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11 December 2015
I and my bunch of adventourous friends spotted 4 crocs during the crocodile sightseeing. It was a unique experience to observe the wild crocs in their natural habitat.
08 December 2015
It was a hair-rasing experience for me to spot the salt muggers in Goa. The bird watching experience is amusing and spotted kingfisher along with beautiful other birds.
02 December 2015
Crocodile watching in Goa is something you are sure to remember with great delight for a long time to come. I visited this place with my family and kids it was great tour.
02 December 2015
I had a fantastic time sighting the wild crocodiles and birds in its natural habitat my family had a very good time due to the guidance provided by the instructors.
22 November 2015
Birdwatching and crocodile watching in Goa is a great experience for me. I had never been so close to crocs in my lifetime. It is a worth going tour to experience the wildness.
I did crocodile sightseeing and birdwatching tour. It is good to see the birds and crocodiles in their natural habitat. For bird watching it is better to go with someone with sound knowledge of birds.
I love staying close to nature. It is a amazing experience to observe wild marsh muggers so closely in Goa. Birdwatch is a beautiful top up with the crocs.
23 March 2016
Very Good
Me and my family had to wait for spotting the crocodiles. But the chripping birds delighted us. Once we got the glimpse of beasts we were thrilled. Crocodiles we were very big and scary. Captured some amazing shoots of them.
22 March 2016
Me and my family had a valuable time in bird watching tour. I enjoyed spotting the spectacular wild life in Goa water. The crocodiles sightseeing tour is marvellous.
08 January 2016
It was such an exciting and offbeat tour! It was extremely exciting that we could see so much and that too in such an amazing day!