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Gujarat Tour Packages

Gujarat tour packages set the mood right in the minds of the travelers bringing them to this place during vacations. If you endeavor of a vacation trip or plan to go for a vacation in heaven, Gujarat is the right place to opt for. The land of affluent history with splendid tradition, heritage, and culture, Gujarat calls to be the seventh largest state in India situated on the western side of our country. A radiant Indian state, Gujarat is considered to be the most captivating destination spots for domestic and international travelers. You can indeed traverse to this incredible place for many eye catchy reasons. The state of Gujarat is considerably blessed with various attractions like the historic architecture, world-class monuments, exotic locations, temples and different wildlife species. Moreover, Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism.

“Khusboo Gujarat ki” – A cite rightly stated ensures the natives and the tourist to sway and get lost in the awe of wonder that the state has to offer to all. Gujarat exhibits a variety of legendary palaces, shrines, national parks, and forts. Gujarat, one of the most popular and beautiful states of India allures a lot of travelers from across the world representing attractions which are breathtaking and gripping. Gujarat is a state which has a lot to offer to its tourists. The state has everything that the tourist requires to spend a perfect holiday in this place. One of the religious and sacred pilgrimage sites to visit in Gujarat is Dwarka. Among the other best tourist places in Gujarat are Lothal, Dholavira, Great Rann of Kutch, Gir Forest National Park, Blackbuck National Park, Rani Ki Vav, Dwarkadhish Temple, Somnath Temple, Polo Monument, Vijaynagar Forest, Sabarmati Ashram, Marine National Park, Saputara, Lothal, Palitana Jain Temple, Sun Temple, Laxmi Vilas Palace and Akshardham Temple.

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Starts From Rating  
  4 Days Tour to Rann of Kutch 4D 3N ₹ 12500 3.0 star View Details
  Day Trip to Patan Modhera from Ahmedabad 1D ₹ 3800 4.0 star View Details
  Full Day Tour of Ahmedabad with Akshardham Visit 8 Hrs ₹ 4000 3.0 star View Details
  Sightseeing Tour of Saurashtra For 8 Days 8D 7N ₹ 28900 3.0 star View Details
  Tour of Vadodara and Champaner 8 Hrs ₹ 5200 4.0 star View Details
  • l
    Kutch district
    d4 Days n3 Nights

    About The Activity: Located at the Indo-Pak Border, the Great Rann of Kutch or the world’s largest salt desert, the Great Rann of Kutch is a paradise for the holiday seekers. With this 4 days’ tour to this part of Gujarat, you will get to witness its vastness and a...

    Good 3.0
    36 ratings

    Starting from

    16% OFF



  • d1 Day

    About the Activity:Get ready to capture some exotic views of the incredible Patan Modhera, a historically important site in Gujarat. It is an ancient fortified town founded in the year of 245 AD by Vanraj Chavda King.Commence the trip from Ahmedabad after you meet your g...

    Very Good 4.0
    36 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:A deep rooted history of Ahmedabad, the very old city in Gujarat has a strong hold among the people inhabited here and the historical and cultural attractions this city still preserves are a way to dig that history out to a large extend.Take part in th...

    Good 3.0
    40 ratings

    Starting from


  • d8 Days n7 Nights

    About the Activity:Saurashtra as a whole would be an extensive destination for anyone but with this 8 day trip, you will be able to cover almost all the major attractions of this state beautifully.Begin the sightseeing tour from Ahmedabad and going to Jamnagar, Dwarka, S...

    Good 3.0
    29 ratings

    Starting from


  • h8 Hours

    About the Activity:An exclusive tour of the cultural capital of Gujarat, Vadodara along with a sightseeing trip to the World Heritage Site, Champaner is at your disposal. Book this day trip at the earliest to witness the traditions these sites have been passing on to the...

    Very Good 4.0
    37 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    h4 Hours

    About the Activity:The beauty of Ahmedabad city can be best enjoyed by walking and if you are looking for something like that then this is the perfect tour for you.Start your tour after reaching your tour locality and meet you guide near the tea shop in Old Ahmedabad.Wal...

    Very Good 4.0
    25 ratings

    Starting from


  • d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Activity:Here comes a six day tour to explore the untamed wildlife of India widely seen in Gujarat. Gir National Park is the major highlight of the trip where the Asiatic Lions are taken care of in a large quantity.Witness the natural habitat ...

    Good 3.0
    23 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d4 Days n3 Nights

    About the Activity:Lead your heart and body to indulge in a totally different experience of a sightseeing tour of the famous city in Gujarat, Bhuj which is known to be the ultimate stop to see a unique arts, crafts and communities and a travel along the...

    Very Good 4.0
    24 ratings

    Starting from


  • d4 Days n3 Nights

    About the Activity:If you wish to know more about Gujarat in terms of its mysticism, spirituality and history, you must join this four day tour covering the major sightseeing locations of the state.Dwarka is the prominent destination this tour brings forth to you that sa...

    Good 3.0
    26 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:Lothal City becomes very important on this one day sightseeing tour. Lothal is located just 80 KM away from Ahmedabad and it is one of the famous cities of the ancient Indus Valley.Around 09:00 AM, meet your guide at your hotel and start the tour to ha...

    Good 3.0
    41 ratings

    Starting from


  • d5 Days n4 Nights

    About the Activity:Nature and wildlife always amuses any type of traveller, and here is an offer to those who wish to be with the enchanting wildlife collection to watch them closer and create good memories.Gir National Park and Bhuj are the major destinations for this 5...

    Very Good 4.0
    28 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:Set out for an awesome one day tour of one of the most beautiful cities in Gujarat, Ahmedabad that will give you the best views of the Calico Museum of Textile and other major attractions.In the morning around 09:30 AM, meet your guide at your hotel an...

    Good 3.0
    39 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity: The home of history, rich culture and civilization welcomes you to a sightseeing tour of Gujarat. With major emphasis on unraveling the tribal and historic facets of this famous state, this tour will definitely give you a view into the flipside of ...

    Good 3.0
    37 ratings

    Starting from

    0% OFF



  • l
    Gir Somnath district
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity: Explore the amazing wilderness of Gujarat with a Wildlife Safari in Gir Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been long known to be home of Asiatic Lion and a haven for various flora and fauna to flourish. The ecosystem of Gir, with its biodiversity has bee...

    Good 3.0
    41 ratings

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    1% OFF



  • l
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Led by Vipul Ramanuj, a regional biodiversity expert specializing in herpetofauna and wildlife photography, this prized tour offers a wonderful chance to derive knowledge about the birding hotbed of Jamnagar.The photography tour passes through 5 diff...

    Very Good 4.0
    28 ratings

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Gujarat

  • What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Gujarat?

    The top attractions on sightseeing tours in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Rotary Dolls Museum
    • Modhera Sun Temple
    • Somnath Temple
    • Jama Masjid
    • Laxmi Vilas Palace
    • Blackbuck National Park
    • Lake Garden
    • Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
    • Gir National Park
    • Sabarmati Ashram
    • Jhulta Minara
    • Lothal Harappan Period Archaeological Site
    • EME Temple
    • Swaminarayan Akshardham
    • ISKCON Radha Krishna Temple
    • Shree Dwarkadhish Temple
    • Rani Ki Vav
    • Indroda Nature Park
    • Sayaji Baug
    • Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

  • Which are the famous localities for a food tour in Gujarat?

    The famous localities for a food tour in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Neelkanth Patang Restaurant
    • Jetha Kaka Famous Restaurant
    • Maruti Dining Hall
    • Aram Restaurant
    • Sasumaa Gujarati Thali
    • Taste of India
    • Tinello
    • Mirch Masala
    • Yanki Sizzlers
    • Jassi De Parathe
    • Barbeque Nation
    • Atithi Dinning Hall
    • Mandap The Authentic Gujarati Thali Restaurant
    • Swati Snacks
    • Gopi Dining Hall
    • Gordhan Thaal
    • Toran Dining Hall
    • Dakshinayan Restaurant
    • Agashiye
    • Rajwadu

  • Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Gujarat?

    The best areas for shopping in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Ratios
    • Central Mall
    • Himalaya Mall
    • The Acropolis
    • Agora Mall
    • Seven Seas Mall
    • DR World Shopping Mall
    • Gulmohar Park Mall
    • Crystal Mall
    • Iscon Mega Mall
    • RahulRaj Mall
    • Inorbit Mall Vadodara
    • VR Mall Surat

  • Which are the heritage tours in Gujarat?

    The best heritage tours in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Laxmi Vilas Palace
    • Sidi Saiyad Mosque
    • Rani Ki Vav
    • Dholavira
    • Vijay Vilas Palace
    • Dwarkadhish Temple
    • Lothal
    • Surat Castle
    • Jhulta Minar
    • Bhujia Fort
    • Sun Temple
    • Hutheesing Jain Temple
    • Jama Mosque
    • Mahabat Maqbara
    • Rani ki Vav
    • Kirti Toran
    • Buddhist Caves
    • Monuments of Champaner Pavagadh

  • What are the best campsites in Gujarat?

    The best campsites in Gujarat are as follows:

    • White Rann Resort
    • Camp Dilly
    • Shreeji Farm
    • Mahal Eco Campsite
    • Pelican Perch Toran Birding Camp
    •    Dwarkadhish Resort
    • The Midas Resort
    • Devs Camp
    • Little Rann Eco Tour Camp
    • Lion Safari Camp
    • Kutir Craft Village Resort
    • Safar Retreat
    • Caravan Green Resort
    • Kutch Resort
    • Amrut Bagh Resort
    • Orsang Camp
    • Dhanpari Eco Campsite
    • Zarwani Eco Campsite
    • Waghai Botanical Gardens
    • Vishal Khadi Eco Campsite
    • Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite
    • Samot-Malsamot Eco Campsite
    • Sagai-Malsamot Eco Campsite
    • Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest
    •    Padamdungari Eco Camping
    • Mahal Eco Campsite
    • Kilad Nature Education Campsite
    • Kevdi Eco Campsite
    • Kanjeta Eco Campsite

  • What are the best corporate outing tours in Gujarat?

    The best corporate outing tours in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Polo Forest
    • Adalaj Stepwell
    • Indroda Nature Park
    • Akshardham
    • Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary
    • Nalsarovar
    • Zanzari Waterfalls
    • Lothal
    • Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park
    • Maniar’s Wonderland
    • 100 acres resort Sanand
    • Palm Green Club
    • Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club
    • Club Kensville Golf Resort
    • Shanku’s Water World Resort
    • Boulevard9 Luxury Resorts
    • Madhubhan Resorts & Spa
    • Royal Safari Camp
    • Nal Safari
    • Radhe Upavan Resorts

  • What are the best wildlife experiences in Gujarat?

    The best wildlife experiences in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary
    • Gir National Park
    • Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary
    • Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
    • Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Pania Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
    • Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
    • Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary
    • Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary
    • Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
    • Purna Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary
    • Vansda National Park
    • Velavadar Blackbuck National Park
    • Wild Ass Sanctuary – Little Rann

  • Which are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Gujarat?

    The most romantic things to do in honeymoon in Gujarat are as follows:

    •    You must visit the best destinations in Gujarat to make your honeymoon happy and enjoyable. Visit places in Gujarat like Junagadh, Saputara, Somnath, Kutch, Dwarka, Diu, Ahmedabad, Gir Forest and Vadodara.
    • Visit top restaurants and relish their food with your better half. Top restaurants in Gujarat which you can visit are Agashiye, Swati Snacks, Vishala, The Eatery, Dakshinayan, Moti Mahal, Gordhan Thal, Toran Dining Hall, Rajwadu and Earthern Oven.
    • You must stay in tranquil and pleasant hotels that welcome you both for a nice getaway. They top hotels in Gujarat which the honeymooners must opt for are Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre ,Hotel Ashooka Inn, Eastin Residences Vadodara, Magico Do Mar, Regency Lagoon Resort, Boulevard 9 Luxury Resort & Spa, Silver Palace Hotel, Shree Avezika Comfort Hotel, Hotel Shahi Palace, Hotel Sheetal, Regenta Resort Bhuj, Quality Inn Palms, Hotel Jyoti, Nilambag Palace Hotel, Hotel Surabhi Regency, Top3 Lords Resort, Lemon Tree Hotel, Dahej, Prakruti Resort, Regenta Central Antarim, Aarohi Starz Club, Aum Health Resort, Efcee Sarovar Portico and Lords Resorts Sasan Gir.
    •    To make your honeymoon stand out, you must visit Saputara which is the only hill station of Gujarat. Considered to be one of the best hill stations in India, Saputara offers a tranquil and cool weather throughout, even the summer season is mild making the place an ideal honeymoon location. Located in the district of Dang in Gujarat, Saputara is an attractive place fostering activities like boating, ropeway, viewing of Sunset Point and traveling through villages.
    •    Kutch is another best place to visit to spend your honeymoon with your loved one. On your visit to Kutch, you must visit white sand, sanctuaries and beaches. The activities and places of attraction to visit are Salt Desert, Prag Mahal, Kala Dungar, Wild Ass Sanctuary, and Mandvi Beach.
    •    Remember to visit Dwarka when in Gujarat along with your better half. Dwarka represents a mind-blowing history construing mythological lovers. If curiosity runs in your mind concerning where Lord Krishna stayed, then you must visit this place and explore it in totality. The worth watching attractions are Nageshwar Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, Sudama Bridge, Gopi Talab and Dunny Point.

  • Which are the top cultural tours in Gujarat?

    The top cultural tours in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Rann of Kutch
    • Somnath
    • Bhuj
    • Rani ka Vav
    • Dwarkadhish Temple
    • Sasan Gir National Park
    • Champaner-Pavagarh Archaeological Park
    • Vadodara/Baroda
    • Off the Beaten Path Excursion of Adalaj ka Vav
    • Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar.
    • Junagad
    • Ashokan Rock Eddict

  • Which are the best places for bird watching in Gujarat?

    The best places for bird watching in Gujarat are as follows:

    • Jamnagar
    • Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
    • Dasada
    • Gir Forest National Park