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Kitale Nature Conservancy, Kitale

  • Kitale Nature Conservancy looks more like a place that which has been designed by the Frankenstein after he converted to Christianity and dropped acid.

    Highlights: Kitale Nature Conservancy is an incredible place that is great for play parks and picnics. Some of the significant activities here include bird watching and spotting of the butterfly. This conservancy is a part of the Cherangani hills ecosystem and the Mt Elgon. The woodlands and the grasslands used to be the home of the vast variety of wildlife that has been wiped out due to hunting. This effort now reveals a variety of Rothschild giraffes, Sitatunga, Kongoni, Reed Buck, Black Rhino, Bongo and elephants.

    Location: The Kitale Nature Conservancy is located at A1 Hwy Kitale in Kenya.

    Timings: The Kitale Nature Conservancy can be visited during 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

    Price: The admission fee of the Kitale Nature Conservancy is US $ 10.

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