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Discover the enchanting allure of Varkala with Thrillophilia’s Kerala tour packages, curated to immerse you in the unparalleled beauty and cultural richness of this southwestern Indian state. Kerala, often hailed as "God's Own Country," boasts a diverse landscape that encompasses serene backwaters, lush greenery, and pristine beaches. Varkala stands out for its unique blend of spirituality, stunning cliffs, and golden sands. Offering a seamless travel experience, our Varkala tour packages present an opportunity to explore this coastal gem with ease and comfort.

Embark on a journey with Varkala packages designed by Thrillophilia that go beyond the conventional, promising an immersive experience capturing the essence of this picturesque destination. Varkala trip packages bring the best out of the place, from the vibrant local markets to the tranquil Papanasam Beach. With these Kerala packages, we ensure a seamless travel experience, from accommodation, transfers to local experiences, allowing you to savor the beauty of Varkala without any hassle.

With Thrillophilia's expertly designed Varkala tour packages, immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality that define Varkala as a popular tourist destination. Whether you seek a serene retreat or an adventure-packed getaway, a trip to Varkala with us promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Kerala's coastal paradise.

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Best Time for Varkala Tour:

Varkala welcomes visitors throughout the year, and offers something unique in every season. The best time to plan Varkala tour completely depends on your seasonal preferences and schedule.

1. Peak Season: The peak season, from November to March, is a delightful time for beach lovers. The weather is perfect, the sea is calm, and the vibrant energy of Varkala is at its zenith. It's the ideal time to indulge in water activities.

2. Shoulder season: From July to October, unveils a different facet of Varkala. Booking Varkala tour packages during these months allows you to visit when the monsoon brings lush greenery, and the rejuvenated landscape offers a treat, especially for nature enthusiasts. The occasional drizzles add a romantic touch to the ambiance, making it an ideal time to enjoy a tropical rain-soaked paradise.

3. Waning Season: For those seeking a quieter retreat, you can plan Varkala tour packages during the waning season from April to June for a serene escape. While the temperatures rise, the tranquility of Varkala accentuates, creating an intimate atmosphere.

How To Reach Varkala:

By Air: Varkala's closest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, just 55 kilometers away. Taxis and buses offer a convenient 1.5-hour journey to Varkala. Direct flights from New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram take 1.5-3.5 hours, with airlines like Indigo, Air India, and Vistara. For layover flights from New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, average flight times range from 6 to 15 hours, with layovers in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, served by Air India Express, Indigo, and Vistara.

By Road: Varkala boasts a strong road network seamlessly linking it to major cities in Kerala and nearby states. Convenient transportation options such as state and private buses, along with taxis, operate on well-traveled routes like NH44, NH544, and NH66, making the journey from Bangalore to Varkala easily accessible and hassle-free.

By Train: For those preferring the scenic route, Varkala is accessible by train as well. Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station is the nearest railhead, and it connects to major cities in Kerala and beyond. Kerala Express runs between New Delhi-Varkala and takes 48 hours to reach. Kanyakumari Express and Kochuveli Express runs between Bangalore- Varkala and takes around 14 hours to reach.

Places to Visit on a Varkala Tour:

1. Varkala Beach: Explore Varkala with our tour packages, featuring a must-visit gem Varkala Beach. Just 10 km from the tranquil Varkala hamlet, this pristine sandy stretch offers solitude. Relax, soak in the stunning Arabian Sea view against rocky cliffs, or take a dip in the medicinal natural spring, believed to cleanse impurities and sins, earning it the name Papanasam Beach. Enjoy a serene beach walk, catch the sunset, and savor delectable seafood at nearby eateries.

2. Anjengo Fort: Visit Anjengo Fort, just 12 km from Varkala. Built in the 17th century, it's now a National Heritage site. Explore the historic British settlement, marvel at the fort's architecture, and discover the cemetery for its former occupants. Don't miss the scenic Muthalapozhi Lake nearby, enhancing the beauty of this important historical location. Include it in your Varkala Packages for a glimpse into India's colonial past.

3. Janardana Swami Temple: Pray to Lord Vishnu at the 2000 years old Janardana Swami Temple, still standing strong in Varkala. One of the most popular places to visit, this temple is a must-include in all Varkala Tour Packages. Visit the temple located on a hill along the road to Varkala Beach, often referred to as the Varanasi of the South. Witness the banyan tree standing adorned with idols on the grounds of this Varkala temple. 

4. Kilimanoor Palace: Explore the Kilimanoor palace, known for its historical and cultural significance. This palace, which is spread over 15 hectares of land, houses the studio where the renowned painter Raja Ravi Varma spent time creating magnificent pieces of art. Stroll inside the palace to take a look at his paintings and artworks. The palace is also well-known for being an architectural marvel with its traditional Kerala style buildings, ponds, wells and sacred groves.   

5. Kappil Beach: Another scenic place that demands inclusion in all Varkala Tour Packages is the Kappil Beach where Kappil Lake meets the Arabian Sea. The lake is located right across the beach with only a metal road separating the two. Spend some time on this small picturesque rocky beach where palm trees have created a captivating view. Relax on the beach while gazing at the glittering waters of the Arabian sea. Take a walk on the golden sand of the beach and dip your toes in the pristine waters of the sea while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

6. Varkala Cliff: Varkala is known for its beautiful cliffs and a visit to those is a must. Enjoy walking on the paved footpath along the long, winding stretch of cliffs lined by tall and beautiful coconut trees on both sides. Take a break to buy a bunch of knick-knacks from the handicraft shops or to grab a bite at the roadside eateries. If you wish to reach Varkala beach, you can just climb down the steps from the top of the cliff.

Things to Do on a Varkala Tour:

1. Experience the Excitement of Water Sports: Varkala stands out as the sole destination in South India where the sea meets towering mountains and rocky cliffs, creating an ideal setting for a variety of water sports. Include thrilling activities like parasailing, jet skiing, or banana boat rides in your Varkala Packages for an adventurous experience.

2. Immerse Yourself in Varkala's Cultural Center: Delight in the blend of traditional and modern culture as you explore Varkala. The Varkala Cultural Center showcases Kerala's rich history through traditional art forms. Witness captivating performances such as Kathakali dance and Kalaripayattu in the evening, and keep an eye out for other noteworthy acts during your visit.

3. Bird Watching at Ponnumthuruthu Island: Nature enthusiasts and bird watchers shouldn't miss a visit to Ponnumthuruthu Island, declared one of Kerala's most beautiful islands. This uninhabited paradise, with its turquoise waters and lakes, offers a serene environment to relax and reflect. Marvel at exotic migratory birds and rare wildlife during your Varkala Packages.

4. Explore the Underwater World at Varkala Aquarium: For families and kids, a visit to the Varkala Aquarium is a must. Situated between Black Beach and Odayam Beach, the aquarium boasts a diverse collection of colorful fish species. Get excited spotting angelfish, koi, and scorpionfish, each captivating with its vibrant colors.

5. Discover Old-World Charm at Varkala Lighthouse: Standing as a testament to the 18th century British rule, Varkala Lighthouse exudes Old-World Charm. A prominent structure in the district, it is a must-visit in your Varkala Tour Packages. Climb to the top for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea.

6. Indulge in Retail Therapy: Varkala's winding streets offer a delightful experience for every shopaholic. From funky jewelry and bamboo products to perfumes and clothes, you'll find it all. Souvenir hunters can rejoice with Tibetan handmade products like flutes, Dorjee, and conches.

7. Savor Local Delicacies: No Varkala Tour is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Head to God’s Own Country Kitchen for a traditional Keralite culinary experience served on banana leaves. For a blend of international cuisine with Varkala twists, Café Del Mar offers mouthwatering seafood paired with filter coffee.

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Varkala Tour FAQs

How many days are enough for Varkala?

If you want a quick tour, you can opt for a day-long Varkala Tour Packages  from Trivandrum and enjoy visiting a few important landmarks. But if you want to explore the place really well, then any of the 3 days and 2 nights  Varkala Packages are recommended. You may consider the itinerary below:

Day 1:
Start your first day by visiting the beautiful beaches of the place such as Varkala beach, Kapil beach and Black beach. Explore the cliff area and the Lake next and finish the day with the breathtaking view of sunset at Odayam beach.

Day 2: 
You may opt to take a morning Yoga class and then head to Janardhana Swamy Temple. Post this, visit Golden Island, Anjengo Lighthouse, and Anjengo Fort. Relish the sunset at Varkala Beach and then relax with a good Ayurvedic massage.

Day 3:
 On day 3, go for a day trip to Jatayu’s Earth Center or Munroe Island. 

How much does it cost to visit Varkala?

If you are travelling alone and wish to visit Varkala for 3 days, it would cost you around Rs11,000 for the trip. A couple trip to the town would cost around Rs.20,000 and a family trip of 4 people would cost around Rs.25,000. The average hotel cost will be around Rs.4000 per night for two people and you will be spending another Rs.1000 per day per person on transportation, sightseeing and food.

What is so special about Varkala?

What is special about Varkala is its breathtaking scenic beauty. Similar to Goa and Gokarna, Varkala has beautiful beaches with blue sea and waves lashing onshore and also touching the feet of towering red laterite cliffs. Because of its easy accessibility, Varkala is perfect for those looking for a quick weekend getaway. While beaches will give you the perfect option for relaxation along with various Ayurveda treatment centres, the adventurous ones will be delighted in the water sports on offer. Apart from beaches, the city will also offer you several places to visit as well. Do not forget to try out the enticing local seafood on offer at various restaurants.

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