Car Rentals in Goa

Car rentals in Goa are a hassle-free way to explore the city at your own pace. If you’re set to experience the splendid wonders of Goa, then the best way is to rent a car and travel to different locations. The elegance of Goa is not limited to the beaches but has forts, UNESCO sites, churches, waterfalls and what not.

From hatchbacks to sedans and SUVs to luxury cars, choose the best one for you that fits your needs. With our best car rental services in Goa, you can rent a car to travel one way, for a few hours, or for several weeks. Thrillophilia offers a wide range of packages to suit the needs of all travelers. Therefore, if you are on a trip, rent a car to explore the best of Goa on your own schedule and in the way you prefer.

Look out for the cheapest car rental in Goa so that you don’t have to worry about the additional cost or your pockets while exploring this paradisiacal city.

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Goa Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best self-driven cars available for rent in Goa?

1.Mahindra Thar- This is the most loved Self-driven car in Goa as it gives you an offbeat experience of driving in the bustling streets of Goa. Since, this is a partially open vehicle you can feel the cool breeze hitting all over your face.

2.Toyota Innova- Innova is known for its engine, reliability, and comfort. All these factors make it the best self-drive car rental in Goa. If you’re traveling in a group or with family then none can beat the attributes of this car.

3.Maruti Wagon R- If driving is your game and looking for the most fuel-efficient car then none can beat Maruti Wagon R. The car is also compact and best for a group of few friends traveling together on a budget trip with the comfort of your own car.

4.Maruti Swift Dzire- The car is known for its great engine and motor which makes it the most loved brand of efficient cars in the country. The car is extremely comfortable to ride and gives a good mileage too.

5.Ford Ecosport- Ford Ecosport is the best Suv car for those who consider driving as their game. The big tank of the car further makes it easy to drive for long hours without worrying about the fuel.

6.Hyundai i20- If you’re looking for a compact car with the best technology and sensors then the Hyundai i20 can be a great choice. One can easily ride through the busy lanes of Goa.

7.BMW X3- If you’re looking for a self-drive luxury car rental in Goa Then none can beat the ride of a BMW X3 car. This car is highly preferred due to its comfortable seats and energetic engines. The car is also known for its average mileage that is 29 kilometers per gallon.

8.Toyota Old Fortuner- If you have a problem of backache during long hours of the journey then Toyota old Fortuner can be the most comfortable car for you. The car lets you ride for long hours without pausing.

9.Toyota Etios- Toyota Etios is the most spacious sedan. From being the most spacious, it is also the safest one as it has two airbags in it. The car is also comfortable to drive.

10.Toyota Etios Liva- This is the most loved hatchback car due to several factors such as safety, comfort, mileage, design, and performance. This is the best compact car you've been looking for.

Which are the best cars available for rent in Goa?

Goa is all about fun and amusement and you wouldn't prefer ruining your positive vibe by renting a useless car. You should get in touch with car providers like Thrillophilia for safe and assured car rentals in Goa. Let’s have a glance at the top-notch car options you can select for your tour.

1. Mahindra Thar: The durability and performance of this car are beyond questions. However, the latest model of Mahindra is suitable for a smaller group So if you are traveling with few, then you can have the best car rental experience in Goa with this car.
2. Toyota Innova: The utility features of Toyota Innova make this model a special one. Moreover, different variants of Toyota Innova are available to hire in Goa. An 8-seater Toyota Innova can be the best fit if you are visiting Goa with more than 5-6 tourists.
3. Toyota Fortuner: Toyota Fortuner is an expensive SUV that can offer you a deluxe traveling experience around Goa. This powerful car is specially manufactured for smooth road trips. This car is your pick for your intercity tours in Goa.
4. Hyundai i10: The list will remain incomplete without including the Hyundai i10 in the list. This classy hatchback car has multiple innovative features to maximize your comfort during long drives in Goa.
5. Honda city: If you’re savvy about cars, you need no introduction to this affordable SUV car. Being one of the top-selling affordable SUVs in India, this car can be your choice for the cheapest car rental in Goa.
6. Mercedes E Class: What can be more wonderful than renting a Mercedes E Class to visit the jaw-dropping destinations in Goa? The royal features of this car are designed to make journeys grand and supreme for users. Most tourists with standard budgets opt for this model for car rentals in Goa.
7. Maruti Swift Dzire: This one is another value pick on the list that delivers incredible performance and power during long trips. You can choose this car to ensure an uninterrupted traveling experience in Goa.
8. Suzuki Swift: If you’re concerned about Goa car rental price, this car can be an ideal option for yourself. Suzuki Swift is a complete package with a lot of features and amazing performance during long road trips.
9. Wagon R: No matter what terrain you’re traveling on, Wagon R remains the best and the beast. Wagon R, one of the strongest cars in India will be an excellent choice for your Goa tour.
10. BMW 5 series: Having a BMW with you on your Goa trip sounds like bliss. Especially, the power-packed performance and upgraded features of the car make it a better choice than most other cars for Long drives.

How much does it cost to rent a self-driven car in Goa?

1.Mahindra Thar- The approximate cost of renting Self-driven cars in Goa like the Mahindra Thar is Rs 2,500- Rs 3,000 per day.

2.Toyota Innova- The average cost of renting the best self-drive car rental in Goa like the Toyota Innova is Rs- 1,800- 2,300 per day.

3.Maruti Wagon R- This is the most pocket-friendly car and anyone can easily afford it. The approximate cost of renting this is Rs 800- Rs 1,200. 

4.Maruti Swift Dzire- You can easily rent this at a minimal cost of just Rs 1,300- Rs 1,800 per day. The car is easy to drive and lets you explore the city to the fullest. This can be a great choice because of its perfect size. 

5.Ford Ecosport- If somehow, you couldn’t make it up to Goa with your own Suv then you can get this covered by renting Self-driven cars in Goa. You can easily book this with an approximate cost of Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 per day.

6.Hyundai i20- One can easily rent these Self-driven cars in Goa for an approximate cost of Rs 1,300 to Rs 1,700 per day . To be honest, one must give a try to this car as it gives a great mileage which makes it a great choice.

7.BMW X3- If living luxuriously is your way of living, then ride with style with this BMW X3 it's the most loved self-drive luxury car rental in Goa. You can easily rent this at an approximate cost of Rs 8,000 - Rs 12,000 per day. 

8.Toyota Old Fortuner- Toyota Old Fortuner is the most loved self-drive luxury car in Goa. You can easily rent this SUV at an approximate cost of Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 a day. 

9.Toyota Etios- You can easily rent this at an approximate cost of Rs 1300 to Rs1,700 per day. It is one of the most spacious cars you can rent in goa. 

10.Toyota Etios Liva- You can easily rent this at an approximate cost of Rs 1,000- Rs 1,500per day. This can be the safest choice as it has front airbags in it. 

What is the price of renting a car In Goa?

Car renting prices in Goa are different for different models. You must review your budget before you rent a car for intercity traveling in Goa. Here we are listing the renting prices for different car models in Goa.

1. Mahindra Thar: If you decide to rent Mahindra Thar, the cost for that is around 2800 INR per day.
2. Toyota Innova: You have to bear 2000 INR per day to rent a Toyota Innova for intercity trips in Goa.
3. Toyota Fortuner: The renting charge for a Toyota Fortuner in Goa is 6000 INR per day which makes it an expensive option.
4. Hyundai i10: As an affordable option, the Hyundai i10 comes with a renting charge of 1200 INR per day.
5. Honda City: 2000 INR per day is the basic renting charge for a Honda City and the charge is for traveling 80 Kms.
6. Mercedes E Class: You can have deluxe road trips by paying 12000 INR per day for renting a Mercedes E Class.
7. Maruti Swift Dzire: Another affordable option on the list with a renting price of 1500 INR per day.
8. Suzuki Swift: The renting charges for a Suzuki Swift are similar to the Maruti Swift Dzire which is 1500 INR per day.
9. Wagon R: The average renting price for a Wagon R is 1000 INR per day.
10. BMW 5 Series: You need to pay 12000 INR per day for renting the BMW 5 Series in Goa.

What are the general terms and conditions for renting a self-driven car in Goa?

1. Driving license - You need to have your original license and would also require to submit it while renting a Self-driven car in Goa.
2. Documents- You will also need to submit valid government id proof like the Aadhar card, passport, voter id card, etc along with the current address proof.
3. The car should be handled with care- For the time period you have rented the car, you need to take care of it from being stolen or damaged.
4. Security deposit- You need to submit a fixed amount of security deposit for the car you want to rent. The amount might differ from car to car, depending on the type of car you choose.

What are the general terms and conditions for renting a car in Goa?

The general terms and conditions for car rentals in Goa have no differences with the standard terms of conditions applicable for car rentals anywhere in India. However, let’s look at the standard terms and conditions for car rentals in Goa.
-Carrying a valid driving license is mandatory if you’re planning to rent a private car in Goa. No car rental agency will give you a car for rent unless you provide them with a Valid driving license.
-Make sure you have authorized identification documents with you while renting a Private car in Goa.
-You’ll have to sign an agreement where you need to mention that you’ll handle the car with proper care and won’t harm it anyway.
-You need to deposit a certain amount as a security deposit which is refundable after you return the car.

What documents will be required for renting a car in Goa?

You need to show your original documents while renting a self-driven car in Goa. These documents include your driving license and the valid id proof you submitted while booking the car. The copy of the documents on an A4 sheet of paper would not be given preference.

What are the best cars to rent from the Goa Airport?

Once you land at the Goa International Airport, you need to rent a car to reach the hotel you have booked already. Anyway, you can rent a car to cover your entire trip from the Goa Airport too. So, here we are suggesting some special models that you can consider renting from the Goa Airport.

1. Maruti Suzuki Swift: This model has a high demand among users and travelers as a Multipurpose car. This is the ideal car if you are travelling with your family. You can return the car on the following day. However, you can book this model for your entire tour as well and you’ll never repent doing so.
2. Honda City: No need to specify the utility of a Honda City for common purposes. This is an
affordable option to rent from the Airport. Later, you may also love to extend the rental period due to the satisfactory driving experience with this model.
3. Hyundai i10 Grand: If you have bags with you then a Hyundai i10 will be the best as it’s the spacious hatchback to rent from the Airport. Also, this car offers the most affordable Goa car rental price.
4. Mahindra XUV500: In case of a family trip, renting a Mahindra XUV500 will be a favorable choice. All your family members will feel great comfort inside this spacious car throughout the ride.

What documents should I ask while renting a car?

1. RC Copy- You need to have a copy of the RC. It tells you about the state boundaries in which the vehicle can be used, its engine and chassis number, the kind of fuel used, its cubic capacity, and specifies the category of the vehicle.
2. Insurance Copy-The insurance paper of the vehicles so that you can use it in case of mishappenings. 
3. PUC- You need to have the PUC certificate of the vehicle to ensure the pollution emitted from the vehicle isn’t high.

What documents will be required for renting a car In Goa?

Like most other tourists, you might have your plans to drive through the beautiful long roads of Goa. Car rentals in Goa is a hassle-free option to rent a car with minimum documents. Having your valid driving license along with your government ID proof will be enough. You can use your Aadhar Card or Voter ID card as government ID proofs in this case.

What are the important things to remember when taking a car for rent?

1. Photo of the car- Take the photo of the car including the sides of the vehicle so it’s easier to track the condition while hiring and renting Self-driven cars in Goa.
2. Mention any scratch or dent you notice- If you notice any damage to the car then discuss it with the service provider to avoid future clashes.
3. Check the fuel gauge and take a picture - It’s advisable to check and click the picture of the fuel gauge to avoid clashes later on.

What documents should I ask for while renting a car in Goa?

It’s important to have some legit documents from the car rentals with you which include Rc, Puc, insurance copies, etc. Once you complete the payment for the car you’re renting, you should ask the company to provide you with a copy of the agreement. Alongside, you should not forget to ask for the payment receipt as well.

Which are the best places to explore in Goa by self-driven rental car?

1.Palolem Beach- The beach is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. This beach is the most picturesque beach in Goa and is well known for its semi-circular structure. It also lets you indulge in a number of water sports. The tides here are safe and let you enjoy swimming too and in case you feel tired of these fun-filled activities then you can rest over the beach shacks.

Location - Palolem Beach is situated in Canacona in southern Goa
Timings- 6am to 10pm

2.Candolim- Probably the best seashores in Goa, this spot is known for its scoured sand ridges. Candolim Beach, found near the Princess River, is known for its untainted scenic vistas and peaceful air. The beach is an ideal spot for complete unwinding at the seashore and visited by numerous voyagers throughout the year, who reach here through Self-driven cars in Goa.

Location -Candolim, Bardez, Goa 40351, India.

3.Panaji- Panaji also known as the capital of the city, has its own magnificence and grandeur as it is surrounded by the water of the Mandovi River. The place has always been on the list of those who are travelling to goa not only because of the great coastline but also because it has a lot many famous places to visit. The place also gives you access to casinos and cruises.

Location - It lies in North Goa and is the capital of the city.

4.Colva Beach- Colva beach lies in South Goa and is one of the largest beaches. The beach is surrounded by a large number of trees and has a lot of stay options. The weather is quite moderate, so you can make up most of the day at the beach. The beach is also known for its great nightlife. It is surrounded by a number of stay options and markets which makes it the best beach in Goa.

Location - Colva beach lies in Salcete, South Goa

5.Agonda Beach- The beach is known for its best beach vibes in Goa. The Arabian sea touches the shore here. You can feel the cool breeze all over you as the beach is dotted with the swaying coconut and palm trees. This beach is an ideal location for calm and serene persons and the best way to reach the beach is by taking a vehicle from the self-drive luxury car rental in Goa.

Location -
South Goa District, Agonda, Goa.

6.Basílica de Bom Jesus- Basílica de Bom Jesus is a well-known Roman Catholic church in Goa. It is one of the renowned old Churches of the country and it is perceived as a legacy site by UNESCO. The term 'Bom Jesus' means Holy Jesus. The work for this marvel began toward the sixteenth century by Dom Fr. Alexio de Menezes, a well-known priest among the Christians in those days. In the seventeenth century, a fire broke in the home and obliterated the site and it was modified in 1783 with a new architecture, what we see today.

Location- It is located on Old Goa Rd, Bainguinim, Goa 403402
Timing- Monday to Saturday 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM & Sunday 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM

7.Dudhsagar Falls- Dudhsagar falls is named because the water of the cascade looks like milk gushing from a height of 1017 meters. The white colour in the water comes out of the force it is flowing at. The water here is said to be of the Mandovi river. The place is surrounded by great flora and fauna. The easiest way to reach here is by booking a vehicle through the best self-drive car rental in Goa as the place lies on the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Location - Mandovi River, Sonaulim, Goa 403410, India.
Timings- 6 am to 5 pm 

8.Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception- located in Panaji, this church is known for its unique appearance and architecture. The church is made over a hill and the zig-zag steps on both sides make it even more beautiful. The white towering structure looks mesmerizing to the eyes. The bell in the church is said to be taken from the Augustinian ruins of the Church of Our Lady of Grace. The best way to ride the church is through Self-driven cars in Goa.

Location - R. Emidio Garcia, Altinho, Panaji, Goa 403001
Timings- 9.00am – 12.30pm and 3.30pm – 7.30pm

9.Anjuna Market- Aside from the well-known Curlies, the Anjuna market is the most loved market in Goa. It is open just on Wednesdays and offers numerous things, directly from the farm to garments and accomplices to electronic gadgets. It's most common among backpackers and solo travellers. While you can discover truly exceptional things at this market, don't forget to bargain here as it’s like a short victory and you will surely win some goods at an unexpected price. Look out for the best self-driven cars in Goa and explore the place at your own pace.

Location- The market is located at 10, St. Michael’s Vaddo South, Anjuna, Goa.
Timing- On Wednesday 8 am to 12 am

10.Baga beach- If you are in Goa and have not visited the Baga beach then your trip to Goa is incomplete as the heart of the city lies here. The beach is known for its white sand and a number of water sports that could be carried here. The coconut and palm trees lining the shore add up to the beauty of the beach. Apart from no water activities, you can also lie on the sand under the sun for some relaxation and admiration of nature. You can easily reach here through your Self driven cars in Goa.

Location- Calangute Village, North Goa, Goa 403516
Timing- Open 24 hours 

What are the important things to remember when taking a car for rent?

Thrillophilia offers car rentals in Goa and has a specific set of terms and conditions. So, remember the following thing when you’re taking a car for rent.

-Ask the company whether there is any restriction on the number of kilometers driven. Some car rental services in Goa set certain limits on the number of kilometers. If you hire Car and exceed the limit, you’ll have to pay extra. So, it’s better to ask about Such restrictions before you rent a car.
-Capture photos of the car you’re renting from all angles and specify the dents and Scratches on the car in your agreement.
- Must check the car papers including car insurance, RC copy, and PUC before renting it.

What are the best water sports to do in Goa?

1. Scuba diving- If you love exploring the rich underwater life then scuba diving is for you. Scuba diving lets you dive deep around 20 meters in the blues, and witness the corals, fishes, sponges, algae, etc. You are provided with an oxygen tank as it is tough to breathe underwater. The scuba diving experience in Goa is offbeat and should be enjoyed by all. For further fun and knowledge of the aquatic world, the activity is performed under the supervision of an experienced scuba diver.

2. Kayaking- If you love riding over the blues and want to explore the mangrove forests or sail through the backwaters then kayaking in Goa is a must. The best place for kayaking is the Mandovi river. The best time for kayaking is in the months of October to February as the weather is pleasant and the water is calm.

3. Windsurfing- Windsurfing is another loved watersport in Goa as the activity is a fusion of surfing and sailing simultaneously on the Arabian sea. The activity lets you feel the sheer energy of the blues. While performing one is supposed to move toward the direction of the wind one the tranquil blue water of goa for an unusual experience.

4. Parasailing- If you ever dreamt of flying high over the mighty sea then this activity is for you. You are tied to a parasail with a rope of 200 metres-300 metres long and the other end is tied to a speed boat. Once the boat starts and fastens up you feel as if you have got the wings and are meant to rule over the blues. The activity requires your balancing skills in the water as well as in the air.

5. Banana boat- If riding in a normal boat is too boring and you want to add thrill to it, then try banana boating. In this activity, you are made to sit over an air-blown tube which is in the shape of a banana. The tube has two smaller tubes on the sides where you can rest your feet and make a grip over the tube. It is tied to a speed boat and as the boat begins the journey you can feel the splashes of water all over you. You are always advised to hold the tube tighter else, you will be pushed up in the water. This activity is performed with life jackets making it completely safe, secure and fun-filled.

Which are the best cars to rent in Panjim, Goa?

You should start your journey from Panjim so that you can cover all the special, marvelous Destinations in Goa. Also, here you can rent premium and affordable cars to make your journey more convenient. If you’re looking for the cheapest car rental in Goa, Panjim is the best place for that. Let’s see the list of efficient cars which you can rent to discover the wonders of Goa.

1. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: What could be a better option than this model as an 8-seater? Having a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga with you makes your journey way smoother as you can carry all your luggage in this spacious car.
2. Hyundai Santro: If you’re searching for a 5-seater, a Hyundai Santro can fulfill your requirements. Can you imagine renting a Hyundai Santro just for 800 INR per day? So, there’s no point in going for other options if you have less than 5 companions.
3. Audi A4: Why won’t you make your journey lucrative and luxurious when you have a sufficient budget? Renting an Audi A4 for around 12000 INR per day can take your traveling pleasure to the next level.
4. Mahindra Scorpio: This 7-seater SUV is a value pick for multipurpose uses. Having a Mahindra Scorpio is always an advantage when traveling through a long route.

Which are the best places to explore in Goa by a rented car?

Renting a car in Goa means you’re removing all the barriers in the way of having a sumptuous holiday. Though Goa is mostly popular for its alluring beaches, there are diverse startling destinations that are worth visiting. So, let’s explore some astounding places in Goa you must drive to in a rented car.

1. Dudhsagar Falls: The mesmerizing scenic excellence of the Dudhsagar Falls will leave you awestruck for sure. You’ll love staring at the winsome four-tiered waterfall for hours without getting bored. The waterfall, which is located on the Mandovi river, is in Belgaum, 60 km away from Panjim. Monsoon is the best time to witness the impetuous flow of water here. However, this place also becomes extremely delightful in November and December.

Location: Sonaulim, Goa 403410
Best time: June to September and November to December

2. Chapora Fort: You can’t miss visiting the Chapora Fort in Bardez if you’re visiting Goa. This fort commemorates the old history of Goa in every brick. This fort remains open for visitors throughout the year.

Best Time: Evening time to watch the sunset
Location: Chapora Fort Trail, Vagator, Goa 403509

3. Amboli: Amboli, an exotic hill station located in the Sahyadri Hills, is just 90 km away from Panjim. The specialty of this heavenly destination is that it is one of the Eco Hot-spots in the world. Here you can observe a wide variety of plants and other creatures which are bound to astonish you. You can enjoy the pleasant weather conditions of Amboli during your tour to Goa.

Distance From Goa: Approximate 90km
Best Time: Throughout the year

4. Mollem National Park: This is an exceptional national park with a vivid variety of plants and animals to impress tourists. This park is near Mollem town. You can reach this park by heading 60 km southeast from Panjim. This national park is famous for its exotic flora and fauna and also has a lot of temples for you to visit.

Distance From Goa: Approximately 24 km
Best Time: October to December

5. Chorla Ghats: One of the best natural destinations in Goa, Chorla Ghats is approximately 55 km from Belgaum by road. It’s an outstanding option to drive to the destination in a rented car. You will be thrilled to explore the amazing environment of Chorla Ghats if you visit this place during the monsoon.

Distance From Goa: Approximate distance 55 km
Best Time: August - November

6. Agonda Beach: One of the finest beaches in Goa, Agonda Beach is famous for its special olive ridley sea turtles. The beach is positioned between two other famous beaches in Goa- Palolem Beach and Cola Beach. To make your visit even more fun, do not forget to enjoy water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and lots more.

Best Time: November to March

7. Fort Aguada: Do you want to sense the flavor of the 17th-century Portuguese era? Well, this preserved Fort will take you back to the century within seconds. The exact location of this beach is Sinquerim Beach in Goa. This fort carries an interesting historical heritage and that’s why you shouldn't overlook visiting it. This fort and the museum associated with it are open for visitors throughout the year. It will be a treat for you to reach this historical fort via a rented car.

Location: Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa 403515
Best Time: January to March October to December

8. Baga Beach: Thousands of tourists and lovers of watersports flock to Baga, a famous beach destination in North Goa. There is a shared coastline between Sinquerim, Candolim, and Baga, with Baga's shoreline being more exciting and lively. There's no better beach in Goa than this bubbly one that is open all night long. Baga Beach," also known as "the city that lives by night," offers a variety of activities including live music, adventure sports, mouthwatering cuisine, designer stores.

Best Time: October through March

9. Panjim: As well as being the capital of Goa, Panjim is also its heart, situated on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mandovi River. Tourists come from all over the world to experience its idyllic charms and lively events, including its cobblestone streets, Portuguese colonial buildings, and luscious acacia and Gulmohar trees. A getaway to Panaji or Panjim has everything that your heart desires for a getaway: beautiful beaches, quaint churches, impressive forts, beautiful temples, even museums

Best Time:
October to February

10. Calangute Beach: The queen of beaches, Calangute Beach offers an overwhelming scenic transcendence. Being located at a distance of 11 km from Panjim, the beach covers a huge coastal area. This beach also allows you to experience the fun of water sports like scuba diving, parasailing and is also famous for its lively markets that are known to sell everything, from beer and food, jewelry and clothes to pawn items.

Best Time: October to May

Which are the best places to visit in South Goa with a rented car?

No matter whether you’re heading to North Goa or South Goa, you should conduct in-depth research to find the cheapest car rental in Goa. Here are some mentionable destinations in South Goa you can visit with a rented car.

1. Cola Beach Road: If you’re in love with driving on beautiful roads, this humongous road is a great option to visit in the South. You can reach Cola Beach by driving through this road too.

Best Time: Throughout the year

2. Palolem Beach: Nightlife in Palolem Beach is one of the obsessional attractions for tourists. Once you feel the excitement of the beach life, you won’t desire to get back to your normal life. Canacona Island in Palolem Beach is a fantastic place to visit. So, you must drive to this special destination in your rented car.

Best Time: November to February

3. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: This special sanctuary in South Goa needs special mention as it is one of the most attractive destinations for biodiversity. This is a must-visit destination for you and you can reach this place from Panjim via car.

Location: Dharbandora taluka, Goa 403410
Best Time: Throughout the year

4. ST. Alex Church: The coordination of historical influence and cultural heritage is what makes this church special. This is a famous tourist attraction in South Goa. The mind-calming environment inside the church premises is going to impress you for sure.

Best Time: Throughout the year
Location: Curtorim, Goa 403709

5. Butterfly Beach: A lot of couples and honeymooners come here for a secluded vacation at Butterfly Beach, also known as Honeymoon Beach. You can enjoy a picnic with your significant other while drinking wine. The low tide period is also the best time to watch wandering sea urchins, redfish, goldfish, sea cucumbers, and goldfish here.

Best Time: November and March.

Which are the best places to visit in North Goa by a rented car?

The following destinations are the most attractive ones among all the engaging destinations in North Goa.

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus: This ancient catholic church has some breathtaking sculptures that you will love to see. The religious and spiritual attire of the church will drive your mind towards positivity and innate peace. Naturally, this is one of the most engaging destinations in North Goa that you can visit by car.

Best Time: September and March
Location: Old Goa Rd, Bainguinim, Goa 403402

2. Chapora Fort: This ancient fort with impressive historical importance is an important place to visit in North Goa. You can get an amazing view of the surrounding areas from the top of the fort. The museum attached to the fort is also an interesting place to visit for history enthusiasts.

Best Time: Evening time to watch the sunset
Location: Chapora Fort Trail, Vagator, Goa 403509

3. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: If you love birds, you can't miss visiting this place in north Goa. Named after the eminent Ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali, this sanctuary has a wide collection of birds from different countries. As you travel to this place with your rented car, you’ll be amazed to enjoy the overall ambiance of the place.

Location: Chorao Island, Ilhas, Ribandar, Goa 403006
Best Time: Morning is the best time if you want to spot some beautiful birds.

4. Se Cathedral: This is another church in North Goa that has an exciting history that you might love to know. The outrageous aesthetic value of the church’s sculptures will linger in your mind for a long time.

Best Time: Throughout the year.
Location: Velha, Goa 403402

What is the best time to visit Goa?

Being located in a tropical region, the temperature of Goa remains intolerably high during summer. So, if you’re planning to visit Goa, make sure you plan your trip anytime during the months between September and February. Winter doesn’t affect tourists due to the equative weather of Goa. Also, you can plan your trip during Monsoon as well if you don’t intend to bathe in the sea.

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