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Karura Forest, Nairobi

  • Bordered by the suburbs of Peponi, Muthaiga, Ridgeways, Gigiri, New Muthaiga, Mathare North and Runda, the western end of the Karura Forest is known as the Sigiria Forest.

    Highlights: Nestled at 1041 hectares, Karura Forest is one of the largest urban gazetted forests of the world. This far fetched topographical area is one of the most prominent backwoods on the planet that lies completely within the constrains of the city. The forest houses about 605 species of wildlife that are found Nairobi. This also includes 3 different types of antelopes. It is managed and operated by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS). Some of the most prominent activities that can be undertaken in the Karura Forest include Bird Watching, Cycling, Picnicking, Butterfly watching, Forest Drives and Forest walks.

    Location: Karura Forest is located towards the northern end of the Nairobi city.

    Timings: 06:00 am - 06:00 pm

    Price: 600 KES

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