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Nairobi National Park, Nairobi

  • The Nairobi National Park was established in the year 1946 and happens to be the first national park in Kenya. The speciality of this park lies in the electrical fences that keep the wildlife within the park and the metropolis, separate from each other.

    Highlights: The national park has a dry climate, which is host to a vast open grass plain and special Acacia bushes, as well as a thriving population of giraffes, leopards and ostriches. This park is the main attraction in the locality. A special Kenya Wildlife service takes tourists through a safari walk, highlighting the main attractions in flora and fauna of the park. The dry season witnesses large migration of herbivores in this park.

    Location: The Nairobi National Park lies 7 kilometres towards the south of the city’s capital.

    Timings: Mon-Sun 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

    Price: To enter the Nairobi National Park the adults will have to pay a price of 500 KSH. On the other hand, the children will be required to pay 300 KSH.

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