Mapusa Friday Market Overview

The Mapusa Market, situated on the beaches of Goa, is a unique flea market famous for its trade, variety of products, and low prices. The scope of products available in this market is unbelievable. 

Everything ranging from ancient artifacts and antiques to finished textiles, local pottery items, handicrafts, rare fabrics, exotic spices, meats, vegetables, precious stones, and jewelry can be found in this lively market.

The market with all of its vibrancy and hustle is a significant attraction for both locals and tourists. A distinct feature of the Mapusa Market is that every Friday, the local merchants, traders, artists, farmers, and artisans showcase their products and handiwork. 

This draws crowd of people towards the market. All items showcased on this day are fresh and brand-new. Friday is also the day when the objects sold can be bought at meager prices as there is no middleman price involved. 

The flea market is also an excellent place to practice haggling and bargaining. People come here to get discounts on all kinds of fabrics and finished items of clothing. 

A hub for fashion enthusiasts, the market is always awash with both trendy and traditional attire. The market is also a paradise sent buffet for food-lovers.

The Indian bazaar is still covered with the fragrance of the exotic and local spices as well as with the flavorsome aroma wafting from local street food-joints.

The shopkeepers of this market have genuinely learned to identify the needs and desires of humans and the means to produce merchandise that can fully cater to them.

How To Reach

From Panaji: 

By taxi
: Panaji is about 13 km south of Mapusa. Taxis are readily available for hire in Panaji that can directly take you to the Mapusa Friday Market. They are affordable and the safest and most convenient way to commute to and from the market. 

By bus
: Regular buses run between Goa and Panjim. Buses are a more affordable alternative to taxis.

From Goa Airport:

By taxi
: There are taxis ready for hire at the Goa Airport. They are the fastest way to reach the Mapusa Market from the airport.

By renting a car:
One can rent vehicles at the Goan airport that can be self-driven to the market. This is a cheaper way of commuting within the city.

Best Time To Visit

The best day to visit the market is Friday. On this day, new handiwork and produce are showcased by merchants and traders. On Fridays, products are available at highly affordable prices as the cost of middlemen is cut down.

During the day, early morning is the best time to visit the markets. Not only is the weather its most pleasant in the morning, but also the market is replete with fresh vegetables and fruits, and fashion stores are filled with the latest collections.

All the best products get sold by the evening.  Hence, it is wise to be the early bird and lay your hands on the best of the best goods before they get taken by other people.

Other Essential Information

The market is situated in the Mapusa Municipal Area, in Panaji, Goa. 

Timing: The market gets open for business early at 6:00 AM and stays active until 8:00 PM. 

Price: The prices of goods in the Mapusa Market, especially on Fridays, are incredibly low. As it is a flea market, the middle-men rates are cut down, and hence, the items become cheaper to buy. 

Places to eat near Mapusa Friday Market

1. SEA 

Situated in the Anjuna Mapusa Road, SEA is an elegant restaurant that serves all kinds of cuisines ranging from Asian, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Sri Lankan. Harbored in an old Indo-Portuguese household, SEA offers food with both loud and subtle flavors.

Along with the exotic international cuisines, the restaurant also serves delicious Goan dishes. The staff at this place is exceptionally courteous as well. 

2. Unique Restaurant and Bar

Situated at Narvekar Chambers in Market Road, Mupasa, Unique Restaurant, and Bar lives up to its name with its superb rustic decor, value for food, and rich drinks. 

The food joint is lively and has a pleasant atmosphere. Light music plays in the background as you dine with friends and family. The place has excellent air conditioning and also offers free wifi.

3. Navtara Veg Restaurant

Known for its amazing Asian cuisine and efficient service, Navtara Veg Restaurant is situated at Calangute, Mapusa Road, opposite the Bodgeshwar Temple. 

The place is perfect for people who have religious or dietary restrictions as it offers the best range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. The quality, quantity of food is satisfactory, and it tastes delicious.

4. Hotel Le Jardin

Located near Mupasa Road, Hotel Le Jardin is a seafood restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines like Asian, Indian, and Chinese. Freshly caught sea stock is used to create the seafood. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is bright, and the succulent food tastes lip-smackingly great. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly with a diverse veg-only menu. The staff here is exceptionally courteous, and the service is fast. 

5. Spice Goa

Located near the Mumbai-Goa Highway, this restaurant is one of the best seafood joints in Goa.

This vegetarian-friendly restaurant specializes in Asian and local cuisines. Known for their home-made spice mixes, Goan dishes, and excellent food quality, Spice Goa is a favorite eating juncture for several locals and tourists. 

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