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About Vadodara
Known all over the world for its magnificent palaces, glorious past, and rich culture, the beautiful city of Vadodara happens to be one of the top places to visit in Gujarat for a peaceful and tranquilizing holiday. Propelling history fanatics, nature lovers, peace seekers, and architectural enthusiasts, this place is packed with interesting tourist spots and exciting things to do. 

Vadodara has its own share of beautiful palaces, parks, gardens, temples and whatnot. It would surely be great fun to indulge in various sightseeing tours in and around the city, stopping over at the famous Laxmi Vilas Palace for having a look at the wonderful craftsmanship, spending some peaceful time in the lush green surroundings of Sayaji Baug, and go back down the timeline at Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological park. Whether you want to offer prayers to the almighty and indulge in meditation or you want to shop your heart out and pamper your tummy, this city of Gujarat would not disappoint you. 

Presenting an impressive culture and colorful festivals like Navratri and Ram Navami, Vadodara also does not fail to impress its tourists when it comes to its traditional festivities and celebrations. From its authentic Gujarati cuisine to its very own Garba, this spectacular city represents the rich and extraordinary cultural and traditional beauty of its state in a truly surreal and enticing manner.

Blessed with an excellent climatic and atmospheric condition, the city of Vadodara welcomes travelers almost throughout the entire year. The favourable weather of the place and tolerable temperatures during almost all seasons, helps tourists enjoy the plethora of available activities whenever they visit the city.
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Vadodara FAQ's

What are the best things to do in Vadodara?

1. Take a Casual Walk along Sursagar Lake
Reconstructed with masonry and stone banks in the eighteenth century, the very famous Sursagar Lake of Vadodara retains water all through the year. Taking a leisurely stroll along this lake and admiring the 120 feet tall Shiva statue in the water body can be the most serene activities any travelers can enjoy in the city. The tourists can also go for moonlit boating in this lake with their loved ones. 

2. Practice Meditation at Aurobindo Ashram
Featuring 23 rooms, a peaceful study room, a sales emporium, and a library, the Aurobindo Ashram is visited by peace seekers seeking spiritual healing and meditation. People also love to read and buy rare books penned down by Shri Aurobindo during their visit to this beautiful ashram.  

3. Stroll through History in Laxmi Vilas Palace
Expanding over 700-acre land, the old Laxmi Vilas Palace is visited by history fanatics, who come here to learn about Vadodara’s royal family, the Gaekwads. This majestic structure shelters and exhibits a broad collection of ancient artefacts and many paintings done by RajaRavi Verma. 

4. Relish an Authentic Gujarati Thali at Mandap
Foodies traveling to Vadodara never forget to visit the legendary restaurant, Mandap to relish the authentic Gujarat thali. The warm ambiance and splendid desert tent decor adds to the amazing experience offered by this place. Served on traditional bronze plates, Mandap’s Gujarati thali includes three vegetable side dishes, rotis, lentil soup, a sweet yogurt base gravy, and many more delicacies. 

5. Seek Blessings at ISKCON Baroda
Spread across a huge area, the grand and majestic ISKCON temple in Vadodara propels thousands of spiritual seekers and devotees each day. Adorned with beautiful traditional art and offering a peaceful aura, this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple also has a dedicated place that serves prasads to the devotees visiting the place.

What are the best Places to visit in Vadodara?

Here are some of the best places to visit in Vadodara city which you should not miss out during your visit:

1. Makarpura Palace
Built initially in the year 1870, the Makarpura Palace used to serve as an excellent summer getaway for the royal family of Vadodara, the Gaekwads, in the bygone days. The majestic palace was later renovated by incorporating a spectacular touch of Italian architecture. At the present day, the Makarpura Palace is operated by the Air Force of India and functions as a renowned training institute.

2. Vadodara Museum & Picture Gallery
Constructed by the Gaekwads back in 1894 AD, the Vadodara Museum & Picture Gallery exhibits a broad collection of vintage artefacts associated with natural history, geology, and archaeology. The visitors can also find a plethora of interesting items from the personal collection of Maharaja Sayajirao III. Antiquity lovers and photobuffs will certainly have a great time in this gallery. 

3. Nyaya Mandir
Established back in the year 1896, Nyaya Mandir is home to the city’s District Court. Better known as the “Temple of Justice” all over the world, this magnificent structure boasts an enthralling Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Designed by Robert Fellowes Chisholem, a Madras-based architect, the building also features elements of Mughal, Renaissance, and Gothic architectural styles. All these make it a delight for the visitors coming from various parts of India. 

4. Kabirvad
Lying on a beautiful island amidst Narmada river, Kabirvad has been named after Kabir Das, the popular saint. The place is known for the maze of roots and branches protruding from an age-old Banyan tree, which spreads over a huge area of around 3 kilometers.

The travelers coming to this place love to pay a visit to the famous Kabir temple, which is dedicated to saint Kabir. Kabirvad is one such place in Vadodara, where one can find the perfect blend of mythology, serenity, spirituality, natural beauty, and peace. 

5. Sardar Patel Planetarium
If you are a space enthusiast and are curious about our outer space, you should head to the Sardar Patel Planetarium. With its excellent sound systems and interesting video clips, the planetarium offers the visitors an educational sneak peek into the world of space science. The planetarium also conducts an hour-long session that tells the audience interesting facts about the solar system and the satellites in Gujarati as well as English.

6. Hazira Maqbara
Built back in the year 1586, the magnificent Hazira Maqbara is home to the mausoleums of Naurang Khan and his father, Qutubbuddin Muhammad Khan. This beautiful monument flaunts the Mughal architectural design with grand platforms and arches.

The graves’ replicas are displayed to the visitors whereas the original tombs are positioned inside the monument’s underground chamber. This is one of the best places to visit in the city of Vadodara because of its impressive architectural designs. 

7. EME Temple
Dedicated to Lord Dakshinamurthy, the EME Temple features a remarkable contemporary architectural design. The shrine’s aluminium building is surrounded by a beautiful garden comprising an amazing collection of around 106 ancient figurines from the sixth to sixteenth century.Tourists should visit this place to spend some time in relaxation and get touched by the amazing sculptures. 

8. Sayaji Baug
Spread across an area of around 45 hectares, the Sayaji Baug has been named after Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. Known for its spellbinding beauty, this park is home to 98 kinds of trees, a small zoo, 2 museums, a flower clock, and a planetarium. Children visiting the park can also enjoy a toy train riding experience. 

What is there to do in Vadodara at night?

1. Relish International Cuisine at Ratri Bazar
If you want to explore Vadodara like a local foodie, head to Ratri Bazar. Dedicated to the gastronomers, this place offers you a broad spectrum of drool-worthy local and global delicacies. Specializing in authentic Gujarati, Indian, and Chinese cuisine, this amazing food market remains open late into the night offering people the chance to pamper their taste buds like never before.  

2. Groove to the Party Songs at Generation 2000
You might find it difficult to get beer and cocktails in Vadodara; however, you can definitely enjoy its night parties packed with music, dance, and colorful lights. No matter what your age is, head to Generation 2000 and shake a leg to the crazy music. You can also enjoy some delicious beverages here with your family and friends. 

3. Participate in a Garba Event
Your trip to Vadodara can never be complete without the experience of a traditional Garba night. So, if you are visiting the city during the festive occasion of Navratri, dress up in the traditional Gujarati attire and spend some time with the locals in a Garba event. 

4. Shop for Souvenirs
If you are a shopaholic, head to the bustling and well-lit local bazaars of Vadodara in the evening and shop till you drop. Tourists usually love to purchase souvenirs like embroidered handicrafts, traditional jewelry, paintings, decorative mirrors, and wall hangings. Some of the best local markets to visit for an excellent shopping experience include Mandvi Market, Teen Darwaza Bazaar, and Madar Market.

What Vadodara is famous for?

Vadodara is famous for a number of amazing things starting from its authentic local foods and traditional dresses to its glorious culture and enthralling tourist spots. Some of the popular things that propel tourists to the amazing city of Vadodara include the classic Fafda and Jalebi, traditional Ghagra-Cholis, stunning Garba events, and the historical Lakshmi Vilas Palace.

Is Baroda and Vadodara the same?

Yes, ‘Baroda’ and ‘Vadodara’ refer to the same city in the state of Gujarat. The name ‘Vadodara’ happens to be the Gujrati pronunciation of the term ‘Baroda’.

Which is better: Vadodara or Surat?

Vadodara can be a better option for the travelers seeking a peaceful, traditional, and less polluted environment. Surat happens to be a more commercial place with a busy and chaotic environment. While people prefer the slow-paced city of Vadodara for religious, meditation, and relaxation purposes, the fast-paced city of Surat is majorly preferred for trade or business.

What can I buy in Vadodara?

Vadodara is known to be the paradise for the shopaholics and the tourists visiting the city love to buy a variety of amazing souvenirs to keep the travel memoirs alive through their lives:

Bandinis and Ghagra-Cholis
Traditional footwears
Silver jewelry
Paintings and handicrafts
Wooden toys
Gujarati snacks like Gathiya, Khakhra, Bhakarwadi, and Chorafali
Embroidered quilts
Patola silk sarees

What is the best time to visit Vadodara?

The most ideal time for visiting Vadodara is from the month of October till the month of March. During this period of the year, the weather of the city is tolerably chilly and quite soothing, making for an amazing atmospheric condition to enjoy sightseeing. Check out what Vadodara has to offer you in the monsoon and summer season:

Monsoon (July to September):
During this period, the average temperature of Vadodara remains in the range of 24 to 38 degree Celsius and the weather remains wet and calm with low to medium rainfall. This can be a fun time to enjoy greenery all around in the city. 

Summer (April to July):
During this time, the average temperature of Vadodara remains in the range of 28 to 42 degree Celsius and the weather remains hot and humid. This may not be a good time for enjoying outdoor activities in the city.

Which are the best places to stay in Vadodara?

1. Casa Paradise Resort
Counted among the most premium hotels to stay in Vadodara, Casa Paradise Resort offers its guests every luxury including a well-equipped gym, a pristine swimming pool, and well-appointed rooms. The resort also provides its lodgers the chance to indulge in a plethora of fun outdoor activities like quad biking, zip lining, and rope walking. Rooms at the lavish Casa Paradise Resort start from INR 5,900 per night. 

2. Banyan Paradise Resort
Spread across a huge area of 7 acres, Banyan Paradise Resort happens to be the best place for a wonderful laidback holiday. Known for its courteous staff and excellent hospitality, this place offers its guests the chance to enjoy poolside dinner, a tranquilizing dip in its clear pool, and cozy stay in garden-view rooms starting from INR 3,500 per night.

3. Aum Health Resort
Aum Health Resort offers travelers a wonderful therapeutic stay. During their stay in this peaceful resort, the lodgers get a chance to book healing packages of reflexotherapy, aromatherapy, naturopathy, and acupuncture. They also enjoy invigorating yoga and meditation sessions for a serene experience. With private pools and modern amenities, the resort offers well-designed suites starting from INR 2,500 per night.

Vadodara Reviews

Shreenidhi Joshi
Reviewed: 17 Sep 2021
The Orsang Camp Resort at Vadodara, was suggested to us by Thillophilia. The arrangements made by them made our visit completely worthwhile. Set in a rustic ambience we loved every moment of our stay.
Jay Kishor
Reviewed: 14 Jul 2021
The best holiday pastime is to take a dip in the Orsang campsite's wading pool, which is encircled with lush nature, and unwind.
Rageshwari Chopra
Reviewed: 24 Mar 2021
We booked the Dev Camp Resort through Thrillophilia. They had the best rates of the resort from everywhere. The resort was luxurious and gave us the perfect feeling of living amidst nature. Highly satisfied with their services.
Anjushri Bhattathiri
Reviewed: 28 Feb 2021
Stargazing, campfires, glamping dinners, and night hiking are just a few of the fantastic activities available at the Dev Camo in Vadodara making your stay a wonderful one.
Gauranga Patel
Reviewed: 14 May 2021
Spacious accommodations, great staff services and a plethora of amenities. This was a topnotch experience overall. Thanks to thrillophilia for recommending this resort to us.
Kapi Bhagat
Reviewed: 17 Jan 2021
All covid norms and guidelines were strictly followed. Our accommodations were cleaned and properly sanitised on and before arrival. Overall a great experience.

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