Utorda Beach Overview
Situated in the tranquil vicinity of south Goa, Utorda beach is popular as one of the cleanest, gorgeous beachside in the area. One of the lesser-known beachfronts, Utorda is visited by a selective number of tourists every year who come to the location to unwind and rejuvenate themselves. 

Home to some of the finest beachside resorts and spas, Utorda offers several interesting seaside activities such as dolphin boat trips, fishing, cycling, water skiing, and windsurfing. Located close to Majorda beach, Utorda also offers a list of remarkable sites to visit including but not limited to Mother of God Church, Three Kings Chapel, Indian Naval Aviation Museum, and Milsim Goa Paintball. 

The beach is also within close distance to Dabolim International Airport and Madgaon Railway Station which makes it easily accessible from every part of India as well as other countries in the world. Home to the striking sandy beach shores dotted with swaying palm trees, Utorda is an amazing choice for a leisure vacation.

How To Reach

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-How to Reach Utorda Beach from Panaji:  The fastest way to get to Utorda beach from Panaji is to rent a taxi or to drive a car. Though renting a taxi could be more expensive than driving your own car, both would take around 30 minutes to reach. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the Panjim KTC bus stand to Utorda. The journey takes around a couple of hours but is the cheapest option. 

-How to Reach Utorda Beach from Goa International Airport: The fastest and the most convenient way to reach Utorda beach from the airport is to drive a car or take a taxi. If you are on a budget, it is wiser to take a bus to Margao and then one more to Utorda. For solo travellers, bike taxis are available outside the airport itself.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to Visit Utorda beach is during the peak season i.e. from November to March. The weather is cooler during these months and the entire area is dotted with vibrancy. From April to October, Goa observes an offseason meaning that there aren’t enough tourists or tourists’ activities.

Unlike North Goa, a majority of tourist businesses in South Goa are shut down during the offseason. However, you can still find a handful of hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Tourists who visit Utorda beach during the off-season are mainly looking for peace and solitude. But, if you prefer to be in the midst of Utorda’s lively ambience, the peak season is the most ideal. 

Other Essential Information

Places to Eat at Utorda Beach

1. Balton’s:  Known for its brilliant beachside location and an amazing selection of Indian as well as international cuisines, Balton’ has been a popular name in the area for years. Open daily from breakfast to dinner, the beach shack also provides local seafood specialities and vegetarian options. Come here early in the evening to reserve a spot by the beach and watch the sunset as you sip on a refreshing cocktail.

2. Zeebop by the Sea: An award-winning seaside restaurant, Zeebop by the Sea has been known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Goa and the best in the Utorda area. An open-air restaurant with a mix of Indian, Western, and seafood dishes on the menu, Zeebop also has a lavish bar menu with the finest wines and cocktails to set your spirits high. Watch the beautiful Goan sun bidding goodbye for the day as you groove to the tunes of Santana’s hits.

3. The Palms: Situated within the premises of the Kenilworth Resort and Spa, the Palms is a fine dining restaurant that serves its guests from breakfast to dinner. With a wide variety of dishes and cuisines and live music entertainment in the evenings, the restaurant sets the perfect mood for a romantic south Goan holiday. The breakfast buffet is worth a special mention and so are the vegetarian options here. 

Shopping at Utorda Beach

Being one of the most famous beaches in South Goa, the shores of Utorda beach are swarmed with local shops and hawkers selling a wide range of products. Some of the things you can expect to find here are beach clothing, trinkets, and handicrafts. 

If you are looking to buy the perfect souvenir or gift for friends and family back home, it is a must to visit one of the local shops and look for the famous Goan drink, Feni. Available for as less as INR 100, the popular drink is made out of cashew and coconut and is a trademark of Goan lifestyle. Cashews would be another popular thing to buy here. 

Places to Stay Near Utorda Beach

1. Kenilworth Resort & Spa:
Home to the second largest swimming pool in Goa, Kenilworth Resort & Spa is a favourite among leisure as well as business travellers. Adorned with six on-site restaurants, an open-air jacuzzi, spa, wellness centre, and a well-equipped business centre, the property is within a short distance from the airport. Places to visit around the property include Mother of God Church, Majorda Beach, and Indian Naval Aviation Museum.

2. Planet Hollywood Beach Resort:  One of the most famous beach resorts in South Goa, Planet Hollywood is a one-of-a-kind pet-friendly accommodation options in Utorda known for its intriguing Hollywood-themed rooms and facilities. Located on the shimmering sandy shores of Utorda, the property features a 24-hour front desk, a games room, a fitness centre, two on-site restaurants, and an outdoor pool.

3. Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa:  A 5-star resort and spa with a massive pool and a sunken bar, Royal Orchid is one of the finest contemporary properties in Utorda. Guest rooms at the resort sport dark wood furnishings with a view of the pool or the surrounding tropical garden. A short distance from the airport, the resort is only 500 meters from Majorda Beach and 2 kilometres from Mother of God Church.
4. ITC Grand Goa: An affluent 5-star hotel property with a private beach, ITC Grand Goa is an epitome of lavish stays in the area. Spread over 45 acres of picturesque gardens, the property features exquisite rooms looking over the gardens and lagoons. Other amenities at the property include an outdoor pool overlooking the sea, a 24-hour front desk, 6 multi-cuisine restaurants, a 24-hour fitness centre, and a rejuvenating spa, to name a few. 

5. Casale Majorda:  A luxury holiday home in Majorda, 5 minutes’ away from Utorda beach, Casale Majorda offers well-furnished apartments with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a seating area, and a kitchen. The beachside property also houses an outdoor pool. Other facilities at the property include complimentary Wi-Fi, an on-site restaurant, and bicycle rentals. Majorda Beach is only 500 meters away from Casale Majorda.

Things to Carry at Utorda Beach

Though you could buy almost everything at the shops surrounding the area, here are a few things you should carry when visiting Utorda Beach:

1. Sunscreen, if you plan to stay on the beach during the day

2. Hat and sunglasses

. A refillable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated

A towel 

Swimming costume, if you plan on swimming

. Money, for buying things and eating

Comfortable flip-flops to walk on the sand

Medical Facilities Near Utorda Beach

The closest hospital to Utorda Beach is the District Hospital in Margao. There are a few healthcare centres in the area for minor problems as well. You can also find a few dental clinics as well as veterinarian clinics near the beach. For Ayurvedic treatments and massages, you could visit Om Ayurveda Massage Therapy Center or Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Healthcare Center. 

Travelers’ Tip Before Visiting Utorda Beach

1. November to February are the high season months when everything is open for business but is equally expensive. 

2. Do not visit between mid-December to mid-January if you are on a budget because everything is exceptionally overpriced due to Christmas and New Year.

March to May is considered the moderate season meaning most businesses are about to close down. Look out for season-closing events and parties. 

The best way to explore Utorda beach and the surrounding area is to rent a scooter. You would need to carry your driving license in case you get flagged down by the traffic police. 

Utorda beach is noted for its cleanliness which is why to carry a plastic bag to bring back all your waste products. 

Carry a refillable water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated.

Haggle with the hawkers as well as the shop owners. Tourists are essentially overcharged and must bargain to get a fair price.

Do NOT indulge in drugs and other illegal substances as it is illegal in the state and can result in imprisonment and other severe punishments.
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Utorda Beach FAQs

What is Utorda beach famous for?

Utorda beach is noted as one of the cleanest beaches in South Goa. It is most famous for its picturesque beauty and sandy shores. Additionally, the beach lays in between Majorda beach and Arossim Beach and is separated from them by a narrow river stream. The beach is also home to several water sport activities such as windsurfing and water skiing.

Is Utorda beach safe?

One of the most pristine beaches in South Goa, Utorda is extremely safe. Lifeguards are placed around the beach to keep an eye on swimmers and avoid any possible injuries. There are timely warnings and updates about weather and tide forecasts to prevent people from going into the water during high tide.

How do I get to Utorda beach?

Located near Majorda beach, Utorda beach can easily be reached via taxi or private car. For travellers coming to the beach from the airport or Panaji city, there are bus services to Margao from either place. From Margao, they can hop on to another bus to Utorda. The beach is approximately a kilometre away from the bus stop.

What can we do in Utorda Beach at night?

Utorda beach is dotted with some of the most famous beach shacks in the region. Sunset watching is a popular activity near the beach. Several beach shacks in the area offer happy hours, signature cocktails, dinner buffets, and live music. Shacks such as Zeebop also have a dance floor. There is ample nightlife in the area for party lovers to enjoy.

Can we consume alcohol on Utorda Beach? Is it allowed?

No. According to the recent changes in law, none of the beaches in Goa permit drinking alcohol on the shores anymore. It is to maintain the cleanliness of the beach as well as avoid accidents related to overuse of alcoholic substance. However, to enjoy a beer or a cocktail by the beach, you can head over to one of the many beach shacks that give lucrative offers on spirits and cocktails.

Is Utorda beach clean?

Utorda beach is considered to be one of the cleanest, and hence one of the prettiest, beaches in Goa. The beach doesn’t permit open cooking and drinking which reduces the trash considerably. Also, the beach is comparatively less crowded which also helps in keeping it clean and beautiful.

Are there any washroom facilities available at Utorda Beach?

No. There aren’t any public toilets or changing rooms on the beach. However, most of the beach shacks and restaurants in the area have a toilet. Though many of them would let you use the bathroom for free, some may expect you to buy something – a bottle of water or a pint of beer.

Is Utorda Beach crowded?

Utorda beach is one of South Goa’s best-kept secrets. The beach sees comparatively fewer tourists than the other popular beaches of Agonda, Palolem, and Majorda in South Goa. The variety of visitors to the beach are mostly peace-loving and laid-back in nature.

Can we visit Utorda beach with family?

Because of its clean and quiet nature, Utorda beach is the perfect place for a family vacation. Several resorts and holiday homes in the area cater to family travellers. Some properties such as Planet Hollywood Beach resort also allow you to travel with your pets. The relaxed atmosphere of the beach allows you to enjoy quality time with your family while you bond with them over surreal sunsets, adventurous beach activities, and mind-blowing gastronomical delights.

Is ATM available near Utorda Beach?

Yes. There are several ATMs available around Utorda beach. Some of the common bank ATMs found in the area are HDFC, Corporation Bank, and Bank of India. There are also multiple ATMs available near the neighbouring beaches of Majorda.

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