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Surfing in Goa is an absolute pleasure for all kinds of surfers, thanks to its amazing mellow swells and the myriad of excellent surfing schools present all over the shores. While the seasoned surfers can enjoy an excellent surfing trip with rises ranging up to 10 to 12 feet, the beginners can practice surfing lessons under expert instructors at beaches with shorter swells. The warm waters and the hippy vibe of Goa also add fun and enthusiasm to its surfing opportunities.

While North Goa is packed with some of the most-explored beach breaks including Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Arambol Beach, and Ashwem Beach, South Goa offers quieter and decent breaks like Betalbatim, Agonda, Varca, and Palolem. Having said that, Varca and Palolem Beach are amazing picks for novice surfers. On the other hand, Agonda Beach, and Betalbatim are suitable for seasoned surfers to test their moves and stunts.

The dry season, from October to May is considered the best and the safest period of the year, to head to Goa for surfing. During this time, the ocean currents are calm and the swells are also quite comforting.

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Surfing In South Goa beaches is a worth trying experience even though we fall into the water more times than we remember but we enjoyed it so much.
Very nice beach with good staff, the water was clean and you will have all the safety equipment so you will enjoy the kite surfing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…!!!
24 September 2015
I think Ashwem beach is the best place to learn surfing under the supervision of such experienced and trained guides, yeah the sea conditions are also quite good here. The views of the beach is so eye catching. We had this trip with my friends, and initially I was thinking that it my be the waste of money since it is a not so well known activity, but when we arrived at the place,and started my first lessons I realized it was worth having it, really I was impressed. Now I even suggest this to my office colleagues. I am planning to the site in my next vacations. Surfing the sea is an amazing activity that thrills the nerves and fills you with tons of excitement.
22 September 2015
Woooo I was running over the sea, what else can be so crazy than this!!!The fun and excitement of cruising through the waves was just rocking, I wish I could do this every day.
24 May 2016
I must appreciate the arrangements made by the organizers were too good, safe and pleasing. The experts guided us so well that I did not face any difficulty in entire surfing activity. Moreover this is a crazy fun I would say.
The best adventure sport we have ever done. We had tried all the water sports Goa had to offer and this was one of the best. Surfing in high waves was an amazing experience and the instructors briefed you on how to do it and in some time eventually, we learned how to surf as a beginner.
We were 3 friends and booked Kite surfing from Thrillophilia who arranged this on very short notice with a discounted price and a fabulous guide, totally worth doing this on goa beach and you will not regret this. Recommended for beginners as well as for experts.
The weather was great and the coastline felt endless looking into the abyss. The lesson made me very happy and provided me with the best experience. The safest environment you can hope for and the instructors were amazing as well.
Very nice beach with good staff, the water was clean and you will have all the safety equipment so you will enjoy the kite surfing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…!!!
Windsurfing is amazing at this place in Goa. I really loved the experience. The instructors were amazing and taught me some tricks as well.

People Also Ask About Surfing in Goa

  1. Which are the best beaches for surfing in Goa?

    -Arambol Beach: Sheltering the Wala Surf School, the Arambol Beach in North Goa is known widely to offer one of the best experiences of surfing in Goa. This beach features short and small waves that are suitable for surfing. The beach break features enthralling swells of up to 7 feet for an uncompromising experience. This exposed sandbar break has fairly consistent surf with winds blowing from the northeast direction. The most ideal time for surfing at Arambol Beach is from September till the end of April.

    -Ashvem Beach: Ashvem Beach is famed to have one of the best water sports camps in North Goa. This beach is often frequented by surfers and kitesurfers. It’s open river mouth break gets excellent left-hand rides and amazing swells of about 3 feet and above. With the sea conditions being quite friendly here, even beginners can easily learn surfing at this beach.

    -Baga Beach: Lying in the northern end of Calangute, the very happening Baga Beach is one of the top-rated destinations for Surfing in Goa. Considered to be one of the most exposed beach fronts in North Goa, this beach draws SW as well as W swells. Although this beach is always perfect for an enthralling bodyboarding experience when the sea is calmer, it works amazing on swells ranging between 5 to 8 feet. Baga Beach is also a great start for beginners aspiring to start their surfing experience.

    -Calangute Beach: Offering a good experience of Surfing in Goa for novice and intermediate surfers, the hippy Calangute Beach happens to be a small-wave surf break. This beach is, however, known to offer quite fair consistency in comparison to a few other breaks. The waves are considered to work amazingly on a direct westerly swell. During sunny days, the sea is clean and offshores are pretty rare.

    -Betalbatim Beach: The confluence of Betalbatim Beach and the Arossim Beach gives rise to a huge sweep of sand, which works amazingly with onshore W swells. Lying close to the Vasco da Gama town, the Betalbatim Beach is totally accessible. This uncrowded break has a fairly consistent surf and works amazingly in northeast offshore winds. The sea offers uncompromising surf at every state of the tide.

    -Varca Beach: More of a Caribbean beach than an Indian beach, the Varca Beach in South Goa offers a pretty decent experience of Surfing in Goa. This beach offers a shallow sand ledge and white-tinged sands before the Indian Ocean. Although the wave size can be small here, it sometimes transforms into a great longboarding spot. Mostly offering agile shorebreaks, this place makes for a great site for beginners looking forward to learning the basic skills and techniques of surfing.

    -Agonda Beach: One of the most popular beaches in South Goa, the picturesque Agonda Beach is considered to be a very consistent spot to go surfing in the state. With nippy easterly winds, it runs amazingly on 4 to 5 feet sweeps. Small punchy peaks are seen across the entire expanse of the beach, with the northern end featuring more punchy peaks.
    Once you are done with your game, you can relish authentic Goan delicacies at the little shacks on this beach.

    -Palolem Beach: Offering a relaxed and hippy vibe, Palolem Beach in South Goa offers a pretty decent surfing opportunity. If you are planning a surfing trip around this beach, make sure you try your game here in the monsoon. During the rest of the year, it is generally a small fickle wave. This beach also offers good bodyboarding opportunities.

  2. Which are the best beaches for surfing in south Goa?

    -Betalbatim Beach: Featuring a picturesque stretch of golden sand, the small Betalbatim Beach is known to offer a fairly consistent surf. The best conditions are experienced when a SW swell mingles with a northeast offshore wind.
    -Palolem Beach: The pristine Palolem Beach is known to offer a decent surfing opportunity, which mainly attracts beginners for practicing skills and techniques.
    -Agonda Beach: You can experience the most consistent surf in South Goa at Agonda Beach. It can handle 4 to 5 feet swells with faint easterly winds.
    -Varca Beach: Varca Beach generally offers nippy shorebreaks, suitable for beginners to practice surfing. However, sometimes the beach offers amazing longboarding opportunities.

  3. What is the best time for surfing in Goa?

    If you are a holidaymaker looking for a decent surfing experience, you can visit Goa between the months of October and April, when there are calm currents and decent swells. However, if you are a seasoned surfer looking for some serious game, monsoon (May to August) is your time, when you can experience 10 to 12 feet swells.

  4. What is the approx cost for surfing in Goa?

    In general, the cost of surfing in Goa starts from around INR 3,000 per head. However, this can vary depending on the surfing site you choose and the type of surfing lesson you want to take. The cost of renting a surfboard is around INR 400.

  5. Is surfing safe in Goa?

    Yes, surfing is absolutely safe in Goa, even for the novice surfers, who are still practicing the basics. The huge number of surfing schools present here are really helpful for beginners to practice under trained and experienced instructors. The mellow swells also help the surfers to get comfortable with the waves.

  6. Can we go surfing in Goa in December?

    Yes, you can visit Goa in December for surfing, although the swells would not be very high at this time of the year. However, the decent swells and calmer ocean currents in December are suitable for beginners to practice surfing.

  7. What are the important things to remember while going surfing in Goa?

    -In order to surf, it is important for you to be able to swim.
    -Surfing is a single-person activity and you need to prepare yourself accordingly.
    -Surfing demands a basic level of physical fitness.
    -The surfers should not be under the influence of any intoxicants before or during their surfing trip.
    -Let your instructor know, if you have any allergies or medical conditions.
    -Practice stretching exercises as the more flexibility your body has, the better surfer you will become.
    -Surf in the waves that are in your comfort zone.
    -Do not take any meal before 45 minutes of your surfing trip.