Buffalo Springs National Reserve Overview
If you're a wildlife buff then a wildlife tour to Buffalo Springs National Reserve, in Isiolo County of Kenya, should be on top of your travelling list. The Buffalo Springs National Reserve is the hidden wildlife gem of the country. This place is known for unique and exotic flora and fauna like lava terraces, rolling grasslands, doum palms, forests, scrub brush, Ewaso Nyiro River, and of course the buffalo springs, the main center of attraction here.

This national reserve is a home to some rare species that are exclusive to this region like reticulated giraffes, vulturine guinea fowls, Somali ostriches, beisa oryx, gerenuks, and Grevy’s zebras. If you desire to explore the wildlife reserve then it’s advisable to take a guided tour to the reserve so that you don’t miss things.

Entry Fee- US$40- US$70 depending on the age group.

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