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Best Trekking Tours in Goa



Anil Rana

17 April 2016

The Dudhsagar Trek in Goa is brilliant. After being to Goa just to roam around and loiter in the beach for so many times, we wanted to have a really lovely trip that is adventurous too. That’s when we decided to do the Dudhsagar trek and it was just too brilliant. We drove till the meeting point from Bangalore, and we joined with the other folks there and we had a really brilliant time trekking. The beauty of western ghats can be totally experienced if you drive through for this trek. Also, this trek is just too brilliant and tedious too.

  • Goa_dudhsagar_waterfalls_in_full_glory_during_monsoon_-hd-_019.jpg
  • Goa_dudhsagar_waterfalls_in_full_glory_during_monsoon_-hd-_031.jpg

Ameyatma Embranthiri

12 December 2015

I have visited Goa many times but never get view of Dudhsagar Waterfall. I had heard a lot about this waterfall and always wanted to see specially after watching Dudhsgar in Chennai Express movie. Our pickup was arranged from our hotel and our guide was very good. we drive through forest crossing water streams and finally reached waterfall. I had never seen such a beautiful waterfall before. It was magical.


Meenakshi Kapoor

14 December 2015

This is worth the time to visit. Take swimming costumes as it is great to take a dip in the pool at the bottom of the falls. Take a few pieces of fruit to feed the monkeys but avoid buying from the local howkers as they will try to overprice and you only need a few pieces to get some great photo


Devagya Verma

31 December 2015

nice experience trekking experience. It is one of the best waterfalls in India. Jeep drive to waterfall was full of offroading crossing the rivers and finally reaching the pool. Dip in the pool was so refreshing. Totally loved the experience and one of the best memories of my Goa trip.


Charvi Chattopadhyay

11 September 2015

I wanted to go to this place since the time I saw Chennai Express. Loved the place. I can still feel the fresh breezes on my face. Amazing experience.


Annapurna Adiga

07 October 2015

The rain, trees, hills, the train tunnel, the camp and the waterfalls make this a magical place. Don't forget to visit when its rainy season. Wowed!