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Anjushri Bhattathiri

09 February 2016

Collem is one of the exciting places in Goa, very adventurous and very unique in its own way. It is full of wildlife adventures, yes I actually loved the crocodile trip and I also got the chance to spot exquite bird species and other animals amidst the dense Mangroves.Enjoyed a lot Really!!!!

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Sarisha Chaturvedi

15 December 2015

loved the was so good....moreover, my company was so awesome...made some really good friends in the trip


Ekaling Khanna

15 December 2015

Awesome and chilling experience...made some awesome friends in the trip...loved the tour....


Dev Abbott

08 November 2015

Well I was pretty much impressed by getting a restaurant in that jungle village, known as Jungle Cafe with modern amenities located on the banks of the Khandlepar River with it's source from the Dudhsagar Waterfall. The meal served in that restaurant was also nice and up to the mark, I liked the place very much.

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Ramaa Marar

11 August 2016

"We visited this incredible Cortalim jetty, took a boat ride and further went ahead to the Cumbharjua canals to explore the. The experience of watching the crocodiles right in front of your eyes in the biggest wetlands of Goa is very different from seeing the crocodiles in the zoo and is indeed worth your time and money. It is a huge 5 hour long tour and indeed one of the most different and intriguing experiences that you’ll have in Goa. The snacks you get while on the trip are also very good. I was surprised to see that they have beer available. Could we ask for more? I don’t think so! Well, people who do not drink, there is soft drinks on the house with some snacks available to refresh you and keep you alive and kicking. Make sure you take up an early morning ride from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. This indeed one of the most favorable hours as the weather outside is pleasant and you can the sea is calm. Moreover, any noise or movement of the crocodiles can be well heard. I am not sure, if there are other time slots available or not but had it been available too, I would still recommend this one. This is a pretty inclusive tour, so pick up and drop service is also a part of the package. In all this definitely worth it. Would recommend to all! "


Smriti Verma

05 September 2016

"I was in Goa for five days and wanted to make the most of my trip. On my last day, I booked a tour involving Day Out With Crocodiles At Cumbharjua. It was a 5 hour long tour so I was certain that there is going to be something big and happening. In an hour, I was picked up from my hotel and taken to the location. Impressive! From there we got on the boat ride to make our way to the mangrove-lined Cumbharjua Canal to say hello to India’s scary beings, the crocodiles hiding in the marshy wetlands. So, our adventurous boat safari had several surprise packages. We were accompanied by a naturalist who will keep entertaining you with the stories and the necessary details on the flora and fauna here. We spotted a wide variety of birds such as black capped kingfisher, stork billed kingfisher, osprey, white bellied sea eagle among others. Oh what an absolute delight it was! The surprise element of this boat safari is that you’ll be given beer, soft drinks and snacks while on the boat. So, gulping down chilled beer in the middle of these marshy wetlands, is definitely something! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and couldn’t have asked for a better day in Goa. Strongly recommended! "