down and sunbathe in the perfect beaches here.

The added advantage of visiting the beaches in Penang are the water sports activities available here. Parasailing is the most sought-after water activity in Penang. One is tied to a parachute and the other end of the rope is tied to a speedboat. The speed of the speedboat makes the person tied to the parachute go up in the air and one feels as if they are flying. Penang is an animal-friendly city and therefore one can find quite a few national parks and sanctuaries here. People from all over the country come to Penang in order to observe the different species of animals in Penang. Penang is a beautiful city to visit and one should visit it at least once in their lifetime to explore the best things to do in Penang.

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The spice garden was a good thing to do in penang and we enjoy the amazing view of the Straits of Malacca
One of must visit museum in Penang Most of the exhibits are interactive and play-able, it was really fun.
We had beary cuddly fun in the Teddyville Museum and also we took pictures with life sized teddy bears. We had heaps of fun.
Really a great experience to use the hop on hop off bus in penang! We get to discover many places and it is also cheaper compared to using the normal bus.
This is a private museum showcasing decorative glass work and Some beautiful glass arts was therr.
As an animal lover, it was a perfect 2 hours we have spent there. They had an ample variety of animal species and plants.
I booked from Thrillophilia and It was my first experience in glass museum. Enjoyed the glass related sessions , and the staffs are friendly.
This place is rich with the history of the Music in Penang. Even if you are not a music lover. You must visit this place. The local guide here gave me very interesting facts about this place that I did not know before.
Amazing theme park with different rides, slides and games. A full day of fun loaded activities with a lot of excitement.
It helps in saving a lot of money plus it is the easiest way to reach the hotel, as a vehicle is available once you stepped outside the airport.

People Also Ask About Penang Things To Do

  1. What are some of the must do things in Penang?

    Penang amongst the most toured city of Malaysia. It is a beautiful city and is filled with some outstanding tourist attractions. There are many things which one can do in Penang but the must do things here are:

    • Sightseeing- Penang is an amazing city to visit and it has some outstanding places which attract tourists from all over the country. Batu Ferringhi is a must for every person visiting Penang as they can do almost everything here. Clan Jetties is a connection to the rich past of Penang. The place is the perfect spot for fishing in the city.
    • Temples- Malaysia is a country which is very religious. This religiousness of theirs is reflected in the city of Penang as well. Penang houses a number of temples. The Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple is a temple which makes sure that the people who visit it find their spirituality. Kek Lok Si is another temple which is very famous here. It is not just a temple as it speaks volumes about the history of the city.
    • Beaches- Penang is a coastal city, therefore, there are a lot of beaches located in the city. People from all over the world come to Penang in order to enjoy the amazing beaches located in the city.
  2. What all water sports activities can be done in Penang?

    Malaysia is a country which is known for its beaches and since Penang is a coastal city, it houses a number of them. Due to its proximity to water, the city offers a number of water sports activities. In fact, water sports activities are very common in Penang and people visit the city in order to try them out. The major water sports activity available in Penang are:

    • Snorkeling- It is the most convenient activity as one does not have to depend on any external help for snorkeling.
    • Parasailing- It is by far, the most thrilling water activity because while carrying it out people feel as if they are flying.
    • Jet Skiing- The experience of jet skiing is unparalleled. One feels as if they are riding a bike on water.
  3. Where can I learn to cook traditional Malay Cuisine in Penang?

    Malay cuisine is something which people do not generally get anywhere except for Malaysia. But after trying the cuisine once, one is sure to be in love with it. The flavors of the cuisine are stunning and one would feel bad for people who have not eaten Malay cuisine ever. The people of Malaysia are very friendly. They do not mind sharing their skills of cooking. Penang is a city which has many places where one can learn to cook the Malay cuisine. The best places to learn the traditional Malay cuisine in Penang are:

    •    Nazlina’s cooking classes
    •    Jawi House Café Gallery
    •    Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine
  4. Which are best places to go for Danai Spa in Penang?

    Spas are a very common go-to place for the residents of Penang. The city has numerous spas built in the city. People in Penang go to spas in large numbers. These spas help one get relaxed. It is the perfect detox one needs before going back to their normal life. It helps one’s body get calm so that they can start their work again rejuvenated. Danai Spa is the best spa which is available in Penang and there are many places in the city where one can avail its services. The best places in Penang where one can go to Danai Spa are:

    •    Hotel Penang
    •    Eastin Hotel Penang
    •    Tanjung Bunga Park Penang
  5. Which are must see beaches in Penang?

    Malaysia is a country which has a long coastline and therefore the country is filled with beaches. Penang is also a coastal city, hence it houses quite a few of the beaches Malaysia has. Penang is known for the stunning beach it has. The white sand and the turquoise blue water are the perfect combination in a beach one could ask for. There are several beaches in Penang where one can just relax and do water sports activities. Few of the must-see beaches in Penang are:

    •    Batu Ferringhi Beach
    •    Tanjung Bungah
    •    Teluk Kami Beach
    •    Pulau Kendi
    •    Gertak Sanggul
  6. Which are must visit attractions in Penang during sightseeing trip?

    Penang is a lovely city with numerous places which attracts tourists. The must-visits in Penang during sightseeing trips are:

    • Kek Lok Si- Kek Lok Si is a very popular Buddhist temple located in Penang. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Tourists swarm the temple every year as it is the ideal place to visit to find one’s spirituality.
    • Penang National Park- The Penang National Park is home to a variety of species of animals. Many people visit the national park to experience the wildlife in Penang.
    • Upside Down Museum- The concept of the Upside Down Museum is very interesting as it is a museum of optical illusions. There are not many places in the world where one can find such a place.
  7. Can I take Trishaw tours in Penang? Where can I find them?

    Trishaw tours are the pride of Penang. It is the most convenient way to tour the city as one gets to understand the culture of the place as well while touring it. Trishaws are very famous in the city and tourists generally do opt for this tour only. One can find trishaws everywhere in the city, although the best places to tour on trishaw are City Hall, Fort Cornwallis, etc.

  8. Where is the ESCAPE Theme Park in Penang? What are the different activities there?

    ESCAPE Theme Park is the most exciting place to visit in Penang as people can do several dangerous and exciting activities here. ESCAPE Theme Park is located in Jalan Teluk Bahang. The theme park has many rides and every ride are better than the other. The most famous ride of the ESCAPE Theme Park is the slide. There are many more rides in the park like the 50 m platform jump, rope balancing, and the likes.

  9. Where is The Orang Utan Island? What are the timings and cost?

    Penang is a city which has been blessed by some outstanding tourist spots. Orang Utan Island is one of them. The island receives thousands of tourists every year and is a major tourist attraction. The highlight of visiting the island is its journey. One has to reach the island by boat. Orang Utan Island is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm and it costs approximately $8 to reach the island.

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