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Time to break another myth! Let’s talk about Goa beyond its beaches and parties. Have you ever considered visiting Goa for wildlife? No? Well, then you should. Despite its diminutive size, due to varying altitudes and soil types, Goa is home to a variety of forests from mangrove trees crowding muddy river banks, to open scrub jungle and subtropical hill forests. Among this magnificent flora, a plethora of different species of wildlife can be found like the Indian giant squirrels, Mongoose, slender loris and sloth bears offering the best wildlife tours in Goa.


Goa is a twitchers’ heaven: iridescent avian life may even flit casually past your beach-hut balcony, so pack your binoculars and prepare for a spectacular feathery show. There are about 400 species of birds to find from the blazing kingfishers that fleck the coastal strip’s luminescent paddy fields, Ceylon frogmouth and the exotic fairy bluebird. Spot crocodiles in their natural habitat on a cruise through the calm backwaters. These fierce but shy beasts reside in depths and banks of rivers and capture these majestic creatures with your camera for a memorable day. Feed beautiful colorful fluttering butterflies with juicy fruits and watch them cheerfully gather nectar in the Butterfly Observatory.

A visit to these sanctuaries would make your holiday in Goa eventful and memorable. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the most visited and highly protected sanctuaries in the state. The best time to enjoy a wildlife tour in Goa is during the monsoons when the streams and waterfalls are overflowing with goodness and lush greenery everywhere.

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09 February 2016
Anjushri Bhattathiri Jungle Adventure at Collem in Goa
Collem is one of the exciting places in Goa, very adventurous and very unique in its own way. It is full of wildlife adventures, yes I actually loved the crocodile trip and I also got the chance to spot exquite bird species and other animals amidst the dense Mangroves.Enjoyed a lot Really!!!!
Super cool place for me, it is much better then beaches and clubs. Must try this. This will give you best experience for sure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..
A different way to explore goa and way more adventurous then any other type. We had an awesome time on bicycles and recommend this tour for you.
Nice experience and it was on my last day of goa trip. I was very excited to do this and Thanks to Thrillophilia for arranging this for us.
Watching Dolphins was the happiest moment I had in Goa and I loved it so much seeing the dolphins having fun with each other.
Chandrabhaga Bhattathiri Joyful Elephant Rides in Goa
My children loved the tour here. Sitting on an elephant and enjoying the lush greenery while we walking with a guide and learning more about spices was informative and we all enjoy a lot here. It was worth a trip and the best place to come with kids.
Very well planed and nicely managed tour with full take care of team members and simultaneously make it on time. We enjoyed it as it was not so tough and our guide was funny as well as motivating. I loved the geared bikes and they were fantastic.
The experience of camping here was indeed great and we quite loved it as well. It feels so close to nature and bird watching was the favourite activity we did there. Overall a must-try experience to add value to the Goa Trip.
The jungle safari was full of excitement and we enjoyed every moment of it. It takes us on a bumpy ride with the view of lush greenery and forest area. The cottages stay was so great and comfortable as well.
This dolphin spotting activity at Majorda Beach was available at a very reasonable price on Thrillophilia and we loved the watching of dolphins playing and swimming around our boat. It was a wonderful view and the happiest as well.