Mumbai to Diu Cruise 2024 - Routes, Cost, Facilities & Ship Info
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Cruises From Mumbai To Diu

Get set for your dream vacation as you book the Mumbai to Diu Cruise that will offer you everything ranging from glittering water, adventure activities, and tons of enthralling entertainment options. Jalesh and Angariya are the two major operators that run cruises from Mumbai to Diu.

These cruises offer you the best of hospitality, accommodation and premium facilities while sailing on the high tides. You can enjoy the Broadway shows and international performances and you can also admire the ravishing sea views from the deck.

The Diu to Mumbai cruise also gives you a chance to dance endlessly on to the thumping beats in the disco section. You can also enjoy dance classes, cooking demonstrations, a sauna bath, and Jacuzzi.

The cruise ship from Mumbai to Diu will depart from Mumbai and it will arrive in Goa at around on the second day. This beautiful journey will take you through mesmerizing coastlines and scenic landscapes that will leave you in awe.
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Mumbai to Diu Cruise Packages



The duration of the Mumbai to Diu trip will be around seventeen hours. On day one, the ship will depart from Mumbai at 7 PM, and it will arrive in Goa at around 12 PM on the second day. The beautiful journey takes you through amazing coastlines and will offer you breathtaking scenic landscapes. The ending point of the trip will be Goa from where you'll head back to your hometown once the tour ends.

The cruises run on alternate days non-stop, but the plans are to have stops at Dighi, Malvan, Dabhol, and other places once the jetties are ready. Jalesh is the first multi-destination cruise line in India that offers the most splendid cruising experience from Mumbai to Diu.

The Mumbai to Goa journey by the Karnika takes three days and two nights or four days and three nights depending on the package you opt for.  Angriya, the first domestic cruise liner in India that offers you the best cruising experience on the Mumbai-Diu sea route, along the Konkan Coast.

Mumbai to Diu Cruise Operators


Cordelia Cruise

Cruise through the sparkling blue water away from the bustling city streets on the Cordelia Cruise that is power-packed with amenities and makes you feel like entering into a fantasy world with its top-notch services. The Cordelia cruise line of Mumbai offers the perfect assortment of delicious cuisines, relaxation, adventure, and tons of other entertainment facilities.

Cordelia is the first premium cruise in India that matches your expectation of exclusivity and luxurious lifestyle. It gives you a chance to sip the classic mocktails and drinks, enjoy the splendid view of the sea from your pool deck and watch the friendly dolphins diving up and down in the water. It is sumptuously facilitated and offers you unparalleled hospitality to have the best experience of your life.

Starting Point: 
The starting point of the tour will be Mumbai. You'll have to board a train or a flight from your hometown to Mumbai. Once you reach here, you will have an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel, and then you'll board the ship on the next day of the tour at 7 PM.

Ending Point: 
The ending point of the trip will be Goa from where you'll head back to your hometown once the tour ends.

The duration of the trip will be around seventeen hours. On day one, the ship will depart from Mumbai at 7 PM, and it will arrive in Goa at around 12 PM on the second day.

Mumbai to Diu cruise price starts at 10000 INR, and it includes accommodation, dining as well as other recreational activities. If you wish to buy extra beverages, drinks, wine, or beer, any other products or services, then you'll have to pay extra as they're not included in Mumbai to Diu cruise ticket.

The cruise departs from Mumbai at 7 PM on the day one & arrives in Goa at 12 PM  on the second day of the tour.

The facilities included in Mumbai to Diu cruise include- specially designed rooms for differently-abled and elderly passengers and kid’s and a chill zone for children between 10 and 13 years. Deck 3 has the sales and art gallery and Deck 4 offers medical facilities with registered doctors and nurses. Dec 5 comprises Jalesh Bar, where you can relax in the Atrium.

Deck 7 has the Marquee Theatre, Show Lounge, Tech Store, the Marquee Bar, Tax and Duty-Free shops, and Waterfront Restaurant.Deck 8 has Blackjack, Poker, Slot Machine, Casino War Games, and other table games and Deck 10 and 11 houses the Oasis Bar, where you can enjoy hookahs and cigars.Deck 14 has a health and spa salon and a fitness area where you can rejuvenate yourself.

There are umpteem amenities that you’ll get to enjoy at Cordelia cruise ranging from delectable food, drinks, and mocktails. You can also pamper your body and soul by taking Jacuzzi and steam bath. For the utmost rejuvenation you can take a dip in the infinity pool or enjoy pampering massages at the Spa center.

You can also exchange engaging conversations while enjoying a drink at the The Fathom Lounge. The cruise also has two exquisite restaurants where you can enjoy a wide range of delicacies and you can enjoy Shishas, cigars, hookahs.

Angriya Cruise

Angriya is the first domestic cruise liner that runs between Mumbai to Goa and offers the visitors wholesome fun with world-class ambiance, a dash of music, tweaks of laughter, and vibrant nightlife. It has an underwater spa, two restaurants, an infinity pool, six unique bars, and open decks. Enjoy a unique cruising experience and discover the hidden secrets of the sea as you get on board this cruise that offers you a combination of adventure, fun, entertainment and a lot more.

While riding on the high seas, you can enjoy world-class cuisines and refreshing drinks, and you can also gaze at the glittering skyline. The Mumbai-Goa cruise is sumptuously facilitated to guarantee limitless comfort and luxury.

You can enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments, laze in the wonderful lounge, and have an enchanting view of the picturesque sunset spectacle. The personalized treatment, top-notch hospitality, and safety preferences will make your trip the most cherishable memory of the lifetime.

Starting Point: 
The tour will start from Purple Gate, Princess Dock, Mumbai at 4PM. You'll have to board a flight or a train to Mumbai from your hometown. Once you reach here, you will spend the night in an exotic hotel, and then you'll board the ship on the next day of the tour at 4 pm.

Ending Point: 
Goa will be the ending point of the trip. You'll reach Goa around 9 am, and then you'll return back to your hometown.

The duration of the trip will be around seventeen hours. On the first day, the cruise will depart from Mumbai at around 4 pm, and on the next day, it will reach Goa around 9 am.

The cost varies depending on the type of accommodation you choose inside the cruise. The starting price to book the cruise is around Rs 7000 per person (for a one-way trip). If you choose to stay in a Japanese pod that comes with double or occupancy, it will cost Rs 6650 per head.

The cruise departs at 4 pm on the first day from Mumbai and reaches Goa the next day at around 9 am.

The Jalesh cruise offers one hundred and four rooms, with varying categories of accommodation for varied budgets like dormitory, premium rooms, luxury suites, and others.  You can even choose pods, which come with double or single occupancy and have been designed in Japanese style.

The cruise also has underway luxury rooms, six bars, a disco hall, two restaurants, a reading room, a spa, and others underway.  It also has refreshing decks, a wonderful lounge, an infinite blue pool, and bespoke menus. Decked up till seven tiers, the Angriya Cruise has Japanese bars, hotel rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, and a club.

There are tons of enthralling amenities that you can enjoy at the Angriya Cruise, such as world-class cuisines,  Broadway shows, and refreshing drinks. You can also shake a leg onto the disco hall, take a dip in the swimming pool, or enjoy relaxing massages at the spa treatments.

You can also savor heavenly drinks, mocktails, and fruit juices at the bars. It also has a coffee shop that remains open 24 hours a day to offer a quick fix to your cravings for coffee. It also has a lounge where you can chit-chat with your friends and family while enjoying some tasty snacks.
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Essential Information About Mumbai to Diu Cruise


What To Expect Onboard On Your Mumbai-Diu Cruise?

You can expect a royal extravaganza amidst the sea as you get onboard your Diu to Mumbai cruise. From enjoying Broadway shows to taking cooking demonstrations and Italian language classes, you'll get ample of opportunities to venture your unexplored side.

You can refresh at the open decks, watch the dolphins jumping on the water and enjoy classic wine in the bars. You can also enjoy world-class cuisines at the restaurants and try your luck at the casino. For ultimate relaxation and pampering, you can also enjoy a Jacuzzi or a steam bath.

What Should One Pack For Mumbai-Diu Cruise?

- Important medicines and first aid kit.
- Warm clothes- jacket, sweatshirt, and a long coat.
- Sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste.
- Nice clothes for dinner.
- Extra snacks.
- Passport size photo and valid id card.
- Swimsuit if you're planning to dive into the pool.
- A tie and a dark suit for the dressiest occasions.
- Sea Sickness Remedies.
- Documents such as a marriage certificate, vaccination certificate, birth certificate, etc.

Do And Don'ts Of The Cruise?

- Bring Sea Sickness Remedies.
- Turn your phone to airplane mode.
- Do tour the ship and identify which eateries and bars you would want to hit first.
- Do check out the shows and the events that are organized daily. Book prior.
- Make specialty dining reservations if you've not done online.

- Don't litter around.
- Don't consume liquor when you're on board.
- Avoid sharing eatables and drinks with strangers.
- Don't take the elevator as it is mostly overcrowded and slow.
- Don’t disrespect the crew members.
- Don’t overeat as it tends to cause sickness.
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People Also Ask About Daman and Diu

  1. How many ships are operating in Mumbai to the Diu Cruise route?

    1. Cordelia Cruise: During the Mumbai to Diu tour by Cordelia cruise you’ll be offered the best of entertainment shows, exotic authentic cuisines, adventure activities and the best international hospitality on the high sea.

    The cruise ship can accommodate around two thousand passengers and the best thing is that tons of entertainment options are available not only for the adults but also the children and teenagers.

    2. Angariya Cruise: 
    The Angariya offers you the best cruising experience on the Mumbai-Diu sea route, along the Konkan Coast. It offers world-class accommodation ranging from couple rooms to family rooms, buddy rooms ,dorms and luxury pods. It also has umpteem number of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy lip-smacking food and refreshing drinks.

    It also has decks from where you can enjoy the splendid views. You can relax in the lounges and dance on to the disco. It also has a spa where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. You can also dive into the infinity pool and buy souvenirs for your friends and family at the souvenir store.
  2. How large is the Mumbai to Diu Cruise ship?

    Mumbai to Diu Cruise ship has a capacity to accommodate two thousand passengers, and it is a two-forty five-meter long passenger ship cruise.
  3. Which route does Mumbai to Diu Cruise take?

    The cruises running from Mumbai to Diu are expected to complete the voyage in seventeen hours. The cruises run on alternate days non-stop, but the plans are to have stops at Dighi, Malvan, Dabhol, and other places once the jetties are ready. Cordelia cruise offers multiple two and three-night cruises on its ship, Karnika to Diu, from its homeport in Mumbai.
  4. What is the Mumbai to Diu Cruise price?

    Mumbai to Diu Cruise cruise price starts from 17,800 INR per adult, including accommodations, entertainment shows, gym, food (breakfast-lunch-dinner), swimming pool, use of deck and taxes.

    You can choose from different accommodation options available like mini suites, balcony rooms, interior rooms and ocean view rooms. During the occasions like new year and christmas the prices may fluctuate.
  5. Is the cruise open for people with disabilities?

    Yes, the cruise is open for people with disabilities, and it has specially designed rooms for differently-abled and elderly passengers.
  6. Is Smoking Allowed in Mumbai to Diu cruise?

    Yes, smoking is allowed in the Mumbai to Diu cruise package on open decks, on balconies, and a few other designated places only on the cruise.
  7. Are pregnant women and infants allowed on the ship?

    Yes, pregnant women and infants are allowed to board Mumbai to Diu distance by cruise. All pregnant women need to produce a physician's letter that states that the baby and mother are in good health and are fit to travel. If you’re however entering the twenty fourth week of your pregnancy then you won’t be allowed on the ship.
  8. How many bags am I allowed to carry on board? How many kgs?

    There is no fixed limit, but guests are recommended to carry one bag per person if traveling on a cruise of three to five days duration. They can carry two bags per person for cruises of six days or longer.
  9. What are the inclusions and exclusions of the Mumbai to Diu cruise package?

    - Evening and morning tea/coffee with snacks, lunch & dinner, and breakfast.
    - Entry permit, heritage fee, and entry tickets.
    - Accomodation on board.
    - Taxes and permit formalities.

    - For extra beverages, drinks, wine, or any other products or services, you'll have to pay extra.
    - Shore excursion.
    - Specialty dining.
  10. How many destinations do Cordelia cruises sail to?

    The major destinations that Cordelia cruises sail to are Mumbai to Diu cruise and Mumbai to Goa (Mormugao) cruise. It also sails to Dubai, Muscat, Khasab, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi, among the international destinations.
  11. What currency do you use on board?

    Currency onboard cruises depend on where the cruise ship is sailing. If you’re traveling with Indian cruises, then mostly Rupees are accepted. For cruises in the Canary Islands, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and southbound transatlantic cruises, all onboard charges are acceptable in Euros.
  12. Can I bring my pet?

    No, you can't bring your pet on the cruise as strict hygiene and health codes are followed, and there is no space for the pets on the cruise to release themselves.
  13. Does the Mumbai to Diu cruise offer entertainment onboard?

    Yes, you'll get plenty of options for entertainment, ranging from watching the Broadway shows in the evening to shaking your legs on to the hippest beats in the disco and trying your luck in the casino.

    You can also enjoy a wide range of tantalizing drinks at the bar and amazing food at any of the restaurants. There is also a kid’s and teenager’s area where they can play loads of indoor games. You can also enjoy shore excursion, customized functions and destination weddings on the cruise.
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