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  • Honeymoon could be more than a one- time affair in life. Romance should live forever and you got to keep that fire burning. Life itself is such a romantic term. We get so busy at times that we forget the little joys of life are still awaiting our attention. 

    We forget that as kids we had more time to spend around things we loved. We should try nurture the child within us in every possible way because there is no better reason to celebrate life otherwise. 

    Plan your next travel with your better half to relive the love that is purely organic and young in itself. Push yourself out of the boardrooms and look around you. The refreshing ‘air of desire’ is in the cards and it is ready to adorn your senses.

    We have thus charted a plan for a rejuvenating honeymoon in Santorini. To make things easier for the worked- up minds, we have listed the best of Santorini for you. 

    Right from hotels in Santorini to honeymoon villas in Santorini to places of interest; we have tried compiling bits and pieces of this ancient Grecian town in our own tiny way. 

    This place surely has the essence of a ‘lover’s den’. A picturesque Santorini Honeymoon could be a motivation to fall in love all over again. 

    Live a cinematic romance in a classic way, after all honeymoons are more than just special. And a honeymoon in Santorini could be your chance to add that little spice to your regular routine.Click Here Now:- Greece Tour Packages All Inclusive

  • Most Romantic Stays In Santorini

  • 01The svelte ‘Smaragdi’

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    This family run hotel located near the Perivolos Beach, Santorini, is a confluence of classic beauty with a contemporary outlook. It surely is one of the most romantic Santorini Honeymoon hotels. The owners of the hotel believe in the influence of art on a traveler’s mind. 

    Therefore, the hotel has minutely taken care of the interior and exterior designs. The traditional Cycladic architecture gives you a sense of belongingness to something so old yet futuristic.

    Distance from the nearest airport: This undoubtedly is one of the good Santorini hotels to look for. It is located 10 Kms away from the airport and the taxi ride would cost about 20 euros.

    Location: The town of Perissa

    Things to do: You could walk by the sea and cross this long beach of Perivolos, which surely attracts a lot of footfall every year. A well maintained and an organized beach, Perivolos gives you every reason to celebrate togetherness. The stretch begins at Perissa and runs up to St. George. 

    At this location, you could enjoy various watersports, go for shopping or simply relax at one of the beach side food joints. The black pebbles all over the beach gives Perivolos an exotic touch.
    You could also check out the town and get lost in the tiny lanes of Perissa.

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  • 02Anastasis Apartments

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    Your Santorini honeymoon could rekindle the love residing in your heart in the most luxurious fashion. The stay in Anastasis Apartments could leave you longing for more such holidays every now and then. This property is located on the outskirts of Imerovigli village. 

    Floating on top of the cliffs of the Caldera, Anastasis Apartments reflect passion and splendor. The sweet smelling premises of Anastasis is here to linger in your heads for the longest time. The splendid view of the sea down the cliff will leave you spellbound for moments during your stay in this romantic property thus making your ‘Honeymoon Santorini’ a cinematic success.

    Distance from the nearest airport: It is located 10 kms away from the Santorini airport.

    Location: Outskirts of Imerovigli. 15 to 20 minutes of walk would take you to the mainland of the village.

    Things to do: You could go sailing, go explore the Skaros Rock, go curio shopping, go chilling in the pubs around, watch the sunrise and the sunset, calm down your nerves and listen to the sounds of a mystical town.

  • 03Aenaon Villas In Santorini

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    What comes to your mind when we mention ‘honeymoon villas Santorini’? Spacious white colored villas in a dream like location. Aenaon villas in Santorini are exactly this. The category has six types of villas:

    Kallisti, Zanetti, Anezina, Feggari, Elida, Marily. Marily is the largest of them all. All these villas are well churned out in the most eclectic manner with private balconies. Some of these villas also have private pools. Aenaon Villas are picturesque and there are no two thoughts about it.

    Distance from the airport: 10 Km from Santorini Airport

    Location: Imerovigli

    Things to do: Imerovigli is not as happening as Fira. But there is a lot to offer. You could go sailing, swimming, go shopping in the local markets, rent a bike and explore the village, stare at the sunset while you lounge by the sea.

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  • 04Artemis Villas

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    Live your honeymoon king size. Splurge on an exclusive stay at Artemis Villas. The studios and the traditional suites are the sweetest things to live in on your Santorini honeymoon. At Artemis, one cannot miss the panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic islands of Megali Kameni.

    Distance from the nearest airport: It is located 10 kms away from the Santorini airport. 20 minutes- drive approximately.

    Location: Set in the mainland of Imerovigli.

    Things to do: Go Sailing, check out the Skaros Rock, go shopping in the local markets, pub hopping, rent a bike and explore the village, visit the churches in town, enjoy uninterrupted views of the Old Castle, Oia, Thirassia, Akrotiri and the sunset while you spend your time in Santorini.

  • 05Celestia Grand

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    The name of this romantic hotel is true to its nature. Every bit of Celestia is grand and thoughtfully created for its guests. Couples could book the superior Santorini honeymoon villas with private pools at Celestia Grand. This property is situated in a prime location and is easily accessible.

    What to expect in terms of amenities?

    - Sun kissed decks, Well designed, spacious and highly functional rooms, A clean rejuvenating pool, Uber class villas with private pools and balconies.

    - Special villa amenities like wine and fruits on arrival, buffet breakfast at your doorstep, hydro massage bath tubs etc. etc. And everything that one can dream of while on a honeymoon in Santorini

    Distance from the airport: 5 kilometers from the airport, Celestia Grand is well located and very well connected.

    Location: Mind blowing location. You are not very far from the heart of the town and you have access to every bit of Santorini in the best possible way. Celestia Grand is on the Fira-Megalochori Road.

    Things to do: Roam around Fira and witness the entertaining night life of Fira. Renting a local ride could be fun. Visit the nearby famous calm beaches. Enjoy the sea and take a photo walk across the town. Drink some local wine and savor the traditional Greek cuisine. Enjoy a romantic candle light dinner on the edge of the Caldera Cliffs.

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  • Budget Honeymoon Hotels In Santorini

  • 06Antonia Hotel

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    Traditionally done modern rooms with private balconies with great views of course, is what Antonia Hotel has to offer at a reasonable price. One of the decent Santorini honeymoon hotels located in the town of Fira, is a favorable option if you are looking forward to a holiday that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

    Distance from the Santorini airport: 5.4 Km from the airport. Easily reachable.

    Location: Antonia is one of the superbly located Santorini hotels in Fira. If you want a fair priced yet comfortable stay in Santorini, check into this hotel for a great value for money deal.

    Things to do: Rent your own ride and go visit the popular beaches of Santorini. Capture the White beach, the Red beach, Monolithos the family beach. Spend a day in the local museums. Take back souvenirs for your friends. Relish the Mediterranean cuisine. Rest your nerves with therapeutic massages.

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  • 07Boathouse Hotel

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    Boathouse Hotel is a major Landmark on the Kamari beach. Santorini honeymoon villas are definitely a costlier affair and if you are searching for a simple comfy stay on this invigorating island, you could conveniently slip into one of the budget hotels in Santorini. 

    Boathouse Hotel is one such location which can be undoubtedly booked for your stay in this town. Every room of this hotel is traveler friendly and is aesthetically bedecked with solid Greek interiors. The honeymoon suites are colorful and pristine.

    Distance from the Santorini airport: 6.5 Km from the airport. Just a 15 minutes ride from the airport.

    Location: Kamari is a well- known beach in Santorini. Not very far from the main hub of ‘Thira’, the beach town of Kamari is a great location to explore. Boathouse Hotel at Kamari lends an extensive travel guidance to its guests.

    Things to do: Take a walk down the beach. Try the seafood in one of the beach restaurants. Drink the rustic local wines. Visit a museum, sunbathe or relax inside your suite with breathtaking views of the sea.

  • 08Santa Elena Hotel

    Image Credit :

    An old family property turned into a swanky new budget hotel, Santa Elena, is an ideal rest house during your ‘Santorini Honeymoon’. This place is in the midst of vineyards and has a gorgeous infinity pool and well- maintained fountains. The garden of Santa Elena hotel, with its lovely flowering plants of different kinds, leave a mesmerizing effect on the visitors.

    Distance from the airport: 5.1 km from the nearest airport.

    Location: Nestled in Kamari. This magical experience called Santa Elena is very close to the   long beach of Kamari.

    Things one can do: Check out the beaches of Santorini, hire a bike and travel like a native. Drop by the wine museum, check out the white and blue churches, enjoy the barbeque in the evenings, the main hub of Santorini is just a ten minute drive, local food in Santorini uses mostly organically produced raw materials so you could relish the Greek cuisine with all your heart. 

    Do not forget to photograph the Cycladic architecture that prettify this city. White cubic houses and blue domed churches make the perfect frame for a brilliant picture.

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  • 09The Dahlia and Jasmine collection by Angel Studios

    Image Credit :

    As the name suggests, this is one of the unbelievably enticing budget hotels in Santorini, which is thoughtfully put together on the theme of lovely flowers like the roses, Persian pearl, jasmine and other pretty names. The palette used for each room is inspired by the flower it is named after. 

    Pretty pastels, light colored linens, high ceilings, eclectic designs, warm lighting makes The Dahlia and Jasmine collection one of the well churned out Santorini honeymoon hotels.

    Distance from the airport: 4.1 km from the Santorini airport

    Location: It is located in Fira and is just a ten minute walk from the city Centre. This hotel is conveniently located and can be easily reached without much of a hassle.

    Things to do: Go clubbing in Fira. Santorini is known for its safe nightlife scene. Take long walks through the colorful vibrant town to check out the local markets. You cannot miss to taste the Greek wine. And also the interesting food that the place offers. This volcanic island has a lot to give, you just need to embrace your senses to keep up the pace.

  • Luxury Honeymoon Hotels In Santorini

  • 10Lilium Villa Santorini

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    Is a first class luxury on your Santorini honeymoon really important to you? There are no two ways about it. You got to check in to the Lilium Villas to feel special. Honeymoon suites with private hot tubs overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea, clear view of the volcano, sun decks to keep you warm and cozy and pristine white villas at the Lilium, Santorini, awaits you.

    Distance from the airport: 4.4 km from the Santorini airport which is connected to Athens further. There are no roads that connect Santorini islands to Athens. So either you take a domestic flight from Athens or hop onto a ferry to the volcanic islands of Santorini.

    Location: Lilium Villa is a brilliant property on the edge of Caldera, 2.5 km from Fira. The sunsets here look like an event never seen before.

    Things to do: The main town of Fira is nearby. Take a walk and understand this white and blue settlement in its truest form. Shop fabulous Greek Art and Wine. Try the Keftes or kofta by the street. Rent a car and visit the nearby beaches.

  • 11Iconic Santorini, A Boutique Cave Hotel

    Image Credit :

    Santorini honeymoon is an enduring beauty. It is remarkably timeless and transports you to a land of fantasies and dreams. When you stay at Iconic Santorini, you cannot feel lesser than a dream yourself. It feels like a moment of trance. These Greek styled residences at Iconic are carved into the Caldera cliffs and every suite has its own charm and flavor. The stay at Iconic Santorini is worth the price you pay for the indulgence.

    Distance from the airport: 7.5 km from the Santorini Airport

    Location: Residing at the Imerovigli village, Iconic is a boutique cave hotel perched from the volcanic Caldera wall with a grand view of the Aegean. It is set in a time which is inexplicable.  

    Things to do: View the Cycladic architecture around you. Meditate and calm your nerves in this tiny village of Imerovigli. Walking is the best way to explore this area. You cannot overlook the sight of the vast sea and the Caldera. It is an unending sight when in Santorini. The native wines and beers and gastronomy give you more than one reason to rejoice your trip ‘Honeymoon Santorini’.

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  • 12Pezoules of Oia

    Image Credit :

    Honeymoon Santorini is incomplete without travelling to the scenic village of Oia, one of the ancient settlements of Thira in Cyclades Greece. Pezoules of Oia, a luxury boutique hotel, is minimalistic yet lavish, traditionally located in the heart of the village with enormous views of the old Greek settlement. 

    The suites at Pezoules are named after the healing herbs found in the historic region of Cyclades, Greece. Stay here for a while to meditate and relax your busy minds.

    Amenities at Pezoules: Infinity pool with a magical view of the Aegean Sea and the Caldera., Pool bar, Home grown food and drinks, Conventionally decorated rooms, Special Massage rooms, Open restaurants and Lounge areas and Terrace in every room with general facilities like AC, mini bar, telephone, internet, room service and plush Greek breakfast

    Distance from the airport: 16.1 km, almost half an hour ride from the airport.

    Location: Pezoules of Oia is located in the peaceful village of Oia. It is quieter than Fira and boasts of clean narrow lanes with fascinating architecture in blue and white, many interesting curio shops and cozy cafeterias to keep you going.

    Things to do: Visit the tiny port of Ammoudi and hire a boat from there to sail across. Try the superb sea food at Oia. Nightlife in Oia is unlike Fira. There are no noisy bars or pubs. You could sip onto your favorite drink in the tranquil ambience of the bars here which are open till late during season.

  • 13Enigma Apartments & Suites

    Image Credit :

    Luxurious, ‘state of the art’ apartments, suites and studios sum up Enigma for the travelers but what we cannot sum up in few words is the incomprehensible beauty of this property which is one of the talked about Santorini hotels,  situated in the heart of Fira, the capital. All rooms here are bedecked with sophisticated furniture and high quality fabrics. Every detail at Enigma has been created with much love and thought.

    Distance from the airport: 5.5 km from the airport.

    Location: Perched on the hillside of Santorini, this location at Fira is a great place to unwind on this island.

    Things to do: Visit the art galleries and museums in Fira, spend some time with your partner at the Orthodox Cathedral and go shop-hopping. Fira has a busy nightlife with many pubs and bars open till late. This town is a major attraction in Santorini Islands.

  • 14The Vasilicos

    Image Credit :

    Yet another one of the marvelous honeymoon hotels in Santorini is The Vasilikos. It is an age old property with a contemporary outlook. The guests here are sure to get enchanted by the breathtaking premises of The Vasilikos.

    Facilities available: The suites are distinctly designed, All of them have the stunning views of the Caldera from the private terraces

    - Personal dining spaces and lounge areas, Private Jacuzzi and pools for your romantic getaway

    - Authentic Greek Breakfast for your mornings at The Vasilikos And all the other general features like AC, TV, mini bar, storage, laundry services, room service etc.

    Distance from the airport: 6.8 km from the airport

    Location: This is located at the village of Imerovigli and is one of the premium Santorini hotels.

    Things to do: Go trekking or hiking or diving. Go shop and eat at a local food joint. Make merry on wine tasting tours. Go for a relaxing massage.

  • Top Santorini Beach Hotels

  • 15Stelios Place

    Image Credit :

    The black sand beach of Perissa is extremely popular amongst the travelers. Stelios Place is located very close to the beach and is one of the landmarks in Perissa. This is one of the recognized honeymoon hotels in Santorini. It offers a great stay at a great price.

    Distance from the airport: 12.5 km from the Santorini Airport

    Things to do: Take a walk on the Perissa beach which lends you the captivating view of the crystalline water and the giant rock of Mesa Vouno that rises out of the sea and leaves the onlookers amazed. There are many restaurants and pubs by the beach. Explore the village on foot. Go take a swim and sunbathe.

  • 16Cavo Bianco

    This is one of the ideal Santorini Hotels one could check into. At a walking distance from the Kamari Beach, Cavo Bianco is a confluence of artsy interiors, Cycladic architecture, gardens, pools and vast sun decks.

    Distance from the airport: 5.9 km from the nearest airport

    Things to do: Trek uphill to the ancient city of Thira. Sit by the sea at the Kamari beach and check out the different hues of the Kamari village. You could rent a car or a bike and travel to the village of Oia or to the excavation sites of Akrotiri.

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  • 17Blue Waves Hotel

    Image Credit :

    When we search online for ‘Santorini hotels honeymoon’, it is inevitable that we would be bombarded with options. One such lovely option is ‘Blue Waves’ hotel near the Kamari beach. Residing 30 meters from the beach, this hotel is a true instance of old meets new, the Cycladic architecture mixed with the most modern elements is a charm to look at.

    Distance from the airport: 6.1 km from the airport

    Things to do: Go hiking, trekking, swimming, try the water sports, enjoy bonfires by the beach, drink the locally brewed beer and rest your mind for a while.

  • 18Hotel Matina

    Image Credit :

    Santorini honeymoon hotels are no less than an architectural achievement. The very popular beach Hotel Matina is no exception. A true combination of art and commercials, this hotel puts up a great show for its travelers to get engaged in. Discover this Greek hospitality while you travel to Santorini.

    Distance from the airport: 5.9 km from the airport in town

    Location: 2 min walk from the Kamari beach

    Things to do: Explore the beach and the village. Mingle with the friendly locals and enjoy the traditional Greek street food. Bathe under the sun and walk stretches witnessing the beautiful black sand beach of Kamari.

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  • 19Memories Hotel

    Image Credit :

    One of the elegant Santorini honeymoon hotels is the Memories Hotel. This hotel ensures to live by its name and the staff here try to make your stay at Memories quite memorable.

    Distance from the airport: 2.5 km from the airport

    Location: This is located near the quiet beach of Monolithos

    Things to do: Life here could be laid back. You could chill at the deck of your hotel or take a walk hand in hand by the beach. Wine tasting sessions are a must to attend. For some happening nightlife, you could hire a car or a cab or rent a bike to Fira.

  • Best Santorini Hotels For Honeymoon With Suites

  • 20Grace Santorini

    Image Credit :

    Grace Santorini is yet again a noteworthy name while you check out different websites for ‘hotels Santorini’. This is an elegantly constructed property which has kept both sides of the world intact under its roof. Right from using influences of the ancient Greek art to the ideas of a modern time interiors, Grace Santorini emits pure bliss.

    Distance from the airport: 7.7 km

    Location: Located in the town of Imerovigli. Perched above the renowned Caldera with heart stopping sights of the romantic Santorini sunsets.

    Things to do: Go trekking or hiking or diving. Rent a bicycle if you wish to, ‘travel slow’. Go shop and eat at a local food joint. Take yoga sessions together and go for a relaxing massage.

  • 21Katikies Hotel

    Image Credit :

    Set in the calm environs of Oia, Katikies is one of the renowned hotels, Santorini. This pure white property is a sheer delight to live in. You could see a mixture of modern day amenities and classic Greek culture gel really well together.

    Distance from the airport: 15.6 km from the airport

    Location: Located at the very peaceful town of Oia. This place is ideal for couples to rekindle their love.

    Things to do: Go sailing from the tiny port of Ammoudi. Nightlife in Oia is unlike Fira. There are no noisy bars or pubs. Try the wine tasting plans and eat some good sea food. Walking is the best thing to do in Santorini. It gives a fair chance to know the town well.

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  • 22Astra Suites

    Image Credit :

    These suites are some of the finest in the village of Imerovigli one could vouch for. The property resembles an old-world Cycladic village with its retro looking built up. Simple yet glamorous is what sums up Astra Suites for the visitors. Categorically built suites and villas keep the travelers happy during their stay.

    Distance from the airport: 18 to 20 min drive from the airport. 7.8 km approximately.

    Location: Imerovigli

    Things to do: Lie down in the comforts of your private balconies and watch the unending deep Aegean Sea. Go cycling around the village. Walk the beach or try to swim. Learn more about your wine. Taste and see the difference.

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  • 23San Antonio

    Image Credit :

    Yet another marvelous location to live in when in Santorini. The hotel is marked with a combination of ubiquitous designs and traditional Greek architecture. Staying here could make you believe that this island has so much to offer and so little to take from us.

    Distance from the airport: 10.8 km

    Location: Imerovigli

    Things to do: Hike, Trek, walk, sunbathe, explore the local markets, rejuvenate.

  • 24Kapari Natural Resort

    Image Credit :

    Kapari Natural Resort is built on the concept of ‘green logic’ and ‘smart home’ with uber-cool amenities. It is a family run resort and is one of the finest examples of human creation out of ruins. This resort is bohemian yet rooted.

    Amenities: Pillow menu, Smart-home control systems using modern time technology

    - AMX touch panels for environment and AV media system control

    - Workout equipment and steam room (in Kapari Suite), Pool with sundecks

    - Restaurant with global menu And many such delightful services available at Kapari

    Distance from the airport: 7.7 km from Santorini airport

    Location: Imerovigli village

  • Sublime Boutique Hotels In Santorini

  • 25Ambassador Santorini Luxury Villas & Suites

    Image Credit :

    Are nothing less than a class-apart luxurious experience. Set in the area of Akrotiri, the hotel boasts of timeless beauties in the form of villas in Santorini. They have a categorically placed list of suites and villas to keep you entertained all through your vacation in Santorini.

    Distance from the airport: 10 km from the airport

    Location: Akrotiri

    Things to do: Visit the Akrotiri archaeological site. Check out the nearby beaches of Red and White. If you want an escape from the hustle bustle of Fira, Akrotiri could be one of the ideal destinations.

  • 26Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites

    Image Credit :

    A prime property at a prime location; now that’s a win-win situation for your vacation in Santorini. Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites is a fascinating combination of traditions and trends. Your stay here will surely not disappoint you.

    Facilities: Different accommodation under different categories, Sun- drenched verandas, Lounge areas, Open pool, Bar and restaurant serving global food and drinks, Gardens Play area Free internet Travel assistance and more such services attached

    Distance from the airport: 5.8 km from the Santorini airport

    Location: Fira

    Things to do: Fira is all about being ‘metropolitan’. Attracts a lot of footfall. The nightlife of Fira is quite exciting. You will have many options to check out in this capital city of Fira.

  • 27Canaves Oia Suites & Spa

    Image Credit :

    Oia being the quieter side of Santorini has many splendid properties to live in. Canaves Oia Suites and Spa is one such name. It oozes style and comfort through and through. Canaves Oia, is a 17th century vineyard modified into luxury suites. You cannot get enough of this property because it has too much to give.

    Distance from the airport: 15km from the Santorini airport

    Location: Oia

    Things to do: Visit one of the quiet bars of Oia and sip onto your favorite drinks with your partner. Largely peaceful, Oia is a serene area in Santorini nestled not too far from the main city of Fira. You could easily drive down to Fira for some commercial entertainment.

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  • 28Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort

    A close retreat in the village of Megalochori, Vedema is a renowned Cycladic styled resort. The hospitality of Vedema charms you every time you return to the property with its simplicity and modern services.

    Distance from the airport: Approximately 7.5 km

    Things to do: Go horse riding on the beach, take a Santorini day tour, definitely attend one of the wine tasting sessions and wander around the mesmerizing lanes of the Megalochori village.

  • 29Chromata

    Image Credit :

    A five-star property with an extremely friendly approach towards its guests, Chromata, does a great job at serving the best of the world in its modern pure white Greek styled premises. The rooms are tastefully designed keeping in mind your desires.

    Distance from the airport: 7.1 km from the airport

    Location: Imerovigli village

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