20 Places to Visit in Silvassa and Daman: 2024 Updated List

Tourist Places to Visit in Silvassa and Daman

Lion Safari Wildlife Park, Vanganga Garden, Tribal Cultural Museum, Island Garden, Island Garden, Hirwa Van Gardens, Dudhni Lake, Dadra Garden, Jampore Beach, Cathedral Of Bom Jesus, Jetty Garden, Lighthouse, St. Jerome Fort, Somnath Mahadev Temple, Mirasol Lake Garden, Nani Daman Fort.

The enchanting places to visit in Silvassa and Daman not only offer you the ancient colonial vibes of the west coast of India but also let you soak in scenic views of nature. While Silvassa will lure your senses with its breathtaking gardens, serene lakes, and magnificent temples, Daman will offer you all those wanderlust vibes with its pristine beaches, beautiful churches, and historical remains.

The places to visit in Daman and Silvassa ooze out peace, romance, and tranquility and are suitable for all kinds of travelers. While Silvassa’s Church of Our Lady of Piety & BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple will offer you the best of spirituality, its Island Garden & Hirwa Van Gardens will let you experience unmatched serenity. While Daman’s Cathedral Of Bom Jesus & St. Jerome Fort will introduce you to brilliant architecture & craftsmanship, its Mirasol Lake Garden & Jampore Beach will offer you the best scope to explore your adventurous side.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Silvassa and Daman:

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Places to Visit in Silvassa


Lion Safari Wildlife Park

Spread over a massive area of around 25 hectares, Lion Safari Wildlife Park is a part of the very popular Dadra and Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary. This park is home to the fierce Asiatic Lions and as its name suggests, it is famous for its lion safari.

Lion Safari Wildlife Park is established with the aim of protecting and preserving the Asiatic Lions of India. This park is one of the best places to visit in Silvassa and Daman for wildlife enthusiasts.

Location: Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari, Silvassa Vasona Lion IN, Silvassa – Bhilad Rd, Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 396230

Best Time: Throughout the year

Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

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Vanganga Garden is one of the best places to visit in Silvassa if you wish to spend some time in the lap of nature. It is stretched across an area of 7.5 hectares and has paved walkways for running in different directions. Different varieties of trees and plants are clustered in the garden area that makes it look like a mini forest. You can also spot small fountains in the garden that look extremely spellbinding in the evening due to the lighting arrangement.

It also has a beautiful lake that is framed with a jogging track and a few restaurants for recreational purposes. You can enjoy boating on the lake, or you can even head to the garden to have a picnic or family outing.

Location- Silvassa Road, near Dadra Resort, Dadra, 396230

Price- Rs10/- per child below ten years & Rs 20/- per adult
           Free entry for morning walkers and joggers

Best Time to Visit- Between 6-7.30 pm( The fountain show starts at 7 PM)

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The Tribal Cultural Museum is one of the best places to visit in Silvassa if you’re a history buff or an inquisitive soul. It provides a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the lifestyle of tribal people of Silvassa. It exhibits tribal objects like hunting tools, handmade musical instruments, kitchen articles, fishing gear, etc.

The entire museum spans across an outdoor space and two medium-sized rooms and is managed by the state government. You can also spot here wedding dresses of the brides and photos of the eventful ceremonies that were celebrated within the tribal communities. The tourists from all across the world visit this museum to have an intricate view of the cultural legacy of Silvassa.

Location- Silvassa - Vapi Rd, Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 396230

Price- Free

Timing- 9 AM-6 PM (Tue-Sun), Closed on Monday

Best Time to Visit- During the evening

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Island Garden

Dotting the area around the famous Vanganga Lake, Island Garden is known for its scenic elements, including quaint thatched huts and rustic wooden bridges. The sea of colourful and exotic flowers in this garden ooze out an aroma of freshness into the air and invite couples and families alike.

The park also has a jogging track, which attracts fitness freaks in the morning and evening hours. The Island Garden has also served as the filming location for many Bollywood movies in the times gone by.

Location: Near Vanganga Lake, Silvassa 396230 India

Best Time: October to March

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Hirwa Van Garden is a natural haven where you can witness thousands of different species of plants in a unique symmetry and order. This garden is dedicated to local God Hirwa and is known to be the floral oasis of Silvassa. It has manicured lawns that are dotted with flower beds where you can relax and unwind.

The garden also has cascading waterfalls that allure the sense of the visitors. It is a popular picnic spot where the families enjoy some fun moments on the weekend. The garden also has several play zones for the kids and benches for older adults that makes. Laden with surreal beauty and tons of amenities, this park has become one of the best places in Silvassa.

Location- Silvassa - Vapi Rd, Near Pipariya Police Station, Dan Udyog Industrial Estate, Opposite Sahkar Bhavan, Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 396230

Price- Free

Timing- 10 AM-8 PM (Tue-Sun) Closed on Monday

Best Time to Visit- During the evening

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Dudhni Lake

Dudhani is a huge serene lake that was formed after the development of the Madhuban Dam over Daman Ganga. Offering the perfect blend of nature and adventure, Dudhani Lake is one of the most favourite places to visit in Silvassa and Daman among the adrenaline junkies.

The clear blue water of this lake is just perfect for enjoying a wide range of water sports, including jet skiing, kayaking, and shikara rides. This place is also known to offer stunning sunset views in the evening.

Madhuban Dam, Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India

Best Time: October to March

Timing: 5:30 am to 6:30 pm

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This iconic Catholic church is one of the most beautiful edifices that is known for its breathtaking architecture. It reminds the visitors of the tales of the bygone era and is revered to be the central spot for devotion. The church was opened for public visit on 27th October 1889, and it is reckoned to be one of the oldest churches in Silvassa. This church has stained glass, wooden pews, window panes, wooden high altar and Mural of the Last Supper.

The church was damaged due to an earthquake in 1912 and was closed down for renovation, but it was again opened for a public visit in June 1924. This stunning structure of divinity and peace remains steadfast even today, which is a declaration of the engineering aptitudes during that era.

Location- Sayli Rd, Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 396230

Price- Free

Timing- 7 am to 7 pm every day

Best Time to Visit- Before the onset of monsoon

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This temple is located on the banks of DamanGanga River and is known for its beautiful artwork and splendid architecture. The temple is surrounded by green lawns which further accentuates its ethereal beauty. It is dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and is extremely revered among the Gujaratis. It has an intricately designed central mandir that has been built using light pink marbles and it is one of the serene places to visit in Silvassa.

The most unique feature of this temple is that neither cement nor structural steel has been used for its construction. It has artistically decorated domes and the walls of the temple display the idol of famous Indian saints. The melodious prayer chants and aartis by the priests give an immensely divine aura to this temple.

Location- Off Silvassa-Bhilad Road, Silvassa, 396235

Price- Free

Timing- 9:30 AM to 06:30 PM every day

Best Time to Visit- Early morning

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Dadra Garden is a stunning spot in Silvassa where you can head over for the ultimate dose of refreshment and tranquillity. The entire garden remains lively with people doing yoga poses, kids playing in it plays zone and the fitness enthusiasts running in its walkways to shed some extra pounds.

It is blanketed by lush greenery in every corner and truly seems to be a scenic wonder of nature. You can find here a wide range of plants and shrubs that are also known to have some medical significance. It has thatched huts, wooden bridges, benches and jogging paths. In the evening light and water shows are organised over here with splendid music to enthral the visitors.

Location- Silvassa - Vapi Rd, Dadra, Gujarat 396193

Price- Free

Timing- 11 AM-8:30 PM daily, closed on Monday

Best Time to Visit- During the evening

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Packed with a breathtaking forest, a clear blue river, and verdant valleys, Khanvel is one of the most recommended places to visit in Silvassa and Daman for nature lovers. The gurgling sound of the gushing Sakartod river and the sight of the majestic animals in the forest are enough to leave any nature lover spellbound.

While they are at Khanvel, visitors can spend time exploring the popular attractions of this place, including Deer Park and Nakshatra Garden.

Location: Khanvel, Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 396230, India

Best Time: October to March

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Places to Visit in Daman

Revered as on one of the cleanest beaches in Daman, Jampore Beach allures the visitors with its tranquil environment and serene views. Its mud colored blackish water makes it entirely different from the other beaches in the world.

This beach is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city making it a great spot to relax and unwind. You can also enjoy thrilling water sports activities here like scuba diving and kayaking during summers. It also has some of the best eating joints and beach shacks where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and scrumptious food. 

Location- near Moti Daman Jetty, Daman

Timing- 24 hrs open

Best Time to Visit: Morning
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This is a magnificent Roman Catholic cathedral that is a center of devotion for the Christians as well as the followers of other religions. The magnificent altarpieces and the intricately carved doorways seem to turn this cathedral into God’s own home.

This four hundred year old church is heavily adorned with ornamental forms of architecture which can be seen rarely in any other monument making it one of the best places to visit in Daman.The cathedral was constructed in 1603 by the Portugeuse invaders and it still stands in a very good condition. Mass prayers are offered on the weekends in the cathedral to wipe away the sufferings of the people.

Location: Manguerial Rd, Fort Area, Moti Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396220

Timing- 7 am – 9 pm

Best Time to Visit: Morning
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This is a tranquil beach with azure blue water, long shoreline and vast stretch of sand that seems to be a slice of heaven on Earth. It is one of the most picturesque beaches in Daman where you can enjoy the sand, surf and the sun in the best way. This beach is not safe for swimming due to the presence of huge rocks underwater but you can definitely enjoy sunbathing and fishing along its coast.

It also has an amusement park along its shoreline where all fun, frolic and fiesta gets together. It also has various beach shacks where you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing beverages. You can also enjoy the musical fountain that is organized near the beach in the evening. 

Location- Devka Beach Road, Daman

Price- Free

Timing- 24 hrs open

Best Time to Visit: 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm.
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Image Credit : wikimedia.org
St. Jerome Fort is one of the best tourist attractions in Daman for all those who wish to soak into the rich Colonial history of Daman. It is also known as Nani Daman Fort and it was constructed in the 17th century by the Portuguese invaders.

It has an expansive courtyard and an arched gateway that are adorned with beautiful sculptures. The fort houses the magnanimous statue of St. Jerome who is known to be the eminent father of the Catholic churchs. The complex of the fort also houses other attractions such as a Jain Temple and Lady Of the Sea. A fish market is held below the fort where you can buy various varieties of fishes. 

Location: Dhamane, Daman, Daman and Diu 396210

Timing- 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Best Time to Visit: Morning
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Dominican Monastery exhibits the oldest historical ruins that recite the tales of its rich culture and ancient heritage. This was earlier a Catholic monastery but now it stands in a ruined state with damaged walls and ceilings. Many theological studies are also carried out in this monastery by the scholars from all across the world.

The engravings on the main altar are a visual masterpiece for the visitors and many beautiful paintings are also adorned on the wall of this monastery. It is hailed to be one of the best tourist attractions in Daman that recites the tale of its decline and downfall and is presently in a haunted condition.

Location: Rua Martim Afonso, Fort Area, Moti Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396220

Timing- 12 AM-11:59 PM
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With the soothing sound of the chants and spectacular scenery all around, Somnath Mahadev Temple is a specimen of sacred architecture. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and offers spiritual solace to the visitors. The shivling of this temple is believed to be built in around the 19th century and it is regarded as the main center of spiritual offerings in the temple.

Intricate patterns, floral designs and beautiful sculptures are fringed all over the temple which makes it one of the best places to see in Daman. A huge fair is hosted at the premises of the temple every year and thousands of people visit the temple during this time. 

Location: Somnath - Kachigam Road, Somanth, Ringanwada, amiliya, Daman and Diu 396210

Timing- 9-12 pm & 4:30-7 pm

Best Time to Visit: morning
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Mirasol Lake Garden

Mirasol Lake Garden is an artificial marvel that comprises a breathtaking garden, surrounded by a serene lake. Shrouded by green expanses, the garden offers toy train rides and computer games. The lake features charming fountains and also offers romantic boat rides.

With a thrilling water park lying here, Mirasol Lake Garden makes for one of the most favorite places to visit in Daman and Silvassa among picnickers. Mirasol Lake Garden has also served as the shooting location for many Indian movies.

Location: Near Kadaiya Village, Nani Daman

Best Time: October to April

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm

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Lying inside a fort and offering spectacular views of the entire city, the Lighthouse is known to be an important landmark of Daman. This place is frequently visited by photographers, couples, and nature lovers, who come here to soak in the breathtaking views of the sunset and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

Location: Rua Martim Afonso, Fort Area, Moti Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396220

Best Time: Throughout the year

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

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Nani Daman Fort

Lying on the serene banks of Daman Ganga river and spread across an area of around 12,250 sq. meters, Nani Daman Fort dates back to the 18th century. Also known famously as St. Jerome Fort, this fort features massive stone walls and a magnificent figurine of St. Jerome at its entrance.

Oozing out catholic learning from all its corners, Nani Daman Fort is one of the best spiritual places to visit in Daman and Silvassa.

Location: Near Nani Daman, jetty, Daman and Diu 396210

Best Time: Throughout the year

Timing: 8 am to 6 pm

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Jetty Garden

Perched on the shores of the Ganga river, Jetty Garden is known popularly for its breathtaking fountain arrangements and beautiful design. This place not only offers a peaceful environment, but also allows you to soak in the mesmerizing views of lush green stretches and the blue river. This place is also packed with a play area and fun slides that promise to offer kids the entertainment they seek.

Location: Fort Area, Moti Daman, Daman, Daman and Diu 396220

Best Time: October to April

Timing: Open 24 hours

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People Also Ask About Silvassa

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Daman?

    1. Jampore Beach: Lined with tall palm trees, Jampore Beach is known to offer a myriad of exhilarating adventure sports, including parasailing, horse riding, and car racing. 

    2. Cathedral Of Bom Jesus: 
    Dating back to 1603, Cathedral Of Bom Jesus is known for its brilliant architecture, which is evident from its intricately carved doorway and stunning altarpiece.

    3. Devka Beach: 
    Devka Beach is known popularly for its tranquil environment and long shoreline. This beach also offers fun-filled horse rides and delicious seafood.

    4. St. Jerome Fort: 
    Located on the banks of Daman Ganga and dating back to the 18th century, St. Jerome Fort depicts catholic culture. Also known as Nani Daman Fort, the fort has a life-size figurine of St. Jerome at its entrance.

    5. Dominican Monastery: 
    At present, Dominican Monastery features historic ruins that once served as a beautiful catholic monastery.

    6. Somnath Mahadev Temple: 
    Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Somnath Mahadev Temple is known popularly for its Shivlinga, which dates back to the 19th century.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Silvassa?

    1. Vanganga Garden: Spread across 7 hectares & encompassed by colourful flower beds, Vanganga Garden is one of the calm & peaceful places to visit in Silvassa and Daman.

    2. Tribal Cultural Museum: 
    Exhibiting ancient hunting tools, ornaments, agricultural equipment, & wedding dresses, Tribal Cultural Museum lets visitors learn about the various tribes that have resided in Silvassa over the centuries.

    3. Hirwa Van Gardens: 
    Flaunting green expanses, colourful flower beds, and cascading waterfalls, Hirwa Van Gardens is one of the nature-friendly places to visit in Silvassa and Daman.

    4. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple: 
    Nestled on the peaceful banks of river Daman Ganga, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Swaminarayan.

    5. Dadra Garden: 
    Shrouded by lush greens, Dadra Garden features wooden bridges, thatched huts, jogging tracks, and benches.

    6. Church of Our Lady of Piety: 
    Constructed between 1886 and 1889, the magnificent Church of Our Lady of Piety is known for its brilliant Portuguese style architectural design.
  3. Which are the best beaches in Silvassa and Daman?

    1. Vanakbara Beach: Also known as Fisherman’s Beach, Vanakbara Beach is famous for its breathtaking sunset views. This beach is also one of the least crowded places to visit in Daman and Silvassa.

    2. Devka Beach: 
    Featuring musical fountains and an amusement park, Devka Beach is one of the most family-friendly places to visit in Daman and Silvassa.

    3. Jampore Beach: 
    Featuring calm waters and low tides, Jampore Beach is one of the safest beaches in the country for swimming.

    4. Udvada Beach: 
    Lying on the southern part of Daman, Udvada Beach features shell and stone packed shores. This beach is best visited in the evening for its breathtaking sunset views.

    5. Moti Daman Beach: 
    Encompassed by the majestic Moti Daman Fort, the beautiful Moti Daman Beach is one of the state’s quietest beaches.
  4. How far is Daman from Silvassa?

    Daman is located at an approximate distance of around 26.3 kilometers from Silvassa. In general, it takes around 49 minutes to reach Daman from Silvassa.
  5. How many days are enough to explore Silvassa & Daman?

    You need at least 4 days to visit all the important places of interest in Silvassa and Daman. In the course of these 4 days, you can cover all the popular attractions of both the cities, including Lion Safari Wildlife Park, Dudhani Lake, & Vanganga Garden of Silvassa and St. Jerome Fort, Devka Beach, & Mirasol Lake Garden of Daman.
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Places To Visit In Silvassa
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This was like the Wonder La. When I visited Dadra, I took an extensive adventurous package of treks, camps, etc. As a closure, I took this, and I was surpised. I was expecting some relaxing day, but it was adventurous again. No complaints though. They had amazing water sports, and super cool swimming pool. The food was good too. It is worth every penny. In fact, this is quite a steal at this price.
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There were a lot of things that were worth mentioning like the forest visits, the games, the strolls in the nature trails but the food was not great.
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With this stay and water park activities in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, I had a great time. After tiring visits to the forests there for a research, we picked this package to stay over. This was a delightful stay. We stayed in one of the most popular resorts in Silvassa. We also enjoyed an array of facilities in the water park. With a group of other travellers, I got to play a lot of exciting water sports. I enjoyed those a lot. The food was good too. Also, the stay was brilliant. It had a 4 star experience. The only drawback was the crowd at the resort. I suggest this totally for all people. It is totally worthy at this price for all of you people here. Especially, your kids will enjoy this, so if you are planning a family vacation, take this one. It is worthy.

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