Giraffe Manor Overview
Giraffe Manor happens to be an offbeat and exclusive boutique hotel in Nairobi which is owned and operated by The Safari Collection. It is referred to as one of the most sought after properties in the whole world. Spread over an area of about 12 acres of private land in the midst of 140 acres of indigenous forest, this is an icon in itself. The heritage manor house had an extraordinary appeal that dates back to almost 1930s when visitors and wildlife enthusiasts came to Eastern Africa to indulge in wildlife safaris.

This place is popular for its elegant interior decorations, stately facade, sunny terraces, verdant green gardens, delightful courtyards, sunny terraces, and delightful courtyards. The most promising thing that entices travellers are the resident herd of Rothschild’s Giraffes who interact in the morning and evening hours poking their long necks into the windows.

Spending time in this retreating forest sanctuary and taking part in the tailor made safari adventure are surely a once in lifetime experience. Apart from forest safari, you can also indulge in a plethora of activities like having breakfast with the giraffes, strolling along the giraffe centres, enjoy afternoon tea, shop from the souvenir store, indulge in an amazing spa and wellness experience, head out for horse riding lessons in Nairobi and much more.

How To Reach

The nearest airport to Giraffe Manor is located at a distance of about 12.5 Km. Upon your arrival at the Wilson International airport, you can reach the Manor taking Langata Road. The drive would just take about 20 to 25 minutes. You can book a private cab or else take a public transport to cover the distance conveniently.

Best Time To Visit

Giraffe Manor can be visited all through the year except for the period which is dedicated for maintenance. As a general procedure, this place remains close from Mid-April to Mid-May for repairs every single year. 

Other Essential Information

Lang'ata, Duma Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Weather: The weather of Giraffe Manor is basically hot and humid.

Entry fees: No entry fee. Stays start from USD 875 per adult and USD 605 per child.

Timings: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Experiences at Giraffe Manor

1. Photographic Safari:
A well curated photographic safari tour in the middle of the wilderness of Kenya will let you experience and rediscover the soul of the land. You will get a chance to immerse yourself in the Samburu Culture and also capture the glimpse of the unique character of the colorful people.

This activity will be carried out with a professional guide and photographer, Robin Moore. Kenya is truly a diverse land there’s a lot to be watched and experienced apart from just beautiful wildlife. Indulge in this once in a lifetime experience to gather loads of insights of the local way of living.

2. Fossil Hunting: If you wish to travel back in time, then this is one of the best experiences that you can get during your visit to Giraffe Manor. You will be heading out on a fully guided trip that takes you through the birthplaces of the ancestors close to Lake Turkana’s ‘Cradle of Mankind’.

You will start with Giraffe Manor and then travel north to Solio Lodge and then continue a helicopter ride to Lake Turkana and then finally land on Sasaab in the northern frontier of Kenya. This is surely a once in a lifetime experience that will take you  close at all kinds of adventure combining natural landscapes like mountains, lakes, ancient forest covers and wildlives as well.

3. Virunga Gorillas: Witnessing the Virunga Gorillas in their natural habitat is truly a great experience that you will on no occasion think of missing. You will be starting your adventure in Virunga National park which is famous for being the home of world’s critically endangered gorillas.

This trip will also let you trek through the vast and beautiful forest area and you will be climbing a number of volcanoes. You can call this experience an unquenchable thirst for the next chapter in the adventure map of Africa.

4. Safari Teaser: Safari Teaser presents a vibrant tour of the diversity of Kenya through loads of wonderful adventures. It all starts at Sasaab in Kenya’s arid north which is very much famous for its game drives, bush walks, quad safaris, camel safaris, and fly camping under the star studded night sky.

You will be visiting the Solio Lodge which is popular for its abundant wildlife. You will witness a plenty of black and white rhinos, plains game and lions. The safari tour will come to an end at Giraffe manor where you will feed and kiss some of the resident giraffes.

5. Migration Extravaganza: If you are a true safari lover, then the migration extravaganza is just made for you as you will be heading to Both Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park. These two places are considered the legendary games viewing area in the whole world. You will be able to capture the highlights of the thundering wildebeest migration.

You will stay in the middle of Savannah in luxuriously designed vintage styled tented accommodation and enjoy some of the finest safari drives and get lost in the magical sunset views over the mystical settings.

6. Into the Heart of Africa: Venturing into the heart of Africa, you will get to discover an abundance of wild experiences. You will trek through the rainforest in search of remarkable western lowland gorillas and have close encounters with the beasts. This experience is surely going to be unforgettable and a once in a lifetime experience for you as you will also get insights of the culture and tradition of sparsely inhabited areas.

7. Reconnect to the Wilderness: Giraffe Manor is one of the best places in Nairobi where you can connect to the wilderness with special wild scenery, dinners under star studded skies, and head on wildlife encounters. Spending time at the Manor house, you would be able to experience the finest and the most dramatic landscapes of Kenya with a diverse wildlife. 

You will be taken for amazing and thrilling forest safaris with campfires, wildlife encounters, and bucket showers. You will also get to stopover at the world famous Rhino sanctuary, relax on the shore of the freshwater lake and spot wild beasts in one of the most sought after game viewing locations of mother earth, Masai Mara.

8. Lion King Adventure: The safari locations of Kenya are all set to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience of the favorite Disney character, Lion King on an epic family adventure. The safari will be led by a professional photographer and safari guide Robert Carr Hartley at the famous Giraffe manor.

You will get to feed the Pumba family, get tranquilized by the panoramic views from the famous Pride Rock, and immerse yourself in the thrilling African Wilderness. Apart from all these, you will also get to indulge in the journey to track lions with the Samburu Warriors at Sasaab, experience life at the mighty Masai Mara, meet Simba, Rafiki, Zazu and many other wild characters.

9. Week of Wild Adventure: The experience of a week of wild adventure in Kenya promises you a wonderful journey through the pristine wilderness as you spend time in the legendary Giraffe Manor and the North Kenyan Region.

You will be surrounded by the beautiful vistas and a wide range of rare and endangered species creating a spectacular wildlife encounter for you. In the week of adventure, you will be indulging in loads of game drives, horse riding activity, walking tours, camel safaris, and many fly camping in the wilderness. Being to the northern region, you will be heading to Masai Mara to enjoy an abundance of wildlife. 

10. Helicopter Safari: Helicopter Safari is one of the most sought after experiences that visitors wish to capture in their course of stay in Giraffe Manor. This activity will not only get them some scenic and spectacular views of nature but you will also get a chance to capture the wildlife in their natural habitat without getting too close to them. You will be taken to Nairobi Airport from where you will be boarding a private helicopter to Solio Lodge located close to the Aberdare Highlands.

The flight will give you a chance to capture panoramic views of ice capped mountain peaks, an abundance of game drives of black and white rhinos and herds of buffalo. The interesting fact of this experience is that you will be provided with a massage session by the side of fire in your room or else you can also choose to go horse riding across the plains.

11. Beach and Bush Safari: The beach and bush safari is one of the best introductions to the natural wonders that Kenya is proud of. Taking this experience, one will get to stay in Samburu Island which is home to some of the indigenous animal species and also conveniently fly to the awe inspiring Aberdare National Park and Mount Kenya.

You will also be taken to the famous Masai Mara Safari for an unforgettable game drive and bush experience. You will get to stay in Giraffe Manor to interact with the tallest mammals in the earth and to spend time in relaxation along with your loved ones.

12. Apes to Lakes: The apes to the lakes is an iconic journey that takes you close to some of the inspiring destinations on the planet earth. This is specially created for adventurous travelers to start their journey through the biologically diverse protected conservation area, Virunga National Park.

You will get to trek through the thick and unspoiled undergrowth forest to find mountain gorillas and also hike up to volcanoes to capture the views of the largest molten lava lake. You will also be having a two night pit stop before heading to Lake Turkana in search of some age-old relics of mankind with Dr. Louise Leakey.

13. Private Guided Safaris: Private guided safaris are something that will give you an intimate connect with the wildlife beasts. You will be assisted by expert safari guides who will let you experience the best of the wilderness of Kenya and get to indulge in some of the best game drives.

The safari tours will let you pass through the rainforest of Kenya and reach small human settlements to also learn more about the culture and tradition of the native residents.
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Giraffe Manor FAQs

How much is Giraffe Manor per night?

The cost of Giraffe Manor per night is about USD 875 per adult and about USD 605 per child.

Can you visit Giraffe Manor without staying there?

No, you cannot visit the famous Giraffe Manor if at all you are not staying there. The only reason for this arrangement is to let visitors enjoy interacting with the giraffes without much crowd. In order to make the interaction and experience a bit exclusive, you would need to stay there.

Can you go to Giraffe Manor for lunch?

No, you cannot go to the Giraffe Manor for lunch. The luxury lodge in Nairobi is exclusively reserved for staying guests and all non staying guests are not allowed for meals, tea or day visits.

How far is Giraffe Manor from Nairobi?

Giraffe Manor is located at a distance of about 17.4 km from Nairobi Via Langata Road. It takes about 30 - 35 minutes to cover this distance by road.

Are giraffes dangerous?

Giraffes are not at all dangerous which means you will be able to enjoy the process of interacting with the tallest mammals without any kind of fear in mind. As these species are heading on to the path to be endangered you should be very kind while interacting with them.

Are experiences included in stay cost?

Yes, the cost of staying in Giraffe Manor includes all sorts of experience that you will be a part of. There is no need of paying anything additional for various experiences after staying in Giraffe Manor.

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