Deltin Royale Casino Overview
Deltin Casino is Asia’s largest floating casino and is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers, casino-enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. The Deltin Casino is the largest, most luxurious floating casino in all of Asia, and can be found on the Mandovi River in Goa- the party capital of the country. The place buzzes with live entertainment and an incredible offering of over 970 games. Another attractive feature of the Deltin Royale Casino, apart from its vast gaming floor, of course, is its multi-cuisine in-house restaurant where you can enjoy world-class fine-dining food and drinks, prepared by renowned national and international chefs. 

Guests can enjoy a wide range of dishes and cuisines from the buffet dinner which comes with unlimited beverages and cocktails in the Vegas Restaurant, which is famous for its fine dining experience. You can also unwind at The Sky Bar & Whisky Lounge, from where you can get incredible views of the ocean and the beaches of Goa, as well as an impressive selection of cocktails. The Deltin Royale Casino is a literal paradise for all those who are interested in casino games. 

It is frequented by people from all over the world every day that it is open, making the energy and vibe of the place as exciting as the games themselves. It is also a wonderful place to meet new people and make new memories as you try your hand at various games that might just win you a fortune.

How To Reach

From Panaji Airport: If you are travelling directly from Panaji airport, which is also known as Dabolim Airport, then you can opt for airport transfers that will take you straight to the jetty near Deltin Royale from which the cruiser is just a 2-minute walk away. There are also local buses that ply to and from the local market near the jetty, which you can avail if you are travelling from within Goa after alighting at Dabolim Airport. 

From Goa International Airport: 
If you want to go to the casino from the Goa International Airport, then too, the best option would be to hire a taxi that will take you to the jetty near the cruiser after a 28.3 km drive through Goa.

Best Time To Visit

Though the Deltin Royale Casino is open throughout the year, the best time to visit would be between November to February. This is wintertime in Goa and the area sees cool and pleasant weather from morning till night. November to February is also a time for celebrations in Goa, with festivals, parties and carnivals being held at regular intervals. 

Other Essential Information

- Location:
 The Deltin Royale Casino is located in the state of Goa, in the Panaji Conservation Area on Dayanand Bandodkar Road.

- Timings: 
Open 24 hours 

- Prices: 
The prices are very conveniently categorised. The Regular Package ranges from INR 3000 to INR 8000. The Premium Package ranges from INR 7000 to INR 12,000. The V.I.P. Package ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 22,000. The Teen Package and the Kids Special Package are INR 1,000 per head.

Tips for visiting Deltin Royale Casino

As the biggest and the most luxurious floating casino in all of Asia, the Deltin Royale Casino is equipped with all the necessary aspects to give the visitors an exotic experience of a lifetime. However, to make your experience even more rewarding, here are some tips you can keep in mind when visiting the casino:

1. If you have never visited a casino, you can get easily swept up in the thrill and excitement of gambling and end up sending more than you planned. So be careful.

2. It is better to do your research about the games and rules of a casino thoroughly before you enter one and start putting your money at stake. 

3. A lot of people are tempted to “trick the system” or cheat when they are in the casino. However, you should avoid any such tricks since there are precautions and technology in place. 

4. Don’t spend all your time on the floor of the casino, as the Deltin Royale has much more to offer, such as their wonderful restaurant and stunning open-air bar.

Facilities in Deltin Royale

1. The Deltin Royale Casino in Goa is much more than just a casino. It is equipped with a number of features, conveniences and facilities that will make your stay on the ship memorable and rewarding. Apart from the sprawling casino, which has almost 1000 games to keep you occupied, you can also take advantage of their live entertainment and performances and their multi-cuisine restaurants.

2. The casino organizes exciting performances by world-renowned singers, dancers, troupes, bands and independent musicians almost every day and you are likely to catch some extraordinary performance or the other when you are there.

3. You can also take advantage of their multi-cuisine restaurant called Vegas Buffet where you can find delicious Goanese, Asian, Mediterranean and Indian food on their menu. 

4. You can unwind at the premium Whisky Lounge, where you can expect to find an impressive selection of liquor and cocktails. 

5. If you are in the mood for something more casual, you can check out the Sky Bar, from where you can catch a panoramic view of Goa.
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Deltin Royale Casino FAQs

Who is the owner of Deltin Royale Casino?

The Deltin Royale Casino is owned by Jaydev Mody, who is the chairman of the Delta Corp, the mother company that operates the casino. The manager of the casino is Rajae Sarhan, a Palestinian, who can be often found on the floors of the casino.

What is Deltin?

The Deltin is not only the largest casino in Goa but is also the largest, most luxurious floating casino in all of Goa. It is spread over several floors on a cruise ship that sails on the Mandovi River. Owned and operated by the Delta Corp, it is one of the best places to seek out thrills and adventure when you are in Goa.

This multi-facility casino is bound to keep you entertained with its gaming stations, restaurants, lounges, bars, dance floors and much more.

What is MPC in Deltin Royale?

MPCs are Match Play Coupons that are issued to people who are age 21 and above, and those who can provide a legal government ID upon entering. These coupons are for one-time use only. They can be used in games in which the payout is even (1 to 1) and can only be used in games which have an equivalent amount of payment as the value of the MPC.

Are kids allowed in Deltin Royale Goa?

Yes, kids are allowed in Deltin Royale Goa, but under certain conditions. For example, children are strictly forbidden from entering the casino floors. There is a dedicated kids section on the cruise where you can leave your children. However, there too, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

They are also allowed in the music and entertainment section as well as in the restaurant, but if you are visiting Deltin Royale for the casino experience, it is advisable to not take your kids along.

What’s the easiest casino game to win?

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to win in a casino. Although most of the games are dependent on either luck, expertise or calculations, a little bit of intuition and calculation can help you go a long way in winning your hand at blackjack. This is possibly why it is one of the most popular games in a casino as well.

What should I wear in Goa casino?

One should wear smart casuals when visiting a casino, which is a strict dress code that is maintained in all Goa casinos. There are a few items of clothing that are strictly prohibited such as shorts, slippers and flip-flops, T-shirts and sleeveless shirts.

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